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Author Topic: The Other Side of Fear  (Read 1047 times)

The Other Side of Fear
« on: June 01, 2017, 01:51:26 PM »
As he had yet to make any friends, Dalton didn't feel the same urgency as many of the other recruits did.  They all but buzzed with nervous energy, pushing past and calling to one another over the chatter.  It seemed important that they stayed close, choosing bunks clumped together.  There were a few harmless squabbles breaking out, over who would have the top bunk, or over who had claimed which bed first.

Seeing a bunk free, Dalton drifted over to it, smiling faintly, dreamily.  He was older than many of the other recruits, his life as the eldest of a large and loving brood lending him a steadiness that was evident in his calm, unhurried steps.

A younger cadet brushed past him, shouting to a companion, telling them to hurry.  That pulled Dalton's attention, though his feet continued to carry him towards his destination - and that was what caused him to walk into someone.  Someone else who had evidently been drawn to the same bunk as he.

"Oh, oh s-sorry!"  Dalton apologised immediately, reaching out to touch the cadet lightly on the upper arm.  They were of a height but, instead of his own nondescript brown, this boy - no, young man - had hair of a rare shade of silver.  Dalton smiled, the corners of his green eyes creasing cheerfully.  "I should've been looking where I was going." « Last Edit: June 01, 2017, 01:54:11 PM by Dalton Lightbody »

Re: The Other Side of Fear
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 08:48:07 PM »
It was a chaotic scene that Ilya had only ever heard stories from children in boarding houses or the rare public educational center for those who could afford its tuition. A mass of children squabbled over claims of beds, alliances and friendships hurriedly made with exuberant joy or a strong case of tolerance before bunks were chosen and said pairs worked on settling in, all the while he observed the barracks with a rather scared expression. There were so many cadets now that the majority of them were in one building, and they lot of them were all far too rambunctious and giddy for his linking. It almost made him grateful that Alexei was more subdued and quiet when he was younger. Yes, if this was what a place full of many children was, he was grateful to have the background he did rather than living in a shared children's home.

Still, under his worry of bunking with this many young boys, there was an inkling of competition to get the right bed placement for himself. Something near a window and preferably closer to one of the doors was what came to mind as he cautiously weaved and side-stepped those posted by their claimed and those still aimlessly milling in the spaces between beds, searching for ones still vacated and for the taking. He hung close to the room's perimeter with his focus on locating open beds that he hoped would meet his standards such as they were. Fortune seemed to favor him despite his lack thereof lately. Desire spurred on his unhurried pace to reach his destination quicker, and thankfully, no one seemed to challenge his arrival to them. Actually, there didn't seem to be anyone here for the beds at all.

A weight bumping into him diverted his attention. A young boy, though considerably much older than the average cadet age, with a smile that was infectious and warm emerald eyes. Ilya smiled softly back, glancing instinctively at the hand the boy laid on his arm, then raised a hand in a dismissive manner. "It's no trouble, please. It's quite easy to be distracted," he replied with a gentle laugh, turning his eyes to the rest of the room where someone sounded to have fallen off the top of their bunk while yelling playfully down at someone. As if that was evidence enough to his statement, he pointed to the bunks beside them. "Are you coming to claim one of these?"

Re: The Other Side of Fear
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2017, 11:21:44 PM »
“It’s almost overwhelming,” Dalton responded agreeably with a quiet laugh that indicated the relief he felt, finding himself pleasantly surprised by the young man’s good manners.  Still smiling faintly, he patted the silver-haired cadet’s arm lightly before allowing his hand to drop away, his attention also turning briefly to the pandemonium that unfolded all around.  Bunks and beds were being claimed at an alarming rate and, if he needed to move on and continue his search, he would be best to do so swiftly – or else suffer the possibly of being assigned to a less pleasant spot beside the main doors.  It didn’t bear thinking about.  Just how many times in the night would it swing open and click closed, as innumerable sleepy souls sought out the latrine?

Thankfully, the young man asked the pertinent question, Dalton’s green eyes following his elegantly extended finger that pointed to the bunk they stood beside.  “Oh, um,” the lad from Trost faltered.  “I mean, I was looking to claim one of them, but I think it’s safe to say you b-beat me here.”  The words were spoken kindly, in faint amusement, and Dalton offered a gentle smile.  After all, he would end up where he was supposed to be – he felt confident in that much, believing in fate as he did.


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