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Author Topic: William Chase  (Read 186 times)

William Chase
« on: August 15, 2019, 06:37:18 PM »

NAME: William Chase
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Will, Liam (only Tyler)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 30 years (born November 11th, 815)
MEMBER GROUP: Military Police
FACE CLAIM: Detroit: Become Human, RK900

William is tall and can be imposing at times. Even out of uniform every fiber of his body screams military. His blue eyes, which appear nearly gray in the right lighting, are often described as cold. There seldom is a single speck of dirt on his clothes and no hair out of place. Even during the harshest missions he has a talent to come back as to cleanest soldier of the team.

Will’s distant manner makes him appear cold to many people that don’t know him. He prefers to observe another person, building a plan of conduct, before approaching. During his childhood Will had learned to keep his opinion to himself and always be polite. It takes a lot of pushing for him to forget his manners and reveal his true feelings.
Overall he isn’t great with feelings and social interaction. He can act appropriately on the job, but everything that goes beyond is a challenge. This doesn’t hinder Will from being proud and confident in his skills. He is loyal towards his team and never hesitates to defend them.

- calm and collected
- strategic thinking
- 3DMG

- social interactions
- loyalty towards the military
- pride

- protect the world from dangerous rebels
- finding a place for himself

- failing his missions
- disappointing his family/letting his team down

William Chase is the youngest of seven children from a low noble family in Mitras. With three older sisters and brothers he seldom was the focus of attention, he was just one of many. He grew up and learned the basic skillset a noble son should have. However no matter how much he tried to find something to excel in, there had always been one sibling that had already done it.

At the age of 16 Will finally found out what he wanted to do with his live. He had been at the birthday party of a classmate when a small rebel group stormed the house and took the guests hostage. Before they could put up a defensive position a unit of the MP attacked and freed the hostages. This skilled military operation impressed the boy. None of his siblings had joined the military, so he decided to be the first.

He excelled during the training period and had no trouble making it to the top 10. When he joined the MP he received an offer to be part of a special unit and after listening to the team leader he accepted. While working alone happened regularly, most of the time the team worked in pairs. The first few months Will worked with a veteran soldier, but his partner left when he received an offer as team leader of another unit.

A new recruit closed the gap. A woman from an influential family. Quickly Will realized why his new partner chose the military path. She was temperamental and unsuited for the role of obedient wife. At first it irritated Will, but as time passed he got to know her and fell in love. A love that was reciprocated. Being in a relationship with your teammate was no problem in their small unit and soon they were engaged.

Only days before the planned wedding they went out for a mission. Capturing a group of rebels on the run. Will doesn’t remember much about that night, just that there was an explosion and his fiancé died due to her injuries. They gave him one month to grieve, then he was commanded to rejoin his unit and meet his new partner.

The son of an influential family, with barely suppressed temperament. Tyler Morgan was too similar to the loved woman Will had lost and he hated his new partner for this. He pushed him away, made clear they won’t become friends. But you can’t fight side by side without becoming friends for long. Slowly Will recognized how irrational his dislike was. Tyler didn’t had much in common with his former partner, most of the original similarities were only projections of his grieving mind. Will can’t tell when his feelings began to turn from friendship to love, but this time he didn’t follow those new feelings. Kept them locked away.

Then a mission went wrong. An explosion. Tyler hurt, too hurt to come back. That was the information Will and the team received from their superiors. Will felt something off. The days before the incident Tyler acted weird and there was no reason for his request to visit his partner to be denied. He decided to find out the truth or it was only a matter of time before he went crazy.

AGE: 24 years
TIMEZONE: Central European Time


Re: William Chase
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