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Author Topic: Wasted Views [Eld]  (Read 3003 times)

Wasted Views [Eld]
« on: June 18, 2017, 08:42:09 PM »
Perching on the very edge of wall Maria Amelias’ large hazel eyes could see for miles into the lost lands of wall Rose. The abandoned villages, farmlands and roads spreading out to the horizon, dotted with forests, rivers, lakes and the large lumbering forms of the titans humanity had lost it to. Without them the view could have passed off as stunning...

With a small shake of her head she focused on the soldier laying on the ground in front of her, the last patient of the first group that had returned from the current expedition. Unconscious and limp the soldier could have passed as deceased without the small movement of his, thankfully, steady breathing. She had done what she could, his broken arm was clad in layers of linen which tied behind his neck in the best form of support she could provide in the field, his wounds also hidden behind patches of cloth and her own herbal mixtures. He’s stable enough, she thought, glancing along the wall to the distant series of carts that were slowly approaching to take the wounded and deceased. They were still a long way off, but she had stabilised the injured as much as she could to wait out their arrival and survive the trek back to civilisation.

To her it had been a successful day, she had only lost one patient, a fear stricken youngster who’s racing heart pushed blood from his wounds faster than she could pin the limbs down to close them. However in the broader sense the expedition had been a failure, there had been multiple fatalities to titans and there were still squads on the ground, waiting for the lifts to haul them back up to safety. She only had a short time to wait for the next batch of potential patients to reach the top of the wall, a small space to finish the care she could give to this soldier.

So she folded her knees below her and pulled out small bag of yarrow flowers, emptying it onto her blade holster she then pulled out one of the 3dm blades. Using the flat side and the edge of the blade, she cut and crushed the small flowers into a small pile of mush which she added a few drops of water to.  She then very gingerly applied it into the still oozing and bleeding gash on the soldier’s leg, much to the disgust of his comrades who very quickly found the floor a much more appealing sight. She was still applying it when the gates of the lifts opened with the next group of survivors, her gaze not lifting from the task at hand as one slip of her hands would end up in… well.. a larger wound a few more nauseous squaddies.

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 01:00:26 AM »
None could have predicted that Wall Maria would fall, that the land once dutifully tilled and tended would now lie beneath the feet of their foes, of those monstrous Titans to whom so many – soldiers and civilians alike – had lost their lives.  There was still beauty in its sweeping landscapes, in its deep green meadows and its rolling hills, but often, when the rising wind changed direction, it carried the stench of death and decay to survivors’ noses.
The Corps’ objective had been to press forwards, onwards into the lands between Wall Rose and the punctured Wall Maria.  To survey the damage, to ascertain just how many Titans had poured through the gap and to search for any stranded military units who had failed to evacuate.  It was largely for naught.  Eld would never dare say so aloud, of course, but that didn’t make it any less true.  While the importance of monitoring the situation was undeniable, he doubted any further survivors remained adrift in the forsaken territory.
He sighed through his nose, sitting astride his horse as the lift carried him and his squad upwards to safety.  The breeze teased his blond hair, while his brown eyes grew dark and distant, focused on the vista that was revealed more and more the higher they rose.  Out there were towns and settlements, with cobblestoned streets worn smooth by innumerable boots and bare feet, now desolate and in ruins.  Marital beds were empty and cold, market squares were quiet, food spoiled on stoves and in pantries, while darkening, drying blood soaked into the earth.

Dark times bred dark thoughts.
When the lift at last came to a creaking halt, Eld nudged his steed onwards onto the steady stone surface of Wall Rose.  There he issued his orders, commanding those subordinates who were fit and able to refill gas canisters, while those injured were to seek medical attention immediately.  Unfortunately​, this day saw him grouped with the latter.

Even when he dismounted, Eld remained tall, imposing and brooding.  His left shoulder had been dislocated during action and while this was a recurring injury – one he had long ago learned to remedy himself – this time attempts to force the joint back into place proved futile.  While his arm was folded gingerly across his chest, suspended in a makeshift sling, his temple had received a nasty gash, clipped by debris as he and his squad had engaged a Titan.  The blood spilt had been hastily wiped, blending it with splatters of crimson that were not his own.  This mission had cost lives, including the lives of some under Eld’s command, the remains of whom were painted on his skin.

Naturally he was drawn to the area set up by medics, those hard-worked soldiers providing care and assistance to their wounded comrades.  He lingered near one – a young woman with long locks and deft fingers – watching as she worked, patiently waiting his turn.

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 07:54:39 PM »
Amelia finished her task, the once open and bleeding wound now covered in one of her most useful poultices which aided blood clotting and protected from infection. She sat back on her heels to observe her work before eventually glancing over to the sound of horses leaving the lift, the que for more patients and the sign that time with this patient was ending. She scanned the downcast faces of those who had seen far too much for one day, as they began to dismount, searching for people she recognised. There where the remnants of a squad she had been placed with on a previous mission, a few people she vaguely remembered from other encounters, a sea of unknown and in front of them all the infamous Squad Levi. It was very rare that she encountered this particular squad, they were often far from the safety of the centre of the formation she found herself in, and they very rarely sustained injuries. Though this time was different, a blur of red drew her attention to the tall, blonde member almost instinctively, though for the breath in her she couldn't recall his name. Pondering on this she turned back to the unconscious form in front of her, she knew Levi… who in the scouting legion didn’t. Petra was the female, she had heard talk of all them.. so what was his name? With swift, quick hands she bandaged up his leg, satisfied with the even pressure it applied to the wound she fastened it in place with a neat bow before very gently lifting the leg to place it back onto the stretcher he had been placed on, her thoughts still on placing a name to that face.

With a small huff of annoyance she stood, her slim form stretching to it full height with a slight stretch before relaxing again. Snapping out of her daze she noted one of the patients squad mate, who was still sat on the ground, had turned a very pale colour of green. Pulling a small pouch of herbs from her pocket she ruffled his head, dropping it into his lap. “It’ll help.” She smiled warmly to him before patting his head again, she had a soft spot for the youngsters.

Very quickly turning on her heal to walk to the next batch of injured, she almost walked head first into the chest of another soldier, her feet instantly propelling her back with a small stumble to avoid collision. “S-sorry—“ Her hazel eyes lifted to the face of the member she couldn’t name, widening a little as they connected with his own auburn gaze before darting to the floor as she swiftly sunk into a quick bow. “Sorry sir.” She remained bowed, her long hair parting to rest over her shoulders as her eyes narrowed in on the floor. What was his name?! How long had he been stood there? She could hit herself for negligence if it didn't look so foolis—She quickly snapped back up to her full height, realising how long she had been bowed for. A small, nervous giggle escaping as her hand raised to push her hair back behind her shoulders, her gaze lifting instinctively lifting up the males imposing height to scan the deep wound on his forehead. “H-headbutt some titans? I thought that’s why we carried blades?” She smiled gently, despite sighing inwardly. Smooth.

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2017, 11:59:33 PM »
Eld wasn’t one for daydreaming.  When his dark gaze turned to the horizon, his thoughts were brooding and calculating.  Exhausting, even.  He replayed the mission in his mind, picking apart the decisions made, questioning how the series of events could have been improved.  It wasn’t wishful thinking – there was no changing what had been done, or whose blood had been spilt – but rather measured reflection.  If something could be learned today, perhaps there would be a life saved tomorrow.

He was pulled from his grim recollection when the medic he waited upon rose to her feet, stretching the stiffness from her slender limbs.  In a gesture of kindness and empathy, she spared a bundle of herbs, her healing hands ruffling the hair of a pale-faced and queasy-looking young soldier.  It was too easy to remember that the least experienced combatants were little more than boys, still adjusting to their broken voices and mannish bodies.

At twenty-four, Eld already felt as old as the bones of the earth.

Suddenly aware that he was intruding on an exchange that didn’t concern him, he almost turned his focus back to the skyline – except that the medic was closer now, close enough to nearly collide with him.  Evidently, she possessed the reflexes most commonly found amongst the Survey Corps, for she managed to evade the contact.  Still Eld reflexively reached out with his uninjured arm, resting a hand lightly and briefly on the young woman’s shoulder as if to steady her.

Now that she stood in his shadow, he was struck by her wide, hazel eyes.  They met his own earthy shades but did not hold his gaze for long.  An apology reached his ears as he watched her bow, gracefully poised even in her apparent haste, hair tumbling long and strawberry-blonde over her narrow shoulders.  She was beautiful, though it felt like a disservice to make such an observation even inwardly.  Soldiers were more than their appearance; they were measured by deeds and duty.

The moment stretched and still she did not rise.

Eld tilted his head curiously and, not a second later, the medic straightened, a giggle bubbling out of her.  The sound was sweet and infectious enough to catch the corners of his mouth, to pull them into a faint smile.  “Don’t worry about it,” he reassured, a low rumble of amusement weaving through his voice.  “Turns out headbutting isn’t effective.  Someone had to try for us to know for sure, I just drew the short straw.”  It was easy enough to play along with her humour and the team leader went so far as to smile back, weary and relieved to be back on the Wall.  Glancing over to the figure lying supine on the stretcher, now being carted off by a couple of his comrades, Eld’s expression flickered.  “Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2017, 06:19:39 PM »
The soft rumble of amusement drew Ames’ gaze down to the soldiers soft lips, currently set in a slight smile, admiring his strong jaw, prominent nose and cheekbones that were on par with her own. However, to avoid staring she returned her gaze meet with his own fleetingly as he spoke, his deep rumbling tone sending a faint tingle down the vertebrae in her spine, something she had not experienced before. It confused her a little, though her attention was quickly distracted by the words that the tone carried, causing another small but quiet burst of giggles.

She turned a little to swing her head round to follow his gaze to the row of patients behind, some sitting, some laying down, some with medics still attending and others surrounded by their friends. No one was alone and that was one of the finer points she admired about the Scouting Legion, the comradeship born through all the various trails that they were thrust into. “Yeah” she noted glancing around to the numbers that were slowly grouping to those who would ride back and those going home in carriages “The tail end of the storm though… hopefully.” She quickly added, turning back to the handsome man and the lift mechanism set behind him as it began to descend back to the ground so far below to rescue another hoard of mounted soldiers. “We've been fairly lucky with the ones that made it back this far to be honest. Though it seems we have some more still to come.” …wait… handsome?

Her gaze scanned up his taller frame taking in his slender but toned form, the well-built muscles barely visible under his uniform... stop it Ame.  She quickly shot her gaze back up to his injured face before blurting out. “Let’s get you patched up. Sit right there and I’ll be right with you.” She flashed him a quick smile, gesturing with her hand to the space left by the stretchered soldier by the edge of the wall. With a swift jog she went over to the back of the lift were her horse was tied, her strawberry-blonde hair flowing behind her as she ran and squeezed in between her horse and another. With a quick check of the feed bag around his mouth and an appreciative rub of his still slightly sweat-dampened neck she reached into his saddle bags. She had her own bag of herbs that she considered useful and had gathered herself, but she replenished the stock supplies and herbs the corps in her bag and turned to make her way back to… Olou? No... they mentioned he was the older one… damn.

She jogged her slender form back to the soldier and the incredible view that would have to be appreciated another time. Settling in a kneeling position to the side of him, her focus returning to the nasty gash still slightly oozing blood on his temple. Height; she wasn't considered short, she was actually tall for most girls her age but he was even taller and the wound was pretty much at his tallest point. So she tucked her feet under her shins, leant onto her knee’s and straightened her hips to be at a good height for access whilst also keeping him in the comfortable position he had assumed. “So, head butting titans aside... how did this actually happen? If you don't mind me asking..”

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2017, 12:14:35 PM »
The tail end of the storm.

As though on cue, the nearby lift groaned and began its descent.  Even when lowered in haste, its movements were slow and lethargic.  To those left lingering on the ground, the wait must seem endless.
“I’m glad,” Eld murmured, relieved to learn that the medics had enjoyed a streak of luck with the day’s injured.  Time, effort and risk were spent in bringing the maimed home and there was something particularly heart-wrenching when they expired on the Walls.  Safe, in good hands and surrounded by comrades, they breathed their last, eyes slipping out of focus as they stared skyward.  It was crushing.  To their families, to their squads, to those that would save them with herbs and tinctures and stitches.  To humanity.

“We fell back,” Eld continued, referring to the Special Operations Squad.  He paused, raising his uninjured arm to hook loose locks of stray blond hair behind an ear, gaze sliding towards the lift, its creaking ropes pulled taut.  “We waited for other units to evacuate ahead of us.  Those still to return must have fallen far behind…”  It was difficult to say whether that meant the medics could expect an influx of gravely injured scouts or no.  Time was edging on, and those mortally wounded may have already expired, their bodies abandoned in the lost territory of Wall Maria.  Eld didn’t believe in ghosts but, right now, even with the sun hanging in the sky, it was easy to imagine the lost souls of soldiers wandering the land, lost to darkness and death.

Fortunately, the medic provided him with distraction from these sombre thoughts.  Eld nodded, gingerly taking a seat, his long, powerful legs stretched before him.  He bent a knee and casually draped his uninjured arm over it, brown eyes lingering on the retreating back of the one who would treat him.  Her long, streaming hair caught the light, the sun’s rays highlighting its reddish undertone.  It was an uncommon sight, not only because of its rare shade but due to the tendency of soldiers – male and female alike – to wear their hair short.  For practicality’s sake, Eld understood.  Yet this young woman had tresses more akin to those of the pretty peasant maidens who sold flowers on dusty market squares, hawking their wares with lilting, musical voices; or even to those delicate noblewomen who strolled through the more opulent parts of town, arms linked with wealthy, powerful men.

The kindness the medic showed her steed didn’t go unnoticed, her gesture of compassion causing Eld to smile faintly.  There was a saying, he was quite sure, about the measure of a person coming from how they treated their inferiors.  Clearly, this woman conducted herself with grace and tenderness.  Eld was still watching when she spun about, the realisation he had been staring again forcing him to yank his widening gaze away, towards the less interesting horizon.  It shifted irresistibly back whenever she took her place at his side, however.

Oh yeah, he was hurt.  Somehow he had almost forgotten.

Her question, posed with playfulness and respect, brought back his ghost of a smile.  “Oh, I won’t make a secret of it,” Eld began, tilting his head towards the medic and regarding her through tendrils of errant blond hair.  “We were forced to engage with an Abnormal in a small town about twenty miles to the southeast.  Its wild flailing churned up stone and dust,”  Another low and muted sound of amusement could be heard rising in his throat.  “I was nicked by something.  A brick, maybe.”

Now the medic was closer, Eld had a sense of just how petite she was.  Not short, but slender-limbed and neat in the waist.  Size wasn’t everything, he knew – Captain Levi and Petra Ral were two who stood testament to this – and he recognised that any person who chose to join the Survey Corps must possess fierce courage.  Still, the depth of his curiosity surprised him, and he found he wanted to know what had brought this woman onto the battlefield.

The amusement faded from his features, leaving his expression solemn.  “The dislocation is due to a collision with an overeager rookie,” Eld continued, feeling strangely compelled to keep talking.  Could it be she was making him nervous?  “His name was Samson Stendahl.  He was an only son and his favourite colour was green.”  That was perhaps an odd thing to share.  Besides, the medic had borne witness to enough loss this day without being asked to envision more.  She didn’t need to know that Sam had died screaming, torn limb from limb, all attempts to distract the Abnormal from its quarry proving futile.  “Sadly, that’s about all I can tell anyone about him,” Eld continued quietly.  “He had potential.  The Corps lost a good man.”

There followed a moment of quiet contemplation, his hand having dropped to the smooth stone surface of the Wall beneath them.  It was solid and reassuring beneath his palm.  Brown met hazel as a question was shaped by his lips, one he ought to have asked sooner.  “What’s your name?”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2017, 05:46:35 PM »
Slipping her hand under the belt around her waist to the sash it held in place, she pulled out a hair pin, one of her own that she used when riding. With deft fingers she very gingerly pulled the locks of his golden blonde hair from around his forehead, gently pulling them to loosely pin them back against the side of his head. It was never any fun to get hair trapped in wounds, but hair this long trapped under a bandage would be both painful and irritating.

Ooh, that would explain this brick powder here then. Just a heads up, if anything i do hurts too much please tell me.” She scooted a little closer to inspect the wound in more detail, but for a field wound it was relatively clean; a little stone-dust and powder, not wide enough to require stitches and the edges had already begun to dry out in a sign of natural healing. However, the steady pulse of blood the centre was oozing had her a little worried. She pulled away a little to listen about his dislocation, a small breath quickly being sucked into her throat as the glance she threw to his eyes pulled her focus into quite how close she was to the males face. So full of silently beautiful features, well defined lines and classically handsome shades. Her hazel eyes drifted over them all slowly before being pulled out of the mini-trance by his deep toned voice.

Eager to not seem so forward she sat back on her heals as she listened to the story about his comrade, her features following the example of his by fading into a more sedate expression. Busying herself as he talked, She pulled out a bundle of cloth, water pouch and spindle of bandage from her bag, reaching into the other side of it to pull out her packets of herbs. She paused when he finished on the note that made it obvious the boy had not survived, her gaze glancing back to the despondent expression his handsome face had fallen into. With a tentative and hesitant motion she lightly rested a hand on his shoulder, meeting his gaze slowly once more. “I'm sorry for your loss.” It seemed robotic, something she said regularly on expeditions like this, to heartbroken friends, crestfallen leaders and even to distraught families back in the hospitals. However always meant it, she was sorry that peoples loved ones had paid the price for a brighter future, that they couldn't be saved and that their familiars had to bear the weight of the loss. “I’ll drink in his memory tonight, when we get back to the barracks.” She offered a faint smile of empathy before dropping her hand from his shoulder and her gaze from his own, to return to the bundle of cloth.

She unwound the bundle and pulled from it the innermost sheet, clearly the cleanest, from the rest before bundling them up again. She rested it in her palm, closing it into a fist to scrunch the cloth up into a ball. The fist relaxed when the question pulled their gazes back to meet each other, her other hand tensing a little as the intensity of the gaze they held pulled a slight blush from her cheeks. She swiftly diverted her gaze back down to the cloth, quickly busying herself with soaking it with the water as she spoke. “I'm Amelia…” She left out her surname, just she always did. To her it was a stain she couldn't bear association with, and she liked this guy, that by now was clear to her. She didn't know how much he knew about the noble families, and almost selfishly she didn't want to upset him, so it was easier to just leave it out.“… Survey corps medic, ninth expedition out.

Continuing to distract herself she tentatively raised the hand with the drentched cloth up to his temple, very gently ghosting it over the gash with soft squeezes to allow the water to run along the wound and carry away the majority of the foreign materials. “How about you?” She had pretty much given up on the search for his name. She knew it, for sure, but her memory wasn’t playing ball with her today, inwardly blaming it on his dashing good looks. Amelia swivelled a little to the side to release the rest of the water in the cloth onto the smooth stone below before returning to the wound site. Very gently pressing at the wound with the fabric to soak away some of the older, dirtier blood to allow fresh, clean blood to fill its space. “What’s your name sir?” She met his gaze fleetingly again, allowing a small pause in her motions before returning to dabbing at the gash.

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #7 on: June 30, 2017, 12:37:51 PM »
Sitting still and unflinching, Eld watched the movements of the medic’s steady hands.  There was a practiced deftness to her slender fingers, a natural grace and inherent gentleness as she pinned his hair back from his face.  It was almost difficult to imagine those same hands wrapped around the handles of twin blades, swinging them with enough force to bite through a Titan’s meaty nape.  “Suddenly I feel very pretty,” he jested weakly, before offering a nod of agreement.  If the pain was too much, he would tell her.  Not that he expected it would be.

The strawberry-blonde medic set to work, leaning in close, close enough that her breath beat warm against his skin.  A clean, herbal scent clung to her – something akin to soap and botanicals – but beneath that was the coppery aroma of blood.  Was that from the other soldiers she had worked to mend, or was it himself that he could smell?

Another gesture of kindness came when she rested her hand lightly on his shoulder; sympathetic, understanding, unjudging.  It pulled Eld’s gaze to hers, the proximity of their bowed faces stealing the words from his throat.  For the moment, all he could do was offer another small, mute nod.  Samson’s loss was not his, per se, but he always felt a certain sorrow at a comrade’s untimely passing.  This young woman would drink to the dead boy – the team leader believed her when she said that – which, in a way, was more than he would do himself.  Unless coffee counted.  Somehow, he doubted it did.  Realising the moment of quiet and stillness had stretched, Eld swallowed and forced himself to speak.  “That’s good of you, I’m sure Sam would appreciate that.”

It was easy to lapse back into watching the medic work.  She was meticulous in unwinding a spindle of bandage, the linen strikingly clean and pristine in a place where sweat shone and blood dried on sun-kissed skin.  There was a pretty blush rising in her cheeks, he noticed, as she soaked the cloth.  Believing the weight of his gaze might be making her uncomfortable, Eld had been about to look away when answered with a name as fair as she was herself.


“Ninth expedition,”  Eld echoed, quietly impressed.  “You’re doing well, soldier.”  That explained, in part, the aura of capability and calmness about her.  Many rookies were killed on their first venture beyond the Walls but, for those who survived, their odds grew better and better with each successive mission.  It truly was a case of sink or swim.  Or, more accurately, die painfully or survive.

Slowly, Amelia – as he now knew her to be – raised her hand, the wrung-out and damp cloth seeking the wound.  Eld worried his lip with his teeth in anticipation.  Dull pain bloomed at his temple but it was tolerable.  Trickles of bloodied water raced down his cheek, over the angled planes of his face, before dripping into his lap.

“Eld,” he offered in return, awed as her gaze briefly met his.  “Eld Jinn.  Eight years of service.  I’m currently serving on the Special Operations Squad.”  It was a terrible thing, but as she was preoccupied with tending to him, he seized on the opportunity to steal more glances her way, admiring how her hazel eyes focused, her expression shifting into one of concentration.  “You’re very good at what you do,” he observed, with the ghost of a smile.  “I barely feel a thing.”  The bloom of curiosity was there, so Eld followed up with another question, silently hoping he wouldn’t be seen as prying.  “What made you choose the Survey Corps?”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
« Reply #8 on: June 30, 2017, 08:52:44 PM »
Eld. Eld… ELD. How could she not have remembered such a simple yet strikingly fitting name for the man sat directly in front of her. If she hadn't been attempting to help a patient and also not look crazy at the same time, she could have slapped her cheek for her own forgetfulness.

She pulled away to start work on the poultice she started a little, her eyes widening as they spotted the trail of red she had caused to flow down his cheek and onto his lap. “Oh jeez. I’m sorry… here” She unwound another section of bandage, quickly slicing it off the spindle with her smaller blade before trailing it across the smooth plane of skin she had soiled it with. Wait.. what?

Special ops? Wow, that’s pretty intense. You guys have it rough from what I’ve been hearing.” It’s true, most of the patients had stories full of admiration for these guys. From what her, now proven, unreliable mind could remember Eld was the more tactical member. Using his gas propulsion as smoke screen to save team-mates was an example that came to mind, he also had one of the highest kill counts on record.

The compliment he threw her way completely took her by surprise, her motions pausing a little in tension before she thought further into it and relaxed. “Thank you, I had an amazing teacher.” The thought and memory of her mother brought a sad smile to her lips, the only person in her family that she missed.  But now was not the time, so Amelia pulled her bag closer. In quick succession she pulled out one pouch then the other, opening them both to check the contents were correct before responding again. “Whilst I’m glad you've yet to feel a thing, these two may change that. But please, trust me. I’ve used them more times than I could count and whilst they’ll sting initially they’ll help the healing immensely.” She glanced up to him with an apologetic smile, her hazel eyes taking the opportunity to check on the wound briefly and admire that face once more. What was he doing to her?! She never lost focus so often. She never talked this much to people she just met either. Pulling herself together she dragged her blade holster onto her narrow lap, placing her smaller blade ontop. Using the flat side of the metal casing she took a small amount of Yarrow flowers from one pouch and a small pinch of cloves from another.

She was crushing and slicing the meidicinal herbs with the blade as he threw another curveball question about herself, causing her to hesitate very briefly with the knife. She did not look up, taking a moment to think before resuming her task as she replied. “Well I knew I didn’t want to be in the Police, the idea of being trapped in a smaller wall with nobody but nobles to treat seems like a waste to me.” She paused, taking her flask of water and very carefully adding just a few drops to the small mound of plant matter. “I was pretty naïve and looking for an escape, so sticking to the walls with The Garrison didn’t really appeal either so I took the Survey Corps. Haven’t regretted it since, who else gets to travel, explore and fight as much as we do? Though I suppose you know all about that, huh?

She inched closer to him again, being careful of the package on her lap as she deftly dabbed away the excess blood with the same stretch of cloth. “I’m sure your arm hurts more than this right now but I apologise in advance. How about you tell me your story.. as a distraction?” With a small breath to calm herself she began to slowly apply the wet mixture of the two herbs to the centre of the wound, pausing occasionally to glance at his reaction as a precaution. She kept applying it cautiously but rapidly till the deeper areas of the wound were covered. With equally quick hands she took the bundle of cloth and very gently pressed it over the entire wound, holding it there with one hand as the other picked up the spindle of bandage. “This might ruin your hair-do prett—Eld.” She quickly corrected herself as she began to bandage the cloth and mixture in place with three loops around the circumference of his skull. This required her to lean much closer to him than before, something she wasn't quite so used to feeling happy about. It pulled a soft blush to her cheeks once more as her breath drew in his scent of forest leaves, mixed with a vague hint of the blood she had dealt with. However, eager to be in his personal space for as short a period as possible she cut off the end of the bandage from the spindle. From there she wound it under the other layers before checking the tightness by scooting a hand into those thick blonde locks and under the bandage. Not bad considering… “How does that feel?”

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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There had been a time when Eld would unfailingly introduce himself to each soldier he met – granting them his rank and even regiment, when necessary.  Somehow, his placement on the Special Operations Squad had broken this habit.  He couldn’t have guessed at the way Amelia inwardly chastised herself for forgetting his name, and he certainly didn’t judge her for not knowing who he was.  If anything, the team leader fretted quietly that he had come across as rude or presumptuous for not offering his name sooner.

The damp cloth was cool and soothing against his skin, Amelia washing the blood from his face with an attentiveness that could be described as tender.  Eld wasn’t used to such gentleness and, to his surprise, he relaxed beneath her touch, tension and worry bleeding out of his frame.  “It’s not without its challenges,” he murmured agreeably, before making another attempt at humour.  “We spend a surprising amount of time cleaning.”

Although curious about who had taught Amelia her healing art, Eld was distracted by the next words to leave the young woman’s mouth.  There might be pain ahead, but it would help ensure swift mending, and that seemed a fair enough trade to him.  “Right,” Eld nodded his understanding, Amelia’s apologetic smile tugging at something within him.  “I trust you.”

Dark brown eyes watched as the medic expertly selected, crushed and chopped the herbs.  It was a clever way of doing so, using her blade holster as a platform.  The brief hesitation that followed his question made him wonder, momentarily, if he had overstepped some unseen mark.  Before he could retract his query, however, Amelia was answering.  As she spoke in sweet, gentle tones – her voice one Eld could listen to endlessly – his gaze shifted between her face and her occupied hands.  The response was thoughtful, passionate even.  “I couldn’t agree more,” Eld responded warmly, feeling a natural camaraderie with the fellow scout.  “Even if I could choose over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

At the mention of his arm, the dislocated shoulder throbbed with a deep ache.  It was sure to be agonising when the time came to coax the joint back into its socket.  For now, Eld pushed those thoughts aside, focusing instead on Amelia as she began applying the botanicals to his wound.  The medic wasn’t wrong, it did hurt, and he hissed faintly through his teeth at the sudden sting.  Hazel hues sought him out and he gave a barely perceptible nod, encouraging her to continue.  “I’m really not that interesting,” Eld started hesitantly as his eyes fluttered closed, at last offering the medic some small form of privacy as she worked.  That hardly constituted an answer and, truthfully, he would be glad of the distraction that talking could offer. 

Besides, he was still feeling oddly nervous. 

“I’m from Karanes, originally.  The son of a cooper.”  Eld smiled tightly, joylessly, the expression less to do with any physical discomfort he might be experiencing and more to do with the pain his kin caused him.  “I apprenticed with my father for a time – I could swear I still have the calluses on my hands from that – but ultimately I felt my life would be better spent serving in the military.  My father is a hard-fisted, unyielding man… a tyrant, really.  He and my mother weren’t best pleased by my decision to enlist.”  Then again, nothing he ever did won him any praise or reward from them.

Eld opened his eyes and quieted as Amelia prepared to wrap the bandage around his head.  Whatever she had been about to say was cut short, feeding into his mounting curiosity.  “Oh I don’t know, it could be an improvement,” he smiled lopsidedly, soon lapsing into silence and stillness as Amelia leaned in close – very close – to wind the linen around his skull.  She was blushing again, Eld noticed.  He found he adored the colour in her cheeks and wondered, vaguely, how else he might be able to paint it there.

“Feels nice,” he murmured, having to actively fight the urge to tilt his face into her hand.  Nice?  Shit, his nerves were clearly getting to him!  “Uh, I mean it feels good.  Thanks, Amelia.”  It was an awkward attempt at a save, one Eld was keen to move on from quickly.  “You… you think it’ll scar?”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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Amelia stayed quiet as he spoke about his father, the forced smile he bore urging her to resist from pushing further on the matter. She didn't want to pressure him into revealing anything, nor did she wish for him to dwell on such a negative matter and risk him asking about her own family history. Something best avoided at all costs, at least… for now. She couldn't pin point why, but she found the desire to bump into this particular patient again much more appealing than any other patient before him.

She also dwelled a little on his altering of words, a shy smile spreading on her lips at the thought of him being nervous because of her. Attraction. It was a word that she had never really associated herself with, she had never felt such a strange compulsion in her chest before, and from his nerves she took a gamble that he was going through the same motions. Thankfully for the sake of her profession his words managed to pull her back into reality.

Well…” She began, leaning back onto her calves as she re-wound the excess bandage and wiped off her holster. “You should clean it out again in the morning, wash out the poultice with clean water and re-bandage it. If it doesn’t bleed. No scar.” She glanced up to him with a soft smile before lifting a finger up to point to the sky. “However. If it does bleed that doesn’t always mean it’ll scar permanently, it might just need more time.” Thinking about it to herself she had always admired a scar on a man, it was a sign of hard, usually honest, work, but the more she gazed over the panes of his face the less appealing it was to have them tainted. “I’m sure you know the rest.” She giggled before taking in a mock-deep breath. “Try not to scratch, don’t pick at it, bandage it up daily for 3 days and clean it gently with water if contaminated.Did I miss anything? Mmm, I don’t think so. It was increasingly hard to keep track of things with Eld around. “I thought you guys wore battle wounds like medals anyway? Or is that just a rumour?

Lets look at this arm then.” Time was usually of the essence, normally everything seemed rush, the only difference this time was that Eld was her patient. Oh boy. Lets slow down AJ. She leaned forward slightly to gently grasp his un-injured arms wrist, marvelling inwardly at the size comparison of their hands and the smooth skin beneath the mud. Then she guided the hand into the sling, her other hand meeting it from the other side to guide it to sit under the injured arm. “Hold them both as still as you can, don’t use any force with your right arm and allow the left to do the work.” She glanced back up to him, waiting for a sign that he understood before pushing herself to a stand and walking behind him. She was meant to be undoing the knot... And she did, but before she did so, she found the time to even the bandage at the back of his head, smoothing his golden locks over and under it. Once undone she took the pressure from his neck with her hands, very gently easing the fabric down, her body moving back to his side as she did so before easing it away entirely, leaving his free arm to support its injured twin.

Settling back to her knees she lifted her hands to ghost over his shoulder, keeping the pressure as light as possible to prevent any pain. She found the signs of dislocation, the head of his humerus jutting out under stretched skin further towards his chest than its natural resting position, much further, so torn ligaments where pretty much guaranteed. “Apologies” She whispered, her eyes watching as her hands drifted around the socket that it should have been resting in, pressing into the skin as gently as possible to check for any breaks or splintering. None. Phew. A significant reduction in the estimated recovery time. She drifted her hand along his shoulder blade, admiring the muscles that rested above it briefly before pulling away with the conclusion the scapula was also undamaged. A simple but extreme dislocation. “Good news, no breakages so far. Bad news, this is going to be pretty bad pain wise, so could you lie down for me?” Previous cases had people she had assumed could stand the pain, faint on her. So better safe than sorry. She quickly removed her deep green cloak, folding it repeatedly into a neat pile before shuffling forward to help him lay down, pushing the cloak under his head as makeshift pillow. “Ever dislocated a shoulder before Eld?" Her interest in biology and her need to treat her patient finally over-riding her anxiety.

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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If his faux pas registered, Amelia was sweet-natured enough to move past it wordlessly, with a faint and demure smile playing on her lips.  Eld was grateful for that mercy as he listened closely to the medic’s instructions, her voice soothing and euphonious.  More than being pleasant to the ear, he found he learned something, not having known the significance of bleeding in relation to scarring until now.

“Ah, there’s truth to that rumour all right,” Eld answered, a rarely seen shyness lending itself to his smile.  “My scars just aren’t easily seen.  This one would change that, though.”  As Amelia’s attention shifted to his arm, the team leader found himself tensing a little.  This was going to hurt much, much more than the head wound.  Except, the process began with a surprisingly delicate hand clasping his uninjured wrist, Eld’s thoughts unknowingly following a similar track to the medic’s own; he noticed how dainty her hands seemed next to his, how her fingers were both slender and elegant.

With confident movements, Amelia guided him into supporting his dislocated arm.  Eld’s head was bowed, focusing on doing as he was told, but he took a moment to meet the young woman’s gaze and nod his understanding.  Once in position, Amelia moved out of sight, standing behind him.  That was when her fingertips ghosted over his hair, smoothing out the ruffled blond locks, and gently adjusted the bandage.  Perhaps it was the head injury, but it seemed to Eld there was some small intimacy in that – one that he didn’t object to.  At that realisation, he grazed his bottom lip with his teeth, glad the medic was unable to see his expression.

The sling was carefully removed, Eld breathing a sigh as he cradled his dislocated arm.  Amelia began her examination, the touch of her hands light but thorough.  Despite her efforts to be gentle, the ache intensified.  She must have sensed his discomfort, for she offered him a softly spoken apology – and a warning of pain to come.  “I was afraid of that,” Eld laughed weakly, beginning to lie back.  With his arms occupied, he relied on his core, his abdominal muscles tightening with the effort.  Amelia helped guide him too, even going so far as to remove her cloak and fold it swiftly and neatly.  It was tucked behind his head, her wings a makeshift pillow for him.  “Thanks,” Eld murmured, gazing up at woman from his new place on the ground.  With the removal of her cloak, he had a better idea of the narrowness of her shoulders, the neatness of her waist, strawberry-blonde locks long and cascading around her willowy form. 

I must’ve hit my head real hard. 

Realising Amelia had asked him a question, Eld hastened to give her an answer.  “Yeah,” he began, wanting to avert his gaze but finding his choices limited either to the sky or Amelia herself.  Naturally, he chose the latter, the light of the slowly descending sun catching in his earthy eyes.  “A few times.  This is something of a recurring problem.”  The strange feeling of nervousness was exacerbated, partly due to the sense of vulnerability that came with being laid out like this – and partly due to the knowledge that hurt awaited him.  Still Eld tried for another smile, hoping the expression wasn’t as tense or as distracted as he felt.  “But don’t tell anyone.  People seem to think the Special Operations Squad are invincible and I’d hate to disappoint.”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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Amelia watched his expression carefully as he answered, drifting her gaze over the faux smile that he bore on his lips, down his masculine jawline and to the shoulder that caused him grief. The bravery of Survey Corps solders, often rebranded as foolishness by those of the other branches, never failed to refresh her faith in the cause. In front of her was a soldier with a reoccurring injury that could prove fatal in the wrong circumstances, but here he was, alive, uncomplaining, dedicated and still trying his best to project positivity. There was so much to admire in the man before her and he was only adding to the list the more time she spent with him. Offering him a smile of her own with an accompanying brief and soft laugh, she nodded her head as her right hand crossed to tap her open palm over her heart. “I promise, your secrets’ safe with me.” She winked a single hazel eye, bracing her hands on her knee’s to push herself into standing once more. It felt oddly comforting to know he trusted her so much already. “I’ll be right back, Eld.

She swiped up her bag and made her way through the various groups of medics, patients and squad members to reach the embers of the fire that the Garrison had reluctantly set up. Used more commonly for destroying old bandages, warming food or cleaning up after a surgery, Amelia had always found more use with the embers. Deftly swiping an empty clay cup from under the bench of distracted bunch of squaddies, she placed it in the glowing embers. Filling it with water from her flask she then routed in the over-filled bag for specific ingredients and added them in, mixing the slowly warming liquid with a finger before dumping the bag and turning to slowly make her way back to Eld. Normally by now a soldier would have at least a member or two by his side, but being alone with him was refreshingly… soothing? There was no pressure of interested or concerned gazes, but it also allowed the intimacy that she was finding herself drawn to.

Eager to be by his side once more, she slipped her slender frame through the bodies to resume her place by his side, kneeling once more. The quicker this next part was done the better, the more he dwelled on what he knew was coming the tenser the shoulder would be and the more it would hurt. Placing her hand slowly over his both of his own, she returned her gaze to his, an apologetic smile pulling at her lips as her mind drifted to the surprisingly gentle rise and fall that accompanied his breathing. “Let’s get this done?

With confident but gentle and slow movements she grasped the back of the appropriate hand, her other taking the elbow as she guided the arm away from his chest and out to the side. Shifting her position a little she placed the elbow down on the surface of the wall, keeping the dislocated head of the bone as still as was practically possible and minimise pain. Her gaze flicked between the expression that he bore and the arm, slowly manoeuvring the lower arm and hand to rest parallel with his head. Once in place she lowered her grip to his wrist, her other hand scooting under his defined elbow to cup it gently before she paused allowing him time to brace himself for the pain that was about to bloom. With a small nod, directed more to herself than anything, she pushed the elbow firmly upwards, his entire arm moving with it to so that the hand was slowly arching toward his rich, silky locks. As the arm moved the head of the bone that was dislocated was quickly being pulled back towards its intended socket.

Keeping the movement swift and firm the hand on his wrist abandoned its grasp to quickly lower above the shifting lump that was the head of the bone straining under the skin. As the hand quickly reached the crown of his head she pushed down on the lump, quickly shoving and popping it back into place. There were quicker, more brutal, ways of fixing a dislocated arm but this way always carried less risk of going wrong, carried less pain and they had the time to spare. She quickly brushed her hands over the shoulder, checking everything was back in place before turning her head in his direction. “I-I’m sorry about that. Does it feel right now?” She kept her concerned gaze on his reactions, pulling back a little to give him room to move the arm if he felt up to it. “Any irregular pains?

Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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The way in which Amelia rested her hand over her heart – a playful promise, gifted with a wink – evoked memories of earnestly-made childhood pacts and, in a terrible counterpoint, of the military salute.  For a moment, compassion and beauty was juxtaposed bewilderingly against a backdrop of ugly suffering.  It stirred something in the soldier, warming his heart whilst steeling his resolve.  The Survey Corps served humanity, and Amelia reminded him that there was much that was good and kind left to defend.

Even if she herself was no helpless damsel.

When the medic excused herself, Eld watched her go, until she was swallowed by the milling crowd of the makeshift camp.  Forced to settle into his place on the ground, he turned his attention to the sky.  Pale pink and pastel orange were bleeding into blue, the light of the low sun catching lustrous in the clouds.  It was beautiful.  He might even have been at peace if not for the scent of blood on the air, coppery and sickening.  The day was almost at an end and, with it, the mission.  Eld sighed through his nose.  They had so little to show for the venture, beyond lives spent and blood spilt.

It felt as though the moment stretched, enough that he began to wonder when Amelia would return.  By the Walls, what if someone else took over his care in the meantime?  Some rough-handed, wizened physician – however knowledgeable they might be – would prove no comparison.  How strange it was, that they had only met and yet the desire to see her again was fierce.

Then, just like that, the young medic was back, kneeling at his side.  Her hand rested on his, surprisingly soft to the touch.  Amelia was as much as a soldier as he was, so he had to wonder if the balms and ointments she so frequently had something to do with the smoothness of her skin.  Or maybe she was just lucky.

“Yeah, let’s do this,” Eld agreed, trying to inject some confidence into his voice.  Pain was pain – hell, he was used to pain – but that didn’t mean he was comfortable with having an audience to his suffering.  Still, he tried to relax, concentrating on breathing deep and steady as Amelia manipulated his wounded arm.  Her movements were gentle and slow, as though she was reading the very tension that inevitably wound itself through his body.  Never did she cross the line between guiding his limb and forcing it.  Eld turned his brown eyes skyward, to the swift passage of clouds above.  The dull ache of his shoulder was about to blaze with renewed pain, he knew it was coming.  Amelia did too, which is why – when she had him positioned – she paused a moment, kindly giving him a chance to brace.

Then she manipulated his arm and shoulder, firmly, giving the dislocated joint no choice but to return to its socket.  Pain bloomed bright and hot, causing the team leader to grit his teeth, a soft sound of pain rising in is throat.  It was mercifully brief, at least, the hurt quickly ebbing back into a dull, easily tolerated ache.

“Don’t be,” Eld panted, touched by the apology but in no way prepared to accept it.  Amelia had been as gentle as was possible, that much he knew.  “You just singlehandedly put me back together.”  With those words, he fluttered his fingers experimentally, introducing movement to his arm slowly.  Then, using his uninjured arm to bear his weight, he pushed himself up into a sitting position and offered the woman a smile.  “Nothing strange or startling,” he answered, flexing his elbow gingerly.  Which meant her duty to him was done, he realised.

“I hear some soldiers wear supportive braces beneath their uniforms – not that they’d admit to it,” Eld began, seizing on something that might prolong their conversation that little bit longer.  It felt selfish, even if there were other medics present to tend the wounded, to make sure nobody was left wanting.  “Are they any good, do you think?”

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Re: Wasted Views [Eld]
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Shuffling back a little as he sat up her eyes focused on the hand and arm, watching the tentative movements he tested the joint with some small amount of relief. She had fixed a dislocation of a newer member of the corps in battlefield before, it being the boys’ first experience he had assumed it would be fully functional and manoeuvred straight into the trunk of a very-much stationary tree. Eld showed much more experience in the matter. His next comment however caught her completely off guard, her gaze raising back up to his gaze before quickly lowering again as her cheeks tinged with colour once more. “I-I don’t know about that.. just patched you up is all..” She offered a shy smile, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear before busying herself with folding up his old sling.

She paused as he mentioned the idea of a brace. Frequently used by civilians who could afford them, battle-worthy and 3DMG compatible braces were still in early stages but several were currently in field testing. Come to think of it.. I think we brought one or two.The designs we have are all fairly new." She began, swallowing a little of her shyness away. It had never once occured to her that he would be so open to the idea. "Problem was the ones that were developed for Nobility were designed to fix the socket to limited movement. So those can't be used in combat as they've proven detrimental to combat manoeuvres and gear use. We got a little creative and adapted a few though.” She scanned his shoulder with her gaze once more before standing. “I’ll fetch one.

She wandered off once more, slipping easily between the mass of people to get to the supply cart. Once there she jumped into the back of it, squatting as she routed through the various boxes and crates for exactly what she wanted. On her way back she gingerly pulled the cup from the embers, a smile spreading on her lips at the steam that now wisped out of the water. As she slunk her way back she grasped the Ginger root out, throwing it over the edge of the wall before settling back next to the handsome soldiers profile.

“Not exactly boiling, but it should numb the residual pain.” She said, the smile still on her lips as she offered it over to him. Once he took it she settled into a more comfortable sit with her legs tucked to the side, and pulled the leather contraption off her shoulder, laying it out on the flat stone floor in front of them both. “This is one of the latest prototypes, rather than forcing the joint flat against your side it should simply act like an external ligament. These straps here sit snug around your upper arm, these ones here around the pad sit around the top of your shoulder. Finally these are the crucial ones that bind them all together.” As she spoke she indicated to each respective strap. “It allows all the joint to move in all its natural directions whilst holding the two bones snug with very little room for them to separate. I must stress though it’s only a combat brace, if you wore this everyday it’d wear down the protection between your two joints and cause a whole load of damage we can’t fix. We’re working on the ability to un-hook the conjoining straps, so you can wear the brace without it working, but so far all the methods we’ve tried come loose with difficult manoeuvres.”


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