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Author Topic: Rico Brzenska - Squad Leader  (Read 1064 times)

Rico Brzenska - Squad Leader
« on: June 27, 2017, 07:02:18 AM »

NAME:  Rico Brzenska
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  December 7th, 817 (28)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wall Sheena, Orvud District
GENDER:   Female
MEMBER GROUP:  Garrison (Squad Leader)
FACE CLAIM:  Rico Brzenska

Rico displays a very slender and short build, her height barely reaching past five feet. Her short stature isn't easily dismissed for you can clearly trace leans muscles through the form fitting clothes. Rico's face is pale and feminine but her expression typically remains as unmoving as the surface of the water. Cropped platinum hair cascades delicately and lightly frame her rounded cheeks, somewhat of a soft style despite her hardened features. Behind thin silver framed glasses are crystalline eyes that glimmer with such alluring vibrancy. Like most military individuals, her glasses are firmly head by straps to prevent from falling.

Rico holds an unfavorable nickname as "Ice Queen," due to seeming lack of sympathy. She's quick to dropping heart in favor of humanity, sacrificing her own empathy for the greater choice. Rico makes herself out to be a villain, ready to shoulder the difficult actions of letting others die if it meant saving more but in reality that's merely a shell. She forces her expressions to remain stoic, let's people think she's heartless because in a world with monsters you cannot wear your emotions on your sleeve. It's hard to chisel her icy coating, Rico gives away very little besides in stressful times.

Beneath the surface lies a human who wants people to think she's a monster but she doesn't want anyone to forget the human. People die but you never forget them, never let anyone's death be for nothing. It's easy to die but if you can prevent it you make sure it's prevented. Rico is not one to sugarcoat anything; she's blunt and will not hesitate to give someone a piece of her mind. Obedient but nowhere near mindless, she’s capable of lashing her tongue with swift sass and disapproval. She does so with a surprisingly icy calmness which could unnerve some people at how well her composure can be kept. Even if something manages to crack some of her composure she’s able to function under pressure without showing problems. Rico’s heart is not frozen, only guarded and it’s easy to offend her for a delicate side dwells deep.

Accuracy/Speed: Rico has an incredible aim with her swords; her style with the vertical maneuvering gear is unique and beautiful. She effortless twirls like that of a ballerina midair before delivering a well-aimed strike towards the titan. Instead of having a deep stroke her hits land fast and accurate. She’s also well versed in guns and cannons.
Intelligence: Rico is a woman of complexity; her brain churns with numerous possibilities and ideas which help in situations that require intellect. Tactics come easily to her and she’s able to act them out as well.

Logical: She’s able to discard emotion and decide things in a manner of pristine calmness. Her emotions do not dictate her actions and behavior, similar to a machine. This makes her extremely honest and self-sacrificial but for the sake of mankind.

Perceptive: A focused individual that’s able to multitask. Despite her glasses, she notices many things and is able to read a situation well, that paired with her deduction and logic can be quite dangerous as if she has foresight. It’s hard to surprise her.
Eyesight: Without her glasses, everything is a blurry mess, a concussive blow to them could ruin everything and make her world blur together. Unfortunately, she has that chance each time she enters combat.

Weaker Stature: Small and weaker muscle wise she’ll most likely be overpowered if someone gets the drop on her. She relies heavily on speed but all it takes is one connecting blow and she’s bested.

Wary: Rico does not trust easily, therefore, she faces any stranger with an icy exterior. Even if you’re not a stranger it’s uncommon for her to get close. It’s easy to lose people and she either doesn’t want to get attached or for them to miss her.
Prickly: Unfriendly remarks come naturally to her; it’s actually hard to get a level of conversation without her barbs or ignoring them. She’s not fond of failure and is not afraid to tell someone they have screwed up. Her way of inspiring someone is to encourage them not to die.

To prove that the Garrison is not lazy weaklings. Keep humanity from becoming feed for the titans.
Death by titan. Pointless deaths.

Rico was an offspring between a noble and a poor farm woman, a bastard. Having bastards were not uncommon but it was frowned upon to accept the bastard as part of the noble family, therefore Rico was not allowed to be seen. Her ‘noble’ father denied her for the sake of his reputation, saying that she was not his daughter despite having all of his looks. It was true, she took the rare brand of snowy white hair and eyes that glittered like starlight but her father still did not accept her. For a while, she lived on his estate as a maid with her mother, an embarrassing job that she loathed. They were treated no better than animals but her mother insisted that it was better than living in Wall Maria. Rico didn’t agree, at least they would be working for themselves with pride.

Since no one else bothered to look her direction Rico was mostly away from the estate and wondering about the area, speaking with the locals. That’s where she met the Garrison unit, lazy drunks who constantly slept all day. Every one of them was pathetic and she couldn’t believe her eyes, Rico promised herself to one day join that unit for the sake of bettering it.

Rico battled for legitimacy, claiming she was indeed the daughter of the man in hopes of obtaining something from her bloodline by the noble wife demanded them to be escorted away, that Rico was a thief and insane. To be denied by your own father felt terrible but she swallowed it and happily departed with her mother to their ‘true’ home. The farming food was indeed tough and the sun constantly scorched her ivory skin but Rico never gave up, she was determined to live happily there. Every day she was reminded of her ‘noble’ bloodline with her looks, even her mother enjoyed to comment about her lovely white hair. It bothered her so much that she shredded off her elongated locks out of spite which made her mother cry but she didn’t care. Rico eagerly counted the days to her 12 birthday where she’ll be able to finally join the training corps and then graduate to her chosen regiment.

On her 12 birthday, she finally enlisted and was surprised at how taxing the training was. People often commented upon her delicate face and looks, that she wasn’t fit to be a soldier. People often judged first but she could have cared less. She had one goal and one goal only, joins Garrison. Even after she graduated as one of the top ten she joined the Garrison which warranted displeased comments. No way was she going to go back to wall Sheena, she intended to destroy titans and human corruption and the Garrison was the best of both. It was grossly relaxed working as a Garrison member but she was an overachiever and often assisted the Scouts in missions which were the reasoning behind her promotion. She was awarded to be an elite member, a Squad leader to hopefully encourage more Garrison members like her.

Once the fall of Wall Maria occurred, her mother was killed in the destruction which hardened her heart. Rico never visited her mother after she graduated from the military and holds responsible for never saying “I love you,” one last time. 

YOUR ALIAS:  Artsy (Oh look, another silent or angry character)
AGE:  19


Re: Rico Brzenska - Squad Leader
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 12:03:21 PM »

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