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Author Topic: Connie Springer  (Read 384 times)

Connie Springer
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:48:39 PM »

NAME: Connie Springer
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): 'Stupid' -Ymir
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): May 2nd, 15 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ragako Village - South Side of Wall Rose

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 128lbs

Physical Build: Lean with sprinters muscles and athleticism, Connie can have a rather runty appearance at times among his peers. His shoulders slope down at a low angle, framing out a narrow torso that is held at times with a slight hunch to his posture. This hunch is only accented by his perceived dislike of standing long term, sitting or kneeling down to drape himself over nearby objects in a less than formal manner. When at attention however, his stance is ridged with shoulders pulled back and chest out in polar opposite of a relaxed state.

Narrow tapered limbs are flecked by small scars and marks from his days back home working, and from his trials as a Cadet, which break up an otherwise flat and reasonably even completion that lacks many if any freckles or discolorations. Appearing somewhat 'bobbleheaded', Connie's ears slightly fan out, and his jaw is less than masculine. This is further accented by thin brows, and a tapered nose. He would look rather plain, if he didn't hold somewhat atypical hair and eye colors.

Connie's hair went gray at a young age, and has been cut into an exceptionally short buzz cut. Low maintenance, low upkeep, and easy, he manages it himself, which explains its... simplicity... while his eyes are a pale hazel. Within brighter illumination or outdoor lighting however, his eyes can seem a striking yellow with smaller pupils due to a lack of pigment to help protect the iris.

Attire: Simple and comfortable, few individuals have the ability to be picky, and Connie is no exception. At a young age, he learned to not put much value in clothing past functionality, and as such is comfortable in most anything. Loose fitting shirts, normally neutral tones of linen, yellow, and green tend to be the norm, with a band of fabric twisted and bound around the waist to act as a belt to hold everything in place. Shin high brown or gray pants are a common fallback, and simple nondescript shoes are more function than any style.

He has no jewelry or trinkets of note.

Connie is not a complex individual, and lives life shooting from his hip so to speak. Living day by day, enjoying things for what they are, with short sighted goals that all lead back to his hometown and wanting to prove that he can be more than the small runt that couldn't amount to much. He has determination, and is confident in his abilities and talents, knowing that he has earned his place among his peers and can be valuable enough to rub his old friend's noses in the fact.

While he is a capable cadet, he isn't exactly a serious one. He performs and does what is needed enough to feel good about himself, but isn't above goofing around and interjecting a bit of enjoyment into the situation. Jokes here, laughs there, some momentary slyness and humor, he is fun loving and doesn't mind being laughed at as long as it is all in good nature.

Intelligence: Connie is not very book smart. He grasped the basics of his training just enough, but everything is watered down to simple actions and results. Want to start a torch? He knows the steps to do so, but he couldn't exactly tell you why it works and why they are made of the materials they are in order to prolong the fire's life. He can often forget the names of things, especially the equipment used, interjecting 'That spinney part' or 'The claspey bit' to try to indicate what he is talking about. In the end, he knows what to do for survival, and actions needed to raise crops to harvest successfully or tend to some animals, but he lives by action and repetition, and terms not used often or deemed insignificant, flicker out or don't even ignite to begin with in his mind.

Lying: Connie can't. He is not an actor, and with his inability to catch onto social cues well, he is incapable of mimicking the nuances needed to make a proper 'sell'. Because of this he can be brutally honest if someone asks something of him, and will not hold back if he has less than nice things to say about something. If he does feel he has to lie to try to salvage a friend's emotions, it can be clunky and awkward and masked under a layer of humor to try to misdirect.

Childlike: Connie's childlike comparisons don't tend to end at just his runty height and his ignorance in life, it also expands out to the way he carries himself and acts at times of rest. When listening to a good story for example, he can kneel down on the ground and grip the edge of the table to rest his head, completely enthralled by the tale and wanting to try to absorb everything that will be said. However, this goes both ways, and when under a great deal of stress or despair, he can succumb to crying openly. He doesn't like it, but he will do so without intent.

Excitable: Broad gestures and movements, louder voices and occasional fast jabbering, Connie can be excitable when something good is happening, it manifesting itself with excess energy. In a way, he can be rather twitchy when this is triggered, which plays into his rapid reflexes and speed capabilities in training.

Companions: Connie puts a high value on friends and family. In a life where personal possessions can be torn away in an instant, it is the people around you that truly matter the most. He embraces this, and develops tight bonds with his peers with ease that can be very difficult to challenge. He is loyal, and like a puppy he will happily follow those he looks up to.

Speed: While not very strong, and not the brightest marble in the shed, Connie makes up for it with raw speed and adaptability. Quick reflexes and a lean frame, means he is well adapted to darting through obstacles and flinging himself with the Mobility Gear. These quick turns and flinch reactions, can be performed at such speeds he should logically receive whiplash, and yet he endures. He has embraced this skill to keep himself out of harm's way, it his one talent that allowed him to rank as well as he does among his peers as one of the fastest.

Pain Tolerance: Connie may not be immune to pain, but he sure can take a beating and keep going with zeal. Raised in a farming environment, he is used to working hard and getting some nasty cuts and bruises in the process, this plus his sometimes clumsy approach in training, means he gets battered a lot. Not one to be knocked down and powering through it nearly un-phased, he has been known to use his own body as a small wrecking ball to clobber into the side of obstacles or into Titan's to distract or disorient them.

Stubborn Will: While not as much as some of the other more... noisy cadet's... Connie can root his heels down and try to fight for what he wants and believes. His desire to do what's right, and make sure as few people die in the process, drives him to attempt to excel and push himself when in the heat of the moment. This only really shows however, when there is true danger and a threat, this catalyst creating his momentary capability and talent.

Humor: While not a traditional 'strength' people would consider, his ability to bring humor to the table, whether intentionally or not, can clip and trim edges from an otherwise bad situation. It is a moral boost for others around.

Small Size: Connie is not strong past basic training. While he is fit enough to be able to break himself out of a paper bag, so to speak, and has lean athleticism, when confronted by other cadets he can have issues if it comes down to power struggles. This also means he can have difficulties getting the power needed to slice through the napes of larger Titans with any notable depth.

Hand to Hand: Ignoring his comparative weakness, Connie lacks the talent to make up for it in combat skill alone. He is incapable of performing any tricky maneuvers or strategies to use momentum and counterweight against his foes, simply because he hasn't taken the time to seriously learn it. What bits have been taught that gave him decent scoring, has not been retained well past the most trivial of basics.

Trusting: Always wanting to believe the best in others, Connie will offer a hand of help and believe just about anything anyone says without question. This desire to believe the best in others, especially his fellow cadets, means he can be easy to manipulate by anyone with less than honorable intentions. This trust is only challenged if someone has proven themselves to be a traitor or liar already, in which case he may be flighty and uncertain of what is right and wrong, wanting to believe their words, but conflicted.

Deduction Skills: If Connie were to take a nap, and wake up at dusk, he would be hard pressed to know if it was morning or nightfall. Forget the fact he can look at which horizon the sun settles at, or observe what others are doing around him, or the fact that sunrise and fall look drastically different from one another... the fact is he will be disoriented until he finds a clock. This ignorance and density translates to other events poorly. Social clues, environmental hints, if it isn't so obvious a child could figure it out, chances are Connie won't.

Connie is a simple individual, who follows a rather simple ambition that many within the military hold. A want and desire for his friends and family to be safe and for the fear of Titans to be a distant thought. While he has little hope that he can actually see an end to Titans, he does stand and fight to try to protect the small slice of haven humanity has left in this world... That is...  if by fight you mean remaining in the safety of the inner walls away from danger and wanting to be one of the Military Police.

Other than this, he doesn't really have any broad ambition that stands out from average wants and needs. He would like to own a house of his own someday; want to be able to enjoy good foods, able to feel secure... He has never been in an opportunity where aspiring for more than that was even a thought. Dreams of riches, dreams of luxuries are such a foreign concept to his simple life that the noble and rich seem almost like a different species.

He just wants to be around people he likes, earning his keep and living a good life while getting respect for what he can do. Most of all? He wants to make his family proud.

There are many things everyone in this world fears, and some of the most prominent and top choices other than 'spiders' or 'snakes' tend to consist of Titans. Being eaten, being swallowed whole, having to face a Titan head on... other re-spins of the same horror story told again and again in a relentless loop. While Connie fears these same things, terrified of being consumed alive, that is a flat standard and isn't of true note to stand out.

What Connie does fear beyond the baseline for survival, is his concept of happiness crumbling away. He is content how he is, and finds his life a step above the norm, even if it could always be better. To be challenged in this or be told that he is nothing but cannon fodder on the frontlines, can make him uppity and more liable to lash out.

He also fears his own ignorance causing someone else's death. Deep down, despite his overconfidence in his skills and his intellectual capabilities, Connie knows he is lagging behind. He is fine if it backlashes and strikes just him, but if someone else dies because he didn’t catch onto the plan soon enough or other falters, it would devastate him.

Overall, he doesn't want to be left behind; he doesn't want to be alone... he has high values on his friends, because in a life with little to call his own, he can call them 'his'.

Firstborn within Ragako village to the Springer family, Connie grew up with rather uneventful beginnings. There were childhood 'tragedies' of course, for he was only five when his mother was diagnosed with another child. As with many children, losing their 'only-child' rank was some horrible grievance to the toddler, but he soon learned the value family can bring, and embraced his younger sister Sunny, and eventual little brother Martin that came along not long after. He loved being the older brother that his siblings looked up to, and wanted to help them; even if at times they annoyed him to a point he wished he could hurl them out an open window.

The lessons taught in a farming village are not always kind though, and reality and the struggles such a life can bring can show up readily. Crops being diseased to make all past efforts of cultivating them useless, needing to start over on a project because the roof still leaks, or animals growing old and being sent to slaughter despite any childhood attachments obtained to them, things can change really fast, and yet the only constant, were the people around you.

It was this simple upbringing that taught him that memories and the people you share them with, are far greater than material possessions.

Eager to please, and wanting to help, Connie tried to work on the farm with his father, but lacked the capabilities to do more rigorous tasks when he got older. Chopping wood, hauling feed, relocating the harnesses for the ox...it was all heavy labor that he struggled with on the norm. He could manage it, he always completed what he set out to accomplish, but it would run far longer, and he would be ridiculed by his peers that he was too little to do any good.

This kindled a flame in the teen, a want to prove himself, a want to show them that he could have value! Just because he couldn't work as hard as them, and didn’t have the book smarts to make up for it with intelligence, didn’t make him useless! It is this that surged him forward to become a soldier, something no one else considered as even a viable option.

While his mother and father were accepting, though nervous, for their son's choice in life, they wanted to show support for him in his decision. However, skepticism was hard to hide, and his friends didn't hold their words behind a familiar wall of compassion. They taunted him, saying he would not last a week, and expected him to be sent back the following day to return to being the runt of the metaphorical litter. Their words only continued to drive Connie however, and stubbornness reared its ugly head to make him proceed forward with a do or die trying mindset.

He was going to do great things and join the Military Police!

It was a long shot, and one he planned to overcome in order to rub it in their faces someday.

AGE: 28
TIMEZONE: Mountain, No Daylight Savings.

I am all about individuals being upfront with their applications, and making intentions known right out of the gate, so I am laying it all down now. I am an administrator on a different forum, and am active there coordinating plots and storylines. It is exhausting and rewarding work, but you always know what is coming around the corner, and surprises in plots are limited. While my loyalties will be always upon the other forum, to keep it running with my other Admins, I wish to use this site as an escape.

A place where I know nothing what comes since it likely deviates from the show story, and a place where I can play a lower value character that doesn't steal the limelight or play a huge NEED for others to have fun. Support role, posting a couple times a week, propelling other character's fun and not being a huge focus.

I only know what the show has shown and the few things I have read, so I am rather ignorant on many levels ((I suppose that is fitting for who I am applying?)). I hope that this is acceptable, and my rendition of this character and the information I made up to fill the gaps in his story is alright.

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Re: Connie Springer
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