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Author Topic: you're a king and he's a lionheart  (Read 1309 times)

you're a king and he's a lionheart
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:04:58 AM »


Old Ends, New Beginnings
Hilda Meissner | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

An Army Marches on its Stomach
Open! | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Confidence Under Fire
Eren Jaeger | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Where Wild Things Grow
Krista Lenz | Wall Rose Barracks | Summer 845

Learning from the Master
Jean Kirschstein | Wall Rose Barracks | Autumn 845

Break New Ground
Arkin Holt | Barracks, Wall Rose | Autumn 845

Wildness is a Necessity
Kaien Engelbrecht | Wall Rose Wilderness | Autumn 845

Thoughts of Home
Axel Falkenrath | Krolva District Barracks | 845

Wind-chill Factor
Eren Jaeger, Jean Kirschstein, Javier Renée | Northern Territories, Wall Rose | Winter 845

Through the Bristling Trees
Axel Falkenrath, Sebastian Schwarz | Near Krolva District, Wall Rose | June 846

Wading Through Adversity [Lake Challenge]
Axel Falkenrath, Jean Kirschstein | Wall Rose | February Year 847

Hardly the king's guard.
Quirin Drexler | Utopia District | April 847

Ineffable Impatience [Horsemanship Aptitude Test]
Claude Larsen | Wall Rose | May Year 847


To Write is Human
Jean Kirschstein | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Team Two: Supply Runners [Assault on Utopia]
Mara Sonnenschein, Tobias Solomon, Dalton Lightbody | Wall Rose | Year 847


Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert (SilverWings), Connie Springer (Zercon) | Wall Rose Barracks, Boy's Dormitory | Spring 845

Comfort in Commiseration
Ilya Nikolaev | Wall Rose Barracks, Mess Hall | Spring 845

Where There's a Whisk, There's a Way
Bertoldt Hoover (Allen) | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Where There's a Whisk, There's a Way
Armin Arlert (SilverWings), Axel Falkenrath, open! | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Baptism by Fire - COMPLETED
Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings) | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Perspective - COMPLETED
Armin Arlert (SilverWings) | Wall Rose | Spring 845

Jeaning Around - COMPLETED
Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings) | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Beneath Canvas and Stars - COMPLETED
Keith Comlak | Near Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

A Stallion's Mane - COMPLETED
Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings) | Wall Rose Barracks | Spring 845

Ready, Aim, Fire!
Bertholdt Hoover (Drew) | Wall Rose Barracks, Shooting Range | Early Summer 845

These Winter Winds
Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert (SilverWings), Axel Falkenrath | Northern Territories, Wall Rose | Winter 845

Bristling Trees
Axel Falkenrath, Armin Arlert (SilverWings), Adrian Sonnenschein | Near Krolva District, Wall Rose | June 846

Good Deeds Brighten a Dark World - COMPLETED
Armin Arlert (SilverWings) | Utopia District | Summer 846

Bedside Manner
Sophia Maier | Infirmary, Krolva District Barracks | Winter 846

The Supreme Art of Medicine
Layla Rylan | Wall Rose | Winter 846

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts - COMPLETED
Jean Kirschtein (SilverWings) | The Great Lake, Wall Rose | Winter 846

Welcome To A Land Full of [Murder] Mystery!
Annett Vanches | Utopia District | April 847


Axel Falkenrath
Marco has nothing but admiration for Axel. The boy from Trost is loyal, honest, hard-working and together they have shared some earnest conversations. Marco has come to count Axel as a friend.

Jean Kirschstein
Jean might come across as abrasive to some, but Marco sees his potential, having glimpsed past the walls the hot-headed cadet has built. Marco considers him a close friend.

Kaien Engelbrecht
At first, Marco wasn't even sure that Kaien liked him. A particularly eventful hiking trip brought them closer and, by the time graduation loomed, Marco's feelings were beginning to shift into something new.

Waiting For My Chance To Come – Noah And The Whale
King And Lionheart – Of Monsters And Men
Too Much Love Will Kill You – Queen
Danger – Twin Forks
Wild Child – Enya
Promise – Ben Howard
I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
Unbound – Cathedrals
Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips
Next Year (RAC Mix) – Two Door Cinema Club
Stupid For You – Waterparks
Playing With The Boys – Kenny Loggins
Don't Be A Dick – Bowling For Soup
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