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Author Topic: Jeaning Around [OPEN]  (Read 1549 times)

Re: Jeaning Around [OPEN]
« Reply #15 on: July 12, 2017, 07:43:31 PM »
Jean was being his usual playful, cocky self but Marco couldn’t bring himself to chide or tease his friend.  Truth was, he liked that the boy from Trost was so exuberant and self-assured.  Honey-brown eyes flicked upwards, watching as Jean teased slender fingers through his tousled locks.  “A trim it is,” Marco agreed, with a smile.  “It’d be a pity to shave that hair off.” 

The sun beat down, exertion and heat putting colour in their cheeks, while sweat shone on their skin.  He is very handsome, Marco thought idly, regarding Jean from the corner of his eye.  Those who disparagingly referred to him as ‘horse face’ clearly overlooked the noble bearing that his prominent cheekbones and steep jaw gave him.

Making a conscious effort to pull his gaze away, Marco focused on the route ahead, and on keeping his stride even and breathing steady.  The corner of his mouth caught in a half-smile, glad to be considered ‘pretty cool’ by Jean’s standards.  His friend was pushing on, harder and faster now, and Marco forced his body to match the pace.  “You know, I think I have a slot free this evening.”  « Last Edit: July 12, 2017, 07:45:40 PM by Marco Bott »

Signature by the wonderful SilverWings! <3

Re: Jeaning Around [OPEN]
« Reply #16 on: July 12, 2017, 08:14:19 PM »
Jean slowed again, coming to a stop. It had been his third lap around and he was rather worn out on running. He huffed and stretched his arms above his head with a grunt from the effort. He had stopped near where Marco join him, figuring that's where Marco would want to be again anyway. "Tonight would be great if it's really no trouble." He said with a sheepish smile, breathing steady even though he felt like his lungs and legs were ready to give out.

"I'm all out of leg power... " He said with a tired laugh.

Re: Jeaning Around [OPEN]
« Reply #17 on: July 12, 2017, 09:52:23 PM »
As Jean slowed, so too did Marco.  His stride shortened into a leisurely jog, then a brief walk, before ceasing altogether.  “No trouble at all.  You just come find me when you’re free and ready,” Marco smiled, his own hair damp and clinging with sweat.  While fresher in terms of having run fewer laps, the fierce heat and the push of speed towards the end had taken its toll.  Hopefully, with more sessions like this, his pace would improve.  Otherwise, his fellow cadets were set to leave him in the dust.

“Go rest those weary legs, and get some water in you,”  Marco instructed with a smile and a nod, turning to retrieve the almost forgotten book, his freckles shifting with the movements of his muscles.  As he straightened, he paused to bid farewell to his friend, offering him a relaxed, two-fingered salute.  “See you later, Jean!”  With that, he began walking his way back to where his shirt had been abandoned.

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