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Author Topic: Evan Clark  (Read 366 times)

Evan Clark
« on: July 09, 2017, 11:21:32 PM »

NAME:  Evan Clark
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): “The Mimick” or “Copy Cat” thanks to his odd ability 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  (23) May 5th, 822
PLACE OF BIRTH: Shinganshina
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Scouting Legion
FACE CLAIM:  Izaya Orihara, DRRR!!

APPEARANCE:  Dark hair cut just below the ears in the front that goes down to his neck in the back. He's rather short, standing at only 5'5", a trait that he resents, and though he has a slender frame it holds some muscle detail on his stomach and arms. He has thin eyebrows and deep hazel eyes that appear maroon in the right lighting.

PERSONALITY: Even is heavily bi-polar as well as a complete sociopath. Some would say he's nothing short of evil. Making enemies with him isn't a good idea, but neither is being his friend. He uses everyone against everyone as if playing some sort of big game where he's the king and everyone in the world are just pawns. If you make him mad, he will be sure to get rid of you, or at least make your time with him a living hell. To those he wants to be 'friends' with can expect all of their other friends to somehow end up with information or items they shouldn't have, and for Evan to somehow know just what to say to comfort them until something bad happens again.

The rare times Evan will actually care about someone would have to be if someone seriously perked his interests as either an equal in mental capability, or as some sort of body guard with little mental prowess and more of a mindless jock who could give his Nemesis a thrashing. Even then you'd still just be a pawn, just one he needed more than others. Other than this, your luck of getting into his heart is slim. Deep down there is someone who does have a heart, but it would take persistence and real care for someone to get to it. Or a knife. Knives are good too.

He's an amazing actor and liar, has been since he could talk, and the use of always covering up his true self with a fake sweet and innocent personality when really deep down he's a sick and twisted little monster, can mean either personality can be shown at any time. Say something about his height and suddenly he drops the act and then you're stuck with a short little demon making threats and smirking as he tells you how some little unfortunate accident might remove one of your fingers, and then in the next moment he'll be telling his 'friends' how much he missed them while they were off on some errand.


Evan isn't phased by anything, doesn't freeze up, and is prepared for every situation.
Evan has a unique ability, the ability to mimcik almost any sound or voice. This makes him a skilled hunter, and deceiver.
Though Evan doesn’t really care for his current job, he does enjoy the competition of it. He works hard to earn his keep, and keep his rank. He is able to demand respect this way, so that doesn’t hurt either.

Below the twisted monster he is there really is a sweeter boy yearning for a friend. If someone stuck with him no matter what, through insults and trickery and lies, and still wanted to be there for him, he'd melt. He’d break.

Evan has a terrible temper. It would take a LOT, but someone witty enough to phase him would send Evan into a stress induced rage fit.


Evan wants to both be the center of the universe with out anyone knowing, though he himself truely just needs a friend with a rare sort of personality, someone who will stick with him no matter how hard he’ll push.


That someone will be able to break him from his shell, and really get to him deep down.


Evan was born in Shinganshina to a moderatly normal family. Just him, his three older brothers, and a loving mother and father. He was an easy baby, and an even easier child... he was the favorite of the family, thanks to his quick wit. He loved to watch his brothers fight with one another, it kept the attention off of himself. He’d often plant notes in one brother’s backpack from another brother, which would rile up an argument of sorts. ... For bigger things, he’d practice the power he had with his voice. The art of mimicking. In a large family, his small voice was normally very easily distinguished from everyone else’s. So when a thirteen year old brother hold a sixteen year old brother say something vile from the other room, there was no questioning who had said what, only defensive a “I didn’t say that!” And then arguing, or, if Evan was lucky, a fight.

When Evan was ten, the family was torn apart on a daily baisis, and the parents were targets as well, and little Evan was never the one to blame. Everyone thought they were simply all plotting against one another, or going mad. Evan would play suck up, bringing every one back together at the end of the day by volunteering to make dinner or offer words of kindness to someone who had been offended.

Then the big day came, Evan’s father (Even was thirteen at the time) found Evan using his gift to mess with his brothers, hiding behind a wall and mumbling in a voice that was much too deep for someone his age. He’d been discovered, and everything unwraveled. He went from favorite of the family, the boy held up on a pedistal, to being kicked out of the house within the hour of discovery.

Young Evan was distraught, he’d lost his home, his shelter and food providers... and his only scourse of entertainment. Naturally, he wen to the millitary for his new fun, and in his year he was again put on that pedistal, forgetting all about his previous home. Teenagers stressed from working and being drilled was a million times more fun than a household family. Fights happened all around Evan, and he was always just around the corner with an icepack.

Since joining the Scouts, Evan has eased down on his torment of people, not wanting to get anyone actually killed during an expidition- and occasionally uses his mimickry for hunting or simply putting on a show for his ‘friends.’

YOUR ALIAS:  SilverWings
AGE:  17

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