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Author Topic: Petra Ral  (Read 368 times)

Petra Ral
« on: September 20, 2019, 04:41:09 PM »

NAME: Petra Ral
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): December 6th | 26 years
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Wall Rose - Trost District
GENDER: female
MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps - Special Operations Squad
FACE CLAIM: Petra Ral from AOT

Compared to other girls her age, Petra is a relatively short person. With 158 centimeter (~5'2") in height and 55 kilogramm (~121 pounds) in mass her build could be considered pretty small and petite. She has pretty, big doe-brown eyes and straight reddish-blond hair that she usually wears in an open bob. Her easy, friendly smile and fair skin make her look like she doesn't know how to hard a soul.
But looks can be deceiving. Petra can pack a punch and has scored a pretty high Tital kill record so far, as she is extremely skilled and experienced with her vertical maneuvering equipment. Hence you have to expect her to be actually pretty strong and physically well built.
Like every other soldier, she typically wears the basic Survey Corps uniform with a white button-up shirt.

In a crowd one could easily be lead to oversee Petra Ral, as she is not a person to show-off and try to impress other people. In contrast, she has a more easy, laid-back approach when meeting people for the first time.
Petra is an incredibly warm and caring person. Whenever someone shows signs of being emotionally conflicted or under pressure, she makes it her top priority to help this person adjust to their cirumstances. With her easy smiles and friendly disposition, it's easy for her to do so, since forming connections and relationships is second nature to her. This shows that she is really compassionate and, like the rock she is named for, able to stabilize the emotional and psychological well-being of the people around her.

Despite this warm and inviting disposition, Petra still retains a certain fierce spark inside her heart. She is not afraid to speak up whenever she thinks she witnesses something unjust or realizes that she herself acted unjust and unkind. She doesn't stand down, even against bigger and stronger opponents - especially not when she is against Auruo and his habit of imitating Captain Levi. She has a good sense of justice and appropriateness and like an older sister, she will tell someone off if she needs to. Or more aggressive foes. She is not afraid to head into battle, where she fights like the well trained soldier she is.

When someone has gained her loyalty, they can be sure that Petra will put her utmost trust into them. One of those people in her life is Captain Levi. She looks up to him and wants to make him proud. It is important to her to show her worth to the Survey Corps and so she will surpass her limits as much as possible to improve herself and the performance of her group.

Petra, as a whole person, is like a stable rock for the people around her. With her earnest belief in her comrades, superiors and what she beliefs is right, she is able to keep her team grounded and motivated.

--> Empathy
Petra is a highly empathic individual. She has no problems putting herself in other people's shoes and has a great skill when it comes to settling disputes. She cares for her comrades and will do anything in her power to make them feel safe and at home.

--> Loyalty
One of her greatest perks is her deeply engrained sense of loyalty. When she puts faith into someone, she won't hesitate to follow their lead and her friend's will never have to fear her stabbing their backs.

--> Soldier skills
Despite not really looking the part, Petra is a skilled and honed soldier. When fighting Titans, she is quick and efficient, which has scored her a high kill record of 58 killed Titans.

--> Teamwork
Especially when working with Auruo and Eld, her coordination with her teammates is incredible. She is able to completely trust her comrades and hence falls into an easy rhythm with them. She might not be the strongest, but her wits and initiative play a huge role in her success.

--> Sense of justice
Petra has a natural sense of justice, which enabled her to accept her own failures and to strife to improve herself constantly.

--> Soldier's conditioning
Despite being thankful for her good training in the Survey Corps, her quick reactions to her surroundings are not always appropriate. She struggles with overcoming them in ambigous situations and feels deep remorse when she feels that she didn't handle a situation too well.

--> Affection for her comrades
It's not a secret hat Petra deeply cares for her comrades. So when one of them gets hurt in a fight, she is easily distracted and focused on helping the individual. This makes her an easy target.

--> Temper
Petra is a quite fierce person if it comes to it and with certain themes, she actually has a hot temper, for example when it comes to Auruo's imitations of Captain Levi.

Ever since joining the military, doing her duty as a Survey Corps member has been Petra's greatest inspiration. She takes great pride from doing what she perceives as right and puts every ounce of power she has into fighting the Titans. Her greatest role model in this is Captain Levi himself.
She is dedicated to live up to his expectations and dedicates herself to her career as a soldier.

If Petra as a fear, it's to let other people down, be it as a soldier or a friend. She can't stand the thought of not being able to help them or live up to her duties. Which is why she is so motivated to improve herself as much as possible.

Petra was born to her parents as their eldest daughter in the frosty winter of year 819. At this point, they were living in the Trost District in the southern area of Wall Rose, where her father worked as an artisan and her mother as a washerwoman. Earning just enough to sustain their little family, young Petra was used to helping her parents wherever possible. Despite the financial strain, she had a very loving and tight-knit relationship with them. When she neared her 5th birthday, their family expanded by twins that were born in a mild summer, soon followed by another child. As the eldest, she was naturally tasked with looking after her siblings and flourished in it.

Though there was love in abundance in their family, money always stayed an issue, even with Petra looking after her siblings and doing most of the chores associated with their home so that her parents could work even more. Understanding the problem pretty early, she decided on joining the military to sustain her family with the associated income when she was old enough. And nobody could stop her.

She became a trainee as a teenager and soon made friends with Auruo from her batch. Despite not being the strongest among her peers, she became popular for being witty and fast, soon mastering the 3DOMG and joining the Survey Corps.

After the fall of Wall Maria, she was picked to be part of the Special Operations Squad led by her rolemodel Captain Levi.

YOUR ALIAS: The muse behind this face is named Kiki.
AGE:  A bit older than Petra - 26 and counting
TIMEZONE:  CET - Central European Timezone

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