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Author Topic: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)  (Read 1207 times)

Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« on: July 16, 2017, 01:20:39 PM »
Armin bore an expression of pure anger, much like that of Eren's 'nuetral' expression. This was a new feeling boiling in his stomach that he couldn't understand fully until he thought about how his friend viewed Titans and always got riled up. Was this that feeling? Of course, it hadn't been Titans that had set Armin off. No, it was far from something like Titans. Really it was a mix of everything from the little amount of time he had been in training and some things from before then too. The combination of stress, frustration, and the lack of sleep- the three of things would drive anyone to pull out their hair or snapping on someone.

Of course, the person Armin had snapped on had been Jean- talking bad about Eren and how the outside world was a lost cause. It was almost like Jean had been saying all that crap while a certain someone was around on purpose. He didn't feel so bad for being mean to Jean either, the guy was a douche half the time, though... he could have worded his insults a little better. Calling people names was more Eren's thing when it came to insults, Armin usually like to jab at the person's life or life choices. Of course, Jean hadn't been bullying him, but damn it had been annoying- as well as the last straw.

After his little word spew at Jean he had left the bunker quickly, stomping off down to the woods where Mikasa had taken him to talk one night when he couldn't sleep, hoping it would relax him. He broke small limbs off trees as he walked, absolutely fuming still. He'd kick rocks, hissing hurtful words about things or people under his breath before he reached the small pond within the forest, and plopped down on a log, elbows on his knees and head resting on his hands as he stared down at the water angrily.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2017, 05:24:36 AM »
Awwyus, this was going to be awesome.

Being here in training, it was kind of crummy when it came to doing some fun things. You mostly just went to classes, went to eat, and then went to sleep. With the schooling, it was either learning weird lessons that didn't always seem super important, or it was physical training that left everyone not giving a crap that there wasn't much free time since rest was this new cherished thing... but... in the few bits where free time was truly available, and people weren't so tired they wanted to die, it could be really boring.

Who would WANT to study or work on extra nonsense? Definitely not Connie! And because of that he was going to look into some extra forms of entertainment that was part sport part craft. While traditional arts and crafts weren't his strength either, it didn't take someone incredibly clever to know how to work a knife, and how to put together a few components.

Connie was making a slingshot.

It all started when he came across some extra rubber strapping. It looked like a broken piece from some of the training devices for the mobility gear. Typically, he'd be scared of thieving, or being blamed for the break, but it was so ruined and tattered, the exposed bit cracked from the sun, that he didn't think anyone would mind if he took the other half of the band that had been protected from the elements. It wasn’t like they could replace half of it only! It was all or nothing and it would have been thrown out! This logic cemented his claim, and now he just needed to find an appropriate chunk of wood that he could carve to shape and add a fork on the ends for the rubber

Walking through the woods, Connie absently scanned the ground for any felled branches that were already dry. Normally, he wouldn’t be too mindful of extra twigs that were snapped, but now that he was already looking down, he could see the abundance of tiny green branches that had taken a dive this day. His first thought was that it was an animal, but... that was stupid wasn't it? Deer and stuff were so scarce, and it wouldn’t be so close to humanity. He didn't take the next leap in conclusion however, too focused in his task.

A branch here, a larger chunk of wood there... it either wasn’t the right shape, or was too fresh. While green wood would be a last resort, he knew it could shrink and crack and go bad when it dried out. It would mean he would want to try to save a few chunks, so once they were dry he could pick his favored one for the task at hand later.

Growing tired, Connie stretched back while he walked, pale hazel eyes sifting up from the forest floor to look at the branches above. It must have been some kind of fate then, because when he did so, his eyes landed on a dry branch that was high in a tree! It must have snapped and broke during some rough weather, and the lower branches kept it from hitting the ground. All the leaves were barren from it, and it seemed perfect with a lot of forks and tines to choose from.

Suddenly hyper focused, Connie charged at the tree, and kicked off the ground with a grunt, half slapping into the trunk with arms splayed out on either side. His fingertips dug down at this, clawing at the bark, while he scrabbled with the toes of his shoes. It was not a graceful climb for the small boy, but once he reached the lowest branch, he looped his arms up over it, and heaved up into the tree.

While Connie was oblivious to Armin, the other teen would hear the trees rustle and possibly see some movement to his right a short distance, a few garbled cusses muffled out.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2017, 05:41:23 AM »
Armin was heated, to say the least, and not noticing the boy in the tree he grabbed a stone beside him about the side of his palm and let out a loud huff as he threw the rock against the water, causing it to splash up against him, covering the bottom of his pants up to his waist, only making him more frustrated. Surely it couldn't just be Jeans comments that got him like this? ... maybe it was just a collection of everything that had happened? From titans to Mikasa to Eren, all the nightmares and hard work and ... Armin stood up and grabbed a large stick. If he was angry like this then he might as well vent the same way Eren did, though he didn't want to damage his fists against the trees like his brunett friend, he wasn't that insane nor that pain tolerant. Still wanting to vent out his anger the only way he knew how without fiercely crying, he went to the closest large trunked tree, one not to far from the gray haired boy, and swung with all his might, not doing much damage to the tree nor stick, though his hands ached just from one swing.

The blonde continued with that same anger until the stick had broken in two, huffing and panting from the effort, throwing the piece left in his hands and dropping to his knees with a weak huff. "Fuck everything!" He said rather loudly, flopping onto his back and wiping sweat from his forehead. The air was getting cooler, but even in the shade on a cool day it seems assaulting nature can really take a lot of out a boy. He laid there looking up at the canopy above, allowing his breath to slow before he picked himself up, trying to clear his mind rationally and think.

Hearing something moving now that his little moment was done he perked up, eyes widening as he realized Connie was a few meters above the ground, and had probably heard or seen him. Just great.  Couldn't he get a moment to himself? He stood up, fixing his hair and standing below the tree Connie was in, "... What are you doing?" he asked cautiously, taking a step back i case the boy took a tumble.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2017, 07:02:27 AM »
Connie had been so focused on his current adventures, that he had not noticed Armin until the blond had moved effectively beneath him, and started a raging assault on a tree with a stick. There was a cruel sort of irony at the idea of someone trying to hurt a tree with a little baby version of itself, but such thoughts were not important and not really a focus here. What mattered was the fact that the smart kid who always seemed so meek and kind, was having what could be equated to a total freak-out.

A choice had been made in that instant to try to stay quiet, and stop moving; not wanting to gain attention. This seemed to be futile however, as only a brief moment later Armin had addressed him directly, and at that point, it was clear that his attempt to remain sneaky had failed. Now he was possibly on the receiving end of a little psycho's lash out!? In his mind, all he could think of were all those horror stories of how it was always the person you expected last who was the murderer, and how 'You would have never known they were a killer!' was said so many times by the community.

Ahh... who was he kidding, Armin was a friend.

All jokes aside, and as out of the norm this incident seemed, the blond was someone nice and was enjoyable company, even if the two of them had not really spent much time together. Most of their interactions had been in the living quarters, or in training, it mostly group environments where Armin was stuck on some invisible lead by his friends. He and Connie didn't really have much one on one interactions, but it seemed that was about to change.

"Better question, did that tree tick you off?"

Connie settled down onto a sturdy branch while he asked this, letting his legs hang down on either side for stability. It allowed him to lift his right hand while he spoke, pointing meekly down at the tree that Armin had been wailing on a moment earlier. After he asked this, his gaze fell down, only just then noticing all the water on the other male's pants, his thin brows furrowing together in confusion.

"What... you piss yourself?"

It didn't sound derogatory, it wasn't a 'Ha ha! You pissed yourself!' but he was definitely confused, not understanding what had happened right away.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2017, 02:06:52 PM »
Armin blushed in embarrassment that Connie had seen his rampage of sorts, not something he had wanted to share with anyone, but of course he had been spotted. He silently prayed that Connie would keep this to himself. He scoffed about the boy's first question, about to answer... before Connie hit him with the second question of course. "Piss myself?" He looked down at his pants and hissed, "If I did it wouldn't be on my shirt and jacket too... No I threw a rock in the water over there and it splashed everywhere." He ran a hand through his hair, sighing sharply.

"And the only simple answer to my attack on trees is I'm stressed and Jean added fuel to the fire." He rubbed his eyes and huffed, shaking his head, "Don't... don't tell anyone you saw me like this, especially not Eren or Mikasa..." Knowing his two lifelong friends, they'd either kick Jeans ass for ticking him off, which he didn't want, or they would baby him into feeling better, certainly something he didn't want. Sometimes he could just handle things on his own accord... even if he was doing the same thing Eren did essentially.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2017, 06:57:56 PM »
The explanation for all the water made a lot more sense after Armin pointed out the rest of the visual clues, Connie throwing his first deduction off and to the side without further question. He was thankful Armin didn’t get unhappy that his first impulse assumption had been not only completely wrong, but would have been incredibly embarrassing for the other teen, and instead just moved on. He liked that about him. He didn't seem to get really angry at anything! Well... other than what happened a few minutes ago...

"Jean seems to like to do that huh?"

Some amusement flicked in while he said this, a partial smirk pulling back across his features. Jean was just... Jean... and him being a confrontational dink, was about as expected as Eren being rage triggered by Titans, or Krista being overly kind and accommodating, or Sasha being a psycho for food... Connie knew that rolling with the punches was a good way to avoid such things with the antagonistic individuals, and he could bite back himself if pushed too far, but it seemed Armin really wasn't used to that sort of stuff maybe? He was uncertain.

Connie may like to play games, and joke, and could be rude if the situation called for it or he was being particularly defensive over something, but he was not cruel, and he could tell the other teen was truly bothered by what had happened. It curbed down some of his amusement that had formed a moment prior, his gaze softening while Armin asked him not to say anything to the others.

Maybe in another life, Connie would have considered toying back a bit, maybe trying to use it as a bit of blackmail to get Armin's help with a few things, but that simply wasn't who he was. He knew what it was like to be teased and poked at, and because of that he had no intention of betraying him and making him feel vulnerable in his weakened state.

"Yeah, no problem."

With a rock of his weight, Connie pushed his body back enough so that he could swing his right leg up and over the tree branch. This twisted him around so that he was facing Armin fully, both legs hanging off the side of the limb, while his hands planted down on either side to remain steady. His shoulders were partly hunched; spine hooked forward a bit while he peered at the other male.

"Anything you... want to... talk about?"

A genuine offer, one made to a friend to try to offer condolences or help with what was bothering him, but Connie knew he wasn't the best at this sort of stuff. His question seemed stilted and awkward, a true want to help, but not really knowing how to do so very well. He was much better at the 'Let's do something else to distract you from things' approach, which was his current fall back if this didn't work out.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2017, 10:25:32 PM »
"Jean seems to like to do that huh?"

The blonde huffed in agreement, arms crossing over his chest as he leaned back against a tree, slowly sinking down till he was sitting, kneed propped up in front of him. "A little too much, yeah... Normally pricks like him don't get to me. Everyone has their days where they just don't want to deal with anyone I guess." Jean hadn't even been directly talking to Armin and still he went off on him, maybe it was just the fact Jean was making points against his beliefs without knowing it, and so many other people were agreeing. Maybe he'd apologies later? ... He'd have to think on that more. Of course he'd forgive Jean within his own mind, but he wasn't sure if the horse faced teen deserved a verbal agknowledgement in person.

Connie offering to talk to Armin came as a surprise. The only person to make those kinds of offers to him were Eren and Mikasa themselves... He'd expect Krista to be the first person to ask that, or hell even Sasha. But Connie? The blonde grabbed a rock and lazily tossed it towards the water of the pond, which skipped only twice before sinking.

"All my problems are one stupid story that have the same ending..." He said in response, not a no but not a yes either, he grabbed another stone and stood up, looking up at Connie as if expecting the boy to come down and join him for a moment, eyes turning back to the water. He sighed as he thought about how to word everything, he didn't want to bore Connie or have the guy think he was over dramatic, but he wanted to share what he knew with people...

"What's your dream, Connie?" He decided to take a more philosophical route, his head a lot calmer now that he had vented and had someone not Eren or Jean to talk to. "Every one has one. Fame. Money. Power. To have a family. To be admired... if you're Eren I guess it's killing titans."

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2017, 07:17:44 PM »
Armin's comment about how people have days where they just want everyone to go away, somewhat confused Connie. Was that the blonds' way of telling him to back off and leave? Wouldn't it be a lot easier for Armin to go away instead since he was a good eight or so feet up in the air? Instead the other teen had sat down at the base of an adjacent tree, settling in while casting a stone at the nearby pond.

The stone that had been thrown plunked audibly a short distance away, the skipping pops causing heavy ripples to radiate out. It broke up the reflective surface with broad rings that faded the further they got away from the source of agitation. It would not take long for it to even out again, faint reflections from the trees above flicking over its surface. Really, this was a good secluded place, one where people could try to escape, but if everyone had the same idea, it could lose that quality quickly.

Looking down at Armin, Connie didn't make any moves to get down from the tree, rather comfortable where he was for the moment as a breeze shifted past. It had been a bit of a chore to get up here the first time, needing to effectively shimmy up the trunk since he could not reach the lowest branches. As far as he was concerned, there were two options. He would get down with the dry branch he wanted, or he would fall. It seemed to work for now, Armin still talking to him though the conversation took a different turn that he didn't expect.

Connie garbled out a bark of a laugh at Armin's last words, it couldn't be helped. Eren was rather... psychotic... and his ambition to murder things that could sneeze on him and kill him was crazy in his eyes.

"Hahuh- yeah, guy is going to get himself killed."

Pausing after he said this, he realized that saying that about Eren to ARMIN of all people probably wasn't smart, though it was honest, and Connie wasn't one to lie. After this, he proclaimed proudly what he hoped to accomplish, his spine straightening and head held high, as if the branch he sat on was a throne and he was something to be admired and worshiped.

"I am going to join the Military Police!"

It was a common goal, Connie not processing deeper philosophical questions very well. He did not realize that Armin's inquiry may have had more to it than simply the surface level.

"I got plenty of people back home who need their noses rubbed in my success!"

Determination, his hands planted down on the branch so he could lean forward a bit, a broad grin slapped into place. While he did not hold the near unhinged look of Eren when he spoke of his goals and became focused on something, there was a bit of fire in Connie's eyes that conveyed that he was really going to try for this, and that it meant a lot to him.

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #8 on: August 03, 2017, 11:07:57 AM »
Armin grabbed a handful of stones and glanced up to Connie as he let out a loud laugh, before spewing his mind. It was expected of course. "I think Mikasa will tighten her leash on him once we get into the corps. She's overprotective enough here." Armin joked back himself for a moment. He sighed softly at the thought of Eren... would he loose himself to a Titan before they could make it? The thought made an unpleasant shiver roll down his spine. He'd be lost without Eren. His dream would be lost... "If all three of us stick together I think we can make it to where we're trying to go."

Connie gave the answer Armin expected. The bowl head blonde hummed as Connie spoke of bragging rights possibly over family that didn't believe in him, or simply because he was that kind of person. There was the reason, the thought, and Connie was now working on the fulfillment of what he wanted. "There's no such thing as a bad dream. What you want is pretty normal. Almost everyone is out to join the MP, for an easy life and to do what they want." He continued to throw stones, waiting till the water was smoothing out before casting another, watching them skip across the water four or five times before they'd skin... He wasn't the best at this. Armin looked back to Connie, who had a spark in his eye. Armin couldn't help but smile at the other, shaking his head. "And I think you can make it." Was his two cents. For whatever reason he felt that the gray haired boy would take his word for it.

Armin looked back over the water and inhaled a deep breath, lazily throwing more stones. "I want to see the amazing things beyond the wall... and I want my friends to see it with me." He turned around again, half heartedly worried that Connie might fall. "There's not much that makes me mad... Someone ridiculing what your life is going to be dedicated to would piss anyone off though." « Last Edit: August 03, 2017, 07:00:10 PM by Armin Arlert »

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #9 on: August 05, 2017, 08:59:59 AM »
When Armin said that he could make it to the Military Police, without any sarcasm or snide tones, pretty much everything else that had been said was buzzed out and not heard fully through the wave of validation and eager joy that surged through him.

"Finally! Someone that understands greatness when they see it!"

Connie slapped his hands down atop his knees while he said this, his voice pitched higher and projected loudly with excitement and happiness that cut through the silence of the immediate area like a blade. Not many people responded and gave him praise like Armin just had, the majority teasing or knocking him down, or trying to belittle him by saying he can't compete with people like Annie. Who cares if he can't beat them? He just had to make it into the top ten! He could be tenth! His height and smaller muscles weren't going to define him!

The sharp movement Connie had made during his excitement however, decided to betray him, making him wobble forward unintentionally in tandem with the slapping impact of his hands hitting his knees. The young teen's balance was pitched forward because of this, and he already knew what was going to happen, before it even did as everything seemed to slow down for a brief moment. While the drop wouldn't kill anybody unless you somehow went head first and landed perfectly, it still could twist an ankle or sting, and a momentary spike of adrenalin shot through him.

There was one thing Connie was good at however, and that was moving fast when he was really put under pressure. It was only this bit of hyperactive speed that allowed him to slice his hands backwards with a sharp snatch, able to clutch onto the back edge of the branch just as his seating slipped completely off. What would have ended with him careening out of the tree feet first, instead just made him kick wildly at the air for a brief moment, until he could wrangle himself back in place. Once he did so, he dusted off his hands, acting like that was completely normal.

"Yeah I'm good."

Connie smugly murmured this, a sort of smirk pulling back while he basked in his own greatness. It was only then he tried to catch up to what Armin had said however, his mind clunking along to fill in the gaps while his heart rate still sped a mile a minute from the spook a moment prior.

"Wait you want to see what now?"

Grade A+ listening skills there Connie...

Re: Tired Stressed and Angry (OPEN)
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2017, 05:49:57 PM »
Armin watched as Connie slipped from the tree, worried at first until he saw that he wasn't hurt when he landed. And of course, Connie hadn't been listening. Armin shook his head with a small laugh... a laugh in which he normally he hated since small snorts would find their way into it. Though for the moment he didn't mind. He wasn't mad anymore... Mikasa or Eren would have cheered him up by listening to him, but... He kind of liked Connie's way better- Even though during class he could be annoying, his quirky nature was welcomed when Armin wasn't feeling too like himself. It was hard to be mad when you had someone with such a seemingly innocent mind goofing around near you.

"Never mind- it's not important... Just don't let people get to you like they get to me." He gave a small content sigh as he looked back over the pond, and then turned to leave, walking past Connie, "And if Jean starts talking crap about you then remind him his chin is bigger than his ego."


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