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Author Topic: Karate Horse [Tobias]  (Read 357 times)

Karate Horse [Tobias]
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:24:12 AM »
Jean was more ready than ever to actually show off his moves now that winter was closing in on the corps, and the nice change of season was a cool welcome to many other cadets as well. No more having to walk around shirtless and be sweaty all the time, getting warm was much easier than keeping cool. The horse faced teen was also eager to prove that not just anyone could kick his butt like how Eren did on a certain day in the cafeteria. He was the joke in hand to hand for the rest of the week after that, today would be the day the joke died! Assuming it wasn't Eren he had to fight... that would just be unfair. Eren had to have trained with someone crazy good at fighting in order to do a cheap move like he did.

Jean, of course, was now too deep in seething thoughts about kicking Eren's ass that he didn't realise everyone pretty much already had a training partner for hand to hand, and he was left sort of... standing there looking like a confused tourist who was suddenly given ODM gear and told to defend a city.

He looked around quickly for someone to grab and pull into training with him, and one person stood out- of course, it was some wimpy looking kid who probably knew as much about fighting as a baby bunny. "You're going to be my dummy for the day." He stated as more of a demand than a question, brows furrowed as he took a pace back, mind focused on revenge so he wasn't really thinking clearly. His expression was in deep thought, though he looked about as angry as Eren did on a bad day.

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 03:11:01 AM »
The bold voice of their instructor rang high above, clearly indicating they each grab a partner. Crowds dispersed and he watched at many of the taller people dashed around and staked claims on their sparring partners. Out of reflex, Tobi began backing up from the separating crowd, clearly not intending to pair with anyone if he didn’t have to. Pale hood concealed his flaming hair and he ducked his face from meeting anyone’s eyes. Those honey hues shined from beneath the shade of his hood and for a moment Tobi hoped that he was invisible. Maybe he was extra and they had uneven numbers so he wouldn’t have to get wrecked at combat.

Slender fingers fidgeted at the straps gripping his chest and he let out a shaky breath, unfortunately, he couldn’t loosen them because when it came to ODM training he might slip out of the straps which could prove fatal. His skin was sensitive and he found the bruises to be disgusting on his ivory-white body. The sound of strong footsteps approaching him sent his eyes toward a taller male. Eyes of molten gold went wide of the sight of Jean’s intense face.

"You're going to be my dummy for the day."

“Oh…OH,” Tobi registered the demand quite quickly, Jean was leaving no room for argument but even then Tobi attempted an awkward smile, red lashes peeking from the confines of his hood. Jean’s immediate battle posture took him by surprise; he could see the primal gleam in the depths of his eyes with elicited a gulp.

“Dummy as in…Punching bag?” he asked the obvious, not quite like the sound of that. It was just his luck to be spotted by this maniac. Physical touches left him uncomfortable so combat most of all made him uncomfortable. Not to mention if he over exerted himself or takes a blow to the chest it could trigger his asthma and that wouldn’t be good.

“We could just pretend to battle, right?” he sheepishly laughed but just in case Jean struck he readied his footing, bright eyes staring towards the other male.

(Go ahead and just start the combat if you're tired of Tobi's back-peddling haha)

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 01:12:58 PM »
Jean growled as he thought about how Eren had bested him, simply just throwing him against the ground after sweeping his feet out from under him- how the hell did he manage to do it?! He weighed more than Eren for sure, and that pipsqueak had been training with Reiner right? Reiner certainly didn't know any moves like that, he wouldn't need to, if he wanted to sweep someone off their feet all he'd have to do is push them.

He huffed in an agitated tone and, forgetting the exercise they were supposed to be doing, just went to sloppily swing at Tobias's cheek as if the read head himself were Eren.

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2017, 10:45:01 AM »
Tobias stared firmly at Jean, his honey kissed eyes seemed to plead with him, the rich hue glowing like a warm hearth. Tobi lifted his slender fists towards Jean, taking the necessary precautions but one glance could notice that he didn’t have his heart into it. While he technically knew how to fight, his stamina wasn’t the best and his blows weren’t strong just accurate so it meant he wasn’t very good at fighting. Jean’s eyes seemed lazed and unfocused, something was definitely bothering him and Tobi could see that from behind his specs. Gulping he dabbed his tongue curiously at the edge of his reddening lips as he attempted to form more words to reason with the taller cadet.

“You seem upset are you—“ the words halted in the apple-haired boy as just uttered forth a huff which stole his attention before his perceptive gaze noticed his step forward. Jean was advancing a strike but even though he could see it Tobi was still very surprised by the bold attempt towards him.

“EEP,” he squealed by reflex, the sound somewhat feminine from the higher pitch. Pivoting his own heel Tobi sidestepped from the swing, the momentum carried his hood from concealing his face and it freed the swathed locks. Like dancing flames the red tresses glided through the air in the motion of his dodge, the sunlight gleaming against his porcelain skin. Tobi’s face definitely appeared soft and sensitive and it was very startled by the fist that approached.

Vibrant eyes glanced timidly towards Jean, alert for another strike but even then he knew it couldn’t last long. Tobi attempted to maintain footwork, kind of vibrating in place as he kept a firm stare upon his impulsive partner.

“J-j-just not the face!”
he stuttered out, he clearly didn’t want his glasses to shatter and he almost wanted to say to not hit his chest too because that would prove problematic. Nonetheless, it appeared Jean was fighting haphazardly at best, something was ailing his mind, keeping his thoughts dull.
« Last Edit: July 22, 2017, 10:45:21 AM by Tobias Solomon »

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2017, 03:14:51 AM »
Jean knashes his teeth and tilted his head so that his neck popped, hardly audible to his own ears, clenching his fists so tight that his nails were hurting his palms, he was furious he had missed, his conscious thrown out the window as he went for another swing while the boy was talking, though he drew it back quickly, as it was only suited for a distraction as he went to attempt the move Eren had done on him that night, or something with a similar outcome at least.

He quickly stuck his foot out and kicked Tobias' legs out from under him rather roughly, almost falling over himself as he made the motion, ready to just shove Tobias to the ground if he managed to still be standing.

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2017, 04:34:03 AM »
Blazing locks of fire bounced with his movements, Tobias had attempted to remain focused but as he tried to endure the exertion his anxiety began to stir in his chest. The stress sped his heart and quickened his breathing and he could feel the stinging as air entering his defective lungs but Tobias attempted to quell such things. He couldn’t possibly cause a scene here. Jean’s lack of reaction was to be expected but Tobi was still very much bewildered at how angry he seemed, he couldn’t remember if he had ever angered him which meant it was unlikely he had. Tobias remembered everything. Fists trembled noticeably and he faced Jean with weakened vigor, lips reddening from his nervous chewing.

Tobi’s own actions slowed, growing tired of his readiness to dodge whilst molten hues remained trained on Jean. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried, he was relieved to be treated so normally like a person with an ailment but such roughhousing might trigger him, therefore, he was cautious. Around his throat was the mask like a scarf and he knew that if need be he could put it on to help calm his breathing but maybe Jean just wanted to scare him. The long-faced boy appeared pompous and snarky around others, he could potentially only be just taking frustrations out on him. Tobi’s eyes left Jean to glanced curiously towards the instructor, wondering if they noticed the odd display but they happened to be somewhat distanced from the others.

At the corner of his eye, he noticed Jean hurl at him like a panther and Tobi was far too unprepared for such a strike. A searing pain stuck his slender leg and Tobi yelped in response as he attempted to stir himself from the now teetering form. As if slowed down Tobi threw his arms out towards Jean desperately trying to grasp him and stop his plummeting form but his fingers just barely grazed his collar. The red-head mouthed his name but no sound escaped as he suddenly made an impact with the hardened ground below.

It was a limp thud and a hiss of air rapidly escaped his gapping mouth, Tobi’s eyes were wide with surprise and pain but he immediately attempted to calm himself and inhale breath. The wind was knocked out and he was having a hard time catching his breath, only empty gasps upon his lips. Subconsciously he fumbled with the straps on his chest, the buckles felt like chains around his lungs. Tobi managed to free himself from the embrace of his belts but the breath was returning a bit slow but he could tell it wasn’t an attack, merely a strong hit. His lungs just didn’t recover as quickly or smoothly as normal peoples did.

Gripping his chest with his hand he obviously appeared pained by the naked eye and his shin stung as well. Timid eyes darted towards Jean, unsure how he would respond to him acting like a fish out of the water. Breathing was gradually returning to normal but he was still visibly panting just not looking like he was dying. “Nice move, Jean… I didn’t—Expect it,” he spoke through haggard breaths, attempting a sheepish smile despite himself.

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2017, 12:13:03 AM »
"Hah! Take that, Eren!" Jean hissed and turned around, a happy smile on his face... He quickly faced Tobias again and his triumphant smile quickly faded. Great. He had just beat up some kid who couldn't defend himself. How the hell did that solve anything? Why did the think that was an okay thing to do? Because he was angry...

He quickly helped the boy up, expression apologetic, "Hey, I didn't mean to be so rough, I can't think when I'm mad." He said softly, rubbing his neck anxiously. What if it had been Armin or Marco he had been sparring with? He could have seriously hurt this guy... "You aren't hurt too bad right? ... Can't believe I just did that."

Sorry it's short ;0;)

Re: Karate Horse [Tobias]
« Reply #7 on: August 08, 2017, 06:08:58 AM »
"Hah! Take that, Eren!"

Through his struggle, those words rang clear enough to prompt confusion to paint his reddening cheeks. The fire-haired boy remembered that name and he knew he didn’t resemble the ‘suicidal maniac’ known as Eren but Tobias didn’t fault Jean despite such things. Fingers bent into the leather of his straps and his hectic breathing did its gradual slow but his lungs still stung with each intake of air. At least Jean seemed proud of his move even if the proud expression plummeted upon seeing his predicament.

There it is the face of someone that just realized something. The haze of fury washed from Jean’s face and Tobias couldn’t help his amused laugh at the way he appeared. He just throttled him and now he’s coping with the aftermath and Tobi didn’t expect such friendliness after a stunt like that. When Jean moved forward to help him, the ginger too reached and gripped onto Jean’s arm, a bit shaken still but still trying to act natural. His laugh was raspy and reflected the winded nature previously seen but he still held a gentle smile.

“I can see that,” he commented, breathing relatively normal now despite the pain that was evident. Feeling that his touch lingered far too long he retracted his own arm to stand on his own with the clear of his throat.

“I’m not hurt, the blow just caught me off guard is all,” kind of a lie but Tobias really didn’t want to tell Jean that his lungs were defective and he pretty much just thrashed someone far weaker than him. It wasn’t in his nature to admit something like that.

“Feeling better?” asked the timid red-head with a sheepish glance unsure if Jean was merely trying to catch him off guard and intended another blow, even if unlikely.

(billion years late)


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