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Author Topic: Jenson Jung  (Read 146 times)

Jenson Jung
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:45:15 AM »

    NAME:  Jenson Jung
    DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  December 1st 827 (20)
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Trost District, Wall Maria
    GENDER:   Male
    MEMBER GROUP: Civilian (potential cadet)
    FACE CLAIM:  Ryota Kise

    Standing at 6ft 4 Jenson is considered tall for his age, he has very little fat but his elongated frame is bulked out with highly toned muscles. He has golden blonde hair which he keeps at a medium length with a long fringe that reaches just over his long eyelashes. His eyes are golden/yellow but are a lighter shade than that of his golden locks that hang over his pierced left ear.
    The side that Jenson allows others to see is his extrovert; the side that is both fun and caring. He is highly sociable and very intuitive with how he needs to behave with everyone he meets to get them to like him. He often uses humour to achieve this, curiosity in information about the person or by showing his caring side to those he feels need it. He may have confidence in himself, but usually channels that energy to evoke self confidence in other people.

    He’s very selfless, always looking out for others but in return he has a tendency to forget about his own wellbeing. He’s also very loyal to his friends, often putting their needs before his own and sticking with them throughout anything. Those same friends would describe him as a jokester, loudmouth, fun and reliable friend. They would also probably call him a dork as he has an incurable curiosity with just about everything; he’s always eager to learn about his surroundings, from the people around him or the cultures they have adopted and tries not to be judgemental. He’s a huge flirt, often turning on the charms to get the group out of trouble but also using it when he feels it’s appropriate.

    His contribution to the gang is mainly his strength, he has a very strong core and this makes him one of the strongest fighters of the group. If they get caught without an escape he’s usually the one to initiate the fight, easily dodging and counter-attacking whilst packing a wicked attack of his own. He’s not the most agile of the group but he can pack his strength into his legs when needed, making him one of the best at endurance. He never comes up with the plans, not out of inability, purely out of lack of interest as most situations they find themselves in are hard to predict.

    • Strength; strong core & muscles
    • Socially intuitive
    • Loyal
    • Optimistic

    • Easily distracted
    • Selfless
    • Emotional
    • Familial issues

    To remain with the gang, watching over and having fun with them. To never become what his father trained him to be.

    Receiving bad news about his mother, losing his friends


    Jenson was born to a fairly well off couple in a small village in the southern countryside of Wall Rose, his mother is a house wife with a part-time job working in the village whilst his father is a high ranking officer in the military police. After years of trying he was the long awaited miracle, his mother having had several miscarriages before his birth. Thusly his early years were spent in the nurturing care of his mother, with his father away regularly for long periods the mother and son bonded incredibly close. He was showered with affection from his mother and her friends, spent many hours playing with the other kids or otherwise spending time with his mum. He would always look back to this period of his life with fondness.

    The only taint to those early years was when his father came home, his overbearing and strict parenting style turned Jensons’ world upside down. He found himself being taught about much scarier, though unfortunately true, facts of life along with the very early beginnings of combat. He began to dread his fathers’ return, his parents arguing about his upbringing, his father scolding him for being “weak” and teaching him lessons that caused him nightmares. He found time alone with his mother more and more valuable.

    When he reached the age of 12 his father had been promoted once more and the family relocated to the Ermich district. On arrival Jensons’ world was twisted so that he would follow in his father footsteps. His father was home a lot more often and so his combat training became a lot more intense, his knowledge about the world around him was expanded and his temperament was strengthened. He kept up the tough persona around his father but when he was away he returned to his much more laid back, sensitive and adoring son for his mother. However as he grew older his patience for his father’s bullying grew shorter, they regularly got into fights, Jenson stormed out several times to only return when he knew his father was away on duty. Soon after his 16th birthday his father practically volunteered him for enlistment, giving him only a date and place where he would meet with the training corps cart that took the cadets to the training camp. It was this push that forced Jenson to abandon his mother and run away, he waited till the dead of night and escaped as his parents slept leaving only a note in his mothers’ sewing box. Not knowing where to go he remembered that one of his friends from childhood had taken a position in Trost as a blacksmiths assistant. So that’s where he ran, spending days on his feet until he reached the district.

    Once there he found his friend, spent a few nights on his spare mattress and scouted for jobs. It was easy to find one, his muscular build making him the ideal candidate for a labourer. He started on the river dock, unloading and loading supplies and food and spending his free time and money in the local bars, something his father would never have allowed him to do. A natural at socialising he quickly made lots of friends, including Mark and the rest of his gang. Seeing as they were all around the same age, the group hung out more and more with him till eventually he just became a member. He joined them one day in the market, the rush of flirting with the girls, joking with familiar faces and causing minor mischief suiting him perfectly. He joined them on some of the smaller mis-adventures till one night they got caught out by another gang, using this skills he begrudgingly learnt from his father he lead the brawl which resulted with him and his friends walking away in hysterics. His place now solidified in the small gang he became a major contributor to their “errands”.

    When wall Maria fell Trost was overrun with refugees fleeing from the beasts his father had taught him about. Being one of the softer members in the group he took it upon himself to care for the new people that joined, and those who didn't but took up residence in the streets of Trost till they were relocated. The gangs’ numbers initially grew, right up until the conscription was introduced, Jensons worst nightmare. Many left or got arrested, some enlisting voluntarily despite his efforts to persuade them otherwise. One night when he, mark and three of the others were on a raid out of the district, their “base” (grotty underground flat belonging to Mark) was raided by soldiers and those inside were arrested and taken away. The raiding group returned to find the door guarded by the soldiers and were instantly pursued. Using their tactics, knowledge of the city and one or two friends in the right places all five luckily managed to escape into the countryside of Wall Rose.

    Sticking to their old habits, they started hunting for food, stealing for wealth and doing “errands” for anyone interested. Recently they got their hands on some military gear, including two sets of 3DMG. Spending months in a secluded forest all five are now competent with the gear. Jenson hates it, using it begrudgingly but as one of the more competent members at it he iss often forced to use it alongside another member as a back-up.

    YOUR ALIAS:  Kouki
    AGE:  17


    Re: Jenson Jung
    « Reply #1 on: July 25, 2017, 01:58:06 PM »


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