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Author Topic: Bertholdt Hoover  (Read 241 times)

Bertholdt Hoover
« on: October 13, 2019, 02:52:29 AM »

NAME:  Bertholdt Hoover
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Bert, Bertl
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  30th of December, 828, age 16.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Liberio Internment Zone, Marley
GENDER:   Male
FACE CLAIM:  Himself


Bertholdt stands head and shoulders above the rest, but mostly in the literal sense. He stands at a respectable 6'4, but this impressive stature goes against his meek personality. He is in incredible shape, having spent a good portion of his childhood training in the Warrior program, and then another stint in the cadets. His hand-to-hand fighting is less impressive than many of his peers, but his long arms and legs give him a distinct reach advantage, which in and of itself can prove just as useful as actual combat skill. His typical attire when out of uniform tends to consist of long pants, usually brown, black, or khaki, button up shirts of varying colors, and occasionally sweater vests.

Bertholdt is a rather tall, slender teenage boy. He has short, dark hair, pale green eyes, thin eyebrows and an elongated face. His facial features can change dramatically depending on his mood, causing him to go from looking as innocent as a child, to a face filled with an unrivaled rage. Additionally, Bertholdt has been noted by most of his friends and fellow cadets to sweat often, almost always perspiring, which he usually excuses as nothing more than his nervous nature, though, this isn't the case.


Bertholdt is a quiet boy, often finding himself among those in the background of the action, and has self-identified himself as someone who often opts to follow popular opinion rather than thinking for himself. His self-confidence is remarkably low for a cadet as skilled as he is, and has referred to his lack of initiative often, even going so far as to address himself as a coward. His distant act has made it seem that he holds little remorse over his actions, instead only caring about the well-being of his partners, Annie and Reiner. However, he is actually far more guilt-ridden and personally conflicted than he lets on.

Bertholdt is fiercely loyal to his fellow warriors, and is easily driven to rash action and anger if he feels either of them is particularly threatened. He has shown himself to be wary of others and has acted as a voice of reason to his friends, not wanting anyone to lower their guard too much or for too long. Despite these tendencies, Bert has shown that he is more than capable of showing genuine kindness and compassion for others.

Ironically, despite his chaotic powers as the ‘God of Destruction’, and his alter-ego’s reputation as the biggest threat to humanity, Bertholdt himself is terrified at the prospect of dying.


- Reserved
- ODM Maneuverability
- Power of the Colossal Titan
- Expert Marksman


- Lack of Initiative
- Vulnerable after Titan Transformation
- Unable to Transform Repeatedly
- Difficulty in Expressing Himself


- Retake the Coordinate for Marley
- Return to his home with both Annie and Reiner


- Dying, specifically at the hands of a Titan
- Failing to retrieve the Founder
- Annie or Reiner getting hurt or killed


Bertholdt was born into the Liberio Internment Camp controlled by the Nation of Marley. Like all the other Eldians, he faced discrimination on a daily basis, in the form of being spat on, assaulted, knocked around, and harassed. When he was no more than a child, his parents enlisted him in the Warrior program, hoping that he could prove himself to the Government worthy of taking one of the Nine Titans. Here, he met and became friends with another warrior cadet, Reiner Braun, and eventually began devloping feelings for another Warrior, Annie Leonhardt. After a series of trials and tribulation, he was selected to take possession of the Colossal Titan, arguably the most powerful ability of them all, which surprised some considering his documented lack of assertiveness.

Bertholdt didn't have long to revel in his status as an honorary Marleyan, before he was selected as one of the Warriors that would travel to the Island of Paradis, and retake the power of the Founding Titan. Along with Reiner, Annie, and the holder of the Jaws Titan, Marcel Galliard, Bert began the operation. Almost immediately, the mission went awry in the form of Marcel's consumption by a Pure Titan. Despite this major setback, the now Trio still reached the Wall, destroying it, and infiltrating the populace of the so-called Island Devils. Bertholdt now struggles with balancing his mission, guilty conscious, concern for his fellow warriors, and succumbing to his emotions, all while training hard to be a standout among the 104th Cadet Corps.

AGE:  19
TIMEZONE:  Eastern Time Zone

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Re: Bertholdt Hoover
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