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Author Topic: The Nice One In The Family  (Read 82 times)

The Nice One In The Family
« on: October 15, 2019, 02:20:53 AM »

Plotter for the young Cadet, Xavier Fythan!

Friends- Xavier is an extremely outgoing and friendly person, and is quick to make friends. He will try his best to be a friend to anyone who needs one, and exemplifies good sportsmanship. Xavier might just be capable of being friends with everyone he meets. Well.. except for one person.

Enemies- Xavier doesn’t dislike anyone, so for the most part, he only finds enemies in the form of those who are set on harming him. When it comes to the point of battle, he is a very talented fighter, and can put many-a foe in their place.

Romance- Xavier might be young, but he is still open to relationships. As previously mentioned, he is a very kind and caring guy, and he is only interested in having a long term relationship. To him, life’s overall purpose is love, and he is really just searching for his in the grand scheme of things.

Re: The Nice One In The Family
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2019, 08:14:44 PM »
Hey Gehrig! I can offer you Mara Sonnenschein, a few years younger than him though in the 104th Cadet Corps, who is a very optimistic, naive, and friendly sort of person. She's always willing to help others and ask for help herself - fighting is definitely not her skill of choice, and she struggles with most cadet lessons outside of battlefield medicine and survival skills.

There's also Axel Falkenrath (a perfectionist fighter determined to be the best), Nack Tierce (whose lies are compulsive and his boasts are usually far too exaggerated compared to his skills), and Ymir (who really wishes people would stop existing, let alone bother her). If you have any ideas you'd like to explore with other cadets I'm all ears... eyes?

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