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Author Topic: [COMPLETE] "Sebastian Schwarz"/Zoë Krause  (Read 148 times)

"Sebastian Schwarz"/Zoë Krause
« on: October 19, 2019, 03:46:18 PM »

NAME: "Sebastian Schwarz" / Zoë Krause
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): April 1st | 14 yrs old
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wall Maria, Shigashina District
GENDER: Cis female / in male disguise
FACE CLAIM: Yato (Noragami)

Zoë is of close-to-average height, standing at around 5'7". Her hair is inky black, and when it reaches a certain length, it begins to curl at the ends. She seems to be quite hygienic; she's not afraid to get her hands dirty, but she doesn't like them to stay that way for long. That said, she tends to be clean and gets agitated, even snippy, when she feels filthy. While Zoë has a definite feminine curve, she doesn't have much trouble concealing it. She doesn't seem to tan much in the sun, just getting burnt instead. There's a few scattered moles on her body, along with some definite scarring from knives and even the occasional burn of a cigar.

Zoë behaves in a loose, jovial manner. On the surface, she acts as if she has not a care in the world. One might interpret this behavior as exaggerated, an attempt to cope with her losses in Shigashina, but the theory falls flat in the end. She makes friends and earns popularity to ease suspicion off herself and what she might have hidden in the past behind her. She is quite smart, with a natural skill in mathematics and detail-oriented planning. She doesn't act too frequently on impulse, even when faced with the potential loss of her life. As she is somewhat lacking in true concern for most people she associates with, though, she must only worry about herself in peril. She behaves selfishly, seeking only to serve herself, and will do anything to ensure that her own goals are met. Despite this, her heart isn't completely cold, as she does feel for others, just not as easily. Still, knowing that someone may be hurt from her decisions does not prevent her from making them. Zoë is a top-tier liar. Her poker face is almost unparalleled— for the best, as her entire new life is based around a ruse. She is not necessarily a danger and will not go out of her way to do wrong to others or harm them, but she also is not above dirty tricks and violence if it is needed. The secret of her criminal life is one she would kill to keep under wraps. With the commitment to this lie and the dishonest skillset she has, it isn't unlikely that she would scheme someone presenting a risk out of her life, or even out of their own.

-Math is one of Zoë’s strongest suits. She can have a close to instant answer for any equation, and can make near-accurate estimations looking at any group, objects or people.

-Zoë can convince almost anyone of anything. She is a nearly unparalleled smoothtalker, with a slate-blank poker face. This has saved her a thousand times over already.

-Pressure does not often cause Zoë to crack. Working under stress and risky situations has been common for her since the titans chased everyone out of Shigashina. She makes plans in battle quickly, having movements made through genuine thought as opposed to desperate attempts at survival.

-In shocking contrast with her mathematical ability, Zoë is illiterate. She knows how to sign her stolen name for paperwork, and learned this only through memorization and repetition. This is something that does embarrass her more than anything else, and she does her best to keep it secret to avoid revealing her late family’s close to lowest-class status.

-Zoë is quite selfish. She isn’t unempathetic in every facet, but almost exclusively prioritizes herself and her needs. While she does not have a desire for things that are lavish and expensive to the majority of people, she does want luxuries she has rarely had, like guaranteed food and a place to sleep. The biggest threat to this is someone uncovering her crime-ridden past life. If murder could prevent the secret from getting out, she would do it.

-Zoë cannot, or rather should not, be trusted. Despite doing her best to make herself popular and ‘friends with everyone’, she is a dishonest person with a somewhat weak moral code at heart.

-Join the Military Police and never worry about food or experience a lack of luxury ever again.
-That's it; aim sorta low and you can't be disappointed!

-Imprisonment. Death sounds better than being thrown in jail.
-Getting attached to someone in any capacity. That's a liability, and despite the way she got angry at her younger sister and father, losing them to the titans was devastating. She doesn't think she could take losing someone she cared for again.

Born into poverty with no forseeable way out, Zoë had little more to her name than the love of her family. She had a relatively happy childhood in spite of this, until the birth of her sister, Anna. With new life came the death of her mother. This forced her to stop getting any type of education and become a full-time mother figure to her younger sister. She grew angry and resentful of the cards she had been dealt, even going as far as to tell her sister that she hated her and wished she'd never been born. Her father did his best to continue caring for them, but they were dark times. And they only grew darker with the fall of Wall Maria. Zoë was one of many children to lose a home and family during the fall of Shigashina. Both her father and Anna had been lost in the attack. As an orphan with no one to guide her, she became a thief, yet another one of many.

However, Zoë did not stop at stealing food from carts, instead going as far as to pickpocket purses and steal jewelry right off someone’s body. After several close calls with law enforcement, Zoë had to start considering that it was time to begin anew. With more than a few crimes in her record and no way into another city, though, that wouldn’t be an easy task. When she learned of the military taking recruits in the coming weeks, she resolved to lay low until she could find a way in without being incarcerated. Eventually, she settled on stealing the identity of a neighbor boy around her age, with black hair and blue eyes like herself on his birth record. She knew he had died when the titans got into the city, having seen him in around three different pieces, and that his family had not survived, either. With death records being lacking after such a major tragedy, she was certain no one would have counted for one family of peasants out of another thousand. She was correct, managing to register as “Sebastian Schwarz”, and entered recruitment.

YOUR ALIAS: the dear hunter.
AGE: 20

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