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Author Topic: Claude Larsen  (Read 187 times)

Claude Larsen
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:58:58 PM »

NAME: Claude Larsen
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 21 March 832 (13)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krolva District, Wall Rose
GENDER: Female
MEMBER GROUP: Cadet (104th)
FACE CLAIM: Ichigo from Darling in the FranXX

APPEARANCE: Small and slight, Claude is dwarfed by most, standing at a mere 138cm. Her eyes are bright and blue-green, while her hair is dark brunette, almost black. She rarely wears anything but her cadet uniform, even outside of training days, though she has one loose blue tunic shirt she's kept from home.

Claude isn't selfless, but she certainly cares for others. Having been taken from her home, she understands the feeling of not belonging to anywhere, and would comfort those who feel similarly. While she wouldn't say she wishes to protect the weak, as they never protected her when she was weak, she still holds a great amount of sympathy for those who cannot care for themselves. Those who refuse to try to care for themselves bring out her ire and her impatience. If she had to fight for herself, and learn how to, then so should they.

Given that she has never been truly close to anybody, she is possessive of those she considers her friends, as well as her few belongings. She brought only the clothes on her back when she arrived in the training grounds for the first time, and has only ever been able to take what she wants rather than pay for it. Her recklessness gets her in plenty of trouble, as she rarely listens to orders and goes her own way to achieve objectives, making her a rather irritating teammate unless she likes those on her team.

+ curious
+ quiet
+ sympathetic

+ impatient
+ possessive
+ reckless

- to find a place she feels wanted.
- to look after others unlike how she was cared for.

- never finding her way back home.
- entomophobia (fear of insects).


Born in Krolva District to a single mother, Claude had few complaints about her life. Her mother was a nurse with the military. Up until she was three years old, she would stay with her aunt while her mother worked, but after that her aunt vanished out of the picture. Later, she discovered that her aunt had married a soldier and moved out of Krolva.

While Anneke Larsen worked, she would set her daughter down quietly with some toys, having little choice as all her friends too worked. Claude was a curious child, and tried to play with medical implements, occasionally ending up hurt while her mother was too busy to check on her. She found everything medical interesting, and by the age of five wanted to help.

She was seven when her mother fell ill, bedridden within a month. Claude didn't know what to do, and without Anneke working they had no money. The girl took to the streets, looking for scraps she could get to eat and feed her mother, but wasn't a very good thief. She had to rely on small chances and hope they followed through. When Anneke died from the sickness, she kept trying to look after herself, but was eventually found by the Military Police alone, come to collect taxes.

They sent her to the nearest orphanage, tearing home away from her and dumping her with little explanation. The orphanage wasn't awful, but it wasn't home either. She rebelled, refusing to do anything unless beaten or yelled at for her refusal. Running away never worked, so she stuck to it. All she wished for was to escape, and eventually she had that chance.

In a deal with the military, the orphanage enlisted multiple orphans into the 104th Cadet Corps, paid for their troubles and helping to flesh out the intake, given the terror of Wall Maria falling. Claude at first saw it as an opportunity of escape, to flee her new 'home' and to find her own path again. That was until she saw the horror of her future, stuck in military service likely until she died.

AGE: 23

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Re: Claude Larsen
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2019, 10:09:36 PM »

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