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Author Topic: Rico Brzenska  (Read 80 times)

Rico Brzenska
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:56:14 PM »

NAME: Rico Brzenska
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Her little niece calls her "CoCo." Not many people know that. Behind her back, more than a few people (who don't really know her) call her "Ice Queen." She knows about the nickname.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): December 7th, 31 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Shiganshina District, Wall Rose
GENDER:   Female
MEMBER GROUP: Garrison/Elite Team Leader
FACE CLAIM: Rico Brzenska from SNK

APPEARANCE: Rico is a petite woman with very light blonde hair and large, pale blue eyes framed by thin wire glasses and very thick & defined eyebrows. Rico's face is typically very stern, but when she smiles, she gets dimples in her cheeks. She's used to hearing people say she'd be pretty if she smiled more - but those people are idiots and need to not talk to her.

PERSONALITY: Rico is cool, calm, and collected. She has an air of quiet authority. Rico can be very stern and she can also be very kind. She wants people to do well and will put in the work to help them achieve their full potential.

Rico is very serious for the most part. You need to be a close friend to hear her laugh and see her smile big enough her dimples appear. Very few people can crack that smile.

While she does not truly fear death, Rico fears a useless death. Death, like life, should have meaning.

- Leadership
- Fiercely loyal to her friends and those under her command. It takes a while for her to form an attachment - but when she does - it's for life.
- Organized and detail-oriented.
- Gives solid advice - does not sugar coat/not always gentle about it.
- Very skilled with 3DM use and adequate with hand to hand combat.
- Listens to others and will adjust her opinion/ideas as needed.

- Can be overly intimidating and standoffish.
- Very poor eyesight. Losing her glasses would mean death for her.
- It takes a long time for Rico to trust people.
- Socially awkward at times.

- If she is being honest - Rico wants to be the Garrison Commander someday. In many years.
- If she can't do that - at the very least she wants her life to have meaning. She wants to leave her mark.
- If she has to die - it needs to be a good death. A death that has meaning.
- Rico wants more human connection. She has a few close friends (that she has known since she was about 12) but would like something more.
- She wants a cat. She just does not have time for one right now. But Rico wants a cat.

- Dying a "bad" death.
- Her fellow soldiers dying a bad death.
- The Walls falling.
- Not getting some sort of deeper connection with those she cares about. She's at a loss about how to do anything about that - but she wants it.

- Born into a middle-class family. Mother is a seamstress and her father is a master brick later.
- Has two younger sisters and a few nieces and nephews.
- Her mother had many military clients and Rico would see the Unicorns, Roses, and Wings every day almost.
- The Garrison members interested her the most. They would often stay and chat with her mother. To Rico, they were the most interesting group. The most diverse. And the most willing to answer her questions.
- While she would have been content to be a seamstress like her mother, Rico felt a call to help and defend. Promising her parents she would not join the Survey Corps, she enlisted in the military fully meaning to join the Garrison.
- Just missed the Top Ten.
- Was happy to join the Garrison but was frustrated with the general perception of the military branch.
- Worked very hard and along with several of her friends, moved up the ranks fairly quickly.
- Is now an Elite Team Leader and takes her position very seriously.
- Wants to bring honor to the Garrison and prove it's not just a group of lazy layabouts.

AGE: 33

« Last Edit: October 22, 2019, 11:46:09 PM by Rico Brzenska »

“Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.”

Re: Rico Brzenska
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 11:46:55 PM »
In the interest of getting Rico into the game, I'm going to call this ready for review. I'll go back and clean it up later.

“Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.”

Re: Rico Brzenska
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2019, 12:17:11 AM »

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