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Author Topic: Curiosity's hunger. [Lennox]  (Read 248 times)

Curiosity's hunger. [Lennox]
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:38:54 AM »
[ 846 ]

There were few civilians outside of his ring of influence that truly intrigued him. Quirin thought the vast majority of the Wall's inhabitants were pigs, after all. Worth little more than the dirt they lived on.

And yet...

Lennox Morrish was due to be released from one of Wall Sina's jail cells following some event or other. He hadn't heavily analysed the reasons behind it, but he'd had the name mentioned to him a few times before. An interest in life outside the Walls had been clear, given information presented to him on the merchant. An opportunity to meet one like-minded couldn't be passed up.

Draped in a clean grey cloak, Quirin strode up to a bakery across from the jailhouse, watching shadows crawl across the cobbles as the time approached for Morrish's release. He had dipped a hand in the proceedings, reminding several officers involved of the present panicked climate. No matter how much time passed, an increase in curiosity about life beyond the Walls was acceptable. Fines were far better than anything more grisly. Besides, he wished to meet the civilian in question.

When the time came, he peeled himself from the bakery's storefront and slipped into a passing gaggle of women. From there he moved out, approaching the figure he expected to be Morrish. "If you wish to sate your curiosity, walk with me," he whispered, voice light but deep, shielding his face with the shadow cast by his hood.


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