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Author Topic: Oliver Reede  (Read 114 times)

Oliver Reede
« on: October 22, 2019, 04:40:38 AM »

NAME: Oliver Reede
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): January 12th Age 16
PLACE OF BIRTH: Stohess District
FACE CLAIM:  Tobin | Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentina

APPEARANCE: Oliver is fairly average both in height and muscle tone. Starting off at training he’s more akin to a twig, lanky and awkward. As training continues though he manages to bulk up, if only slightly. He has short brown hair with blunt bangs in the front. He has a more angular face shape with dark brown eyes. When not in uniform he typically sticks to a khaki colored cotton shirt and dark pants.

PERSONALITY: He’s quiet and doesn’t go out of his way to interact with others, not wanting anyone to catch on that he’s a rich boy from Stohess. He can sometimes find it difficult to empathize with others, as his experiences in life have been very different compared to others. He often feels like an outsider among his peers, but he doesn’t let that show. He is loud and doesn’t take much seriously. He tends to find he fits in more when he is the comedic one of the group and often resorts to humor to cope with all that is happening around him. He can be a bit clueless in social situations, but he means well.

-Level headed

-Physically Weak
-Overtly Competitive

ASPIRATIONS: Oliver wants to prove to himself that he can become someone outside of his family’s shadow. He wants to make himself someone that he can be proud of, living off of his family’s fortune wouldn’t make him happy. He believes that he could give his life to a better cause and for that reason he wants to join the Survey Corps. He wants to aid in the fight and bring a new glory to his family name- one based in hard-work.

FEARS: He is terrified that his parents might be right about him. That their ideas of him and who he is as a person are correct. He wants to do something worthwhile, something that has meaning, but they just want him to be a good child. He is terrified that his only calling truly was ever being in his father and siblings’ footsteps. He just wants to be someone that actually helped, instead of yet another rich boy from Stohess.

HISTORY: Oliver had always been a bit of a problem child growing up. He was the youngest of three, with his older brother (Mathias Reede) being the heir to the family’s fortune and his sister (Catherine Reede) having plans to marry some rich boy down the block.

Oliver never really fit in among his family, finding he’d much rather be climbing to the roof of his family home than being inside wining and dining with other rich families. He would much rather be getting dirty and playing in the mud like the kids did from the other side of town. He had a knack for getting his tutors to quit just days into their jobs, as well. He simply wanted to be left to do his own thing, but his parents always seemed to have something to convince Oliver to stay. He never had the patience for things like school or reading.

Despite his family’s rather affluent standing, Oliver couldn’t imagine himself putting up with the stiff clothing and upturned noses of his family and those around them. He often got into fights with the local kids, hating how they didn’t want to play like he did. They wanted to stay inside and talk like women in a book club while Oliver wanted to sneak out to the stables to steal a horse. The final nail in the coffin was when Oliver ended up getting caught holding hands with one of the other boys in the neighborhood. It was that night he spent being chastised for not even being able to love the way his family wanted to that he decided to leave.

The military was his final escape. He knew it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows, but he wasn’t quite prepared for just how intense training could be. He pulled through, though, not wanting to go home and prove his parents right. He stuck it out and though he isn’t the most dedicated or even skilled soldier, he knows that this is where he belongs. Fighting the titan threat is the most noble thing he could think of. He just hopes that he won’t die before he can prove his parents wrong.

YOUR ALIAS: Jonah Writes
AGE: 18
TIMEZONE: Eastern Standard Time

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