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Author Topic: Riding hard. [Kora]  (Read 1052 times)

Re: Riding hard. [Kora]
« Reply #15 on: December 01, 2019, 07:04:53 PM »
As Gunther cut open the soldiers pants legs, Kora kept her eyes on the wound. By then, he had passed out and wasn’t fighting them to stay still so she loosened her grip but kept her position in case he woke up. Blood was everywhere, but she didn’t want to panic just yet. He was still alive, and that meant there was hope.

”Yes, he’s breathing.” Kora responded immediately, able to feel his chest rising and falling beneath her. They were shallow breaths but it was something. ”He’s very pale and unconscious. I’m not sure how much longer he can last out here.” She then added quickly, still holding pressure on his head wound with the gauze.

If he did make it, how much of a life would he have? Would he be paralyzed and unable to use his legs? Kora tried to avoid thinking of such questions, but they creeped up on her anyway. Even if that happened, he’d still be alive and that had to count for something.

”Is your horse still nearby? Maybe we can find a wagon somewhere close.” Kora threw the idea out there desperately, knowing that he couldn’t possibly ride on a horse. If they could get the bleeding to stop, maybe he wouldn’t be so critical.


Re: Riding hard. [Kora]
« Reply #16 on: December 24, 2019, 06:55:59 PM »
Gazing upon the soldier, listening loosely to the words spoken by his squad leader, Gunther assessed the man. The blood was numerous, and though he didn't respond at first, it was her last question and the statement that followed which provoked a thought. The reality of the situation: they couldn't possibly bring him back alive. It wasn't pessimism now. He had to be rational. Still, he raised bloodied fingers to his mouth and whistled, the pitched shriek ringing out a second time. This time, he heard the thudding of hooves approach.

"He might not," he finally said, tone tense. He glanced up to her. "The best I can do now is bandage his wounds and hope we can stave off the flow of blood. But..."

Vedette's arrival gave him a brief distraction, clicking his tongue to bring her closer. "He will lose more blood when moved. It will continue to happen on the journey back to the Wall, let alone when we rejoin the rest of the legion." Standing, Gunther took a breath as he turned to his horse, finding one pack attached to her saddle with ease. From it he took a bundle of rods, wooden and short, and returned to the soldier's side. "I will do my best to secure his legs."

The gaze he lifted to her said what he didn't say. That he didn't think it would work - that, ultimately, it wouldn't be worth the effort. But he would do it, for the sake of doing his utmost best.

Re: Riding hard. [Kora]
« Reply #17 on: December 27, 2019, 03:53:08 PM »
Kora’s heart sank at Gunther’s words. Her soldier would likely die, even if they were able to transport him safely. He had lost too much blood already, and they wouldn’t be able to properly stop the bleeding. As she met her comrades eyes, she knew for a fact that it was over. ”He isn’t going to make it.” She spoke the obvious as her eyes landed back on her squad member, her heart thundering at what felt like a thousand pumps per minute.

Kora had never lost a member of her squad. This would be the first. ”We can’t leave him though.. He isn’t dead yet, and I’m sure he’d want his final resting place to be home.” She spoke calmly even though she was on the verge of breaking down. They were still in the middle of titan territory, and the threat of one sneaking up on them was very real. Just as the thought crossed her mind, the sound of footsteps could be heard getting closer.

Kora tore her eyes away from the injured soldier and to the building behind Gunther, a horrified expression crossing her face for a fraction of a second. One head could be seen poking out from behind the building. Just as she was about to inform Gunther of the titan, a second head rose, beady eyes staring directly in their direction. The one who had seen them seemed frozen in place, just staring at them with deadly intent.

”Don’t make any sudden moves, and just listen to me.” Kora whispered lowly, keeping her eyes on the titan who was still just staring, ”There are two titans on the other side of that building. Only one has spotted us, but it isn’t moving. I can only see the tip of the other one’s head, but it could be bending down.. I’m not sure.” She explained, still keeping her voice low. It was possibly an abnormal with how it just stared, but any sudden movements could make it charge.

Just as she had gotten the words out of her mouth, the injured soldier began to stir, loud groans escaping him violently. He was in pain. Kora immediately turned her head to him, moving a hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. Breaking eye contact with the titan seemed to make it angry though, and it began breaking straight through the building.

”Move! Now!” Kora yelled towards Gunther, standing up quickly to use her gear and move out of the way. Saving the injured soldier wouldn’t be an option anymore.

Re: Riding hard. [Kora]
« Reply #18 on: January 01, 2020, 10:33:53 PM »
He appreciated her words - the pragmatism, yet the want to still do right by her soldier. It was why he began securing the legs as best he could, using a lead of rope looped to his horse's saddle, his movements barely anything at all as he acted with familiar ease. It was the urgency of her whisper that made him pause, frozen in his place, drinking in the information.

They would have to leave him. Else they be attacked too.

Gunther looked to the side, past her, but he couldn't see them. Instead, he glanced back down to his patient, his mouth drying in an instant. The loud groans almost made him cringe, his hands pressing down to keep him still, but her words swept him away instantly.

"I'm sorry," he managed to gasp out, squeezing the man's wrist once before pulling away. His hand slapped the side of his horse, sending Vedette galloping off. With any luck she'd avoid any of the titans. Snatching up his controller grips, he squeezed the trigger and fired a hook to a nearby roof, pulling himself up as he retracted the wire. Blades out, he settled to a crouch, reminded of his aching shoulder as he shifted his posture.

Steeling his breath, he looked across at the building-shattering titan. "I'll take it," he shouted - the sound was hardly going to do anything but potentially draw it to him. "Draw the other one away. Do not engage!"

He just didn't want her taken down while he could do nothing to stop it.

With one step forward, he prepared himself before engaging the gas, flying towards his target. Rubble crumbled around its form as it hit out and pushed through the bricks, slowed, at least, by the sheer mass it attempted to go through. That didn't stop the titan from its gaze snatching hold of him, mouth open in apparent desire. Baring his teeth, he cried out as he hooked into the roof tiles aside it. Gunther swung around, he prepared his blades and dropped into position, boot touching down on its back. Suspended there, he slashed through the nape; the titan shuddered, causing him to slip down its spine, the cuts barely deep at all.

He pressed upwards, about to try again, when it began to turn, dragging roof tiles down to rain upon him. No. He was not getting stuck here. He would not end up crushed by a damn house. Releasing the hook, the Scout kicked off of the titan's body, pulling back with a burst of gas. The nape was too concealed by the debris now.

Just get out - make sure Kora hadn't been eaten. Better than that lose their lives for stubborn pride.


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