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Author Topic: Alice Stamper  (Read 321 times)

Alice Stamper
« on: October 23, 2019, 11:43:05 PM »

NAME: Alice Stamper
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): February 23rd, 820, 25 yrs old
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ehrmich District, Wall Sheena
GENDER: Female 
MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps (previously Military Police)
FACE CLAIM: Natsume Asako (My Little Monster)

-Alice is a woman of average height at 5'6". She has a "nice" figure, with wide hips and a thin waist. Her hair is long and wavy, reaching down to her mid-back when it isn't pulled out of the way. She has brown "doe eyes", round with thick, dark lashes. She has a wooden charm necklace with an intricate weeping willow tree carved into it that was given to her by Robin. Outside of her uniform, she wears feminine, pretty clothing most days. The fingers of her right hand are calloused from playing violin since childhood.

Alice is the quiet, creative sort. Her parents always loved her, but showed this love by keeping her isolated from most children her age in an attempt to protect her. Even well into her adult life, she still shows traits that indicate her childhood was quite sheltered. Even so, she has a mature outlook on the world. Witnessing brutal death after brutal death has made her a little more emotionally reserved than she used to be, but she's still quite emotional for a woman of her age.

Though she isn't all that outgoing, she does love people and making friends, as long as she's able to do so in doses that suit her temperament. Alice is friendly to new people, and her silence is more that of one that is listening and learning than someone that is closed-off and brooding. She hesitates to let herself be 100% vulnerable with others, due to an irrational fear that they will die, the same as her best friend did several years ago. Still, she is entirely willing to listen to others, and is known as a shoulder to cry on if anyone ever needs it.

-More than even ranking 7th in her class would convey, Alice is exceptionally skilled in combat; having survived multiple ventures outside of the walls and remaining part of the minuscule survival rate makes this clear enough.
-Alice has a fear override of an immense, remarkable nature, in that the distress of others cancels out her own fear. She is actually quite scared of titans and a brutal death, more than should allow her to engage with them, but she is unable to stand by if there is something she can do. (And, at times, even if there isn’t.)
-Morality and ethical behavior are of utmost importance to Alice, and she takes how her actions may affect others under immense consideration. She is not afraid of apologizing or admitting wrongdoing, making her a trustworthy companion on an emotional level. In alignment with this commitment to good, Alice does not hesitate to point out anything that she perceives as corrupt or misguided. She is not the sort that likes to argue needlessly, but she is unwavering in pushing for what she thinks is best.
-She is an excellent judge of character, picking up on ill-intent and similar things with ease. Alice does not trust easily, especially if she feels something ‘off’, but is able to be friendly and civil with almost anyone.

-Alice is emotional to a fault. She does not handle tension well, and is known to involve herself with personal conflicts where she is not wanted in an effort to resolve it. She is in a bad mood if her teammates are, she is sad if they are, she is quiet if they are. She’s friendly, but not someone that holds a group together or raises spirits with ease.
-In spite of being a trusted member of her squad, she wilts under the concept of holding leadership. She rejects it at all costs, even in small situations. She is afraid of being responsible for the suffering and death of others, which means that if she is haphazardly given instruction to lead, she may fail to follow through.
-She is weak for her friends and family. Most lives are of the same importance to her, but she cannot be trusted to act with complete rationality if someone she cares for deeply is in danger. Alice becomes more and more sorrowful with time as her comrades and friends are taken from her with each passing venture outside the walls.
-Her mental state is known to be frail on occasion. While she enters a different mode of existence altogether outside the walls, becoming focused only on her objectives, she is more unstable when she's somewhere "safe". Alice has been known to have panic attacks and lash out at friends and family at home, which is never a good thing, even though she never hesitates to apologize.

-To understand her best friend's decision to take the most risky path she could, and in turn fulfill what Robin desired most by allowing all those within the walls to safely see the world beyond them.

-Dying slowly. Alice has resigned herself to the fact that she will die, but hopes it will not hurt too terribly.
-Hurting those she loves most. Alice hopes that her life will have been worth it, but she knows that she will leave an ache in her wake when she, her parents' only child, never comes back.

-Alice comes from a background of affluence and luxury. In her childhood, she had nothing to worry about, and that continued until the middle of her teenage years. When endlessly pushed to decide what she wanted to do, she decided to avoid the family business and pursue something more satisfying. As much as she enjoyed her lifestyle, she had the same wonder as every other rich girl, believing there must be more to it all. She entered cadet training, on her parents’ condition that she must graduate in the top ten and join the Military Police and remain where it was safe.

While it took a lot of getting used to, her perseverance paid off. She quickly made a friend named Robin, who stayed with her for the remainder of their training and onto adulthood. Those years were strenuous but relatively simple, and she came to appreciate the things she had at home more, as well as the things that a simpler lifestyle had to offer. When she graduated, she was ranked 7th out of her class. Having fulfilled her end of the bargain, her parents allowed her to begin her work. When Robin returned from a mission beyond the walls, having narrowly escaped with her life, Alice decided she would join her and give her protection.

Before she could, though, Robin left again, and this time she didn’t come back at all. Not even in pieces; there was nothing to retrieve. After a few years swept away by mourning, she gave up her position with the Military Police, as she blamed the government for Robin’s death. Whether her conspiracy is in any way correct or she just needs someone to blame to carry a little bit of that weight with her is uncertain. Regardless, she joined the Survey Corps, to pursue whatever it was out there that kept Robin so mystified that she would repeatedly risk her life for it. Alice expects that she will someday die far away from home, where wealth and materials will mean nothing.

YOUR ALIAS: the dear hunter.
AGE: 20


and the times we spent together are all irreplaceable in my heart
i'll treasure these memories you gave me / so thank you, and goodbye

Re: Alice Stamper
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2019, 11:54:16 PM »

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