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Author Topic: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]  (Read 403 times)

Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« on: December 25, 2019, 04:49:49 PM »
March 20, 846.

Cadet Amanda Marauder:

You must complete 20 hours of service as prerequisite for graduation from the cadet corps. Please report to Captain Levi for your placement details...

Amanda skimmed over the remainder of the note she had been handed at breakfast. It was mostly details on how to find the captain and then a sheet she was supposed to have him sign upon completion. She glanced around the mess hall, wondering if anyone else had received a note as well. There were a select few that received mail.

I wonder what everyone else was assigned to do for service…

Silently, she put her breakfast dishes away and made her way to headquarters, in search of the captain’s office.

She’d heard rumors of Captain Levi. Many things happened quickly up until this point, but Levi had remained in the whispers of her class as humanity’s strongest soldier. As terror spread through many at the far wall’s collapse, that whisper grew into a hopeful word despite the chaos at hand…

No matter though, Amanda reminded herself that Levi was a man like the rest of them. She’d make her own conclusions of him when they met, and well… today was the day.

Standing in front of the captain’s closed door, she took a breath in. Reaching up, she knocked on his door with a soldier’s confidence and straightened herself. She listened for him next, for instructions or to see if he was in. « Last Edit: January 07, 2020, 01:43:02 AM by Amanda Marauder »

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2019, 11:10:52 PM »
There was a reason why Levi didn’t interact much with any of the cadets during their training, and it wasn’t because he lacked knowledge to teach. There were many things the former thug had up his sleeve that could be useful, but what Levi had in practical competence he lacked in social skills. Not only was he terrible at handling people in general, his ability to describe in precise words what he was trying to get across was something he was rarely praised for. Levi was brilliant, blunt and pretty antisocial.

That did not save him from having to oversee other general services, however. Having been promoted to Captain just a year ago had come with a whole lot of paperwork and other formalities, and while he probably had the chance to push those onto his subordinates, he prefered to take care of things himself. More often than not, this involved making cadets go on cleaning duty. There were rumors, of course. Gossip calling him a ‘clean freak’ and making fun of the fact that he preferred his environment to be as neat as possible. Had they grown up the way he had, they would probably find it a lot less amusing.

A knock at the door had the Captain look up from the notes he was currently brooding over; a tactical notebook of a former soldier - terrible handwriting, really, but quite a brilliant mind; and while Levi was no man for strategy, he could appreciate something to keep his mind sharp.

Closing the notebook in front of him he got up and headed to the door; his hand resting on the handle for just a second before the door swung open and he was faced with what appeared to be a somewhat somber looking female cadet. “Recruit Marauder, I presume. Form” he prompted, reaching a hand out to receive the service form indicating her placement. His voice was neutral, the usual impassive and almost sullen look on his face probably not all too inviting.

Art by Kodecks

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2019, 12:08:18 AM »
The first thing that Amanda noticed once the captain opened the door, was his height. He stood about as tall as her, so directly at his eye level, she also caught the intensity of his eyes. Levi wore a sullen look on his face, not giving anything away. 

She nodded, handed him the form and waited for instruction. Having not met many officers in higher ranks, she was uncertain of how to specifically act in front of a captain.
What she did know, was proper mannerism of captains at sea versus crew members. She defaulted to this, waiting for the captain in front of her to either invite her into the office or give her other orders. Standing up straight, casting her eyes somewhat downward, and clenching her hands into small fists, she’d not been a crew member to anyone she hadn’t trusted with her life.

And the last time she was a crew member… she was learning under her brother’s command.
Could she trust this man… in the same way? Did she have a right to, when her crew died trusting her direction when she was a captain?

She held her arm. Her expression darkened slightly. She couldn’t think that way. Not now.

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2020, 09:36:45 PM »
Levi took the slip of paper without much of a reaction, glancing over it once before he took it back to his desk, motioning for Amanda to come follow. Despite the masses of paperwork that usually flooded the Captain he much prefered to keep his work space as clean as all his other surroundings, only a few papers on the desk itself; the rest stored away neatly in the cabinets. The whole office was remarkably tidy - or so the other soldiers usually mumbled under their breath the first time they walked inside. It was a habit, really, wanting his surroundings to be as clean and neat as possible and Levi did not much care for any of the gossip that went around. Some of the people running their mouths would do good to get some tidiness into their own lives.

Pushing the notebook he had been brooding over to the side, Levi found his place behind the desk once mode and proceeded to sign his name onto the slip of paper. 20 hours - well, those could be 20 hours well spent, he hoped. Filling in the task for the first 2 hours of cleaning service in his surprisingly neat handwriting (it had taken him long enough to get there, neither reading nor writing were things of much importance in the Underground), he looked back up at the young soldier. She did not look very pleased. “You’re tasked with cleaning the meetings rooms. Dusting, polishing, ... you know the drill. You can start in the first one and clean as much as you get to in your first two hours today. Understood?” He regarded her for a moment, then his eyes darkened. Knowing the other cadets, the task probably wouldn’t be done to his satisfaction. “I will personally check how well you’ve cleaned. The slip will only be signed once I’m satisfied, so you’d do good to clean properly.” A futile advice, probably. “Any questions? If not, go do your job.”

Art by Kodecks

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2020, 01:38:35 AM »
Amanda looked up as the man mentioned for her to follow. As he confidently made his way back to his desk, the young woman took a look around. Levi’s office was so clean and orderly, it reminded her of how her mother kept certain rooms of the house she’d grown up in. It sounded odd out loud, but… it was an odd bit of comfort to be in a clean space. Amanda relaxed slightly as she did more subtle exploring with her eyes.

Levi had pushed a small journal to the side and her eyes locked on it, filled with curiosity. The small book looked like her own journal, though its cover was a different color. A small prickle of panic went through her… had one of her crew mates made it so far, just to perish before they could find shelter? Sea farers never let their journals leave their person unless they knew they’d be dead soon… she swallowed a lump in her throat.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the Captain spoke up. As he tasked her with cleaning, she briefly wondered if it was something he gave to all cadets or if he gave her the task because she was a woman. If he were anything but a captain, she would have immediately asked why.
“Any questions? If not, go do your job.”

She did have questions… but none that would be easily asked. Her eyes darted to the journal as she only paused a moment longer. Then she shook her head and turned on her heel to get to her task, uttering a polite “yes sir,” as she exited.


Amanda had gathered supplies and entered the first meeting room, shutting the door behind her. The room was huge, and aside from dust and dirt on the floor from normal use, open and barren. She exhaled a small breath of relief, she was finally alone.

The first thing she did was opened the windows. This was a habit of hers in any building, if she could help it. The fresh air made her smile as she looked around the room, optimistic that she could do a good job cleaning as a solo task.

First to get a dusting would be the table and chairs, and the lanterns in the room. She remembered this from housewife boot camp with her mother…ugh. At least some of it came in handy for independent living, but she still shuddered at the lessons which were peppered with “how to please your future husband” advice. Ew.

She got to it, humming as she started her task. She pulled out all of the chairs so she could reach spots on the table easier, and she gave everything a good wiping down. When she was sure most of the dry dust was knocked to the floor, she went back with a damp cleaning rag to finish up the surface. She did the same thing with each chair.

As she moved about the room, going from wiping things down to putting everything up and sweeping the floors before mopping, she lost track of time. But, she was content.

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2020, 02:01:02 PM »
Levi had never wasted much time with niceties - there was no room for being polite and being up someone's arse when you had to make sure you'd survive another day. The time in the Underground had been brutal until he had found his own place, and by then his general attitude had simply manifested itself. He had never been a very social person.

His job required him to work alongside people now, alongside his squad, but in truth, Levi could only tolerate very few people, and teamwork was potentially still one of his biggest weaknesses. His favourite soldiers were the ones who stayed quiet and out of his way - luckily, Amanda didn't seem the chatty type so far. Now here was to hoping she was a semi-decent cleaner too.

When she closed the door behind herself, Levi leaned back in his seat, gently tapping the tip of his pen to the wooden desk. Many cadets deemed cleaning an unnecessary task - meant to discipline or potentially even punish them. However, Levi did, in fact, see more use to it than getting a clean surrounding: it was the attention to detail, the ability to focus on a task, that was often more useful in battle than one might think. Well - not that many of the cadets really paid any attention at all, trying to get done with their task as fast as possible to get back to whatever nonsense they had been busy with before.

Levi sighed and cast his eyes back to the notebook, eyes wandering over the cursive font. There was so much to learn and practice out there, and yet these children preferred to play it safe; to waste their time.

The two hours passed fairly quickly, with him being sucked back into the information in the notebook - reading still wasn't necessarily his favourite pastime activity, but he could handle it. He saw the use it had, and he was nothing if not determined.

Getting up from his chair, he made his way down to the room, Amanda was supposed to be cleaning, ready to inspect it. He didn't bother knocking and simply walked in; gaze out of grey eyes wandering around the room. Two hours definitely wasn't enough to clean the entirety of the space, and he was glad to see that she didn't seem to be finished yet. "You're done for today. You can continue tomorrow. Although you really should pay more attention to the corners... this just won't do." There was a slight edge to his voice, one finger brushing over the surface of the table.

Art by Kodecks

Re: Whispers into Words [Levi and Amanda]
« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2020, 07:19:22 PM »
Amanda was in her own world of thought. The task at hand was a larger one, but she didn’t mind stuff like this if it allowed her to work alone. Sometimes, when she was a bit too lost in thought though, some simple things may escape her attention. For instance, Levi walking in the door.

So when the raven haired male stated that she was done for the day in a normal tone of voice, she jumped, startled by his appearance. She had been sweeping the floor and dropped her broom, making a surprised little sound and facing the captain wide-eyed.

She picked up her broom, trying to dismiss the scare like it didn’t happen as she listened to the captain’s criticism. She looked to the corners he referred to and rubbed her shaved nape a bit shyly. “Ah, sorry. I’ll get those next time,” she said simply. She thought she had been doing pretty well with cleaning, but if it wasn’t up to his standards she’d just have to try harder. It’s the way it had to be here…

She gathered the supplies to put them away, but since Levi hadn’t left yet, she looked to him. Maybe she could ask… “Sir, if you don’t mind, may I ask something?”

She didn’t necessarily wait for permission, but she did look away from him. The question was simple enough, but the implications could be a matter of life and death for the female. So looking at the ground and unsure of how to proceed, she just got on with it.

“That journal… on your desk. Is it yours? Or did you find it?”


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