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Author Topic: Horsing Around [Erwin & Laria]  (Read 67 times)

Horsing Around [Erwin & Laria]
« on: October 25, 2019, 01:58:06 AM »
Early Summer, 833

It was early in the morning, and still before breakfast. The sun was just beginning to rise and the hall of the headquarters were still mostly dark.

Erwin was not terribly excited about the coming day’s activities. He managed to find a couple of others to assist him and Alicia but having only a handful of scouts to manage forty somewhat raw recruits was by no means how expected to spend his day.

Especially considering they would be having lunch ‘in the field’ if they expected to eat.

As he dropped the rest of supplies in his bag before breakfast, he ran over the plan one last time. They would right out halfway to Wall Rose, and then use a small forest that the scouts had regularly used as a form of training course to test their own abilities. It was not a terribly thick forest, so there it was little risk of the horses getting injured, but the veterinarian would have him shoveling out stalls for the next year if a horse got injured on his watch. She also had some choice words about what she would do to the cadets involved.

He closed his bags and turned to his small desk and the journal he had open on it. He grabbed a strip of bacon off the plate next to it and started chewing on it as he reached over and turned a page with the other. He skimmed the pages of his father’s handwriting before looking up to see the sun rising over the wall of Stohess. He closed it and put it away, locking the drawer it was in. Then turned his attention to finishing his breakfast.

Perhaps everything was coming together after all.

Donning his jacket and turning to leave his room, he decided to head out to the stables before inspection.

Re: Horsing Around [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2019, 10:30:20 PM »
In her excitement, Laria had almost been unable to sleep. After lights out, she had listened to the peaceful, steady breathing of her scout roommates, while her mind raced. She was exhilarated, galvanised, knowing that she was where she was supposed to be, that she would finally be able to put her training to use. And tomorrow would bring a horsemanship exercise, an opportunity to demonstrate where the very best of her skills lay.

Finally, she dozed off, sleeping in fits and starts, waking several times throughout the night. In the deep cold that came before dawn, she gave up on slumber and slipped out from between her warm sheets. Laria dressed swiftly and quietly, sweeping her long red hair back into a ponytail. She had packed the bag required for the day's excursion the night before, checking twice over the contents. Satisfied with her preparations, and confident she was turned out neatly enough to pass the morning inspection, the new recruit left the dormitories.

Heading to the stables was what came naturally to Laria. Amongst the heat of beasts, with the sweet scent of hay in the air, she felt a certain peace. A few curious heads peeked over half-doors and the redhead made some introductions. Slender fingers stroked foreheads and teased through forelocks.

"Hello you," she greeted a particularly handsome grey. He seemed to thrive on the attention, snuffling hopefully at Laria's clothes. She kicked herself inwardly for not thinking to bring the horses a treat. Murmuring an apology to the steed, she cupped his velvety muzzle in her hands, his breath blowing hot against her palms. Then the soft sound of footfall disturbed her, Laria's dark eyes darting to the approaching figure. Even in the pale light of the sunrise, there was no mistaking his identity.

"Erwin Smith," Laria tried his name on her tongue, and found she liked the sound. "Good morning, sir."

Re: Horsing Around [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2019, 10:01:25 PM »
Erwin’s boots clapped along the cobblestones leading to the stables at the barracks, the only sound in the otherwise eerily silent place. The sun had just cleared the top of Wall Sina as it danced across the rooftops of the still slumbering city...its populace living in nothing more than a dismal, dull dream that it had yet to wake from.

The stable doors opened with a creak as he began to survey the space, making sure nothing was out of place and that there was nothing the veterinarian to complain about. The cadets should have been getting up for breakfast at any moment.

He draped his saddlebags over the stall his horse was in, and petted it lightly, turning as he heard a voice.

It was that red-haired cadet from yesterday. She should have been asleep, but there was some kind of excitement in her expression. Perhaps this was the kind of task she was hoping for on a morning like this.

“Good morning,” he responded. “I assumed no one else would see a need to be up so early.” He turned back to his horse, rummaging for a piece of dried fruit in his bag for the animal. “Did our esteemed veterinarian put you up to some task before our exercise for the day?” He really had no desire to deal with her twice in the same morning.


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