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Author Topic: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]  (Read 1763 times)

Re: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2020, 05:56:52 PM »
[ content warning: gore ]

Suspended against the wall, Axel shrugged off the broken nubs of his blades, letting them fall to the ground, plunging his grips to take on the next pair. His eyes didn't leave the titan, watching as Jean took it on, with a fury that he saw similar to himself. A precision that did the job, as the nap detached, blood sprayed. And Jean was -- what was Jean doing? He watched in horror as the older boy slammed against the building, unable to do anything. What could he do? What was he meant to do?! He couldn't be dead, there was no way, he'd just taken out a damn titan.

Armin's arrival almost startled him, tensing against the shudder of the building. Another one..? He turned to face the blond boy, gazing at a face that asked him for direction, at eyes that reminded him of what they were. Kids. Cadets. Not ready to face this shit, but here they were. And with Jean down... He swallowed. "We need to fire a flare... get a medic," he managed to decide. Did he have one? Fuck. No. Had they even been given any?

Where was Eren? He looked, spotting the back of a boy who saw no fear in the face of titans, only hatred. "Don't go alone!" he yelled, but of course it was ignored. Why would Eren Jaeger listen to a plan? Fine. Axel'd lead, he'd figure out what to do. His head turned swift back to Armin. "Jean is safe, we'll come back to him, right now we need to take out the titans near us. If you can't, stay back with him."

It felt like he'd said so much, but he rushed out the words, said them as quick as he could without it being a jumbled mess. Snap decisions were going to have to be made if they were going to get anywhere.

Kicking off from the wall, he fired a hook and charged, retracting the wire as he triggered the gas, using momentum to drive him on and fast. Helena was ahead of him, then she was by him, then behind - she was scared, of course she was, but he didn't have any words to assure her now. "Distract any titan by me!" he yelled to her instead. Work in a pair. Eren was too far ahead of him, and he sure as fuck knew he wouldn't go for the distraction. If they could take out the closest titans to Jean, they'd secure him enough time for help to arrive. Or have time to find help.

The titan ahead of Eren, the one he must be after, was far enough and turned away from them, it shouldn't be an issue. So why was he charging on like some headstrong jackass? Fine, he had to do this, did he? Fuck. Then he'd have to support him, as best as he could, he just had to catch up but

He saw it. But he didn't have time to warn Eren. That stout titan, the one whose thighs tensed and knees jutted forwards before it pounced, a toad that snapped its massive mouth and-- holy shit, was it eating Jaeger? No. It must have skimmed him. Axel braced himself, blades ready, dropping lower to swipe, cutting into a measly, bulbous fold of flesh that could only be the nape, cutting deep as he could. The titan's groan and slump forward of its body said he'd done it.

Flying up, he attached a hook to a roof for a chance to check his blades, boots hitting the tiles. Where was Eren? He looked ahead to the titan, still lumbering on, ignorant of the chase after it. But there was no cadet following it. Searching across the buildings and the streets below, he almost missed the crumpled body of the most outspoken, most sure-of-his-goal cadet. Blood trailing behind him, thick and black at the leg. Missing it... up past the knee. No. First Jean, now Jaeger?!

A gust of air passed him.

"Lovig, no!" he cried, ignoring his chipped blades as he raced off the edge to follow her. She was listening to his order. Distracting the fucking titan. No fucking way, this wasn't happening, he should have told her to stop sooner. "Stop!"

She got closer than Jaeger had.

It snapped around with inhuman, abnormal speed and smacked out. A hand slick with drying blood swatted the girl away, blood raining across a window as the body, broken and crunched against the wall, was flung with such great violence. Helena Lovig never stood a chance.

Roaring with rage, Axel was already on the path. Fuck this. He wasn't letting it come to finish Jaeger off, wouldn't let it get close to Armin, and it sure as fuck wasn't getting close to Jean. If there was any chance that Jean could get help, it'd be without this titan being around. It was careless. It was against his own rule, a betrayal of his own orders. But he couldn't bear the thought of it making its way back.

The hook caught into where the collarbone stuck out. He twisted, retracting, managed to get his foot into the shoulder and there did he slam down his blades, ripping into flesh that parted and blood gushed out. It splashed his boots and made him feel sick but it was falling. He felt it crumple forwards, rode it down until he was level with the rooftop so he could jump off, his blades brittle. They detached easily.

Breathless, his throat aching, his chest heaving, Axel knelt down. The stickiness of blood was drying across his skin, painting his face in specks and splashes, dyeing his trousers crimson. He'd done it. Two down. One for Jaeger, one for Lovig.

So why didn't he feel any relief?

Because it wasn't the end, he realised, as he looked up. While he was catching his damn breath, he could hear the thudding, felt it even, as another titan nearby moved closer. Not near him. It was... where was it?

A bearded monstrosity had appeared. It was far from over. Fuck. Get up, he growled at himself, willing his aching body on. They weren't even at the outer gate yet. Just one more. One more and he'd make sure Jean was safe. Keep Armin from the same fate as the others. That was his only damn mission just in this moment. Move.

Re: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #16 on: January 10, 2020, 02:45:55 AM »
"...yeah, a flare..." Armin murmured. He had never heard anything so awful as Jannik's terrified screech in that last seconds of his life. His eyes hadn't been averted, he had seen it all, but it was that scream that bounced around in his head. The useless, desperate sound of someone who knew they were going to die. Too fast to plead, too aware to call for help, and it was horrible. He didn't know Jannik, but someone did. His family might be waiting for him to come home. His friends, the ones that survived this, would mourn for him. Maybe he even had someone he loved, or that loved him.

Axel would protect Eren, even as he rushed forward so stupidly as he always did. Staying with Jean was... a good idea. Even if it was obvious that he was only allowed to do it because he was useless. Axel knew that, and he couldn't be hurt by it. He thought that maybe he'd do something good and be able to protect Jean for real, but it was questionable. Maybe he would at least manage to try.

Such a strong start could only be followed by this. Armin had come to understand, in only his own short years, that it was rare for anything to be good. What were good things, anyway, if not little tastes of a life that was destined to be torture from its very inception? If he'd expected anything different, that was his fault. And maybe more of it was than just that. None of this would be happening if he'd... if he'd died instead. If he'd been so foolishly brave as to rush forward, his last moments could serve as a good enough distraction for the others to do something. Run, deal a killing blow— he didn't know what they'd do. Nothing hypothetical mattered now or could ever matter.

Only when he took his eyes off Jean did he see the few seconds of hell that he might have been lucky enough to miss otherwise. Perhaps it was selfish that he felt no worse when he saw Helena die, or maybe it was that he simply could not feel any more pain without combusting.

Eren was dead. He saw it happen, processed everything so fast yet so slow, and he understood that he had to be dead. He saw the bite, and he couldn't quite envision in his mind where it had ended and where the rest of him landed, but... it was enough, almost definitely. Armin didn't know if he was breathing. He didn't care if he was, either. None of them were supposed to die, no, but Eren was meant to die least of all. Only when he felt a vibration in his chest cease did he realize that he'd been screaming. When that went quiet, everything else did. The roar of blood in his ears told him that he was alive, but there was nothing else that could make him believe it.

God, no, please don't take him away. Armin would let himself die first, he'd willingly sacrifice the lives of people like Jannik and Helena that had families and friends and lovers, he'd set it all ablaze if it meant Eren would be standing before him again with that look of determination that got him killed.

Armin didn't see Axel kill the titan that had so ruthlessly taken his sunshine away. Eren had always been like the sun, often times overbearing and too warm and imposing in its glow for most people. And he was different among them, craving it instead of shying away. Armin was the sunflower that followed and bowed to his movement and would surely die without him. He couldn't make all of his foolishness and cowardice up to him if- if he wasn't-

Armin didn't see the next titan approach, either. The world around him ceased to exist, because his world was incomplete static without Eren in it. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

now all the birds have fled / the hurt just leaves me scared

Re: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #17 on: January 12, 2020, 01:13:17 PM »

Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Armin Arlert - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 82% gas remaining
  • Jean Kirschtein - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 83% gas remaining (gear malfunction)
  • Eren Jaeger - 3/4 pairs of blades remaining; 80% gas remaining
  • Axel Falkenrath - 3/4 pairs of blades remaining; 83% gas remaining
  • Helena Lovig [NPC] - Deceased
  • Jannik Wurst [NPC] - Deceased

Jannik and Helena have been killed in combat, Eren is grievously wounded and Jean's ODM gear has malfunctioned. Armin, in a state of shock, is seemingly unaware the of the bearded Titan that has him locked in its hungry gaze. Amidst the growing chaos, a wailing sound is heard. On the street below, a civilian appears, face turned upward, pleading for help. They are young, though their precise age is difficult to gauge given the blood that streaks their face and congeals in their hair.

Re: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #18 on: January 12, 2020, 07:54:45 PM »
[ content warning: death, major case of blaming oneself ]

There was a cruelty in being aware that you could only be in one place at a time.

The wailing sound that reached his ears tore his plan in two, scratched it into shreds that glittered as fine as the sparks that drifted throughout the air of Utopia District. It reminded him, briefly, that had he been able to move quicker, he might have stopped Helena. Better, he could have grabbed hold of Eren, stopped him from the chomping titan in time. If there were two of him, he'd surely have saved them all. He could have taken charge, given orders as swift and fine as he wanted to. Kept the team not just alive, but organised.

As it was, it was impossible. Worse, he knew what his choice must be.

"ARMIN!" he screamed in warning, expelling a breath that burned his lungs. Move, he told himself and Armin at once. They couldn't delay, nor could they leave those in the wake of destruction. Armin was a soldier - yes, Eren, Jean, Helena, Jannik (where was Jannik? had that been his scream?) had been soldiers too - and he was more capable than that wail suggested. He had to help those who could not help themselves.

That was the entire reason he'd enlisted.

Grimacing, he quivered in exhaustion as he managed to get to his feet. The titan was far enough from the civilian - a child? - that he didn't take up a new pair of blades, not wishing to waste a second more on it. It was with precision that he hopped from the roof tiles, a bite of gas easing his descent and journey ahead, rolling into the landing to save his legs from further ache. "It's okay, I'm here. I'm a soldier," he assured the child, approaching with his palms face up. It sounded so... stupid of him. Was he not wearing a uniform? Albeit one streaked with blood, the patches flecked, drying scarlet. "I'll get you to safety." Where would the evacuation teams be? South of them, though he couldn't travel that far. He couldn't leave his team. No, he'd have to find the first soldier he could and persuade them to take the civilian onwards to the inner gate. Perhaps it had been fixed by now? The Garrison must be working on it.

His uncle would be, surely?

They didn't say anything, only whimpered in that way any would in seeing such terror and hell before them. He understood. Wished he didn't, but it was even harder for them here, wasn't it? Mara had always said that Utopia was just that, a place of peace and prosperity, without such a harsh order of the military. They hadn't needed it quite as much, had they? And Farran, his dear uncle, the man who wore roses and saw so much wonder in mechanics that could confound many others, hadn't it been implied, even outwardly stated, that Utopia was the safest place?

None of them could have been prepared for this.

He cautiously set a hand on the civilian's arm, patting him awkwardly in what he hoped was reassuring, ignoring the dried blood of the titans crusting over his hands. "I'm going to lift you up, and we'll get you to another soldier. They'll keep you safe." They better do. Had he focused enough to remember who had been on evacuation? No. But there would surely be plenty of them, and perhaps they'd find a group of civilians being shepherded, guarded by experienced troops who wouldn't dare let anything befall them.

The idea received, at least, a slight nod, and so he lifted them carefully. Older than his cousin, by years, yet it reminded him of little Fritz. Reminded him that somewhere out there, Fritz and his mother were surely making their way to the inner gate too. Would they be close enough? Walls, he hoped they made it out quickly. Quick enough that he wouldn't come across them, lest his heart ache in want to guide them out.

His team came first, and he had to be quick. For that reason, as soon as he had them secured he fired a wire, lifted in the sky with a quick plume of cloud, more than he wished he had to use, yet enough to balance out the extra weight. All he had to do was find someone to offload the kid onto.

He travelled rooftops without issue.

Until he finally spotted a small team in the distance, just a few streets over, and passed over a washing line not yet torn down by the monsters invading Utopia. His boot planted on another roof, as simple as the rest, not an issue with it. At least, he didn't spot the chunk of wall on the other side, torn out by a titan who'd managed to get this far, already gone. Perhaps even the titan that they'd come across, he didn't know. Nor did he know what to expect as the roof failed him. The structure unable to take the impact, wood weakened by whatever had come before. It came apart.

Such a rush of moments that, later, he'd think on and wonder if he could have gotten out in time. As he fell through, the tiles tumbling down with them, he could have reacted quicker, couldn't he? He could have ignored the screeching that filled his ears and the dust that bloomed and obscured all. Axel could have taken the first impact better, rolled away from a floor that was clearly unstable, hadn't he immediately twigged that the moment it shuddered under his back? Couldn't he have done it differently, chosen not to fire the hook? All it would have taken was getting up, pulling the kid with him, doing anything but sealing a fate that didn't have to be.

But instead he tried to get out of there, as quickly as possibly, tried to get his hook into a sturdier part of the ceiling. Instead what happened was simple.

It was all his fault.

Because the roof that caved in only did so because of his actions. The roof tiles that fell upon the two only did so because of him. The floor that broke down only did because of the extra weight he brought on them.

Because the entire thing came down.

As if he didn't ache already, as if his whole body complained of being on fire. The screeching that filled his ears and prodded sharp at his mind cut off not when they fell again, not when his elbow screamed in pain. It happened when everything tumbled over them. The dust that obscured his vision was not alone. Wood, stone, brick, tile, furniture... it pelted him with a harshness he didn't expect. And that was when the sound stopped.

He didn't know whether he'd lost his hearing.

Axel wished that had been the reason. « Last Edit: January 12, 2020, 07:55:23 PM by Axel Falkenrath »

Re: Team Three: Support Offensive [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #19 on: January 12, 2020, 09:00:00 PM »
Laid there, in what felt like an endless ocean of his own blood, pain pulsing with each breath he took, Eren wondered why he wasn't dead yet. Why hadn't the titan devoured him whole? Did he have to suffer and wait for it? His ears roared with a fuzzy nothing, a white noise that drowned out all semblance of reality. Open eyes, teal green and reflecting the sky, saw nothing except clouds that flew by with no care for the devastation beneath. This was not the end of the world, they told him. They moved, always, whether swept by wind or greyed by storm. Better, they came from somewhere. Clouds went elsewhere. They never stopped, they simply passed over the Walls, into the beyond...

So much was out there.

"Clouds are formed by water in the air," his father had explained once, walking along the dirt path outside of Shiganshina District. "They take from the Great Lake, the canals, every source of water they can. Then they grow, and when it rains, the clouds release all the water."

It had been so basic. His only question had been: "Where do they get water outside of the Walls?"

He didn't recall whether it had been before or after Armin had shown him the books. An ocean, an endless body of water, would create those clouds that drifted over the top of Shiganshina and travel towards Mitras. Rain would pour outside of the Walls. Storms would rage unseen outside.

Armin hadn't seen the ocean yet.

Wherever you are, I want to be there, too. So don't go... where I can't follow.

"I won't." The words came as a croak, his body quivering as he struggled to roll onto his side. Blood rushed through his body, numbness struck away in his determination to get up. "I'm coming, Armin." Where was he? Had he followed? Had he left him behind already?

Shaking all over, he gripped hold of orange roof tiles and hauled himself further up from the gutter, each movement a lightning strike that bit into his nerves. Spitting out a wad of saliva poisoned with blood, Eren narrowed his eyes and kept going. He moved until he reached the next roof, a foot higher, and used it to get up, easing the movement of his stumpy leg. Daring not look at it. Soldiers could still fight without one. So would he. He didn't need both feet to use the ODM. Smoke swirling around him, he swallowed bile and looked around.

A great titan, beard brown as a tree trunk, lumbered in the distance, bearing down on a blond who could only be Armin.

"No... you... bastard," he gasped out, propping himself up on the roof's edge. Armin was not dying! All of his promises were going to stay kept.

I'm never going to leave you behind.

Eren didn't have the energy to yell, as much as he internally screamed to let every speck of rage out. No, he had to get to him. Just... had... to... come on!


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