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Author Topic: Razahir "Raze" Kōri  (Read 457 times)

Razahir "Raze" Kōri
« on: November 01, 2019, 07:49:00 PM »

NAME:Razahir Kōri
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):Raze, Bastard, „The Lame One”, „Ratel”   
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):832, February 22th, Age 13
PLACE OF BIRTH:Shiganshina District, Wall Maria
FACE CLAIM: Kanie Seiya from Amagi Brilliant Park 


Raze is a relatively tall young man standing around 175 cm (5’10”) tall while weighing 60 kg. While he used to be quite skinny because of the lack of constant meals, ever since he joined the Military and has the chance to eat properly, the boy achieved a relatively well—built appearance. Raze keeps his dark brown hair short-cut and while he is usually considered to be handsome by females, despite the dark circles nesting around his golden-brown eyes, Raze himself is quite a skeptic about their words as he can’t see anything appealing in himself with his pale skin and his overall fragile, infirm appearance. On his back, the boy bears multiple scars, gruesome mementos of the countless beating by his step-parents.
If not wearing his uniform Raze is usually seen wearing mostly dark pieces of clothes. His usual attire is consists of plain shirts, matched with hooded sweatshirts. The boy also often wears hooded sweatshirts as a part of his military attire as well. The reason for his apparent preference for wearing hooded sweatshirts is that he can cover his head with its hood and feel alone when he wants to be alone even in public places. He is mostly wearing dark brown pants and light shoes, but he’s not picky at all about his attire, wearing pieces of clothes that are available to him.


A boy with a joyful nature on the surface, possessing a great sense of generosity and honor while being honest to a fault. Raze seemingly always possessed a positive and kind nature, despite his rough past, even after the trauma caused by both of his parents leaving him when Raze was still just a little kid and the harsh way his aunt and her family, and most of the locals acted towards him. Being born into and later raised in poverty, the only way he could escape from the reality of the nightmare of his everyday life was to retreat into his dreams of becoming famous and rich to earn enough money so he and his future family will never have to worry again what tomorrow may bring…at least on the financial side of things. However nowadays not even his dreams bring him any joyful moments anymore and he lost most of his former ambitions as well, rendering them pointless and worthless…
Deep under the facade of his joyful, carefree and positive appearance Raze is a depressed individual with deep emotional scars and a very pessimistic outlook on life rooting in his harsh upbringing. His greatest fear is to get close to someone again or even to fall in love in general. The boy lost the very few friends he had, witnessing their gruesome deaths in the hands of the Titans and even earlier when some of them died due to starvation or illness. This kind of loss always pushes him into a depressed state and in most cases it’s really hard to get him out of it as the boy always tries to get over his loss by himself. Because of that Razahir fears to have too many feelings for someone because of the fear that he will lose him/her just like he lost everyone important in the past. Witnessing the return of the Scouting Legion from their expeditions from Outside of the Walls as a kid, he remembers way too well how many left and how few returned in the end. That made it clear to him even as a youngster that the life of a soldier is way too short-lived unless someone can get into the Military Police, and making friends is futile in the end if he would just lose them anyway. Because of that despite appearing friendly and straight, Raze is quite socially awkward, always keeping his distance from the others.
He fears any romantic interactions with women and fears from women in general. This roots in his Aunts' harsh and abusive behavior towards him as well as the way most females around the boy treated him the way they did when he was a kid. These experiences made him cautious towards women. Although Razahir never held any hate or hostile feelings towards them and would treat them as good/close friends and reliable companions, however, he also had a great issue if anything romantic was on topic or simply if he should just have to talk about his feelings.
Raze suffers from returning nightmares that haunt him, sometimes get him to the point where the boy doesn’t even want to fall asleep because his old nightmares would come and haunt him again and again. He usually sees flames…flames of Shinganshina and faces from his past, faces of dead people whom he once loved or hated. They came and blame him for letting them die, being unable to save them, proving just what a failure, an incompetent, useless fool he is. His dead best friend is the loudest of everyone saying those words and that he did nothing to try to save her, that it was the worst decision of her life when she became his friend and that everyone would be better of with him being dead. Than her bloody, mutilated body appears in front of him accusing the boy that this is all his fault. That’s the point where Raze always wakes up covered in cold sweat and having his heart beating at a mad pace…
While often seem to be carefree and/or lax individual Raze is capable of very deep feelings and care a lot for his friends, companions and beloved ones. One of Razes greatest weaknesses that despite everything he experienced during his past where continuous loss was the part of everyday life and after witnessing the horrors of the Falling of Shiganshina and Wall Maria, he can never really get over with the death of his beloved ones and tend to fell into a depressed state for a while, trying to drink away his sorrow. But also, Razahir has great determination in himself to find a way and meaning in his life while trying his best to survive at least for his dead friends. These are the things and emotions that give him power when he sometimes gets to the point of giving up everything…
For his numerous flaws, Raze compensates with his wits and keen intellect despite lacking formal education as a kid while also being a rigorously hard-worker, dedicated to his duties. Despite his pessimistic outlook on life, he is a very realistic person who refuses to take things at face value. Even in critical conditions, he tends to retain his composure however once he lost it he can get extremely reckless and/or violent earning him the nickname „Ratel”. While in truth he is being apathetic and distant, deep inside he longs for friends and companionship, but too scared to reach out for those. Despite being the cold, pessimistic realist, his strongest point is his unshakeable determination to never give up and to try using his imagination to his and others' benefit because „The imagination is a weapon. Those who don't use it die first.” Razahir possesses a good sense of humor though it can be quite sarcastic and wicked thus he usually spares others from it. While he does care how others see him, he cares little about himself in general, hardly finding anything good about himself as a person, yet he’s fully aware of his weaknesses and strong points, willing to admitting them. Razahir is a reliable person and while keeping on the facade of any easy-going individual in front of the others he’s honest to a fault, but rarely opening up about himself to other people.

„I don’t really hate Titans…at least not more than how much I hate Humans in general.” is a philosophy he picked up after the Fall of Shiganshina, while he had more than enough time to reflect on his past, his current situation and his possible future. While he witnessed the destruction and horror caused by the Titans in the District, losing his friends as well he still views the Titans as nothing more than mindless beasts, who are acting purely on their instincts. On the other hand, humans were malicious and cruel towards him during his entire life because they could be, not because that was what their instincts told them. The hard feelings towards humanity he harbored for such a long time only started to soften up bit by bit, thanks to some other cadets he met since the start of their trainee days…

+ Hand to Hand combat (both armed and unarmed): Being taught personally by Annie Leonhart he retains her unique fighting style, making him a dangerous and deadly opponent in a physical confrontation)
+ Keen Intellect: While Razahir might lack formal education, he is far from being stupid. He is a quick learner and catches up on things fast. Raze can think deeply about situations while showing considerable problem-solving ability and quick wit paired with good analytical skills.
+ Realistic: Raze is clear with his strengths and weaknesses as well as his surroundings, refusing things like youthful overconfidence to take over his judgment or to take things at face value. According to himself, he is a person who sees the world in shades of grey instead of black and white.
+ Hard-worker with exceptionally strong will-power: Razahir is rigorous when he wants to achieve something, possessing great amounts of perseverance, fortitude, and determination. He is the type of person who refuses to give up as long as he sees even just a slight chance of accomplishing something. This will-power and determination helped him throughout his trainee years. He also has a strong determination to never give up and to survive (albeit not at all costs).
+ Selfless: Being forced to live most of his life helplessly amongst pitiful circumstances, Raze has great compassion and strong empathy for those in need regardless of the circumstances. However, it’s most likely that this aspect of his nature solely roots in his harsh past as he largely disregards ideals, religions and such as nothing more but pure self-justifications of certain groups.
+ Kind: Raze is a genuinely kind person, willing to share even his last piece of bread with the others, or assist them in tasks that they clearly cannot clear by themselves without hoping for anything in return. This kindness along with his selfless nature are as much of a weakness as a strength as these are the only things that can overpower the realistic part of his personality.
+ High Alcohol Tolerance: Raze is a heavy drinker and has an unusually high alcohol tolerance making him able to win Drinking Contests in order to earn a bit of pocket-money. Although he is usually pushed into these by someone else rather than applying himself…

- Pessimistic: The kind of person who always sees the wrong side of things and always have dark thoughts about the future even if he doesn’t share that with others.
- Semilliterate: due to lacking formal education (at least he was semiliterate at the time he joined the Military. Depending on future RPs this could have improved ever since)
- Lack of real goals: other than trying to survive and trying to find a goal he has no particular goals in his mind anymore.
- Occasionally Impulsive: While he usually maintains his composure in certain situations he can lose his cool and can quickly get reckless and violent against his opponents be it a human or a Titan.
- Distrustful: While appearing friendly at first, Raze always makes sure to keep his distance from others and it’s a hard thing to earn his trust. His distrust cames from his slight inability to detect the lies of others while being an awful liar himself further fueling his cautiousness of others approaching him.
- A Lone Wolf: Despite his facade, Raze is an isolated, exclusionary person, friendships do not come to him easily. Because of his distrustful nature Raze is trying to avoid to rely on others as much as he can. Due to that he often forces himself to solve everything on his own, even at the expense of his physical safety and health. For that reason, he lacks most of the basics of what’s necessary for teamwork.
- An awful liar: Being an impossibly bad liar he keeps his distance from others to avoid his facade being discovered by the other cadets or the members of the Training Corps.
- Honest to a fault: While he tries to avoid confrontations with others as much as he can, keeping his thoughts to himself when forced to reveal them he can be quite blunt, not hiding a thing. But on the other hand, his honesty can make him a preferred companion as well due to him not hiding anything nor lying about anything.
- Heavy Drinker: His way of dealing with the loss of comrades and friends. One of his worst personality traits, but at least he is the „peaceful” type of drunkard cracking stupid jokes and saying silly things and idiotic life hacks to anyone willing to listen to him. It’s better if someone is out drinking with him or at least accompanying him otherwise he’s willing to waste all the money available to him on inviting others to drinks as well.

~ Surviving: Per the request of his last best friend, Raze is mostly if not solely focusing on surviving. Though not at all cost as he would be willing to sacrifice himself for a friend or a person dear to him or if he could survive only by an underhanded or dishonorable way like leaving another person to die.
~ Currently in the middle of looking for aspirations: Raze abandoned most of his former aspirations, simply losing faith in them. In most cases, he just goes with the flow of things.
~ Peaceful life: Deep inside he still whishes for and dreams about a peaceful life with a loved one at a peaceful place. Though he never really believed that such a thing would be possible to him or if he deserves it. He’s still feeling deep guilt over the death of his childhood best friend.

~ Losing a loved one again: His greatest, almost pathological fear and the main reason why he wants to avoid getting close to others so much. Raze is horrified at the thought of getting close to someone just to see him/her dying in front of him again. 
~ Not being remembered fondly: He fears that others may have bad memories about him after he dies. Above all just like his best friend said he also wants to be remembered fondly, as a likable person, someone whom others would miss if he would die.
~ Being a burden: As a child he heard nothing but how useless and a burden he is and that he is nothing but a waste of food and clothes, better being dead. Above everything, Raze wants to avoid being useless again, and partially chose solitude and lone wolf methods to avoid being a burden to others while completing tasks.
~ Women: Because of his past experiences Raze is way more vary of women than men. However, he harbors no ill-will or negative feelings towards them. He’s just being shy about his appearance and lack of appeal to the other sex and this makes him being afraid of getting in touch with them or taking the initiative.


As the two cadets walked into the bar no one paid even a bit of attention to them. After all, it wasn’t that strange for cadets to appear now and then. One of them was an attractive young woman with a somewhat catty appearance, possessing large amber eyes and chin-length shaggy, wavy light brown hair, a smug smile resting on her face. She was accompanied by a young fellow, a bit taller than her. Unlike the young lady, the boy wore a somewhat gloomy expression and while the girl seemed to be in top form, he was pale, appearing somehow sick with dark rings around his eyes, rugged breathing following his every step. Both wore cadet uniforms and while they seemed to be a strange couple they movements were kind of synchronized, to the point that one glance was enough to tell that they are probably close to each other, being used to the company of one other. Though the two weren’t supposed to be there since they were just cadets they met no resistance from the side of the aging, fat man who served them without as much as a word. After the boy paid for their drinks the two soon found themselves and an empty table.
„Won’t we get into trouble for that? Cadets shouldn’t leave the barracks if it’s not for training reasons.” He finally asked after taking a few sips raising an eyebrow at his companion. She just waved at him after a sigh. „S’fine! S’fine! No need to worry Raze. That „Big Sister” here already made sure that everything will go smoothly. You worry way too much ya know!” She replied without a hint of worry in her voice, with confidence enough for both of them in its place. „And how come that I am the one paying…again? This pattern seems to repeat itself way too often recently.” He had most of the money he won at a recent bet and he didn’t want to waste it on drinks, but with her dragging him around…he could kind of foresee the end of tonight. „Jeez…are you begrudge a few drinks from me? I just asked for this little favor in exchange for all the help I gave you. When you came here you didn’t even know how to hold a pencil. Who was the first one to start teaching you? And when you were stuck with the 3D Maneuver Gear who was the one who helped you out when none of the other blockheads did? You are making this Big Sis sad you know!” A stagy loud sigh and blush, while covering her face, peeking at him from amongst the opening between her fingers. Raze sighed, he lost this battle already…again. She came with the same reasons as always, taking him out drinking and making him pay whenever Raze managed to get his hands on some money and she managed to get wind of it. However she was right, and everything she said was true and for that reason, Raze could never get angry at her. Instead, he paid, again and again, …it was nice to spend time with her after all…
As time passed more and more drinks were consumed and for a while, the two cadets passed time by playing cards. The cheeks of the girl were pretty red now, her words less coherent, but she was still pretty much lively. Her companion was more careful with his drinks but a slight red tint was visible on his cheeks as well after drinking his fair share as well. His exhaustion came from his training from today. Annie didn’t spare him while they were training together and today was not an exception either. His body was covered by bruises under his uniform, and his rugged breath was not the work of a coincidence either. If the boy wanted to be honest, he was dead tired and would rather spend time in bed. However since that was a request from someone very precious to him, Raze didn’t want to refuse and so he was right here with her now.
„Y’know. We know each other for some two or three years now ain’t we?” She finally spoke glancing at the boy from behind her cards. Raze only nodded in agreement. „But ya never…never in a single time said a thing about your past to me. I haven’t the slightest idea about you other than you are from Shi…Shi…Shiganshina! So tell me… Pretty Please?” The girl started. Her choice of subject surprised Raze so much that for a moment he just stared into her amber eyes. However, she immediately took this as a NO from his side. „Jeez! I bet you told that freaky girl everything! That Annie! She seldom speaks or gets friendly! And you even ditched me to train with her from time to time! I bet you even like her more than me! Then why didn’t you take her out drinking instead of me!” She was like a kid throwing a fit, puffing out her cheeks as she crossed her arms in front of her ample chest with a „hmpf” as she turned her head to the side albeit opening one eye to glance at Raze from the side. She was surprised to see the state of the boy, regretting her fit from just a few moments ago.
Raze was once again pale, with all the color disappearing from his cheeks, his eyes were narrowed, his golden-brown orbs giving off a strange glow amongst the dim light of the candles, giving him an especially scary look, what she last saw back then when they met for the first time. His hands were curled up in a fist, his nails cutting so deep into his flesh that they almost drew blood while twitching violently as his cards were lying all over the table disorganized. Clearly, he remembered some very unpleasant memories. „Hey…Just now I wasn…” She started as she came back to her senses immediately, but her words were cut off before she could finish.
„I was born out of adultery…The husband of my mother was in the Garrison…so was the man who she cheated on him with…that man was my true father.” The twitching stopped and Raze seemingly returned to his normal state, once again his voice sounded solemn, and his words were carefully chosen, his speaking pattern being slow almost as if he was too drunk to speak staring stiffly at his cup. However, she knew that this wasn’t the case. Raze could hold his liquor well with very few being on par with him, and tonight he drank an amount way smaller than she did. Raze rarely showed his true colors to anyone other than her, and even for her, he usually wore his facade, but right now he was once again being himself. Now was the moment when she regretted that she started this conversation…however, her curiosity got the better of her and she didn’t stop him.
„The man who sired me never looked in my way…neither he did my mother anymore, disappearing from her life completely. Her husband also left her immediately once the truth got out.” Raze continued, stopping for small breaks from time to time, probably to collect thoughts and memories he may have buried deep inside himself for a long time now still staring into his cup of vine. „ In her eyes…I was the one to blame and she acted accordingly treating me as nothing, but some kind of insect or pest. At least that’s what my aunt told me later. When she couldn’t take it anymore, my mother left, leaving the four years old me with her sister and her impoverished family. Because they were religious, I wasn’t welcome there either…I was just a bastard…dirty, impure, like some kind of freak.” A grotesque, snarl like „smile” appeared on his face as he spoke.
„My aunt and her husband, both liked to beat me…to punish, and to purify me from the iniquity I was born with according to them. Even today…I have the scars on my back from his belt and the belt-buckle. Sometimes…I check on them, to remind myself of my place, to never forget where I came from so I would never get ahead of myself…Back then I had to wear dirty clothes, and while the whole family was very poor, I was the one with the worst appearance…”
„Food.” He said, now with a dreamy expression. „Yeah…that was a rare guest at my „door-step”. Most times I was forced to feed on leftovers or to steal from others. Most kids refused to play or to interact with me. „You are dirty! You are the „Lame One”! Go away! Go and eat rubbish like you always do! „Lame One! Lame One!” These were the things they always shouted at me, throwing things at me or beating me. After a while, I started to avoid them.” Once again he stopped, seemingly being deep in his thoughts. Finally, a smile appeared on his face again. This time it was gentle, a seemingly genuine smile she rarely saw from him before. „But I did have some friends after all…Though by the age of 11 only Marla and I remained. Krack, Moira, and Noah died of starvation…Melti died because of food poisoning and the „Throat Lizard” took Renée and Nym when they were around ten.” The smile disappeared from his face, replaced by a sour expression.
„We kept up our dreaming. Marla and I always said that when we will be old enough we will join the Military.” ~ Marla. – She heard this name before. After a few moments, she realized where. The others told her, that Raze often has nightmares, he often sleeptalks when he does. Marla! Marla! Marla! They said that he desperately calls out for this name often in his sleeptalking. She always had a hunch that this girl must have been special to him. It seems like she hit the nail right on the head. The voice of Raze pulled her back to reality. „We always said that we would be on top…we would get into the Military Police. Then we can have a comfy, quiet life. We can eat good food and we can drink great stuff. If we would have a family we would never have a problem feeding them. But even if we can’t make it into the Military Police…than we can still go to the Scout Regiment. Maybe we can become Heroes there. After all who would dare pick on Heroes? When we were kids we thought that all Scouts are Heroes…and a Hero can only die a glorious death right?”
„But we would never go to the Garrison! Scumbags! Cowards! Whoremanglers! Damn lazy drunkards! They too…they were always picking on us, chasing us around and beating us like we were rats! They can rot on their Walls! Choke up on their shit! That’s all they are good for anyways!” The boy almost spat those words, though he kept his voice surprisingly low. It seemed like she was the only one being able to hear him. She always knew that Raze thinks lowly of the Garrison, but she had no idea that his grudge and hate towards them roots so deep. Though she couldn’t say that she didn’t understand his feelings after hearing all this. Even so, …she never saw such a violent outrage from him ever since they met. But instead of being scared, above everything she pitied him. Who knows how long he had all these feelings and words buried inside, waking up every morning and going to bed every night with them poisoning his soul, weighing down on his heart for all these years without being able to tell them to anyone.

After his outrage ended Razahir seemed to take a few minutes to cool down. He never really lost his composure before, this experience was new to him. When she thought that this is the end of the story Raze suddenly continued. „The slums…They were too close to the Wall.” He started once again, pure horror showing on his face this time. „When the Colossal Titan break the wall…we were near. My step-father was crushed by debris, but my Aunt was snatched by a Titan when she showed me out of the way to escape. Fun thing that after all, she was the one to save my life, in the end, …even if it was unintentional. But she wasn’t the only one…I could see Titans all over Shiganshina snatching and eating people, tearing them apart. I could see flames and blood with gore everywhere. Marlan and I…we were scared to death, but we kept on running. We ran for our lives…we thought that we ought to make the gate…”
„When one of them grabbed Marla and tore her hand from mine…the soldiers…they didn’t help us…they just watched as it tore her in half…the Garrisons didn’t move an inch to help. Me too…I was so weak…I was a coward…I ran away. I can still see her face, her last moments. Every time I close my eyes I can see her face and hear her screams. How I managed to get through the gate and go on the ship? I haven’t the slightest idea. I only came back to my senses when the other one, the „Armored” beast came and destroyed the gate. I could see as it shattered it like it was made of sand and dust, and the flames coming from its mouth. It was like it’s laughing at Us. At us foolish humans who thought that Our shitty Walls will protect us forever. Ont hat day for me…it felt like that even the Sun has perished, and it never came out to shine again…I guess it won’t ever come…not until the day I die. That’s my punishment. Punishment for the cowardice me who picked such a miserable life over his best friend.” Raze stopped again, and she was surprised to not see a single tear in his eyes. Thought she could slightly remember that once Raze told her that he „forgot how to cry a long time ago” with a sour smile on his face.
„Even so…It wasn’t the Titans I hated to most…it was the other humans. The Garrison, the citizens…all of them. Noone helped in need and when I was a refugee what most of them did was just to give me another kick in the ribs while I was down on the ground already. Once again I had to settle on thieving to eat. Marla always said that if anything happens to her, she still wants me to survive. „As long as there’s at least one person who remembers me fondly, I can’t die. Thus you have to live on even if I die!” For that, I did anything I could do to stay alive…I worked on the fields with the other refugees, and I watched as so many of them marched to retake Wall Maria, only for so few to return in the end.” His words started to become ever slower, his head tilting from time to time with long blinks of his eyes. Seemed like that combined with his already exhausted state from today's training and tasks, the alcohol finally started to take effect.
„When I was old enough I applied to the Military Training. The name I was born with was cursed. That was the name I had throughout all my miserable experiences in the past. Thus I abandoned it and chose a new name to shrug off the ill-luck sticking to my old self. I wanted to become someone else…to become a new person…With this…I became…Razahir Kōri."
„Than I met you…For that…I’m truly grateful!” With those last words, the exhausted Raze overlain the table regressing into a seemingly peaceful slumber. As she was watching over him she was still shocked after everything she just heard, having a hard time stomach it and wondering how was he able to get back on his feet after all this. But as she kept an eye on his now relaxed face she soon realized that Raze had already answered that to her. He literally killed his „old self” so he can become Razahir Kōri instead. Her friend. From now she should avoid everything that would remind him of his old life. After all her friend was Raze and not the kid from the slums of Shiganshina. If he chose that path then she has to support his decision. Not that it was her business anyways. But after hearing all of this how possibly she would be able to leave him alone? Plus he always pays for her and takes her to dancings and other fun events whenever she asks him to do so. However maybe next time…next time perhaps she should be the one to pay…for that one time. Only for that!
About an hour passed before Raze finally opened his eyes, waking up and rubbing his forehead as he got up from the table. „W-What happened?” He asked in a tired but somehow relaxed voice. „I won for the 12th time in a row and you got so stressed that you passed out on the table.” She replied as she was collecting the cards, feeling glad that he seemingly didn’t remember a thing. That was for the best after all. Raze had a very dumbfounded expression on his face before he laughed a little as he rubbed his forehead for a bit more. „That so…” The boy finally said smiling gently at her. That was the Raze she knew, however, his smile seemed to be more honest this time, and his face was strangely relaxed, most of his wrinkles gone. „You had such a cute drooling face while sleeping, that I didn’t have the heart to wake you up.” The young woman said with a sly smile, laughing chirpily as he suddenly started to tap and rub his uniform looking for saliva drops on it. As the two packed the things they were soon ready to leave. „You should hurry up youngsters. The sun’s going to rise soon. Your superiors shouldn’t find you two here.” The innkeeper said as Raze paid for the rest of their drinks. The two bid him farewell and left in a hurry.
Once they reached the barracks again and passed by the guards who strangely acted like this is natural and that they did not notice the two cadets, the girl relaxed her steps and pace. „That place was nice. We should go there again sometime.” She said stretching like a cat would after a nice nap. „Only if you pay. That evening was a financial disaster…for me at least.” Raze replied with a sigh as he inspected his empty pouch. „Ehhh…Don’t be like that! We had a great time!” Aside from „that” part she was kind of satisfied with tonight. If it helped Raze as well then it’s even better. „I promise once we make it into the Military Police I will make up for it for you!” She added winking at him and causing the boy to chuckle again. „I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll see you paying for me and not the other way around!” He said with a smile. Soon the two bid farewell each other heading to their designated barracks. Not that they won’t get to see each other again at the morning assembly and at the training. They will meet again and will have the chance to spend time together, at least for a little while longer that is…


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