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Author Topic: "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..."  (Read 356 times)

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..."
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:42:52 PM »
Razahir "Raze" Kōri
15/Cadet/Wall Rose
"Friendly" "Positive" and "Easy-going" on the surface/Selfless/Distrustful/Kind/Hard-working

Raze appears as a friendly, easy-going person with a positive nature whom someone can easily get along with if talk to him casually. However, friendships do not come to him easily and he will remain distant and distrustful for a long time before he actually opens-up carefully avoiding sensitive subjects or conversations other than casual chats like the weather is nice, cats are cute and other everyday stuff. On the other hand he is an earnest person and possesses a great heart offering help to those in need or if someone asks for it from him, but rarely asks for help himself, although he will accept when he realizes that he's simply unable to complete the task in question by himself (like learning to read and write by himself). Once befriended one can earn a loyal companion in him who would never leave him/her in trouble even at the cost of his own life/safety. His fear of losing people who are important to him is a major reason for him to avoid forming close bonds with others.

Because of his prejudice and past experiences, he would hardly get along with Garrison personnel or people aspiring to be one of them but otherwise, he tries to avoid conflicts and fights whenever he can thus it's unlikely that he has many enemies. His blunt honesty, however, can get him into trouble, if someone has a hard time swallowing his opinion. His slightly friendly behavior is also a method for him to avoid trouble as much as possible.

Raze is heterosexual but has a "slight" fear of women due to his past traumas. He has no romantic experiences and he has little idea what a relationship should look like. His "type" and "standard" is most likely based on his dead best friend so he's most likely imagining his partner as someone whom he gets along well, can laugh together, can rely on each other and trust her unconditionally. Basically he's the bit of a romantic dreamer type, imagining that one day he just meets the "girl of his dreams" whom he can grow old together in a peaceful home. However, it has to be noted that romance comes to him even harder than friendship, due to the same reasons. Of course, he can develop crushes, but he will have a hard time admitting those even to himself.

Re: "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..."
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2019, 05:15:14 PM »
Raze & Mara
These two. Oh boy. Friendship abound? Mara is completely understanding about people not wanting to go into the heavy, sensitive things, but she's a warm, optimistic force of good who wants everybody to be comfortable and happy. It does mean she struggles a lot with the actual training, so we could see where they excel working together as a beginning maybe? I'm open to all ideas!

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