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Author Topic: Stewing on it. [Razahir]  (Read 83 times)

Stewing on it. [Razahir]
« on: November 08, 2019, 08:52:37 PM »
[ early autumn 845 ]

Overjoyed with her duty for the day, Mara practically skipped into the kitchen attached to the mess hall. It was a big job, preparing and cooking for their fellow cadets, but she was certain they could manage it. Better, it looked like there were more cadets on hand than there had been last time, allowing them to divvy up duties a little better - she expected that was because the instructors were still getting used to having so many cadets in one place. She'd heard from others that, previously, the cadet corps would split each intake between the four regions. Instead they were piled together. Because of that, she wasn't surprised that she didn't recognise most of her fellow cadets in the kitchen.

Of course, the menu was still the same. If they weren't having bread and bread with the smallest bit of butter or cheese, it was stew. Today, it was a vegetable stew, with all sorts of vegetables that she was certain wouldn't work very well together. The instructors couldn't be wrong though.

Setting up one of the workspaces, Mara claimed the onions for herself. "They don't make me cry," she assured the others, piling onions in a basket, taking them from the crowded pantry. There were a lot more there than she expected, and for a moment she couldn't recall if they were meant to use all of them. Perhaps just most of them? But seeing one cadet collecting tomatoes, and another cadet carrying garlic, it looked like they were only taking half. She couldn't imagine half of the onion stock tasting nice at all, but there were no clues on the instructor's recipe note to say otherwise. « Last Edit: November 08, 2019, 08:53:18 PM by Mara Sonnenschein »

Re: Stewing on it. [Razahir]
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 10:34:58 PM »
~ I look horrible...again. - Raze thought for a brief moment as he stared into his reflection on the surface of the water in a bowl before washing his face. Night after night he spent most of them awake...awake and scared. He was scared. Scared of the dreams coming to haunt him...he was scared to face the memories of his old self...the ugly self tat wished for life. As the boy splashed cold water against his face he felt only a bit better, his mind clearing up a bit, the cold water giving a gentle cool feeling for his soring eyes. Raze let out another big yawn before glancing back at his reflection once more. His skin was pale and that made the dark rings under his eyes somehow more visible with the solemn expression on his face giving him an unfavorable appearance overall. No wonder that most of the other cadets avoided him, and not that he mind it at all. He needed friends no more. He can go on on his own. After a few longish seconds Raze used his two index fingers to push up the corners of his mouth into a smile. ~ Even if I need no friends... then at least I need to make a good impression...so others wouldn't bother me. - The boy said to himself, feeling satisfied with the "smile" he just produced.

Today he was on kitchen duty and he was more than satisfied with that. Other cadets often complained because of the food and its quality, but for him, this was true heaven. The boy never saw that amount of food together in his life before. The scenario alone would have been enough to make him start drooling not to mention the scents surrounding him, almost causing his mind to go blank. Raze quickly managed to get a hold of himself, concentrating on his "mission". The menu may have been flat, but the food itself wasn't that bad and above all, he could eat something every day! He already started to gain some weight and after a bit more he may be able to build up a bit of muscle. Amongst the other cadets, he was one of the smallest and one of the youngest as well. Thus a little buffing probably wouldn't hurt for him.

However, despite the task being clear, Raze just wandered around aimlessly. As he could see most of the cadets were working in small groups or at least in pairs, but since he didn't know anyone the boy had none to join up with. For a few minutes Raze continued to circle the others trying to pick someone to join up with, but he had no courage to ask someone if he can join. "Raze! Go and help out Sonnenschein with the onions!" Finally, someone spoke to him and Raze only nodded, but inside he was grateful for the person. While he didn't know the others, the boy already learned to match the faces with their owners, therefore, he had no difficulty finding Mara Sonnenschein amongst the others. Raze quickly made his way towards the girl stepping by her side a few moments later. "I can carry them for you if you want me to." The boy said nodding at the pile of onions assuming that she may stare at them because she finds them too heavy to carry alone.

Re: Stewing on it. [Razahir]
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2019, 09:07:12 PM »
It wasn't until she heard the other cadet's voice that she even considered how heavy the load would be. Shining a grateful smile at him, she nodded. "Please," she said softly. An offer to help was always to be appreciated, as much as she hated the idea of being too much of a burden. That, of course, was why she'd enlisted in the military in the first place. Avoiding being a burden to her family had been paramount, a want to ensure that her little sister would never have to go through anything bad - whether it was scarcity in food, money, or luxury. Her father may not have been the best merchant, but he was something.

The onions were making her think of home too much, before she'd even begun cutting them. "Do you want to help me with peeling and cutting them? We can use that counter," Mara said, bringing a small bundle of onions to the clean counter nearby, out of the way of their fellow cadets. It took her a few moments to find a pair of knives that would do the trick, but once she'd acquired them she set them down on the surface. "I think we should chop them as much as possible, because some people don't like chunks of onion," she added, her voice still bright as she began to peel the papery layer of skin from the first vegetable, carefully using the knife to skin it.

They really did make her think of home: her mother, sniffing the aroma of the cooking pot, her brother huddled up and lending a hand where he could, her sister, asking sweetly if it would be done soon. Mara had always been on hand to make it easier for her mum to cook, remembering times of darning and sewing in the kitchen. Sometimes their clothes would smell so strongly of the kitchen that she'd be running outside and get a whiff, then want to come home immediately. As she peeled, she tried to make sure to copy her mother's technique, keen not to nick herself with the blade.

"Have you ever done this before?" she asked Raze curiously. "Cooking with onions, at least..."

Re: Stewing on it. [Razahir]
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2019, 10:58:55 PM »
Raze was satisfied a bit. After all, he managed to call out to the girl without scaring her. For him, that counted as a result already. The young boy nodded at her answer stepping a bit closer to her. He felt happy that he could be some use of someone else instead of being the one asking for help...instead of being the burden himself. Raze had enough of being the miserable, helpless one. When he joined the military, the boy vowed that he will be the one helping out others and not the other way around...never again. ~ Razahir Kōri won't be at the mercy of others...not him. - the kid said when he passed through the gates of the training camp for the first time. Now he finally had the chance to act by his vow.

"Sure. As you wish." The boy answered politely than tried to pick up as many onions as he could in one go, so they won't have to return for new onions all the time. As Mara returned with a pair of knives he took one of them. Raze came to get used to knives more or less by now, but at the beginning, he cut his fingers a lot. "Yes. That makes sense. Let's do it that way." The boy couldn't help but felt awkward yet he somehow managed to force a smile on his face. Mara acted nice just like she did with everyone as Raze could see so far, but he still had a hard time dealing with women. Razahir got along well with the male cadets more or less, but he still faced difficulties when it came to women with one notable expectation so far.

As he tried to observe her from the corner of his eyes, Mara had more experience in this than him. Raze never had the chance to cook together with someone when he was a kid, and even when his Aunt cooked for the family he wasn't welcome at the dinner table. What he knew right now was mostly acquired by observing others during his previous kitchen duties. Raze was a bit fortunately as using a knife came naturally to him after a few tries, but the boy still wasn't sure if he would be able to cook anything edible for humans on his own. However, he didn't have to work around and Sonnenschein seemed to be an experienced cook so he had nothing to worry about so far. ~ Right now I just need to assist her properly...I guess. - He muttered to himself.

"Never." Raze answered shortly, but honestly as he shook his head a bit while continued to peel onions.


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