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Author Topic: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission  (Read 2446 times)

Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« on: November 11, 2019, 10:44:05 PM »
Trost District – Three weeks after the fall of Shiganshina District

Erwin led the Survey Corps towards the gate leading out of Trost District towards Wall Maria. A place that was once populated with humans now just little more than a desolate frontier. Erwin raised his hand and the column came to a halt without him even having to speak, and subordinates echoed the command down the line. A garrison soldier, apparently still a little green, had to take a moment to take it all in and then approached Erwin.

The soldier then offered a belated salute. “My apologies sir,” he began, “But we’re not able to let you and your troops through the gate yet, we have another group of refugees entering through the district.”

“Very well,” Erwin replied, “How long of a delay should we expect?”

“I would assume no more than an hour, sir,” the soldier said scratching his head nervously.

Erwin nodded and saluted the soldier before he jogged off, almost as nervous as he was when he came over. “Runner!” he bellowed. One of his soldiers came up beside him.

“Send word down the column to dismount and move our horses and equipment to one side of the road. We need to let the refugees pass and this is the easiest path through the city for them to traverse. Everyone else may dismount and rest a while.”

“Yes commander,” she responded, and off she went as Erwin moved closer to the gate before dismounting himself. He had been in command little more than two weeks and this work was round the clock so far. If they were not fighting Erwin was asking for fund for another expedition. Their current repertoire of missions were by no means traditional. They rode out, searched for refugees, killed any titans they saw, then came back. But the search and rescue routine was quickly becoming search and retrieve. Nevertheless, soon he would be able to take the scouts out on a longer distance mission to map out the area again.

At least the repetitiveness of the last few days gave him more time to plan for that eventuality anyway. « Last Edit: November 28, 2019, 12:29:42 AM by Erwin Smith »

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 07:29:50 PM »
The Walls of Trost stood tall and foreboding, now humanity’s only protection from the Titans.  Somewhere, many miles away, Maria stood punctured and ineffective, monstrous and gargantuan figures staggering through the breach, the corpses of civilians and soldiers bloating in the spring sunshine, crows cackling and growing plump on their rotting flesh.

Astride Folly, his favoured horse, Eld sat upright, his face impassive, the very picture of a dutiful soldier ready to live and die on the command of his superiors.  Commander Erwin himself was leading this operation, his presence wordless assurance that they were in capable hands.  Their leader couldn’t prevent death - losses were inevitable - but he could be trusted do his utmost to keep them alive or, at the very least, would ensure they died with cause.  What more could they hope for?

Beneath him, his mare swished her tail impatiently, and stamped her hoof petulantly.  “Shhh,” Eld hushed soothingly, running a hand along her coarse mane.  “Behave yourself.  I can’t have you showing me up.”  He was still fussing over her when word came that they were to dismount.  Frowning faintly, Eld did as was ordered, clutching Folly’s reins in one hand.  The mare’s nostrils flared as she snuffled at her rider’s clothes hopefully, evidently looking for a slice of apple or lump of sugar.  “You can cut that out too,” Eld admonished fondly. Moving to the side of the road, the scout bent to loosen his steed’s girth, stray locks of golden hair spilling over his brow and into his brown eyes.  “There. Doesn’t that feel better?”

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2019, 09:48:18 PM »
“Boy, oh boy, doesn’t it feel great to be home?” Malcolm gave a low whistle, sitting rather casually atop his horse, he then sighed, muttering curses under his breath. Trost. It had been a while. And a big part of Malcolm wished he’d never come back here again. But there he was, not like he had a choice in the matter anyway.

Tragedy had struck, the impossible had happened, a lot of people died, Shiganshina had fallen, and now somehow, the Survey Corps was here. Oh how, dutiful it was to die in the line of duty or how terrifying it was to die in the stomach of a titan. There were two ways to look about it. Malcolm cared little for either, in all honesty.

Ahead of them, their dutiful Commander seemed to have talk with some other messenger and suddenly word was sent down the line that they were to dismount and head off to the side to allow refugees pass. Refugees. He didn’t like the word. People with no where to go, in other terms. Malcolm knew what that was like.

Malcolm listened to the order, leading his chestnut mare to the side, soon dismounting her with the rest of the soldiers. The city was quiet, far too quiet. Empty. He knew these streets well, after all, in his youth, he had served as a delivery boy for so many of the city’s inhabitants. He held the reins in his hand, trying not to look at familiar things, instead focused on calming his steed.

The familiar soldier in Eld Jinn made the same comments.

“Ah, never took you for a ladies man Eld!” Malcolm gave the man a sarcastic side eye, tacked on with an unserious chuckle. If they were to wait here for an hour, some banter would be good.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2019, 08:54:02 PM »
It had been three weeks since the fall of Maria, and it still felt like it was just a bad dream, that at any moment, she'd wake up and everything would be as it was.  Yet, she knew that it was as real as her own existence, and the reality was that Maria was no more. Humanity had taken a blow to its heart, and even three weeks later, the sting was just as strong as it had been the day the tragedy occurred. News that they were to clear the road to allow refugees pass eased that sting ever so slightly, giving her hope that their mission will be successful, and they will bring home a few more of their own.

Without complaint, Nanaba promptly dismounted from her horse Bumble, a chocolate-colored gelding with a black mane and tail, and one white sock on the left hind leg. Much like his rider, Bumble was reliable in the moments that truly mattered, which Nanaba was thankful for. Reins gathered in one hand, she moved to the side of the road, looking for a spot to claim. As luck would have it, there happened to be enough room for her and Bumble next to Eld and Malcolm. Sliding in next to the pair, Nanaba took a minute to check over Bumble, loosening the girth and giving a quick scratch behind his ears, before turning her attention to her fellow scouts. "It's always the quiet ones that surprise you." She added to Malcolm's comment.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2019, 10:14:17 PM »
Gunther dismounted his horse with ease, stroking a hand down the side of her neck. "Soon," he murmured softly in her ear, which flicked impatiently. He knew she itched to run, having something of a passion for the freedom of running. Though he hardly saw much freedom. Vedette was an odd steed for him, but one he cared for - she was the unruly (for a Survey Corps horse) flame to his calm. Disciplined though she was, she put great effort into wanting to outrace others, or thunder across the plains. It would be her downfall one day, and he knew it.

With others around him talking, the brunet remained silent, waiting for the order. His eyes focused ahead, trying to work out what was going on. As the refugees came through, he kept his chin up, but his gaze softened. They had lost so much. Homes, family, friends, possessions. Some may well expect that they would never recover normality again.

A child walked by, clutching a tattered and - his heart sank - bloodied doll to his chest. His feet dragged, dust and mud caking his shins. He tripped, and Gunther broke from Vedette's side. The boy kneeled in the dirt, shaking, and squeezing the doll to himself. "You can do this," the scout breathed, placing his hands at his sides, and picking him up. He set him down, and rested a hand upon his shoulder. "Keep walking, follow the others, and you'll get through this. Soon you'll rest." He managed a slight smile, and tilted his head to catch the boy's tearful eyes. "Wash both of you off as soon as you have access to water. But drink and eat as well. Don't give up." His voice didn't quite harden, but it became firmer. "Never give up."

An older refugee, perhaps a teenager, had moved closer, and gently nudged the boy onwards. Neither of them spoke.

Gunther returned to his horse, feeling some of his energy drain. It was emotionally exhausting, seeing the horrible conditions survivors returned in, seeing the loss in their eyes and drooping shoulders. He returned in time for the order to move out. Mounting Vedette, he gripped the reins and moved her into position as those around him began to move.

Every survivor was another victory, he told himself. It was more of a struggle than ever to believe it.

Finally, he looked over to the others nearby, silently contemplative, returning to the calm zone in his emotions that guarded him against the pain. No matter what happened out there, someone would always return, and it wouldn't do for anyone, especially him, to forget himself before they'd even set off out of the gates.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #5 on: November 28, 2019, 01:35:49 PM »
There was still the faint aura of hope surrounding every mission they started, even if it was getting fainter with every pass they made through Trost’s gates. What had began as the rescue of the many refugees wandering the area of Wall Maria that was now lost to mankind, had undeniably turned into riding out to find whatever was left of humanity. And humanity was getting harder to find with every passing day, the titans roaming the lands as hungry and ugly as ever. It stirred a pit of annoyance within Levi whenever he began to think about it.

Nevertheless, he was here, following Erwin into whatever mission their spanking new commander had come up with. It was funny, the way life worked sometimes. As the Captain’s grey eyes followed a flock of birds heading out and about, the order to dismount came from ahead and Levi passed a quick glance towards Erwin, impassiveness still smoothing his features. What was the hold up? The question was answered within moments, the steady - but relatively short - stream of refugees slowly passing through the street once the Survey Corps had made way for them, and Levi’s eyes passed over their expressions. What had once started with the anger of desperation had now waned to a barely gleeming numbness, and Levi had to look away after a moment; wrapping himself in the blanket of indifference that he liked to show to the outside world. In truth he was angry, angry about the many lives they had lost and angry at their inability to make a greater impact.

Glancing towards the other soldiers surrounding him, he couldn’t help but wonder whether they felt the same as he took in their expressions. He saw Eld’s frown as he fussed over his mare, heard Malcolm’s teasing words that were so often a way of trying to lighten the situation, took note of Nanabe’s steady but determined expression and watched as Gunther steadied a young boy that had fallen; taking in the look of tiredness on his face. All these people had been in the Scouts for a lot longer than he had been, and he had made it his own personal mission to learn as much about them as possible; even if he barely let them know it.

“We should be able to head out soon enough,” he heard himself say, more in the habit of making an effort to actually converse every now and then, than really wanting to engage in any sort of conversation. His gaze wandered back towards Erwin at the very front, wondering once more what the commander’s expectations were for today.

Art by Kodecks

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2019, 11:23:36 PM »
There was not much for Erwin to say beyond his orders to clear the road – or do.  There may find a few people left behind, but by no means should they expect such a large number of them. The exodus from behind Maria was quick. But one could hardly call it efficient at this point. The bigger concern was food and living space.

But all of that was well beyond his purview and position in the chain of command.

This group appeared as haggard as the last. Most simply ignored the green cloaked figures as they waited on the edge of the street. Many brought little more than the clothes on their backs. Even the wealthy who fled the outer wall came in here under the bleak cloak of poverty. And almost no one grabbed any form of food or water aside from what they needed to make it here.
Perhaps that was some sort of cosmic force showing them the error of their ways. At least that’s what the church would say. A sign of the end times.

That though, was nothing more than a work of fiction. All those people had the wool pulled over their eyes but a few generations before. Those lies would get them killed. He shook the thoughts from his mind and set about sifting through his saddlebags and double checking his equipment once again. The village was little more than a half day’s travel out from the gate, and they would be back at dusk if all went smoothly. There was the possibility of a couple of titans in the area, but nothing notable.

The refugees finally had moved beyond their column, and Erwin mounted his horse and moved before the gate, and signaled his troops to return to formation.

“You all know our mission - search the area between here and the village for any stragglers,” he yelled, “Survey Corps, move out!” With that, he turned his horse and moved through the gate at a gallop.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #7 on: December 07, 2019, 12:03:12 PM »
Ah, never took you for a ladies man Eld!

The familiar timbre of Malcolm's voice had Eld looking up from his task, a fleeting twitch in the corner of his mouth the only indication of his amusement. He liked Malcolm, the silver-haired scout's wicked sense of humour lifting the spirits of those around him. The Survey Corps were sorely in need of personalities like his, of people who could laugh even in the face of danger and death. Eld's occupied mind left a beat of silence that Nanaba filled as she joined them. Another excellent soldier, another one he felt he could trust.

It's always the quiet ones that surprise you.

This time a small smile briefly played on his lips, as Eld glanced between his two comrades. "I think the only surprising thing is that I found a girl willing to put up with me at all," he commented wryly. The jest brought Ruth to the forefront of Eld's mind, reminding him of what he had to live for, galvanising his resolve that this would not - could not - be his last day spent drawing breath.

All around them were indications of the fragility of human life. Living, breathing, suffering reminders. Nearby, Gunther encouraged a small, overwhelmed refugee to persevere, and there came Levi's assurances that they would soon move out. Slowly, the column of displaced souls thinned, the number of pale, tear-streaked faces trudging past becoming fewer and fewer. Further along the line, Erwin mounted his horse, moving in front of the gate. The towering structure framed their new commander as he gave the signal.

You all know our mission - search the area between here and the village for any stragglers. Survey Corps, move out!

With those orders ringing in his ears, Eld deftly re-tightened Folly's girth and swung himself up into the saddle. A press of his heels urged the mare forwards, as the scouts began their mission in earnest. Around him were dedicated soldiers, good people at their core. The sort Eld was honoured to live and fight alongside.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2019, 02:50:10 AM »
Malcolm wasn’t the type of guy to believe in fate. He tried not to think too hard about things he really couldn’t change or understand. He knew what he could do as a soldier; he was good at listening to orders, cracking jokes, and killing titans. Anything beyond that, he often deemed too complicated and waved it off to people who actually were paid to deal with that kind of stuff.

But the fall of Wall Maria really had changed things, maybe for the first time in a long time. Suddenly, humanity had lost some of its crumbling foothold in the world, and the Survey Corps was right there at its edge. He wasn’t going to lie, it was depressing as anything like that could be. But if he was going to die anyway, he might as well have some good times in between. His sarcastic smile and teasing words were his staple flair, even the existential crisis that was impending doom wasn’t going to change that.

Nanaba chimed in on his teasing versus Eld, but the old man (who was hardly two years older than Malcolm himself) took the comments with a wry challenge, mentioning that yes, he actually did have a Mrs. Jinn-to-be waiting back at home. Malcolm chuckled in response again, “Well, damn, the lucky bastard does like to brag.” He shrugged, then running his fingers through his silver-white hair, winking with a dark-amber colored eye. “And here I thought I was the handsome devil of the Survey Corps.”

The people passed by, Malcolm tried not to look, even he understood to some extent, smiles and jokes weren’t always the easy way out. Of course, he noticed Gunther exchange with the kid. Malcolm wouldn’t have admitted it out loud, but even he had a soft for kids. Too innocent. Too young. It wasn’t fair, the world they lived in... never was.

He found his gaze wandering to the front, to their dutiful Commander Blondie and Captain Cleanfreak himself. A half-smirked graced his lips. Soon enough, huh? Just when the silver-haired wonder was thinking this refugee line was lasting too long.

But indeed, soon enough, the refugee train had passed. The group re-mounted their horses and the formation was already at the gates moments later.

“Survey Corps, move out!”

“Wahoo!” Malcolm called out as he urged his horse to gallop. A real smile crept onto his face, the wind in his hair, a sensation he still was in love with to this day. It was time to go to work.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2019, 01:39:13 AM »
Hange grinned in excitement as she heard the order to advance. “Finally.” She said, tightening up the bands of her glasses up as she mounted up on her horse. Finally, she could see the titans in and around a more populated area! She knew that thought was incredibly morbid, even for her, so she kept it to herself for once. It was a shame so many had to go in the sake of research.

“All right...yah!” She said to her horse, making it speed along to the formation. She needed to keep herself to the front, allowing her to get a good look at any titans that appeared.

According to reports, a massive titan appeared, blowing a hole into Wall Maria, and soon titans simply filtered in. She had never heard of nor seen such a titan, the thought of new titan types making her tighten her grip on the reins as they rode. She truly doubted finding such a titan now, but there was always a small hope.

Riding off with formation, she couldn’t help smiling once more. Today was going to be a great day.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #10 on: December 28, 2019, 01:41:33 AM »
The journey was short compared to some others that the Survey Corps had made as of late. And thus far uneventful. It was about noon by the time they reached their destination. It was nothing but abandoned farm fields for the most part. It was almost eerily quiet. The entirety of the area outside Wall Rose had become a massive ghost town. Within a few months it would be nothing but an overgrown wasteland.

The village that they had to search was just as desolate. It was little more than a few cottages and a small tavern, but it was still one of the last few places to search. There were about a dozen cottages, a small stable and blacksmith, along with a tavern and two or three long since broken market stalls.

Erwin took a small map from his pocket and unfolded it and retrieved a pencil with the other and crossed out the village with an ‘X’. It was the last one. The massive exodus was nearly complete.

“Dismount and search the area!” He bellowed as he stepped down from his horse. “Put any civilians or useful supplies you find in the wagons and prepare to return to the walls. Move quickly!”

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2020, 11:39:03 PM »
(OOC Warning: Brief mention of an abandoned dead pet.)

“Dismount and search the area! Put any civilians or useful supplies you find in the wagons and prepare to return to the walls. Move quickly!”

Tamsin was already landing in the dry grass before Commander Erwin was finished speaking; she didn't hear his precise words so much as intuit the orders. Although she had been moving in a fog these past couple of weeks, after twenty years in service she had a kind of muscle-memory that served her well, even in harrowing circumstances such as these. She led her gray mare -- a recent acquisition into the Corps' herd and new to her only a month ago, that she'd yet to name -- behind her to serve as a temporary packmule, branching off the main street. She knew it was unlikely she'd encounter survivors and, people not being her strong suit, her focus shifted to the second half of the order: supplies. After all, humanity was abruptly at a deficit -- they could use all they could get.

Shadows of the two cottages either side of her cooled her as she passed through them. She passed a hand through the shorn-short hair on the back of her head. What was it Xiersa said? That she had her eye on a boy from the country? Did he come from someplace like this? she wondered. That was the last time she'd spoken to her younger sister, and now those words meant simultaneously so much and yet didn't matter at all now.

She'd gotten the news just two weeks ago that Xiersa had died honorably in service with the Garrison, helping stave off Titans from the broken gate while civilians escaped. Losing her last known remaining sibling had been a curious kind of subdued, almost anticipated pain that had quickly faded into something more like distraction than grief. There hadn't been anything to bury, after all. It was worse that Tamsin was comfortable with that by now.

The alley ended and the sun broke over her again, grabbing her attention. A sharp, dark gaze quickly assessed the back gardens already becoming overgrown, and she led her horse through the half-buried rows of barren vegetable plots. Ahead through a flattened fence she could see the village's stables and made that her ultimate destination, on the way grabbing forgotten gardening tools that could perhaps have their metal melted down later -- violent whacks on the corner of the cottage rid them of the majority of their long and therefore cumbersome wooden handles and she stuffed the ends into one of her saddlebags like a bizarre bouquet.

Old instincts from life on the streets of Shiganshina had her darting into a fallen shed and rummaging through it like a starving rat, deftly procuring envelopes of seeds and a card box of potash. A quick glance at the ground had a glint of metal catching her eye. She plucked the chain from the ground and traced it to a collar around the corpse of an abandoned dog. From the looks of things it had strangled itself trying to escape. She hesitated for only a moment, steeled herself, and quickly removed both collar and chain before moving swiftly away to her horse, shoving the smaller requisitions in her other saddlebag.

Hugh will want anything usable from the stables, she thought, refocusing. Her gaze swept farther out, looking for anything large approaching on the horizon. But we can't linger here too long. She was nothing if not pragmatic and proficient. « Last Edit: March 19, 2020, 12:50:25 AM by Tamsin Spiegel »

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #12 on: February 21, 2020, 10:57:46 PM »
 Mia Kaster did not hesitate to aid the wounded refugees as they past by when the column was dismounted. A few bandages here, some of her rations there. It may have not been much, but she could not stand by idle while knowing that she could help them. Oddly the action helped to calm her own steadily mounting terror, she kept herself busy and focused on the more immediate objective. Yet all too soon the order to move out again came through. Mia remounted her mare, a small but sturdy horse with a smattering of grey and white spots of fur on her hindquarters. She did have a different name once, but ever since some children declared her to be Spot, the name had stuck fast.

The isolation and desolation of the area made Mia shiver in her saddle. She hoped the rest of the Corps could not see how terrified she truly happened to be. It took all of her courage to stay in the saddle and not turn about, fleeing for the nearest gate with it's towering walls to hide behind.
Mia dismounted, pausing to pat her horse and feed her an apple. The first thing one might notice about Mia happened to be her snowy white hair, the second was the young woman's near lack of height. The petite woman, made a quick inventory of her remaining medical supplies, she had used up a significant amount aiding the refugees as they waited.

She shivered in what she hoped the others might see as from cold, rather than the truth of it... Fear. Unwelcome nightmare images flickered before her eyes, Titans killing people, Titans eating them, she being powerless to help them. With difficulty she shunted this horrific recollections aside. She could not help the dead, but the living very much required her in the present. Still, they all needed to run, to ride away from this place. Who knew how long it might be till the enemy revealed themselves? The Titans had to be coming. She might not be able to prevent their arrival, but she may be able to heal those injured in their flight for safety.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #13 on: July 23, 2020, 09:46:06 PM »
Time lent itself to only passing by. It was a bit of a morbid job but someone had to do it. And normally, that meant the Survey Corps. Scouts always had to do the ugly jobs, after all, this suicide squad was either brave enough or stupid enough to always going outside the walls, where titans ran in the open fields.

But now the walls had fallen.

Other questions arose, whispers of why it happened, rumors of the once unbreachable, sacred, giant stone slab would continue to do so. This was the end of humanity as all knew it. How grim.

Malcolm wasn’t sure what to make of it all, but he supposed he didn’t care much either way. Though, it did make his job all the more intense. He didn’t like to quantify himself as a hero, though he knew that one day he would just another addition to the body count.

There were orders given as they reached the first town. Malcolm stayed on Sunny, his steed, slowing her to a walk as he rounded the edge of the settlement. It was mostly empty, mostly dead.

He went to whistling instead, some tuneless melody he’d forgotten the name to. His quiet song accompanied only by the murmurs of scouts finding things or a horse’s trots on the ground.

Grim reminders indeed.

Re: Survey Corps Search and Rescue Mission
« Reply #14 on: July 24, 2020, 12:22:38 PM »
 It still felt like a dream to Petra, that a Wall could fall... It seemed impossible, she expected to wake any moment in her bed and find that the Wall stood, that Shiganshina District had not been overrun by the Titans. Yet this was reality now, humanity being pushed further back by the Titans forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods in search of shelter, of sanctuary. She hoped that everyone had managed to stay ahead of the Titans, to stay safe as they could during the exodus to the relative shelter of Wall Rose. Part of her still felt numb to it, two abnormal Titans capable of smashing the gates as if they were nothing... It just seemed impossible.

She forced her mind to focus on the search for any stragglers or those too stubborn or foolhardy to consider leaving. Anyone who stayed behind would be killed and eaten by the Titans as they remorselessly continued their advance against Humanity.
Dismounted from her grey mare, Petra tested the door of one of the cottages, it was not locked and she swung it open on squealing hinges. She entered, the kitchen stood as if frozen in time, a breakfast lay uneaten and rotting on a table. She moved passed methodically searching each of the rooms, all empty. She was about to leave when she heard something move. Petra froze, tracking the sounds to a bedroom, the noise stopped. She checked the wardrobe, nothing but some old clothes but her the noise again. This time she knew where it came from, the young woman knelt down to see a young child, hiding under the bed. She smiled softly at him. "Hey, it's going to be okay." She said gently to him. "The Scouts are here. I'm Petra." She told the child who backed away from her. "Can you tell me your name?" She asked, the boy just stared at her, wide eyed and frightened. "I'm not going to hurt you, we need to get you somewhere safe, where you will be warm and fed." It took her a long time to convince the boy to come out from the sanctuary of the bed.

Petra finally emerged from the cottage, the little boy dirty and half starved cradled protectively in her arms. She took the child to one of the wagons, explaining to the soldiers guarding it. "I found him alone in one of the houses." She said, handing the boy off to them. She fumbled in her pocket for some rations and handed the food to the little boy, she waited to see him eat before heading back to her horse. At the very least today they managed to save another life.


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