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Author Topic: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]  (Read 669 times)

Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« on: November 12, 2019, 05:36:19 PM »


Each one of you has my respect.
Let’s talk personality here for a moment: Erwin is decidedly complex.  He is serious, self-assured, pragmatic, perceptive, and always planning far for the future.  Furthermore, he is what could be called a “strong and silent type”, and doesn’t speak more than is necessary; whether he is calling someone out, or speaking to a crowd to stir up support.  As such, he has a stoic charisma that draws people to him.  Despite this he does have a softer side and has a deep concern for his subordinates. But underneath this exterior is a man who is riddled by self-doubt, guilt and many regrets.  Perhaps this, or something darker, drives his almost single-minded determination to defend humanity.

It is interesting to note however, that he seems to sit somewhere between his two immediate subordinates, Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë.  Where Levi is rude, anti-social, and aggressive, Erwin is polite, direct, and calm.  Where Hange is loud, outgoing, and impulsive, Erwin is quiet, introverted, and patient.

Who do you think the real enemy is?
Erwin may not always play well with others, but that doesn’t mean that he is beyond hope of building bonds of trust and respect with others within his unit.  After serving in the Survey Corps for well over a decade, it would be impossible for to not have built even a handful of these relationships despite his trust issues. 

As for romantic relationships?  Perhaps it would be best to play it by ear, but as a man wholly dedicated to his cause, they are highly unlikely, but not impossible.

Sir, I have a proposition…
Here are some RP ideas:
Mission planning – Erwin is the head of the Survey Corps, but despite that, he seems to value the input of everyone in his unit when the situation demands it. 
Simple conversation – I know this is more than vague, but Erwin has been in the Survey Corps for more than a decade and though he isn’t much of a talker, it’s fair to say he may know almost all of his subordinates.  Maybe he is reminiscing with someone about life before the war or a mission with Keith Shadis?  Perhaps they are discussing the state of politics behind the walls?  Maybe he has to make an inspirational speech?
Daily operations – As commander, Erwin has to deal with the daily issues of commanding a military unit.  This could include requisitioning supplies, resolving conflicts between squad leaders, reviewing potential new recruits to the Survey Corps, and so on.  While many may find this hum-drum and dull, this is now his daily life.

Let’s talk Scouting Expeditions!!!

What are your ideas?

Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 03:22:14 AM »
Hey! Would love to have some interaction with my commander!

  • Pranksters - Starts with Malcolm either pulling a prank and running away from the aftermath or getting caught in the middle of the prank and his commander sees it. Something harmless, but 'annoying' enough and well, then he runs into his own commander... Might devolve into Malcolm wanting to convince his Commander to 'lighten/loosen up'

  • Stable Duty/Joy Ride -  A 'daily activity' sort of thing, Malcolm likes horses so he'd often volunteer to take care of them. Perhaps even take a horse out for a 'joy' ride or just taking care of the horses in the stables... Two might end up talking about something deeper.

  • Simple Conversation? - Nothing really is simple with Malcolm though, haha. The two end up having a conversation about the past, maybe Malcolm shows his more enigmatic side and reveals his reason for joining the army and the Survey Corp, which aren't really that 'noble' of goals.

Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2019, 02:05:29 AM »
Oh my gosh, I'd love to interact with the commander!!

Here are a couple of ideas I've got for an interaction with A. Marauder.

Simple Conversation - Amanda would be drawn in by Erwin's complex nature, so she'd very much want to find an excuse to sit and have coffee with him once or twice. She'd likely want to pick his brain about why he wants to go beyond the walls, and depending on where the conversation goes and if she feels she can trust him, may open up about her experiences beyond the sanctuary of Maria's furthest border.

Dare - A drinking contest, which Amanda will most decidedly lose, leads to her confessing something she shouldn't... especially to the commander. We can talk direction if you'd like (I have a couple of secrets in mind), but I enjoy lighthearted activities that lead to angst or deeper emotional reveals.

Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2019, 08:39:19 PM »
Sorry this reply is so long in coming!

For Malcolm, definitely the prankster route! I've had threads in the past that involve Erwin walking in on awkward/complicated/humorous situations and would always be down for more!

For Amanda, I would be down for the drinking contest! There is a future thread I have planned for that purpose, but its on the back burner for now.

However, considering Erwin's personal history, I think they would definitely have a LOT to discuss on certain matters.

If either of you would like to start threads after the coming holiday please let me know, we can do more planning in DMs on discord.

Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2020, 02:53:55 AM »
I finally made my way here! <3 This is in no way with the goal of adding more to your plate, but merely to present some options should you get a hankering someday. No pressure at all.

While I also have Julia (who's had one son in the Scouts before that would have been a little older than Erwin, and was in general a fairly prominent 'mover and shaker' back in the day -- she's more of a contextual character), I wanted to bring up:

Tamsin, who's served with the Scouts for about twenty years now. Despite being loyal to the Scouts as her 'found family' and to their mission overall, she is becoming jaded, tired, and increasingly frustrated with their lack of progress. I imagine she greatly respects Erwin but there could be potential pep-talk conversation there, as a thread idea. Her resourcefulness has probably proven useful on several occasions, too -- something to do with inventory, salvage, restocking and so on are other possible avenues. I know me suggesting her is very vague so I'm open to anything that comes to mind, if it does! If not, no worries!

And most of all:

Minister Holloway -- this is more for potential political threads, as he's positioning himself to manipulate the Church of the Walls to his own ends and thus is basically the antithesis of Erwin and Pixis and their dreams for humanity. He's older than Erwin, and I'm sure ever since Erwin took over from Shadis he's been keeping an eye on him. He's not quite at the stages of outright sabotage but a preliminary experiment is a possibility. Again, ideas welcome, but only if you'd like to!

Mercedes Carello | Tamsin Spiegel | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus 
Julia Carello | Minister Siegfried JusticaMinister Saul Holloway | Alein Valdeze | Meera Valdeze

Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2020, 12:37:11 PM »

I always loved Erwin as a character because of his intricacy! That being said, I think we could work on an interesting friendship between him and Paula . Paula is a former Military Police officer who transferred into the Survey Corps due to personal reasons regarding her family. As her older brother bravely served in this affiliation before her and died in an expedition, I imagine she would surely resent Erwin at first, despite her knowing it was not actively his fault that her brother passed away. I believe their conversations during this phase would be quite amusing, as Paula likes being passive-aggressive rather than asserting.
However, I am sure that she would change her perception about the Commander if they would simply discuss about this. She is clever and curious by nature, so she would enjoy nothing more than digging into the brain of the man her brother gave his life for. I think after such a debate, she would slowly but steadily grow a newfound respect for Erwin.

As for plot ideas, I don't think something too complicated is needed to form an interaction between them. Maybe Paula could leave some paperwork for him (most likely regarding her transfer) and a snarky comment would escape her mouth. Or we can always throw a few drinks here and there, as she does have problems with self control when it comes to alcohol. I am open to any kind of ideas haha :)


Re: Who do you think the real enemy is? [Erwin Plotter Reboot]
« Reply #6 on: July 13, 2020, 04:44:14 PM »

Okay, these two might be a bit of an odd match on the surface, after all Mia is barely managing to keep it together and is a considered flight risk. Despite this she is a dutiful medic and will never leave a wounded comrade behind. However, after being a sole survivor, there is a lot of horrors locked behind her amnesia... Plus whatever happened to her turned her hair white. So there is a bit of ground there.

But equally, I like the idea of a conversation thread or some planning, perhaps since she is a medic, he is asking how the supplies are? Or how the wounded are doing? Mia can be quite friendly, just reluctant to talk about whatever horrors lurk inside her skull.


Now Lynne would follow Erwin to the ends of the earth he but asked her to. She is a good soldier, loyal and supportive, despite her difficult upbringing. She is my only canon.


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