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Author Topic: Kaien Engelbrecht  (Read 519 times)

Kaien Engelbrecht
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:18:32 PM »

NAME: Kaien (Sea Swallow, Deep Ocean) Engelbrecht (Angel Glorious, Bright Angel).
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Kai - It’s what those who know him and get along with him well enough often call him. He doesn't let just anyone call him that though, since it means 'food'. He finds it both insulting and amusing, depending on context.
Titan - Mocked as a child, and often even today, for his size and his appetite he’s been bullied and called the very thing so many hate and fear; a Titan.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 17 years old, born 828 on the 13th of May.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wall Sina, Yarckel District.
FACE CLAIM: Murasakibara Atsushi from Kuroku No Basket.

Kaien is abnormally tall for someone his age, standing at a towering height of 6’10. His athletic build and impressive height has always commanded attention within a room, rarely failing to give rise to preconceived assumptions about his character. He has shoulder length, dark-brown hair which he dyed a dark lavender in an attempt to rebel against the pristine image his father always forced upon the family. His hair touches his back and his deep blue eyes often have a violet glint and always seem to look disinterested and tired; at least until his patience gets pushed too far or he actually starts caring. The clothes Kaien wears when he’s not in his uniform are plain, and usual. They are always well kept though and upon close inspection one can see the materials are of fine quality. Kai rarely smiles, and has a perfect poker face most of the time. He has a few scars on his body, the most noticeable stretching from his right hip to his abdomen, which he received in a rather unfair, nasty fight.

Contrary to the impression his height gives, he actually acts very lumpish when he’s not in a serious situation. However, what may actually be a serious situation he might not consider as such, and therefore even during serious moments he might fool around, which is not always well received. Kai is mildly sadistic and childish, and has become this way due to the treatment he received from various other children while growing up.

Often acting like he doesn’t care and like he’s bored by and even hates those with passion and enthusiasm is a defense mechanism he has developed over the years to protect himself. Though often his acting is so good he even convinces himself. He claims that the only reason he joined the Military is because he’s good at it, but that he doesn’t care for their cause at all. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Deep down Kaien cares a whole lot and once broken through the defensive walls he has built up over the years he’s actually a giant teddy bear and a bit of a goof. In accordance with his childlike nature, he has a sweet tooth and is seen eating sugar-related foods whenever he can get his hands on them. Though in all honesty he’ll settle for just about anything and would often get himself into some sort of trouble over food.

Overall Kaien isn't the calm type, not when he starts putting in the effort. Yes, he seems aloof most of the time, and like he’s doing the bare minimum to get by, but when his buttons get pushed he’s actually quite the opposite. When he tries he can be very active, and he even set a record during hand-to-hand combat when he was enraged. However, since he’s ‘bored’ most of the time, he becomes less aggressive and has been limiting himself.

His actual specialty is offense, but he has been focusing on defense as a means to ‘cut corners’ and slack off. However he quickly switches to offense after being enraged, and would often do so to put an end to someone’s ‘pointless’ enthusiasm since he has been taught it’s a weakness; often bullied as a child for being optimistic himself. The actual reason for his lazy attitude towards the training most of the time is because if he gave his all and went all-out, he may hurt his opponents or even teammates with his huge size. Something, contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t actually want to do.

Physical Strengths: Strong, high endurance, versatile, hand-to-hand combat.
Mental Strengths: Stoic, patient, strong-willed, realistic.

Physical Weakness: His size (ODM gear was a struggle at first and often even now, it also makes him stand out and might be obstructive in certain situations), bad at handling small things (threading a needle for example), strong (sometimes doesn't know his own strength).
Mental Weakness: Irascible, mistrusting, abrasive, censorious, anxiety, lazy.

Kaien aspires to become apart of the Garrison in order to escape his life within Wall Sina. However, he’s realistic, and knows his father will worm him into the Military Police one way or another. If not through achieving the top ten (which he has no desire to do, but which was part of his agreement) then through bribery or fraternization.
Despite his reluctance to show it, Kaien longs to find a place for himself.
Food. He wants food. Good, proper food. Always. Sweet things most of all. He’s quite fond of baking sweetened pastries.

Despite desperately trying to hide it, he is self-conscious about his height and appetite due to constantly being bullied as a child. Although he embraced it, he still gets angry/defensive when people address it (especially if they compare him to a Titan). He might avoid a situation completely due to anticipating someone bringing it up.
Being pulled into the political world his father lives in and expects him to be a part of.
Failing to protect those he actually gives a damn about.
Failing in anything he actually gives a damn about.

Born on the 13th of May 828, inside the walls of the Regional Lord’s Manor, Kaien came kicking and screaming into the world with high expectations placed upon his shoulders. His life was quite different from most as he grew up, he’d imagine. From a young age he was forced to sit still, learn how to read, write, act prim and proper and look the part. It was his duty to represent his family in only the best light, anything less than perfect was deeply frowned upon, and often punishable.

There was little love between him and his parents, in fact he rarely even saw them; Kaien wasn’t even sure his father and mother ever loved each other. The little love he received came from those who served the family and those who visited (sometimes), but from his parents he only ever received strict demands. Still, Kaien was an enthusiastic, energetic child. He often dirtied his clothes in the vast gardens outside as he played, and snuck out to wander the streets of Yarckel District, or stole sweets and pastries from the kitchens. Despite being punished when caught he was determined to find new, improved ways of living his life outside of his father’s vision for him… even after his mother died. They weren’t close, but she did allow him much more freedom than his father ever did and often taught him how to bake. It was the one and only thing he ever shared with her.

When Kaien reached the age of 9 he started growing much faster than other kids his age and eventually towered even over children far older than himself. Despite having so much, he never really felt like he had anything as the love he often received were simply temporary and no children other than those forced to stay at the manor (and even then) seemed to want to be his friend. They called him ‘Titan’, and mockingly ran and screamed as he approached, shouting awful things like “He’s going to eat us!”.

Kaien grew angry and closed himself off from the world, his optimism turned to pessimism. Often finding himself in a fight he didn't start but was more than willing to finish, and often outnumbered quickly made him shape up and learn how to defend himself. Eventually he became quite the intimidating presence, and despite his father having other plans for him he saw no harm in his son gaining some Military prowess, especially not if it could get him some recognition ahead of time. He didn’t pay any attention to the trouble his son got himself into, he didn’t care as long as it didn’t come back to him or reflect badly on the family name. There were only one or two instances, and so the leash only tightened to ensure that such things won’t happen again. Kaien lost the few friends he had, but still managed to kick the restricting walls down every so often.

However, when Wall Maria was breached the news spread like wildfire and everyone panicked; something he thought was quite amusing. Suddenly he became quite trivial in his father’s eyes. They were behind Wall Sina, and already his father was worried about refugees consuming all his resources. In those moments, although afraid to a certain extent, Kaien was quite calm and ready for whatever to happen. He didn’t care. His life had no meaning, and why should he care about those who had tormented him for so many years? He sat quietly by a window as soldiers, servants and Lords scurried around.

Of course after some time, after people calmed down, news came from Wall Rose about the current situation and it shocked all who heard it. The life of every individual within the Walls changed that day, and for the first time Kaien looked at everyone and everything with new eyes. He saw the children, desperately clinging to their mothers, panicked faces of young and old. Most people only cared about money, resources… themselves. Lord Engelbrecht was no different, and wanted to retreat further into the safety of Wall Sina. Kaien, however, was determined to leave for the Military like so many others.

There was little protest from the Regional Lord since all he truly cared about was his own safety. Kaien took advantage of the situation and snuck through the cracks of his previous prison. There was only one demand from his father; that he end up in the Military Police.

AGE: 23

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Re: Kaien Engelbrecht
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Re: Kaien Engelbrecht
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