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Author Topic: Another Cog In The Murder Machine  (Read 1923 times)

Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« on: November 16, 2019, 09:36:50 PM »

Patient | strong-willed | abrasive | mistrusting

All the love and attention Kaien ever received was temporary. It probably wasn’t even real. Growing up within a strict noble household certainly had its advantages but kept him from forming too many meaningful relationships. One had a reputation to uphold, and false pleasantries were often exchanged between one another for that very reason. Kaien was introduced to a lot of others during his childhood, but probably only a rare few would have fallen in the ‘friend’ category. He was an energetic, enthusiastic kid who always got up to some mischief; he often even snuck out to be a ‘normal kid’. Eventually his father would ensure the end of these ‘friendships’ if they didn’t benefit the family image. Now that his leash has been extended he’s simply looking to rid himself of it entirely, but he’s certainly open to whatever he may find along the way. He's just going to be difficult about it first. He has some severe trust issues and quite a few walls thrown up that once broken down would make him a very loyal, brutally honest, but very kind and goofy friend to have.

SHAY DENIN - Close friends, perhaps even best friends. Their bond is unique and they can often sit within each other's presence for hours without saying a word.

MARCO BOTT - Kaien hates that he likes him. He infuriates him and often gets on his nerves, but yet Marco's probably the only one who can make Kaien feel hopeful.

Not necessarily the one to start a fight but always willing to finish it. Kaien probably knows a few people who don't particularly like him, either because of preconceived assumptions due to his appearance, his family, or because of his attitude. He always seems bored and disinterested, and acts like he doesn’t care during moments that might be very important to someone else. He’s sadistic and childish, and might even fool around during serious situations. He’s bored by and even hates passionate, enthusiastic people and if pushed too far he gets angered by it. He can be quite abrasive within these moments. This often ends up rubbing people the wrong way and can take a situation in various directions. When he does get angry and decides to prove a point, he actually starts putting his energy into his actions which can be quite destructive.

JAREK VALDEZE - Kaien is extremely wary of Jarek and although he might not confidently throw him in this category, he feels Jarek fits it well enough as most, if not all, nobles do.

Although he hasn't come to terms with his homosexuality yet, during the next few years (845 - 847) he'll find his heart won't give him much of a choice. His father will also most likely try and force him to marry in the near future since Kaien's the Engelbrecht heir, something he's not prepared for at all.

MARCO BOTT - Over some time Kaien will develop strong feelings for Marco. Long, slow burn incoming!

Feel free to hit me up here, in PMs or on Discord (Lemon#5001).
« Last Edit: December 05, 2019, 08:50:02 PM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 10:33:40 PM »
Kaien's backstory is wonderfully written and your graphics are beautiful! I'm going to drop you some plots, but feel free to take as many or as little as you like!

Kaien & Mara
Mara is something of a sweetheart, she loves making people feel better and helping them to help themselves. As a merchant's daughter, she knows a little about living relatively comfortably, though her family began struggling after the fall of Wall Maria. If Kaien struggles at all, she'd offer to help no matter what, though she's not the most able of cadets either!

Kaien & Ymir
Ymir wandered about Wall Sina for a short while stealing from rich people though not Yarckel - so she has some indication of what the nobles live like. I could definitely see her testing Kaien and seeing if he's anything like the greedy Wall Sina natives she knows of. Mostly by stealing his food in the mess hall, forcing him to do the majority of any duties they're put on together (cleaning duty, kitchen duty, anything else).

I also have Axel Falkenrath (rule-follower extraordinaire from Trost), Eren Jaeger (well), Claude Larsen (another sweetheart), and Nack Tierce (compulsive liar who would claim to have relatives in Yarckel District and could be called out on an obvious lie).

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2019, 11:23:30 PM »
► Kaien and Jarek

We've spoken briefly about these two and I'm definitely down for them knowing one another, likely through Kaien's father. A party is always a possible venue where nobles are concerned or, if Jarek and Mr. Engelbrecht are associates of sorts, they may have met either in Yarckel or Ehrmich. I'm totally open to when such a thread would be set, and whether it's exploring these two meeting for the first time or built on the assumption they're already somewhat familiar with one another. Kaien could be a child, or teenager, or already be getting ready to join the military. Either way, Jarek is good with names and faces, he likes to know people, and he'll be watching with interest if Kaien does indeed join the Military Police.

► Kaien and Marco

Oh boy. Okay, so Marco is one of those inherently cheerful, optimistic and enthusiastic people that Kaien seems less than impressed with. And honestly, I think it'd be very interesting to get these two into a thread together. I'm not sure how Marco would take being deadpanned, except to double-down on his usual sunny sweetness. Maybe they get paired up for hand-to-hand combat? Or for a practice hike?

Asides from the two above, I've also got Dalton (a gentle soul, really not cut out for the military and, man, he thought he was tall, but Kaien takes lofty to a whole new level) and Struna (she doesn't take training seriously, is a bit of a clown, is superstitious as hell and thinks her violet eye colour is lucky - she'd be mighty interested in the fact Kaien's eyes are of the same rare shade).

Annie Leonhardt | Dalton Lightbody † | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

(avatar art credit)

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2019, 08:23:15 PM »
To Both:
Hey! Thank you for the compliments, I appreciate it a lot, Webs! I love all of both of your characters and it’s hard to narrow down with which to plot first cause they’re all so great. I’ll reply and we can narrow it down then? It’s just an attempt to ‘rein myself in’ and make sure I can keep up in the end. I tend to bite off more than I can chew.

To Webs:
Kaien&Mara - So just the fact that her surname means sunshine already throws up a red flag to Kaien. He’s not particularly fond of overly optimistic, cheerful people but as long as she’s not too ‘in his face’ with her sunny personality (at least not at first) then he’d actually open up a little. If anything he’ll stop scowling. I had a few thread ideas…

  • Kaien will probably struggle a LOT when he first gets to the barracks because the living conditions there will be vastly different from what he’s used to. He’s never really worked (done chores like sweeping, etc.) in his life, and he only ever made messes and never really had to clean them. He’s also not used to the lack of food so he’s probably grumpy about that. Maybe we can have them being paired up on cleaning duty, that or we can have them both show their horrible skills as cadets and finding ways to help one another.

Kaien&Ymir - If she even touches his food omg he’ll explode. Lol. He loves his food. Probably the easiest way to make him angry is by touching his food. As for the rest of her tests he’ll probably fail them as well, but perhaps not in the way she would expect. He’ll do his duties with the least amount of energy required and probably do them poorly since he’s not used to doing them at all. In a way these two might actually get along? Both avoid getting close to others, and both actually want to be kind, but kind of end up being abrasive instead. There are some more similarities but I’m rambling. XD In the end they might just have a mutual respect/understanding of the other; but never really get emotional about it. They sort of just know?

  • I saw in your plotter one of the ideas were that someone give her a tip on how to throw her punches. If you haven’t been taken up on that yet then maybe we can do that for these two?

I also really love Nack! He’s a fun character with some deep psychological trauma and yaaaassss. I would definitely like to thread these two at some point. I’m really glad he doesn’t get swatted by a titan this time. Kaien would probably not even call him out on his lies, at least not right away. He’ll most likely ignore Nack at first, but if Nack’s determined enough it could be fun. It definitely helps that Kaien has the connections he has, especially if Nack really wants to get into the Military Police… you know, if he’d go the dishonest way that is.

To Puffin:
Kaien&Jarek - Yes definitely! We can do a party, but I do like the idea that Kai’s father and Jarek are associates and met up in either district. I’d imagine it happened quite a bit (as often as needed), so perhaps they have known one another for some time, or at least of one another. Kaien could have been there as a kid and a secondary character while he was meeting with his father and then eventually got, like, sent out of the room. As he grew perhaps these two interacted more, but stayed acquaintances. At some point Kaien got into a lot of fights and expressed an interest in developing his skills so he could actually protect himself and fight back. His father allowed it, cause it looked good and gained them favour with the military heads. Perhaps a situation developed wherein Jarek actually taught Kaien swordplay?

Kaien&Marco - Kaien’s going to love Marco! Lol, I’m kidding, of course… well, he might grow to like the guy, though at first I do think Marco will be getting on his nerves. At some point I imagine Kaien getting frustrated with himself for warming up to the guy. I like both ideas! Hiking could be very interesting, so we can perhaps start with that?

I love Dalton! He’s so sweet. Kai will probably not be good for his mental health for so many reasons. Perhaps one day we can throw them in a thread. I would love that! Kaien might actually be a bit mean and make up ghost stories, or even pick on Dalton a little (not in a malicious way though). I also love Struna, and think Kai’s childish side would mesh well with her character. They might actually get along quite well, be the two goofs often not taking their training seriously and talking about silly things like eye colour while others try not to become Titan chow.

Sorry for the essays. If you are more comfortable plotting on Discord, let me know!
« Last Edit: November 19, 2019, 10:41:45 AM by Lemon »

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2019, 12:16:37 PM »
► Kaien and Jarek

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the idea of Jarek teaching Kaien swordplay, omg. I'm absolutely down for Kaien accompanying his father on his visits to Ehrmich, and interacting with Jarek when he travels to their home in Yarckel. As you say, the business connection has likely existed for years, so they'll have at least known of one another for quite some time. But yes, shall we set the thread in Ehrmich? Jarek and Kaien can get a chance to practice swordplay, either between meetings - or perhaps Kaien's father brought him there especially to have a lesson?

Something else occurred to me, that could involve Kaien, Jarek and Marco. Although it mightn't actually result in a thread, it could be an extra detail in the storytelling. I'mma be all secretive and message you on Discord about it, as it's a post-Utopia possibility. ;)

► Kaien and Marco

Best friends, haha!! Honestly, Marco is sweet enough to rot teeth, I'm quite sure Kaien isn't the only one to find him frustrating, at least initially. I do love the thought of Kaien eventually - reluctantly - warming up to him! Yesss, let's go for the hike. They'll have likely seen one another in other classes, etc. beforehand but I imagine this could be the first time they've interacted for any prolonged period. And what better way to get them thoroughly introduced than miles from anywhere, navigating the wilds??

► Kaien and Dalton/Struna

Okay, so these threads may be going on the back burner for now, but whenever you want them just hit me up because I am here for them! I'm always down for Dalton getting spooked by ghost stories and teased a bit. We'll have to have some childish, irreverent shenanigans with Kaien and Struna too as I think they'd get on very well (and frustrate the instructors no end).

Basically this post is a very long way of me saying yassss. XD

Do you have any preference on who starts what? Maybe one each? « Last Edit: November 18, 2019, 05:31:52 PM by Puffin »

Annie Leonhardt | Dalton Lightbody † | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

(avatar art credit)

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2019, 10:44:49 AM »
Kaien&Jarek - I love the swordplay as well! It gives Kaien an upper hand once he joins the military and a chance to form his own connection with Jarek that doesn’t involve his father. So Ehrmich it is! I think perhaps Kaien’s brought there specifically for the lessons. So he would be left to stay there for some time, either with the Valdeze’s or somewhere separate.

I love the Marco/Kaien/Jarek idea so friggin much! I’ll be all over it on Discord in a bit. XD

Kaien&Marco - Perhaps one day they’ll be just that, who knows! I can see a long, interesting rode for these two and I can’t wait to get started! And yes, Kaien might even have avoided Marco in those other classes until now when they are forced to work together. I love this!

Kaien&Dalton/Struna - Will do! I look forward to it all!!

Yaaaasssss. Hehe. I don’t mind starting! If you’d like, then I can start Jarek/Kaien and you can start Marco/Kaien?

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2019, 11:09:32 PM »
► Kaien and Jarek

All of that sounds perfect! Kaien can absolutely stay with the Valdezes. Goodness knows they have enough spare rooms, and I'm quite sure they often have associates and friends stay as guests. If you don't mind starting this thread, that'd be perfect! <3

► Kaien and Marco

I am excited and so, so ready for this!! Haha, oh man, sorry Kaien, you're stuck with Captain Positivity for the duration of this trek. I'll get this started as soon as I can. :D

Annie Leonhardt | Dalton Lightbody † | Eld Jinn | Farran Falkenrath | Ian Dietrich
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

(avatar art credit)

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2019, 01:14:56 PM »
Kaien & Mara
Oh, she might be too in his face... I'd love to explore her trying to brighten someone up but going into it perhaps too much and somebody not be into it, honestly! Cleaning duty seems like a great way to have her help him directly and talk more, though an assault course could also work for them both to lag behind struggling together. Either works for me - I'm happy to write a starter for either unless you'd like to just go ahead and make one :) Or we can hold this off!

Kaien & Ymir
Well, that decides it - she's definitely going to touch his food one day! They could get along, definitely - there's potential for it at least. All depends on how they interact XD. I'm down for the punching! Would you like me to start that or you? ^^

Kaien & Nack
Ahh thank you! Doesn't get swatted yet ;) Nack is definitely determined, though he's wary of telling stories about certain things if he knows someone near him could call him out on it. That's definitely a possibility! It's basically up until Assault on Utopia that Nack tries (not... very hard, at all) to get into the Military Police, despite his low scores. He'd definitely go for the dishonest way until deciding against it after all! If you want to start with these two as well (we don't have to yet, we can save it for later if you'd prefer), we could tackle them with a bit of paired training (hike, foraging, marksmanship, etc) or figure out some kind of story that would get Kaien's attention and reaction?

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2019, 08:22:27 PM »
To Puffin:
Will have you a starter and a reply ASAP! Let’s do thisssssssss. XD

To Webs:
Kaien&Mara - I’d love to explore that as well, really get into that side of Kaien! It’s not impossible to cheer him up, but even if you’re someone he considers a friend it’s not all that easy. So she’ll definitely have a tough time cracking this nut. I like both ideas but I must say an assault course sounds so much fun! If you’d like to start this one then I’ll get us going on Kaien and Ymir?

Kaien&Ymir - Oh dear, that’ll be amazing. He’ll be hilariously furious if she touches his food and will be holding a grudge. But yes, I agree, definitely potential and what better way than to test that through having them throw punches at one another?

Kaien&Nack - That “yet” scares me. XD Maybe we can put them on hold for a bit because I’m already at the limit I set for myself. I might be able to handle more than I initially thought, but I’m not sure yet. Though after I close some of the threads I’m going to have going now I definitely want to thread these two and also, eventually, Eren. -grabby hands-
« Last Edit: November 21, 2019, 08:22:54 PM by Lemon »

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2019, 01:24:39 AM »
Kaien & Mara
Assault course it is! I'm good with that :) I'll get a starter up when I can, and look forward to yours! No rush!!

Kaien & Ymir
It'll happen!

Kaien & Nack
I have no plans for the near future, I promise XD Putting them on hold works for me, I'll note it down for future reference when you're ready and we've finished one of the above! I'm down for all the Eren plots any time ;)

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #10 on: December 01, 2019, 05:31:31 PM »
We've talked a little about this already, but wanted to set it out here!

Mercedes & Kaein
They'd make for a good fight, both liking physical challenges. 'Cee wouldn't be put off by his size either. She has limited practical experience when she first enters training so she'd probably value his prowess and respect him. They're similar in temperament in some ways (though she's not childish) and seem to have the same fears; she'd also probably pick up on his insecurity about his size and see past a few of those walls. She'd likely have a challenge not understanding what it means to not have come from a loving home, however -- odd as her upbringing with her grandmother was, she was never in doubt that she was loved. So yes, I can see a spar being one of their first interactions, if not *the* first.

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”
~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #11 on: December 05, 2019, 05:18:04 PM »
Yes, awesome, let’s do it! Sorry for taking a while to respond, been catching up on some sleep.


They would make for a good fight, yes! Now we just need to figure out how to start one. XD Kaien’s quite reserved and aloof at first, and it would take something quite significant to stir him up. He's also not very sociable, but he's not incapable and if approached he'll react (he might still be unfriendly but at least he'll be speaking). He's also not above making snarky comments on other people's conversations, so if we need him to be the one to rile her up, then by all means! Or if one approaches the other to ask for extra sparring (either overhearing and offering to help, or deliberately seeking the other out), it could work too? Kaien is a bit childish, yeah, but only really when he's bored/ trying to spite someone. His insecurities about his size will most likely reveal themselves one way or another while they spar as well. He tries not to hurt people (not much, anyway), and holds back a lot and restricts his movements. He'd probably be on the defensive more than anything, and depending on their surroundings he'd be very cautious too. It depends on the situation really, but overall he doesn't really view his size as an advantage, or a strength. It'd be awesome to see these two interact after this since, depending on how it goes, I think he'd appreciate her determination. Admire it even. And once more about their backgrounds are revealed to one another it can be very interesting!

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #12 on: December 09, 2019, 05:25:17 AM »
Kaien & 'Cee

I had a thought that might make our dilemma simpler: we could have Mercedes simply get bored with her current sparring partner and, once they're done, deliberately hone in on Kaien and approach him to ask to fight him instead! I like to think she'd be the type (perhaps once they realize it's fun fighting the other) to tell him not to hold back. Fighting aside, what you say about them finding out about the other's background is interesting -- they might value the non-judgmental-ness in the other and actually form a fairly trusting confidence as time goes on.

Whenever you're ready, I don't mind starting, or you're welcome to! :)

“I’m surrounded by the past and it is demanding something from me.”
~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #13 on: January 04, 2020, 09:00:15 PM »

First, sorry that it took me this long to reply. The holiday really threw me for a loop.

I think that sounds like a plan! Kaien will probably be pretty bored himself so he’d take her on just to pass the time. Once they start fighting, and he actually starts enjoying it, he’ll loosen up and I love that she’d assure him of that! I think it’d be interesting if they do develop a friendship as time goes on - their own version of it. The non-judgemental-ness will be a big thing for him.

If you’d like to start and don’t mind that’d be lovely, I would but I might take a bit to get to it (catching up). Though I’ll be on it as soon as possible, whether I need to start or reply, hehe.

Re: Another Cog In The Murder Machine
« Reply #14 on: March 02, 2020, 11:37:50 PM »
I'm back again!

If I could solely reply with a side-eye-smug-face, I would. But I suppose I'll do this properly!  XD

Kaien and Meera
I imagine a lot of this we'll end up hashing out on Discord, but since it was pre-established before I picked her up that there'd be a Kaien/Meera arranged engagement plot I figured it best that I formalize my interest here! My initial questions are to the tune of timing and logistics -- the rest we can figure out! Just wanted to get the basics confirmed before I start plotting too deeply with Meera. However you want to choreograph this is fine by me, and just hit me up when you're ready! <3

Mercedes Carello | Tamsin Spiegel | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus 
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