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Author Topic: Fear Inoculum. [Eren]  (Read 48 times)

Fear Inoculum. [Eren]
« on: November 16, 2019, 10:42:55 PM »
[ year 845 ]

Before the world ended, Armin dreamed in color, of places he'd never seen and people he'd never met. He saw life breathed into the illustrations of his grandfather's book, its inkstrokes reborn into perfect color and bathed in light. The light would catch on water that stretched beyond the horizon, glittering with its invitation. Those dreams had been so kind to him, back then.

Now, he saw the ocean before him and its beckoning was unkind. The sun was gone, and the starless sky turned the water inky black. Armin didn't want to walk in, but he was doing it anyway, every choice out of his control as his feet carried him towards the edge. The seafoam looked filthy, a reddish tinge of rust around it. When he stepped into the water, it was warm. It was alive. Pulling him closer, further out, till his toes couldn't touch the bottom anymore. Something brushed against his leg and his eyes turned towards the shore, only to see that it didn't exist anymore. There was only ocean and darkness. When something wrapped around his ankle to pull him beneath the surface, his panic made him thrash. He desperately tried to keep himself afloat, choking on the sharp iron taste of water- no, blood- trying to find its way into his throat.

Armin was screaming, he knew he was. But he couldn't hear it. There was no sound, and everything was still silent when he was tugged all the way down to the ocean floor. He could see nothing through the murkiness. It was quiet, even as he kept trying to shout and scramble away. It wasn't real. He knew it wasn't. And this was nothing compared to the hell that came to him some nights, he should be grateful that he was just drowning.

Re: Fear Inoculum. [Eren]
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 01:44:13 AM »
Sleep did not come easily. Eren wasn't sure when he'd last had a sound sleep throughout the night - exhaustion helped little. Between the snoring and shuffling and groaning of the other bunks against his own nightmares, he struggled to sleep more than a few hours at a time. Disturbances, of all kinds, kept him on the edge of tiredness and clawed him awake multiple times each night. The nightmares were the worst, and usually began as dreams, lulling him in, false security tricking him.

Tonight, he woke to a sound he knew was familiar, but couldn't quite place. Thrashing sheets, wheezing breath... still half-asleep, he delayed investigating until it clicked. Too late, too slow; because Armin was screaming. Whether the others were woken by it or not he didn't care.

He clumsily rolled off of the top bunk, hitting his knee sharp against the wood in the process, landing on his ankle haphazardly to boot. The aches didn't matter, scrambling instead to focus on his friend. "Armin... Armin, it's okay," he whispered, leaning in to grab at the sheet, pulling it back and away so he didn't end up tying himself up. "I'm here - it's safe. You're safe. Wake up... wake up, I'm here, I'm right with you. It's okay, Armin."


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