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Author Topic: Malcolm Watanabe  (Read 635 times)

Malcolm Watanabe
« on: November 17, 2019, 12:31:05 AM »

NAME: Malcolm Watanabe
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Watanabe | The Acrobat | The Circus
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  August 13, 820
PLACE OF BIRTH: Trost District
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM: Prussia, Hetalia

Height: 5'11 | 180 cm
Weight: 166 lbs | 74.8 kg
Malcolm has silver-white hair, laid in a casual, messy style with bangs than often get into his eyes. He claims he likes to feel the wind in his hair when rushing through the air on his 3DMG. His eyes are the color of dark amber-copper, and often seem to sparkle with a mischevious shine. His ccopper orbs have an almost shape to them, a faint trait of his true Orient heritage, and seem to shine almost red in certain lighting. He has a pale complexion, without a noticeable blemish or scar on his exposed skin, however, his clothing normally hides scars of his past life he wouldn't speak about. Particularly, a large nasty scar on his forearm. Malcolm has a tall and lean physique, mostly due to the rough, physical demands of being a soldier. He is normally found in his army uniform and Survey Corp cape. He wears a normal, white button-up undershirt underneath his army jacket.

Malcolm is a jokester. It's hard to believe the man would take anything seriously with his easy smile and sarcastic charm. From barrack pranks to annoying stunts, Malcolm always seems to be the life of a party, even when there isn't a party happening at all. He likes toying with the new cadets the most, toting his seniority like it means something, when, despite his near decade long run in the Survey Corps, he hasn't been trusted or bothered with rising up the ranks. Perhaps the only thing that has garnered his truest respect is the fact that he has lived this long.

In the most casual conversation, Malcolm's dialogue is littered with sarcastic comments, jokes, and misplaced puns. He is somewhat argumentive, and even enjoys pushing people's buttons for the sake of it. He is prone to bursts of laughter for no real reason, often thinking of something funny on his own time, and also dramatizes his reactions to most things because he enjoys having that good laugh. He does most things for his own entertainment, but doesn't mind it when others also find his antics amusing. He also enjoys roping others into those very same antics, seeing how hard he can push limits before he ends up in the brig.

If one would ask Malcolm just why he appears so 'easy-going,' he'd simply reply that he's going to die anyway, so why not have a little fun beforehand? At least, he seems convinced enough of his own words. Fatalistic notions and a pragmatic viewpoint may have made the man jaded over the years, but in truth, it wasn't just life in the Corps that had molded his seemingly 'careless' demeanor.

Despite his notorious antics and pranks, Malcolm still is a soldier. He respects his superiors, publicly, and does what he is ordered to do, no questions asked. And he gets it done. In formal settings, he knows not to complain. Similar to a switch of on and off, Malcolm can be the most casual, sarcastic character to suddenly being the most disciplined, hardened member of the Survey Corps.

And it is that harsh persona that sometimes will come to surface about Malcolm. He is more thoughtful than he lets on and perhaps even more sensitive than he would like to be. Yes, he has had a long career as a member of the Survey Corps, but not without losing many other fellow soldiers along the way. There is a deeper truth about Malcolm, he knows what it feels like not just to lose someone, but to fail someone as well. It is because of this fact that Malcolm noticeably, does not make 'friends.' He is an odd loner, though he would never call himself a lone wolf. He prefers not to get close, knowing that one day, either he or that 'friend' will end up in the stomach of a titan. In another sense, Malcolm once had trusted someone deeply, only for that person to turn their back on him. The solution in Malcolm's mind simply was to never let anyone get that close, ever again.

In short, Malcolm seems to almost be a two-faced enigma. He is both an eccentric prankster and someone who holds his duty to a serious regard, while also holding others at an arm's length.

  • Acrobatics: Even nicknamed ‘the Acrobat’ in his Cadet days, Malcolm is exceptionally talented with his 3DMG, and the moniker has stuck around for a reason. He isn’t afraid to put his abilities to their limits, flying through the air at breakneck speeds that most others wouldn’t dare risk. To him, the ‘wind in his hair’ is the closest feeling he would get to heaven on earth. Due to his sheer nimbleness and finesse, his titan kill count and assist are numbered as a respectable amount.
  • Jack of All Trades: From the most basic skills of cooking and necessities, to advanced martial arts and self defence, Malcolm is a quick learner and is proficient in nearly anything he dedicates enough of his time to. He would be the first to willingly admit however, despite being a jack of all trades, he could be a master of very few.

  • Composure: Even in the most desperate of situations, Watanabe has trained himself to never lose his cool or his temper. He is never quick to anger without reason, and remains level headed even when faced against monster titans themselves. After nearly ten years as a soldier, Malcolm carries himself like an experienced and hardened veteran.

  • Horsemanship - Malcolm is a fantastic rider and he loves horses, even more so than he loves whipping around on in 3DMG. He is skilled with the beasts, often volunteering himself for stable duty and caretaking whenever he can and seems to understand them as if he's a horsewhisperer!
  • Lone Wolf - Malcolm is a known 'loner,' though he prefers not to call himself a 'lone wolf,' thinking that such a moniker is far too angsty for a guy like him. Nonetheless, Malcolm is known to act recklessly and alone, doing whatever it takes to get the mission done, despite putting himself at risk.

  • Kids - Despite his tendency to poke fun at them, Malcolm does have a soft spot for children and younger recruits. It's hard for him to no and he is more willingly to make sacrifices to ensure their safety above all else.

  • Trust Issues - Malcolm might be all smiles and jokes on the surface, but the truth is, Malcolm doesn't make friends easily, if at all. Most would describe the man as a friendly or eccentric acquaintance, and he prefers to keep it that way. He has walls he doesn't want taken down and he's accustomed to not letting anyone in.
  • You Only Live Once - Malcolm joined the military for perhaps one reason, to do away with his old life and start again. Maybe he'd end up dying at the hands of a titan, he doesn't really care. He wants to have fun with what life he has left.

  • To Fly - Malcolm's head can be in the clouds, but if there is one crazy dream he'd admit, it's that one day he wants to know what it truly means to fly like a bird. He loves moving through the air on his 3DMG, and if he could do that without any real limits, it would be a dream come true.
  • The Past - Malcolm's past is something he doesn't want to recall. He joined to the army to forget and for that reason alone. He doesn't want his past catching up to him and throwing himself into the life of a soldier was a sure-fire way to do that.

  • Dying with Regret - Death, right. It's not that Malcolm is afraid of dying, he's long accepted that one day it's probably going to be in the stomach of a titan, just like he's seen so many of his fellow soldiers end up. Death doesn't scare him, but dying without reconciling his past terrifies him. Malcolm is the first person to admit he doesn't know what happens after death, but a part of him doesn't want it to mean he'll never make up with the ones that had mattered to him the most.
Malcolm Watanabe was the son of Dan Watanabe and his wife. Malcolm had a twin sister named Mercy. However, their mother died in childbirth and so Malcolm’s small family consisted of himself, his sister, and their father. As the name suggests, Dan was of Oriental heritage, but Malcolm and his sister both took after their mother in appearances, with silver-white hair and plain, dark amber eyes. Their father worked as a traveling postman within the walls, delivering packages and letters on his horse for the villages within the walls, not easy accessible by the district cities. It was during this time, that Dan would often take his children with him, unable to leave them at home alone. Malcolm loved riding his father’s horse, often describing the feeling of riding like it was flying. And it was during those long rides that Malcolm fell in love with the feeling of the wind in his hair.

As Malcolm grew older, he became old enough to take on odd jobs in the district city of Trost, helping to support his small family. But things changed when their father was approached by a member of a certain gang. They approached the family to intimidate first, but back then, Malcolm hadn't known that it was because people with Oriental descent were considered 'valuable.'  The only apparent problem was, Malcolm and his sister, Mercy, did not have the true ‘Oriental’ appearance.

One day, their father didn’t come home from a delivery.

The days went on, Mercy blamed their father for abandoning them, but after a few days, Malcolm saw those same thugs hanging around their house. And Malcolm knew, their father didn’t just disappear. Because of their father’s disappearance, Mercy went astray. Malcolm tried to follow their father’s footsteps, maintaining the delivery service and even taking on other odd jobs to make ends meet. But in the end, Malcolm was hardly a teenager, barely able to make a living, and Mercy didn’t try to help.

Mercy began hanging out with ‘the rough crowd,’ and Malcolm wasn’t able to stop her. She came home late, if at all and Malcolm spent his nights worried that she would never come home again, just like their father. The two simply grew apart, Malcolm tried to tell her to stop, warning her that a life of criminal would lead to something she would regret, but Mercy refused to listen to him. He still remembers her saying that he wasn’t their father, so he couldn’t tell her what to do.

One night, when Malcolm was out late on a delivery, he was attacked by a group of thugs. Malcolm had tried fighting them off, but the encounter scarred him however when he realized that one among them… was Mercy. Maybe Mercy didn’t know that it was her brother they were attacking that night, Malcolm never knew either. But that night, Mercy pulled out a knife and she was the first one to attack him.

The gang was scared away when a military garrison came patrolling by. Malcolm made his way back home. He never saw Mercy again.

Afterward, Malcolm felt like his life had been a waste. For the longest time, he had been trying to protect someone who didn’t want his protection. Now, she was gone. He felt like he had failed his sister, that he had failed his father. His family was no more.

Malcolm was fifteen. He threw himself into the military.

And it was there, Malcolm made his new life. A part of him didn’t know why he chose the army, another realized that his life had no purpose, personally, so why not do something crazy. The training was hard, the regiment was harder. But somewhere around that difficulty, Malcolm made a name for himself as the cadet who always had that mischevious smile. He fell in love with 3DMG, it reminded him of riding on his horse, the wind in his hair, like nothing could stop him. They gave him a nickname ‘Acrobat’ and others called him ‘Circus’ for his penchant for pranks and jokes, but nonetheless, Malcolm made top ten of his graduating class.

He chose the Survey Corps, partially because he knew that with them, he could really make use of his 3DMG skills. And, they had horses.

And for the decade since, Malcolm has been a steady member of the Corps. Somehow he hasn’t died yet, whether that be a blessing or a curse, he doesn’t quite know.

YOUR ALIAS: Badtz - Milk
AGE: 20

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