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Author Topic: Unexpected Storms [Levi]  (Read 201 times)

Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« on: November 17, 2019, 04:04:53 PM »
Winter of Year 847

Winter had always been Kora’s least favorite time of the year. It’s arrival always brought hard times upon her family back in Shiganshina. Her father worked for a construction company that built houses in the city, and work was always slow during the cold months. Without her mother working to provide a second income, money was especially tight, and a good full meal was rare.

Being able to send money home to her family had been half of the reason she’d enlisted in the Training Corps all those years ago. Her brother was 10 years younger than her, and her parents were getting older. They needed the extra money, so she did what she needed to give them what she could. That was, until Wall Maria fell. Her entire family died that day.

After the death of her family and destruction of her home, Kora threw herself into her work. She did what she could to stay alive on expeditions, and followed orders strictly. She worked hard, and that much was clear to her superiors because eventually, she was put up for a promotion. Becoming a squad leader had been her goal for a long time, so the initial news had made her happy, until she heard that she would be evaluated by Captain Levi.

Kora didn’t know much about him, except that he didn’t seem to be the friendliest person around. Seeing him around didn’t give her much to go off of, since he always seemed to be wearing the angriest of looks. This made her a bit nervous, but she hoped that she’d be able to get through the whole thing quickly and easily. She wasn’t even sure what they were doing, just that she was instructed to bring her gear and to dress warmly.

Actually meeting Captain Levi in person was a bit surprising. He was much... shorter than she’d expected up close, even if she was still an inch shorter than him. With her cloak and jacket on, the cold wind and snow still made her jaw shake, giving the impression that she was more nervous than she was. ”G-good morning, sir.” She began, standing in a salute as she addressed him. ”I’m Kora Smith.. It’s nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you today.”


Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 07:20:58 AM »
Levi was used to the disconnect that still seemed to prevail between what people expected him to be and what they were actually confronted with. He had never liked the stories that were going around, people calling him ‘humanity’s strongest soldier’, expecting a hero when he was really quite the opposite. He was used to the look of slight disappointment on peoples’ faces when they stood in front of him for the first time, judging his small built and the impassive look on his face. He was used to it all, and he really couldn’t care less. Levi had never been a people pleaser, not during his days in the Underground and not now in his role within the Survey Corps now. He had a role to fill, but he would make damn sure he would fill it the way he saw fit. There was no time for kind words when people were dying.

Kora - the young Survey Corps member who was up for promotion and now standing in front of him - seemed more nervous than anything, although he figured she was probably feeling the disconnect too. He could almost see it in her eyes as she greeted him; a mix of surprise and perhaps… he wasn’t sure. Well, this day could only get more annoying as it went on.

Levi had never liked the duty of rating comrades - sure, he understood why it was necessary, to assess their skills and make sure only capable individuals ended up in the higher ranks. But from the few years he had spent within the military, he had always deemed it a more logical path to evaluate by achievements during actual missions. Someone managed to return from several missions without dying? That was a good start. If they got into a dangerous situation and got out, or even managed to take charge in a difficult situation, even better. He had never quite understood the purpose of simple skill evaluation during a training session. Alas, he couldn’t get out of it this time, so here he was - quite annoyed, tired and already cold.

“It will be a long session today, I hope you came prepared. I don’t take kindly to whining, so if you feel the urge to do so, you’d do good to resist.” There was almost the hope that Kora would do abysmally bad so they could all go home soon, but the captain knew she probably wouldn’t be up for promotion if she didn’t show the skills. And they needed capable soldiers, now more than ever. They just needed his final seal of approval, for whatever reason.

“Alright. Check your gear one last time before we embark. It will be the usual training session, just under a bit harsher conditions. For that purpose, we’ll head further up into the mountain where you’ll demonstrate your skills.” Levi sounded almost bored, the fact that he had only slept 2 hours the night before definitely not helping his mood. Insomnia was a real struggle when it hit hard, and even though he was used to not getting much sleep, it only made him more irritable.

Wrapping the cloak tighter around himself he made sure his own gear was in place and ready before he headed towards the foot of the mountain. There were only two other people with them, some random soldiers that were in charge of taking note and making sure he actually did his duty, at least that was what he figured. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take long to get to their training spot, but at this rate he was almost tempted to embark in some training himself; if only to warm up. Winter was a terrible thing.

Art by Kodecks

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2019, 12:59:25 PM »
Kora listened closely to what Levi had to say, almost chuckling as he mentioned not whining. That wasn’t the type of soldier she was. Following orders closely was of the utmost importance, and complaining was not involved in that, even if it meant trekking through the snow and up a mountain. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but she wouldn’t dare mention that unless it was needed, especially since her entire promotion was riding on the evaluation.

As he ordered her to check her gear, she did so, reaching down to make sure that her gas tanks were completely full and that her blades were fully stocked. Kora was utterly surprised by how bored Levi sounded when he spoke to her though, which distracted her slightly. She wasn’t expecting him to be happy that he was going to be observing her, but it didn’t even seem like he was interested in seeing whether or not her skills were worth all of this trouble.

”Everything’s all set.” Kora informed him as she finished adjusting her gear and cloak. She shivered as she began to follow him towards the base of the mountain, hoping that they’d be able to get things done quickly. She was also very grateful that there were two other soldiers accompanying them. It would likely make things less awkward if she failed at starting a decent conversation.

”It’ll be nice to work with you, sir. Thank you for the opportunity to show you what I’m capable of. I truly hope I live up to your expectations.” Kora continued with the formalities as she and the other two soldiers followed Levi to their designated training area. She didn’t want to seem overly friendly, or talk too much, but it was just in her nature. ”Maybe the snow will die down once we get there. It’d be a shame if I was blown away by all this wind.” She added, chuckling softly at her own words. She made sure to only include herself in the statement, even though she was sure that he’d be blown away with her if it happened. They were both very small people.

« Last Edit: November 18, 2019, 01:03:03 PM by Kora Smith »

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2019, 01:55:14 PM »
He was annoyed already. Levi was fairly aware that most of his comrades probably didn’t deem him a very friendly person, but friendly wasn’t what had kept him alive until now. Neither was making small talk, which Kora seemed awfully fond of. He really hoped she didn’t expect to talk herself into promotion, because if so, she was definitely with the wrong person. Somehow, Levi started to question why he had been assigned for this in the first place. Too bad there was rarely any opportunity to weasel out of the more boring aspects of a captain’s life. It really was a shame that the special, dangerous and very important missions never seemed to come when he actually needed them.

“Trust me, I truly hope so too. If you do not live up to my expectations, you will have wasted both my time and yours, so let’s try to avoid that.” He didn’t turn around as he spoke to her, simply continuing to follow the path towards the mountain; voice slightly muffled by the scarf-like cloth that was wrapped around his neck and half of his face, only somewhat protecting him from the icy winds that seemed to be getting stronger by the minute. It would be just his luck to have to do this in an actual snow storm.

At least battling the weather might keep his companion a bit more on the quiet side - surely it wouldn’t take for her to actually be blown away to get a few moments of silence? Levi deemed the attempt at a joke not worth a reply, simply focussing on getting closer to their training grounds for today. If the other few wanted to make small talk, he couldn’t care less - as long as they kept it quiet enough to ignore. He really was in an especially irritable mood today, he had to acknowledge that.

Luckily, it didn’t take all too long for them to reach the grounds where the training session would be held; a rather small area with several items to get through and have Korea show her skills. “Alright.” With a small huff Levi stopped and pulled the cloth off his face, turning to face Kora. “There was a course set up for you. It will be your task to get through it and past the obstacles as fast as possible without neglecting the accuracy of your actions.” With a small nod, he had the other soldiers take their positions along the course, ready go get the session started. “Let’s get through this without any delay before the weather gets even worse.”

Art by Kodecks

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2019, 02:51:13 PM »
Kora’s eyes widened at Captain Levi’s response, but instead of speaking, she only scoffed. Even if his words were rude, she somehow felt herself inspired by them. She really didn’t want to waste of time, for him or herself. The rest of the walk to the training area was silent. She had nothing further to say to him, especially since it seemed that he wasn’t in the mood to talk. From the looks of him though, he probably wasn’t ever in the mood to have an actual conversation.

As they reached the clearing, Kora looked around at the visible obstacles. Of course, she’d have to maneuver through tight trees and spaces, but she could also see various titan dummies also scattered throughout the woods around them. She listened to Levi’s orders, then turned her gaze back to the course one more time to get a good look at it.

For some reason, as she began to ready herself, nervousness started clouding her mind. Was she really ready for this promotion? Kora didn’t want to fail this test. She had worked incredibly hard over the years for it. Her use of the gear was great for someone of her stature, and she was even wonderful at conserving gas. The only possible problem would be how she handled her blades. Her slices weren’t always even and precise, which is why she was usually the decoy or distraction out in titan country.

After a few more moments of readying herself and taking hold of her triggers, she looked towards Levi. ”I’m ready.” She said simply, giving a small nod before pulling both triggers to release her hooks. The first “obstacle” seemed to be an archway of trees with only a small space to maneuver through. This would be easy for her, given her small size. Without any further warning, Kora pushed off with her feet and hit her gas button, sending her barreling towards the small opening. As she neared it, she released her grapples from the trees and turned to the side, successfully making her way through the small opening with no problems. She hoped that the rest of course would be as simple as that.

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2019, 03:24:23 AM »
At least Kora seemed to have gotten the memo that he was not exactly up for small talk, falling into a more quiet stance. She did better to focus on the task at hand anyway, as no matter how stupid Levi thought this test on a preset training course was, he had to agree that it would be quite difficult to complete under the current weather conditions. The wind was steadily getting stronger and even visibility was growing worse by the minute, leaving them in a a quite hostile environment. Surely this couldn’t be what they had planned for her, to freeze half to death on the training grounds?

Levi huffed and pulled the protective scarf further up over his face, shivering slightly. He had never much liked the cold, having grown up somewhat protected from the environmental weather changes in the Underground city underneath the capital - even if it was arguably the less favourable option, deprived of sunlight and any clean surroundings.

Hearing Kora’s voice carry over, he gave a curt nod and signaled towards the other soldiers that the exercise was about to begin, he himself remaining in his current position to watch her actions from a little further away. He wanted to see her overall attitude and decisions on the course, focusing more on the overall strategy rather than detailed skill set - he trusted the system enough to know that she had to be skilled at least to some extent to have made it this far.

As Kora maneuvered through the course however, it became quite obvious that visibility was getting bad enough that he'd have to make his way over to even see anything at all, the winds blowing so strong he almost reconsidered the use of his ODM gear.

Making his way over towards the course, he almost had to struggle, adjusting his technique and shifting his weight enough to move as much in synch with the winds as possible instead of fighting against him. Reaching one of the other soldiers, he tugged the protective cloth down just enough to speak. “This is pointless. There’s no use in assessing someone’s skills if the weather is this bad. We can barely even see her anymore.” As if to prove his point, he looked up, trying to find the moving shadow that was most likely Kora. “I’m ending this now. We can return at a later point.”

At the nod of the other solider, Levi raised a noise flare to signal the end of the exercise but quickly realised that even that potentially wouldn’t be heard over the wind. With a sigh, he readied his gear to deliver the message himself, just having it made up into the air when there was a loud bang followed by a crash and he felt himself catapulted through the air, only briefly questioning if one of the trees had given in under the wind before everything went black around him as he hit the ground hard.

Art by Kodecks

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2019, 12:20:51 AM »
Kora had continued on through the course as the weather got worse. It became increasingly difficult to see or maneuver through the snow or wind, but she was determined to finish it at first. Eventually, though, she began to feel uneasy. She hadn’t seen either of the two soldiers who were supposed to be observing her closely, or Captain Levi.

Just as she was firmly on the ground, a large crash was heard not too far away from her, but she couldn’t see where it had come from. ”Captain?” She called out into the storm, covering her forehead with her arm to block some of the falling snow. She hoped that nothing bad had happened to him or the other soldiers. Being lost in the snow was very dangerous.

Kora began to walk towards the noise, hoping that none of the soldiers with her had been involved. Finally, in the distance, she could see that a tree had fallen. Immediately she noticed a lump of green close to the tree and knew that it had to be one of the soldiers. There were no green leafs or grass that time of year, and their cloaks were the same color.

As she made her way over to it, she feared the worst, and almost panicked when she saw that it was Levi. ”Aw, crap..” She whispered to herself, kneeling down beside him. She then looked around, seeing another green cloak. ”Two of you? Come on..” Kora was unsure of what to do for a few moments, trying to think through it.

One of the soldiers were still missing, so her only option was to at least wake Captain Levi. ”Captain?” She asked loudly, turning him onto his back and tapping his cheek harshly. ”Wake up. Are you okay?” She was beginning to panic but tried to keep calm. If he wouldn’t wake up, she’d have to try and wake the other soldier. They still had to find the third one and get to safety. At the very worst, they had head injuries or broken bones. She really hoped that wasn’t the case.

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2019, 02:11:00 AM »
Levi came by only a few seconds later, almost automatically going into a check of his body’s state - nothing seemed to be broken, from what he can tell, but he seemed to have hit his head rather badly. For a moment, the memory of what had happened was cloudy and he let out a soft groan when he felt someone tapping his cheek. It was cold. Winter. Right, they were out for a training session. What had happened again? He couldn’t remember.

After a moment, the captain opened his eyes, gaze wandering around unfocused before it settled on a solider in front of him, seemingly trying to wake him up. What was her name again? Karla? No… it was Kora. Kora. Right. The assessment. Sitting up, Levi reached to feel the back of his hand - he could feel a soft trickle of blood running down the back of his nape, but nothing too bad. He was still confused as to what had happened, eyes wandering to the lump of green not too far away from them. Another soldier?

“…what happened?” He did his best not to sound all too confused, he was supposed to be in charge here after all. Getting up, he felt dizziness wash over him for a brief moment which prompted him to hold onto one of the nearby trees; the snow that was still falling heavily making it difficult to see. Oh. Right. The storm. Slowly, it dawned on him what hat happened - the hook of his gear must have somehow come off and the wind only made it worse, slamming him into a nearby tree before he hit the ground. Speaking of a tree… one of those seemed to have come down with him, half burying one of the other soldier’s under it.

“We should get out of here…” Finally feeling the dizziness fade, Levi took a few steps towards the green lump so assess the situation. The soldier was knocked out cold, half covered under the tree but at least the trunk didn’t seem to have crushed any part of his body. Levi turned to Kora, motioning for her to come over. “We’ll have to get him out of there. I’ll try to lift the tree, get ready to pull him out. Try not to move him too much.” He could see no obvious injuries on the soldier but you could never be too sure, maybe he had hit his head as well. 

There was still one other soldier mission and Levi couldn’t see him anywhere. Had he gotten away? Was he buried under the snow? Had something else happened to him? The wind seemed to get stronger by the minute still, which only meant they really had to get away from here before any more of the old trees fell. He could definitely imagine better ways to spend his day than to be buried under a tree in a huge ass pile of snow. The weather was so bad by now, he could hardly see anything further than maybe 2 feet away. “We need to get out of here, get to some sort of shelter…”

Art by Kodecks

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #8 on: November 22, 2019, 01:04:14 PM »
Kora sighed in relief when Captain Levi’s eyes opened, though she immediately became worried at the sight of blood. He had hit his head hard enough to make him bleed so there was a chance he had a concussion. His head would need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid infection, and he wouldn’t be able to sleep until they were sure he was fine. The situation didn’t bode well for them. As he got up to his feet, she stood as well, keeping an eye on him in case he began to fall.

She followed as he moved towards the other soldier, nodding in agreement to his statement. They needed to find shelter quick. The storm was still picking up, and she was unsure of how to even find headquarters from that far up the mountain. They were stuck, unless by some miracle they could find a cabin of some sort.

She listened quietly as Levi spoke about lifting the tree, giving him one more nod before moving towards the trapped soldier. ”Be careful when you lift. If you have a concussion, you’ll get dizzy again. Don’t hurt yourself more.” She said, glancing towards the Captain before then beginning to observe the soldier. ”He doesn’t seem to have a head injury. There’s no blood here. His legs could be fractured thanks to his tree, though.”

Visibility was getting more and more limited. Kora could barely see Levi a foot in front of her, and that made her slightly more worried. They still had to find the second soldier, but she hoped that he had somehow made his way back home to headquarters. If he hadn’t, then it was likely that he was also trapped in the storm and injured.

Kora quickly positioned herself behind the trapped soldier, putting her arms under his so that she could pull him. The only problem was that he was much larger than her, but she knew that this was their only option. This assessment had definitely turned into a shit show. ”Alright, you ready?” She asked, keeping her eyes on him so that she could pull the moment she needed to. ”On my count.. 1.. 2.. 3!”

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2019, 01:35:22 PM »
This assessment had definitely turned out to be a lot more intense than any of them had probably anticipated and once again it only confirmed Levi’s general dislike of these sessions. Granted - this situation would probably provide with a much better assessment of Kora’s ability to be a leader than any training session ever could, but Levi definitely hadn’t planned to be injured during this assessment. It only proved that he was just human after all, despite what some people might say. Not invincible, definitely not immune to injury.

He simply gave a nod at her words; despite not really having the luxury to worry about whether or not he head a concussion. It was still better to be safe than sorry, as much as the circumstances permitted... it would help absolutely nobody if more people got injured in the attempt at helping someone else, especially when they were still stuck up here within a storm.

Levi moved to get into position, ready to lift the tree enough for Kora to pull the injured soldier out. Despite his small statue, Levi was quite strong - much stronger than someone would anticipate, and he had almost made quite good use out of it. Whether it was arm wrestling other thugs in the Underground taverns or fighting titans. This tree, however, was quite a bit heavier than what he usually lifted, and Levi hoped he’d be able to lift it long enough to get the soldier to safety. As Kora counted, the captain took a slow breath; putting as much effort into heaving the tree up as the other soldier reached the count 3. The dizziness returned as Levi could feel the blood pulsating in his head but he managed to hold it up just long enough for Kora to do her part, the trunk hitting the ground almost immediately after and Levi kneeled down to wait for the dizziness to fade a little, a frown on his face. This was definitely not how he had expected his day to go.

As visibility kept getting worse, the captain started to wonder how they would even go about finding the other soldier - with any luck he had gotten away, but if he was trapped somewhere they had to try and find him. The only issue was: if they wandered off too far, they might get lost in the snow again. They also had to think about where to find shelter if they didn’t want to freeze sooner or later - Levi doubted they could make it back down to HQ with at least one injured soldier and a snow storm so thick he could hardly see his hand in front of his face.

Huffing, he got back to his feet; turning to look towards the mountain. If he wasn’t mistaken there was a cabin not too far from the training grounds. They might make it there with some effort, but the weather condition meant it would probably be hard to find to begin with. He would have to go by intuition, and judging by the current state of his head he wasn’t quite sure how trustworthy his intuition would be.

“You stay here for a moment. I’ll see if I can find the other missing soldier. If I haven’t found him within the next 5 minutes, we have to move before we all freeze to death in this fuckin’ weather....” Levi swore, reaching for the noise flare that was hooked to his belt to hand to Kora. “If I’m not back within 5 minutes, fire this up. Might help me find my way back. There is a cabin about.... 25 minutes up the mountain. With any luck we’ll make it there to wait this shit storm out.”

Art by Kodecks

Re: Unexpected Storms [Levi]
« Reply #10 on: December 01, 2019, 07:56:29 PM »
Kora pulled hard when Captain Levi lifted the tree, immediately freeing the unconscious soldier. She didn’t have any type of advanced medical training, but they were all taught first aid in training. If he had injuries that first aid couldn’t handle, their situation would get a lot worse. Hoping for the best, she began to examine his legs for visible injuries. There wasn’t any blood, but that didn’t mean his bones weren’t broken.

This soldier likely wouldn’t be able to walk, so they’d have to find another way to transport him to safety. ”He’s not bleeding, but his legs could be broken.. Are you sure you’ll be okay alone?” Kora asked, having noticed how dizzy he had gotten after lifting the tree. She knew it was their only chance at finding the other lost soldier, but he if passed out she probably wouldn’t be able to find him.

”I’ll wait 5 more minutes after firing this.” Kora pointed down to the noise flare in her hand, ”Exactly which way is this cabin or do you know? I can’t just let him freeze to death if you don’t come back.” She didn’t like the idea of leaving Captain Levi behind, but there were other lives on the line as well.

With the weather still getting worse, they needed to be quick if they wanted to reach the cabin without freezing to death. Kora wasn’t even sure if the Captain was capable of searching for the other missing soldier with his head injury, but knew she had to trust and follow his orders. The whole situation was worsening with every second as the wind grew louder and harder.

”Try to be quick though. He can’t last long out here.” She then added desperately, wanting to get to safety and assess their injuries.


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