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Author Topic: [EVENT] Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]  (Read 115 times)

Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« on: November 17, 2019, 04:43:59 PM »
Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Kaien Engelbrecht - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 87% gas remaining
  • Razahir Kōri - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining
  • Shay Denin - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 88% gas remaining
  • Simeon Garrett - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 88% gas remaining

As the cadets, instructors and other military personnel mobilise, it immediately becomes apparent that the inner gate of Utopia District - the very one that will allow the civilians to evacuate swiftly and safely - has also been tampered with.  It is locked closed and Garrison members are currently working to restore the mechanism.

Charged with the task of containing the small fires that have erupted throughout the District, each member of this team has been armed with an axe and a light backpack containing basic first aid supplies. They have also been provided with a map clearly marking the freshwater wells that exist within Utopia (each of which is stocked with buckets in preparation for an event such as this).

This squad will move throughout Utopia - the direction and speed of their travel to be decided amongst themselves - and will find themselves rescuing civilians, as well as attempting to control any fires they discover. Their task must also be balanced with an awareness of their surroundings, as Titans lumber through the streets and will need to be dispatched or led away so that the team can work effectively.

Failure to meet their objective will compromise the efforts of all other teams (and may lead to fatalities) and could potentially result in the loss of Utopia, as well as a catastrophic number of civilian casualties.

As this is a site-wide plot, the NPC account may occasionally feature in the thread, acting as a checkpoint and controlling non-player characters.

In order to keep the storylines moving forward, the posting orders do not need to be maintained, and participants are instead invited to post whenever time and muse permits.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 06:28:31 PM »
The gate of Utopia district was breached? At first Simeon didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t happen. Not again. The mayhem of the last time popped up in his mind. Well, the resulting mayhem. He had been far away, close to Wall Sina. Even till today he knew titans only from patrol duty on the walls. The concept of actually facing them made him shiver. They had been part of one possible, far away, future. Not of the present.

He stood with his assigned teammates, the cadets he had trained with. He balled his fist and looked over the town. Columns of smoke rose over the roofs. A few were controlled fires, burning in chimneys to prepare meals. Left alone for to residents have fled towards safety. “We can do it. We just have to set priorities and find out where to start,” Simeon said towards his teammates, even now keeping up a positive attitude. They trained for this. They just needed to use out what they learned into reality.

“Should we work from the inner gate to secure the escape routes of the civilians or start from high risk areas to avoid potential fires going out of hand?” He didn’t knew what the best path was, but those were the two main ways to start off Simeon saw. The higher risks were all crafts that need fire. Smiths. Bakers. While the first ones worked mostly in building made out of stone, Simeon worried more about the later one. He vaguely remembers his father telling him that too much flour dust in the air can create an explosion. “Are the wells the only thing on the map?” Simeon had been to Utopia once or twice before, but he wasn’t sure he remembered were the shops were located.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2019, 08:01:35 PM »
It felt ridiculous. Utopia’s gate was breached and the best they had to offer was a bunch of cadets who haven’t even graduated yet along with a skeleton crew of actual, ‘experienced’ soldiers. At first he was sure it was a joke, some sadistic ruse to test them. Utopia made no sense, the north rarely even saw a Titan scratching at its walls so why would that change now? Surely it must have been some sort of drill… only the dread in their instructor's eyes quickly confirmed the truth in his words.

This time everything was different from the day Wall Maria was broken through; everyone was afraid, that much was fairly evident, but no one panicked. Well, at least everyone tried to keep their panic internalized as much as possible. Kaien turned his eyes away from a fellow cadet who tried his best to stand straight and keep himself from trembling and turned them to the sky as he listened to the instructions being barked at them from the podium. The sky barely had a cloud in it, and the breeze that blew past them carried with it the heat of the day. He sucked in a deep breath, his chest rising as his lungs filled with clean air for possibly the last time before he placed his right fist over his heart and his left at his back. Whether they were ready or not, it was time to go out there.

He grabbed his gear along with the map and secured the axe on his back as well as the backpack filled with not nearly enough first aid supplies and turned towards his team. Already one of them were spouting words of encouragement and taking the lead. Honestly Kaien didn’t mind it all that much, but he did hope the pointless positivity would end there. Odds were most people going in won’t be coming back out… not alive anyway. The chances of them actually ‘doing it’ were slim, and it was foolish to tell yourself that you’re prepared for any of it.

“The route to the gate should be our first priority, shouldn’t it?” he said flatly, placing the map between his knees and pulling a hair band from his wrist and biting down on it as he collected his hair into a ponytail. “Who cares about high risk areas if this place is just going to be lost to the Titans anyway.” he mumbled through his teeth before removing the hair band and wrapping it securely around his hair. In the distance you could see them moving closer, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Fires were the least of their worries, but the illusion of hope for Utopia still remained and with it the determination to save it.

Sighing, he grabbed the map and made his way over to Simeon, unfolding the piece of paper before kneeling down and placing it flat onto the surface of the wall and reaching to trail his finger from the central building up to the inner gate. “All the Districts are essentially the same. Wells should be located up this route to ensure the quickest way from the center to the gate is taken care of.” as he explained, putting the knowledge he gained from his education to use, he sounded rather monotonous, already bored and hungry and less willing to entertain the idea of saving the town. Smoke was already filling the air from various locations and screams echoed from all over. The chances of them succeeding was diminishing by the second.
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