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Author Topic: [EVENT] Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]  (Read 662 times)

Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« on: November 17, 2019, 04:43:59 PM »
Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Kaien Engelbrecht - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 87% gas remaining
  • Razahir Kōri - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining
  • Shay Denin - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 88% gas remaining
  • Hitch Dreyse - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining

As the cadets, instructors and other military personnel mobilise, it immediately becomes apparent that the inner gate of Utopia District - the very one that will allow the civilians to evacuate swiftly and safely - has also been tampered with.  It is locked closed and Garrison members are currently working to restore the mechanism.

Charged with the task of containing the small fires that have erupted throughout the District, each member of this team has been armed with an axe and a light backpack containing basic first aid supplies. They have also been provided with a map clearly marking the freshwater wells that exist within Utopia (each of which is stocked with buckets in preparation for an event such as this).

This squad will move throughout Utopia - the direction and speed of their travel to be decided amongst themselves - and will find themselves rescuing civilians, as well as attempting to control any fires they discover. Their task must also be balanced with an awareness of their surroundings, as Titans lumber through the streets and will need to be dispatched or led away so that the team can work effectively.

Failure to meet their objective will compromise the efforts of all other teams (and may lead to fatalities) and could potentially result in the loss of Utopia, as well as a catastrophic number of civilian casualties.

As this is a site-wide plot, the NPC account may occasionally feature in the thread, acting as a checkpoint and controlling non-player characters.

In order to keep the storylines moving forward, the posting orders do not need to be maintained, and participants are instead invited to post whenever time and muse permits. « Last Edit: February 21, 2020, 11:12:40 AM by Puffin »

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 06:28:31 PM »
The gate of Utopia district was breached? At first Simeon didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t happen. Not again. The mayhem of the last time popped up in his mind. Well, the resulting mayhem. He had been far away, close to Wall Sina. Even till today he knew titans only from patrol duty on the walls. The concept of actually facing them made him shiver. They had been part of one possible, far away, future. Not of the present.

He stood with his assigned teammates, the cadets he had trained with. He balled his fist and looked over the town. Columns of smoke rose over the roofs. A few were controlled fires, burning in chimneys to prepare meals. Left alone for to residents have fled towards safety. “We can do it. We just have to set priorities and find out where to start,” Simeon said towards his teammates, even now keeping up a positive attitude. They trained for this. They just needed to use out what they learned into reality.

“Should we work from the inner gate to secure the escape routes of the civilians or start from high risk areas to avoid potential fires going out of hand?” He didn’t knew what the best path was, but those were the two main ways to start off Simeon saw. The higher risks were all crafts that need fire. Smiths. Bakers. While the first ones worked mostly in building made out of stone, Simeon worried more about the later one. He vaguely remembers his father telling him that too much flour dust in the air can create an explosion. “Are the wells the only thing on the map?” Simeon had been to Utopia once or twice before, but he wasn’t sure he remembered were the shops were located.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2019, 08:01:35 PM »
It felt ridiculous. Utopia’s gate was breached and the best they had to offer was a bunch of cadets who haven’t even graduated yet along with a skeleton crew of actual, ‘experienced’ soldiers. At first he was sure it was a joke, some sadistic ruse to test them. Utopia made no sense, the north rarely even saw a Titan scratching at its walls so why would that change now? Surely it must have been some sort of drill… only the dread in their instructor's eyes quickly confirmed the truth in his words.

This time everything was different from the day Wall Maria was broken through; everyone was afraid, that much was fairly evident, but no one panicked. Well, at least everyone tried to keep their panic internalized as much as possible. Kaien turned his eyes away from a fellow cadet who tried his best to stand straight and keep himself from trembling and turned them to the sky as he listened to the instructions being barked at them from the podium. The sky barely had a cloud in it, and the breeze that blew past them carried with it the heat of the day. He sucked in a deep breath, his chest rising as his lungs filled with clean air for possibly the last time before he placed his right fist over his heart and his left at his back. Whether they were ready or not, it was time to go out there.

He grabbed his gear along with the map and secured the axe on his back as well as the backpack filled with not nearly enough first aid supplies and turned towards his team. Already one of them were spouting words of encouragement and taking the lead. Honestly Kaien didn’t mind it all that much, but he did hope the pointless positivity would end there. Odds were most people going in won’t be coming back out… not alive anyway. The chances of them actually ‘doing it’ were slim, and it was foolish to tell yourself that you’re prepared for any of it.

“The route to the gate should be our first priority, shouldn’t it?” he said flatly, placing the map between his knees and pulling a hair band from his wrist and biting down on it as he collected his hair into a ponytail. “Who cares about high risk areas if this place is just going to be lost to the Titans anyway.” he mumbled through his teeth before removing the hair band and wrapping it securely around his hair. In the distance you could see them moving closer, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Fires were the least of their worries, but the illusion of hope for Utopia still remained and with it the determination to save it.

Sighing, he grabbed the map and made his way over to Simeon, unfolding the piece of paper before kneeling down and placing it flat onto the surface of the wall and reaching to trail his finger from the central building up to the inner gate. “All the Districts are essentially the same. Wells should be located up this route to ensure the quickest way from the center to the gate is taken care of.” as he explained, putting the knowledge he gained from his education to use, he sounded rather monotonous, already bored and hungry and less willing to entertain the idea of saving the town. Smoke was already filling the air from various locations and screams echoed from all over. The chances of them succeeding was diminishing by the second.
« Last Edit: November 21, 2019, 07:59:50 PM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2019, 05:01:26 PM »
Sometimes playing the long game doesn’t work out. Shay only wanted to join the scouts, and try to get the hell out of here, but no, why would that happen? Instead, something caused this catastrophe in Utopia, and now he was stuck fighting fires and playing keep away from the Titans.

He hadn’t heard a crash, it didn’t sound like the wall had been broken. No, someone opened it. That was beside the point, at least for now. For now, Shay needed to worry about the task at hand, something he knew he wouldn’t be able to do if half of his attention was on figuring out how the wall opened.

Shay slipped his brown leather jacket on, the Cadet Corps insignia emblazoned on the back and shoulders, before checking to make sure his ODM gear was all properly secured and attached to his person. The last thing any of them needed was faulty equipment. Falling into a raging fire had to be a terrible way to go... actually, falling into the hands of a titan was probably even worse. Regardless, Shay didn’t feel like falling into anything, so his decision to check, check, and check again was far more than justified in his mind.

"I don’t care where we go, so can we please just leave already? The longer we stand around here and ‘plan things out’ the more titans enter the district, and the lower our already bleak chances of survival get." Shay barked at the others, gripping the sides of his jacket and jamming them down to straighten the leather out.

  “The fires will be raging everywhere that the titans have passed through. I say we reach the well closest to the fire, and go from there. If there are too many titans around, find a different Well.” he spoke swiftly, walking over and drawing a line with his fingers, connecting one well to another on the map.

He spun around and began to walk away from the others, running a hand through his hair. "If we can’t find a well that’s safe... don’t expect me to stick around. I’m not going to die for a lost city, and I’ll be damned if I go up in flames for the sake of the putting out fires, when the real threat is the enormous man eating monsters lumbering around here like they own the place."

Shay’s tirade left his face red, and his ears burning. He wasn’t embarrassed for spouting off like that, he was just... scared.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2020, 10:33:00 PM »
WARNING: Bad words

Hitch dreamed about roasted chicken and delicious cookies. It was an amazing dinner. The girl hoped that this will be her future. A bell rang…

But that wasn’t her life. She had to wake up. Pfff… Wait, a noise? Am I hungover? Ohh… No… That’s it. It’s Saturday. It’s my dayoff, right? Right… What’s that? Is it a bell? It can’t be… Everything is all riiiight…

And she fell asleep again. But not too long because a strong hand lifted her from her bed. „Oh… No… Please, I want to sleep…” She murmured to Raze.

„Get the fuck up, dammit!” Said the boy. Raze? What is he doing here? She was awake now.

„What the fuck are you doing here, Raze? It’s the girl’s part!” She yelled at Raze.

„The titans broke the Wall and I can’t fuckin believe that you would be able to sleep through it…” The boy's words revealed frustration and anger.

„It can’t be… Not again…” She was lost. Then Hitch concentrated again.

„Get out of here, I have to get dressed!” Hitch whispered it in a faint voice.

After she put on her Cadet’s uniform, she marched out of her room. Raze waited for her, he leaned on the wall. They didn’t say a word. Both of them was lost in their’s thoughs. They hurried because they were late.

I can’t believe it! Why now? I would be in the Military Police if it didn’t happen right now… How many people will die today? How much can we save? Will this Wall be lost as well? We have to help, it's up to us now...

Of course, they were late but they heard the most important part. After the briefing, everyone went to do their job. Raze would as well, but before he could move, Hitch grabbed his hand. There was too many emotion in her, she couldn’t start firstly.

„Raze…” She looked into his eyes. „I’m sorry that we have to do this work. I know that it’s frustrating for you but we have to save as many lives as we can, okay? And…” She sighed. „ I know that you are worry about me, but I’m not clumsy. I will take care of myself as far as I can. By the way, not only you who are worry about someone… I am terribly anxoius that something will happen to you as well… So, be careful, okay? At least, for me…” She squeezed his hand but after that, she realised that it is kind of intimate so she let his hand go and turned around with a grin. The basic Hitch returned. „Let’s save the world, right?”

They found their fellow cadets while a boy said some postive words. „Oh, boy, right!” She spat on the boy in a friendly way. She didn’t want to hurt Simeon. „We won't win with optimism. Only with a realistic view. But inspiration is important!” She winked at Simeon. After that she just listened to the others.

„I agree with Kaien… But if it is clear, there's a better chance that people will attract the titans. So, it is risky as well… We won’t rest, will we?” She streched her arms. But after Shay said those sentences, Hitch became angry.

„Very good, Shay, very good tactic… Run to your death without a plan… You know, if we have a strategy, we can work effectively. More or less the same result as if we were running right now without any preparation.” She rolled her eyes and folded her arms. She didnt’ like this guy but he had a point.

„That’s not a bad idea, but if there aren’t any people around the wells, that’s not too useful.” She started to get ready to go.

„What about the roads where many people are trapped? There may be a few or more titan, but we still have to save them. Our primary task is firefighting, so maybe there will be another team to deal with the Titans and the evacuation of the people. In my opinion, our primary task is to extinguish fire in areas where most people are trapped. What do ypu think? Shall we go while we are talking about the details? We are such a hurry…” She glanced at Shay then rolled her eyes.

„He’s right, we don’t have enough time… And of course our safety is important as well, so don’t worry, if a Titan is near, I won’t extinguish happily… But until the locals aren’t in safe place, we can’t go home to rest, so… Let’s save those people and I can get back to sleep!” Hitch pushed Raze with her elbow and grinned at him. 

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2020, 10:31:57 PM »
~ So it's happening again... - Raze thought as he was in a hurry to get dressed. Waking up to the news of the Titans breaching Utopia...it was like waking up to a living nightmare. After the Fall of Shiganshina, Raze wished nothing but to not have to face the Titans unless it was necessary. He was so close to graduation...perhaps to the Military Police...so why is this happening? The cadet hurried up in order to join the others for the assembly, but once he exited the barracks, the boy stopped in his tracks. Something...no...Someone came to his mind. "No...No freaking way...but I should check on her...just in case." A few minutes later he stood in one of the girls' barracks which was empty...aside from one person: Hitch Dreyse. Raze had a hard time believing that someone can be that lazy and possess the ability to sleep through an emergency situation...

„Get the fuck up, dammit!” Raze yelled when he finally lost his patience after a few fruitless attempts to wake up his friend who appeared to be ina deep slumber. In the end, he actually had to get her out of the bed. This did the trick and Hitch managed to wake up and naturally she wasn't really pleased with the situation and his method. „The titans broke the Wall and I can’t fuckin believe that you would be able to sleep through it…” The boy let the other cadet down while telling her about the basic situation in a frustrated voice. "It can...And now hurry up or we will miss the assembly. If we mess up we can bid farewell to our places amongst the new MP recruits!" After that, he didn't have to wait long for Hitch to get ready before they could hurry to the briefing. Late as they were the two of them were able to catch the most important details and soon they ran off to get their gear and supplies.

Raze was surprised for a moment when Hitch suddenly grabbed his hand and was about to remind her that they have to hurry, but her words cut off his and for a few moments he could do nothing but stare at the female. They knew each other for some years now, they were pretty much inseparable, but he never saw her like that. The boy wanted to force another one of his fake smiles on his face, but this time he was unable to do so. "Hitchi...it's not about someone being clumsy or not. Neither about Me hating the Garrisons gut and how they pushed their work on us Cadets to save their hides!" He started with a tormented expression. "I don't give a fuck about all the lies they tried to push down our throats." Raising his voice a bit he gestured towards the district with his hand. "Heads will roll Hitchi...and no matter what they say this is going to turn into a freakin bloodbath! Some idiots will take this as a "picnic-trip" to take out Titans and they will die first pulling a lot of others to certain death with themselves! I saw them years ago...the Titans...I saw what they are capable of...A lot of people are going to die...so many that even if we survive, there won't be enough of us to count the dead" He explained in a scared voice before taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

"I will. I promise. But You...Please be careful as well! No heroic acts or rushed actions! I don't want to lose you...I have no one else in this World." His expression softened up a bit and even after Hitch released his hand she couldn't escape a sudden hug coming from him. "„As long as there’s at least one person who remembers me fondly, I can’t die. Thus you have to live on even if I die!” So keep yourself safe." With that, she released the girl and a few moments later she was the good old' Hitch just like she reverted back into the good old' Raze. "To save the world, huh?" The boy said in a drawling voice with a sour smile on his lips...

As they reached their teammates, Raze recognized them, but he barely knew anything about them other than their names. Yet know he has to work together with all those people who are little more than strangers to him. Should he really entrust his life and safety to those guys? Raze wasn't sure if they would risk their lives for him, neither that he would do the same for them. Even so...it seemed like that he has to step over his own boundaries...at least for now. ~ Hitch is there at least. - The boy thought and that calmed him down a bit.

"Optimism is a good thing, but too much of it can end up killing us all."
Raze said with a sigh as he continued to listen to the options of the others. "I agree that the route to the gate should be our top priority. We don't have the luxury to concentrate on the risk areas with only a few of us. We can't take out all fires anyways. For that, we should need the Garrison to actually raise their drunkard asses and do something this time..." The cadet let out a sigh as he glanced at Hitch. "Everywhere is risky right now. Titans may be a simple bunch and go to the places with the most humans...but don't forget about the Abnormals either. Those ones can just pop out like...anywhere."

"Good luck lad, you are free to go! None of Us will keep you if you are in a hurry!" With a calm voice, he turned to Shay. "But just for the record. If we go into battle without a plane we are as good as dead. That's when our chances are the lowes to survive. But just as I said we won't keep you." With his hand, he gestured towards the District. "Otherwise..." now he showed to the others in the team "I'm afraid that you have to sit through the 'War Council'."

"Our primary objective is to extinguish fires we encounter. I think we should prioritize that in order to keep the escape routes at least relatively safe. Unless it's an emergency we should leave the evacuation to the teams tasked especially with that. If we encounter Titans we should concentrate on luring them away instead of fighting them head-on. Back in Shiganshina these things were nasty and surprisingly quick, we shouldn't take the risk of fighting them unless we have no other choice." Raze quickly expressed his opinion trying to count in everything he could remember from training and above all...from Shiganshina.

"Only if it would be that easy Hitchi..." He said with a sad smile as she pushed him with her elbow. Raze had a hunch that even if they survive this whole ordeal, the first thing they will do will not be sleep...they will bury the dead...if they won't be amongst them, that is. Suddenly one thing came to his mind "Hey...Everyone! Before we set out...Please keep a watch on the amount of gas you have, and whenever you have the opportunity, try to check on it. Also, we should try to spare it as much as we can! No matter what everyone says there's no guarantee that we may have access to Gas Supplies during the battle! I guess...that's all...from Me at least." He added in a worried voice as he glanced at Hitch.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #6 on: March 23, 2020, 02:32:28 AM »
Shay could only listen to the others for a few moments, reaching up with his hands to tie his hair into a bun behind his head. What they were saying was making a little more sense than he expected. Shay had dealt with Titans before, a long time ago, and he knew that playing the field smart was of course the best idea. Conserving gas, avoiding spars with titans, and letting the evac teams focus on the civilians, it was all obvious stuff, but it didn’t hurt that it was being said anyways.

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the comment Hitch made directed at him. He didn’t really know who she was, nor did he care. She was a cadet who’d made it all the way up to graduation, so she couldn’t be too much of a liability to him out there. Yet, he still only planned on putting his trust in Kaien when the going got rough out there.

"Pfft. Fine. But you are all a War Council the same way that I’m the Military Premiere." the ginger boy replied in a snarky tone. Once he was done tying up his hair, he reverted to his natural stance, his shoulders tense, and his arms crossed over his chest, with a perpetual look of mild annoyance written plainly on his face.

"By the way, you all do realize that our plan will fall to shit faster than lighting if we encounter an abnormal right? Those fuckers are trickier, faster, and way more unpredictable than the usual Titans walking around." Shay added on, taking another moment to adjust his harness and gas canisters.

"But far be it from me to object to anything you’ve said. If you all are finished ‘planning’ out our mission, I am actually ready to go now. Avoid the titans, put out the fires, stay alive." Shay turned away and began to walk towards the exit, beckoning for the other young cadets to follow him to their mission.

Re: Team Nine: Fire Fighters [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2020, 07:25:52 AM »
Voices; filled with somewhat meaningful words and some not so meaningful. It was all very draining as he listened to everyone babble on about the obvious, spouting off about forming ‘plans’, yet only managing to recite the many, many lessons they had to endure over the past few years. Perhaps they were nervous, scared and therefore buying time. He wouldn’t fault them for it, he was too, and as he shot a concerned, knowing look toward Shay he could feel the fear settle into something akin to comfort. He didn’t know his team well, but he knew and trusted Shay and as his eyes scanned over the map before him he was thankful he got grouped with him one last time.

If they made it through this, and Kaien had to believe they would, their paths would diverge - and he suspected that of all the others' too. Some would make it into the Military Police, others, like Shay, would foolishly choose the Survey Corps while he himself opted for a simpler life - one he was well aware Raze looked down upon, evident in his words.

“...For that, we should need the Garrison to actually raise their drunkard asses and do something this time..."

He did have a point, Kaien never denied it. Their laid back military life-style with a certain extent of freedom all while gaining the privileges of a soldier were a big part of why he wanted to join the Garrison. Of course things changed since Wall Maria, but there were still a few Districts that could afford to waste away an afternoon or two. However, Utopia was believed to be one of those Districts and look where they are now.

Kaien subtly rolled his eyes, strings of his hair falling over his face before he stood up from his position - hoping someone would catch the map before the wind would blow it away. Or not, either way he didn’t care much for the parchment’s fate.

“If we encounter an Abnormal do not engage. None of us are ready, and if you cannot get away then you try and fight it on your own or die.” Kaien spoke flatly and turned to look at Raze and Hitch through the corner of his eye, aware that they had a relationship beyond friendship, but just how far beyond he couldn't be sure. “Don’t be dumb - we’re not heroes.” He turned back to follow Shay toward the edge of the wall, stopping to stare down into the smokey familiarity of Utopia. “Head for the center, the teams tasked with evacuation and killing the Titans will manage the areas closest to the gate for now. We need to clear a path for those who remain within the District and the teams that need to move through it. Simple enough.” It might sound simple, but he knew it would be far from it.

“I would say ‘race you’, but I don’t think it suits the circumstances.” He tried to grin jokingly toward Shay, but instead it seemed half-hearted and rather sad. He pushed off the wall and grabbed hold of his hand grips before shooting out the right hook into the wall, using some of his gas to slow down his decent before his legs landed against the surface, upon which he kept running, using the wire to swing him forward until he unleashed it and pushed off from the wall into the lower buildings closer to the main road. « Last Edit: May 24, 2020, 09:18:39 AM by Kaien Engelbrecht »


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