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Author Topic: A future rising star of the MP? (Hitch Dreyse)  (Read 556 times)

A future rising star of the MP? (Hitch Dreyse)
« on: November 18, 2019, 12:18:31 AM »
Hitch Dreyse/About 15-17 (in the year 847)/Cadet/Wall Rose

A bit immature at times and lazy to the core Hitch is a cheerful person in general who enjoys teasing and needling her comrades. She aims for the Military Police simply out of laziness and in hope of profiting from their corrupt system as well. Despite her lazy, easy-going nature, both her physical and mental abilities imply that in fact, Hitch has a good chance to earn her way into the Military Police.  Occasionally she can act on impulse and can behave boldly, not showing too much fear. Some of her action implies that Hitch cares for her comrades enough to return for them or to help them out in need even in a  dangerous situation.

*Note: I would be really happy if the two characters can be close friends or perhaps more if things turn out that way, but naturally that's up to the users' decision! ^^ Since we don't know much about the early life of Hitch the creator has an almost limitless amount of possibilities with her ^^

While the two of them may seem polar opposites I think that because of that, they can make up a good team as Raze would take her teasing well and would be more than willing to play along with the antics of Hitch as well as becoming a great source of support and stability for her. Also since Hitch cares about her comrades, she can become a pillar of support that gives Raze the much-needed stability in his life as well as fun and cheerfulness due to her nature. Raze would react positively to those due to his past and the emotional scars he bears because of it. Long story short I think the two of them can be a great match and their relationship can be a source of a lot of fun or deep RPs depending on the users! ^^

Here are some plot ideas:
- The Master and her Discipline: Raze is semiliterate and if Hitch catches him practicing late in the evening she can become someone who teaches him regularly. Knowing her personality this can result in a lot of teasing and fun overall.
- Cooking prodigies: The two of them can be ordered on kitchen duty. I have no idea if Hitch can cook well but Raze is an awful cook. This can be another fun-focused RP.
- Martial Arts pls: Practicing together during Hand to hand combat training. It can be either Raze trying to teach Hitch a few moves or just trying to persuade her to at least do something, to begin with.
- Street code: One of them getting into trouble and the other one is covering for him/her. Or they can simply get into trouble together than cover for each other. This can be either a fun-based or a more serious RP, maybe a mixture of the two.
- 'bout One's Plans and Aspirations: This can be a serious themed RP with Raze and Hitch discussing their past, present, and/or future after sneaking out to drink or consuming some "borrowed" booze.
- 'bout One's Fears and Demons: Another deep, serious themed RP. After Utopia Raze would start drinking heavily because of his inability to cope with the loss of friends like Mara. Hitch can either accompany him for drinking or trying to snap him out from his depressed state. This can reveal a lot of things about the past and emotions of the characters showing their deepest parts as well.
- A Lil' party never killed Nobody: Hitch and Raze can sneak out (if they are still cadets) or participates (after graduation) at a local festival together. This RP can be a mixture of fun and seriousness or just a little slice of life depending on the users.

These are just a few ideas that I had in mind ^^ If you got interested in them than feel free to DM me about them :)


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