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Author Topic: [EVENT] A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]  (Read 634 times)

A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:27:31 PM »
[ open to up to 6 cadets, June 846 - ODM Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and loose posting order
Nack | Kieran | Ymir | Oliver | Kaien

NOTE: this group will plan to steal sashes of the other teams, which could cause them to lose points, or have other such consequences.

Yellow squad. The test seemed pretty simple, collect some sashes, deal with Titan dummies as they came across them, nothing major. It couldn't be that hard to accomplish, given that they were in decent sized teams, which meant that points were probably going to be best on teamwork and showing efficiency with their gear. Nack didn't think that would be so hard, but he also knew this was his last shot at getting enough points to join the Military Police. It would be great bragging rights, and he'd be far away from home - but he didn't advertise that aspiration all the time, since there was still a chance he could fail. A good chance. Major even. He could get some sympathy for that later.

Stretching his arms out, the brunet boy threw a smirk over at his teammates. "Can't be too hard, right? Just normal training with some more competition," he remarked, waving a hand dismissively. Sure, some of the teams he'd spotted seemed pretty tight together, smart people, head-thinkers. Others... eh, they could take them. Hell, his made-up little sister could take them. Gertie? Gretel? Something like that, sure. As long as they were just as quick, and at least a bit organised, then they had a decent chance.

Brown gaze skated the trunks of the giant trees, debating their vast size and wondering how high up they'd have to go in order to find each of the four sashes. A smarter cadet might have evaluated ahead for a good hooking position, or worked out that they likely had enough gas to get the sashes and get to the finish. Nack, however, quickly found distraction in brushing back his hair and flexing a bicep.

"So, what's the plan?" he asked of his squadmates. « Last Edit: December 30, 2019, 09:16:28 PM by Nack Tierce »

Re: A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 08:34:06 PM »
Leaning nonchalantly against the trunk of a tree, arms crossed over his chest, Kieran eyed his teammates, getting a feel for what he had to work with. No longer strangers, he knew the names of those who the instructors had placed him with.

Kieran was a troublesome thorn that bit into the skin of the instructors, its bite digging deep, stubbornly holding on when attempted to be plucked, and he was sure they were ready to toss him to the next group and wipe their hands clean of him. Hell, it wouldn't surprise Kieran that he had intentionally been placed with this group to give the other cadets - those with a sure future in the military - the chance to shine.

Nack was of the same mind as Kieran, and that he could appreciate. Speaking more so to himself than to anyone of teammates, Kieran replied, a hint of laughter trailing his words. " It should be as easy as pickin' the pockets of a fat man too busy stuffin’ his mouth with cakes to notice his coin has gone missin’.”  This kind of people reminded him of prey - of chickens all plump, clucking away, utterly clueless of the purpose of their existence. The rich of Quinta were the chicken just right for the pickin’.

Pushing off the tree trunk, Kieran glanced at the yellow band, which rested snugly on his upper arm, his mind thinking of a plan. He had done plenty of plannin' back in the day,   with his gang of street rats, taking advantage of those who had become too comfortable wandering around the marketplace to keep their coin secure from grubby little hands of hungry boys and girls. He had watched the homes of the more fortunate, figuring out schedules, so that later they could take what they wanted.

 He could care less what team he had been placed in, as he did not care about scores, but if the instructors were going to try to keep him from creatin' trouble than he was obligated to do just that.  Soon the Garrison and the drunks that accompanied it would be his home; soon he'd be able to properly look for Rosto. To be honest. Kieran didn’t mind the team he had been placed with. He saw them a better company than some of the more - righteous - cadets. Still, it was the principle of the matter.

"Sure we can collect our yellow sashes,” he said looking up from the armband and to his teammates, boredom obvious in his voice.  “but wouldn't it be smart of us to take the sashes of the other groups as well? If they don’t collect four, they can’t win.”   A smirk spread on Kieran's lips as he thought about the fun to be had if his teammates agreed to play along.
« Last Edit: November 17, 2019, 08:36:45 PM by Kieran Ashmiller »

Re: A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2019, 07:16:27 PM »
Ymir examined the forest before them, with hulking great trees that stretched high into the sky, yet were still not the most monstrous trunks she'd ever laid eyes on. However deep within the forest the sashes lurked, finding them would not be with total ease. With enough teams to cover all of that ground, the sashes must be split into groups, so not all flashes of colour would note where their own were. Casting a glance at the yellow fabric encasing her bicep, she considered her team.

They were essentially misfits. Of course they had their friends, their own places they fit, but together... it was hardly a team. More of a fusion of outsiders. A union of oddballs. Yet she was glad. Even more glad of Krista not being weighed down by them. If there was a shot for her to easily lose a few points, this would be it.

Such a thought grew in size as she heard the arrogance of their words. "Hmm... do you believe it will be easy or are you putting on a show?" she asked, head tilted as she considered two of her teammates. A finger tapped against her chin, she drew a breath and shrugged the thought off, as if it were no longer important. To rile them up too much would be beneficial to herself, but would be too obvious. Besides, she didn't want to let them completely destroy their chances of success.

So when Kieran came up with the idea of stealing other coloured sashes, the tall brunette perked up. It was both selfish and further work, allowing them the excuse of doing 'extra' while stopping other teams from getting ahead of them. Selfish enough to be docked points, smart enough to almost balance out, perhaps. It depended on the instructors, though she was willing to give it a shot. Even better if she took an active part in this meddling, to ensure her points dropped. Her eyes shone gold as she looked back towards Kieran, appreciating him not as her teammate, but for her excuse to perform decently yet self-serving.

"Ah, why not? It would show our superior skill, wouldn't it?" she remarked, a touch of sarcasm laced into her words.

Re: A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2019, 09:09:44 PM »
Oliver could only dream of the reaction his parents might have, looking at his teammates. It put a cheeky smile on his face at the thought. They might’ve liked Nack, for the sole reason he was aiming for the Military Police. He would be perfect for his parents- seemingly spineless and just wanting to please others. Even Oliver could tell there was more going on in that head though. The other two cadets however… well, Oliver could only imagine the grimaces and upturned noses. He wasn’t particularly paying attention, just dicking around with his gear and waiting on someone to tell him what to do. He wasn’t particularly amazing with the ODM gear, not like Mikasa or the other prospective top ten cadets. He was good enough to survive- that’s all he ever needed to be.

He couldn’t help laughing when he did decide to tune in, hearing Kieran suggest stealing of all things. They were so going to get caught. There was no way the other cadets would spot them and tell the instructors. He’d revel in the chaos either way. He turned to look out at the forest- the trees seemed impossibly tall somedays. He crossed his arms a little before glancing back at the group. ”I have nothing to lose.” He chuckled a little, a cheeky little smirk on his face.

He was wondering if any of the cadets there were even thinking of the consequences. Nack surely would have something to say, wouldn’t he? They could easily lose points if they got caught. That couldn’t help his chances to get into the top ten. Oliver truly had nothing to lose. He was going to the Survey Corps no matter what happened during training. He wasn’t going to waste time trying to be the best and take a spot away from someone who deserves the Military Police when he knew exactly where he was going. He uncrossed his arms, stepping back and readying his gear. If they were doing this, they needed to get a start. Couldn’t let another group steal their idea now, could they?

”To work, then?”

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.
It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.”

― Lois Lowry, The Giver

Re: A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2019, 08:05:31 PM »
In the old growth forest the trees rose upward forever, the canopy above was distant, like clouds of green. Birdsong came in lulls and bursts, the silence and the singing working together as well as any improvised melody. Kaien sat near his teammates staring up at the leaves which shifted slightly with the wind, allowing rays of the summer sun to shine through and remind them of the concept of time. Already the thought of the task ahead drained him of energy, and as he repeatedly blew a strand of purple hair from his face as he listened to his fellow cadets form whatever strategy they needed.

They were no longer strangers, but he wouldn’t call any of them close friends either and knew very little about their lives other than what they had made obvious and what little truth, if any, the rumours surrounding them held. Most of the time he didn’t care, to be honest, a big part of him couldn’t afford to. People were fickle… fleeting, so what would be the point… right?

Kaien glanced to the side and immediately regretted it as he spotted Nack flexing a bicep; always eager and pretentious. He almost felt sorry for him as he was the only one among the group who actually desired to join the Military Police, and just by quickly glancing at his team he realized that none of them were about to help Nack achieve that goal. Kaien most certainly wasn’t about to. The Military Police was the last thing he wanted despite a spot being safely secured for him; secured whether he achieved the top 10 or not.  For a moment his eyes lingered on Oliver, wondering if his family had secured him the same. They led different lives, but from what he could gather they shared a few similarities. The Military was his way out, the Garrison his salvation… what plans did Reede have to defy the path he was born into?

His eyes flicked towards Kieran as he suggested that they steal the other teams’ sashes, a smirk slowly tugging at the corner of his lips as he processed the idea. If anyone was going to suggest something like this it would be Kieran, so it came as no surprise. He was a troublemaker in the eyes of the Instructor’s - and to cadets who were similar to… mmm, Axel; what Mara ever saw in him Kaien still couldn’t comprehend. It was an amusing thought, picturing all those irked faces. Losing points, guaranteeing a spot far away from the interior and the corruption of the MPs, it all suddenly seemed to become more of a bonus than the actual prize.

Pushing himself up from the mossy ground he stood for a moment to brush off his clothes and secure his gear, listening as both Ymir and Oliver seemed to agree. Kaien simply stepped closer as nonchalant as possible, the yellow sash his dull eyes focused upon was tied and its tip dangled in the air, almost begging to be tugged at. It wasn’t the sash they needed, it would give them no points, but it most certainly would get things going.

With a quick, firm tug Kaien pulled the sash free from Ymir’s bicep and used his long legs to step back as far away as he possibly could, holding the sash high into the air along with his controller grip. “Superior skills, huh?” he teased, mocking her ability to hold onto her own sash, a grin widely spread across his face. He gave the sash a little wiggle,  stepping back once more before quickly turning to his side, aiming his grapple-hooks toward two trees he’d been eyeing since he sat down and in almost the same moment he kicked up into the air, activating the gas mechanism to reel himself forward.

Wind blew his hair back as the wires pulled him forward, a familiar shrill hissing in the air as the wires left the shafts at his lower back. He loved this feeling, even though it took him far too long to be able to achieve it. He landed on a branch high enough and large enough to support his weight and recalled the wires, carefully allowing them to roll back up into place before staring down at the rest of his team, shooting a rather playful smirk down Ymir’s way before tying her sash around his wrist. « Last Edit: December 30, 2019, 09:20:16 PM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: A band of ragtag rogues. [ODM APTITUDE TEST]
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2019, 09:16:00 PM »
A grin spread across his face as he heard Kieran speak, glancing at him. What a metaphor. This was going to be great - overconfidence wasn't so great, people said, but they had a good line-up. Other than maybe Ymir, who acted as though they were just trying to show off. Sure, he'd been looking for some approval, but so what.

His eyes lit up at Kieran's plan. Stopping others from getting ahead would ensure they got a higher spot, which could pull up any points they lose if it's against the rules. Though it wasn't explicitly stated that they weren't allowed to do that. "Let's do it," he said, glancing to the others. Oliver seemed to be for it, and Kaien was nodding, so why not? They weren't going to lose points for getting extra sashes? Overconfidence spilling, he couldn't see that it would be breaking some manner of rules. Besides, they were working together as a team, it was practically an integral part of the test.

He was about to say they should get moving when Kaien acted, taking the armband from Ymir's arm - her golden glare crossed him briefly and he grimaced. That wasn't much teamwork. Nor was the lanky cadet flitting up away from them. "Yeah, that's exactly what we need to do to the other teams," he forced a laugh, his words somewhat weak, hoping Ymir wouldn't take it so personally and they'd be able to get on with things. "Let's go then."

As much as he grinned, he didn't actually want to lead. Kieran was better at that sort of thing. He just supposed getting ahead quickly, especially to avoid a confrontation that'd delay them, would be best. His kick-off from the ground was still delayed, taking a breath to steel himself before getting his hooks into a tree and bursting up with some gas to quicker the ascent. Nack looked back to Kieran, hoping he'd have an idea of where to go from here.


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