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Author Topic: [EVENT] Wind-chill Factor  (Read 1346 times)

Wind-chill Factor
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:10:48 PM »
[open to up to 4 cadets, December 845 - Winter Aptitude Test ]

CURRENT TEAM and loose posting order
Marco | Eren | Jean | Javier

(post in whatever order and I'll adjust this accordingly)

It was glacial in the northern expanse, far colder than it had ever been back home in Jinae.  The sky darkened early in the day, the winter sun hanging pale and low.  Bitter winds whipped across the land, bending trees and biting into any and every inch of exposed skin.  It seemed impossible that they could be expected to survive outside, to make the monumental trek, to keep their extremities safe from the nip of frost.  With this thought in mind, Marco dipped his face further beneath the much-loved grey scarf wrapped around his neck.  Snow clung to his long lashes and peppered his dark hair, the cold painting rosy colour on his cheeks and nose.  Their bags were packed, the road stretching long and foreboding ahead of them.  Together they would make it, he was quite sure.

The small groups had departed at staggered times, their current path marred by the prints of those who had left before.  Those indentations were disappearing fast, buried beneath the fresh flurry of snow.  Soon they would be alone, without any indication of what routes their comrades had chosen.  Armed with only a map, it was left to the group to decide exactly how they would reach the designated checkpoints and, at last, return to the warmth and security of basecamp.  A minimum of five lonely days lay ahead of them – more if they suffered injury, or became disorientated, or halted to hunt for food.  They carried only a basic ration, scarcely enough to keep them fed.

Nervousness bloomed faintly as he cast his gaze towards his companions, brown eyes regarding his them from beneath the shadow of his hood.  “The first checkpoint is almost directly north from here,” Marco remarked, having spent the evening before poring over the maps the cadets had each been supplied with.  “There’s a river between here and there.  I guess we’ll need to look for a place shallow enough to cross, then follow one of the tributaries north?” « Last Edit: December 13, 2019, 01:23:34 AM by Webs »

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2019, 05:52:49 PM »
“Fuck snow,” Jean grunted, scowling as he pulled his coat tighter around himself. He hated the cold- it was nigh impossible for him to warm up in the winter. It always left him grumpy and shivering.  It got cold in Trost, but nothing quite like this cold. It felt like everything was frozen over this far north. He pulled his scarf around himself a little tither, wanting to ensure it wouldn’t unravel in the wind. The gloves, hat, and scarf he was sporting were all gifts from his mother. The dark emerald color of the wool standing out against his military regulation coat and pale skin. Though from the looks of it the skin that was revealed looked pink from the cold rather than Jean’s normal tone.

Earlier that morning, while the group of them were all getting dressed and read, Connie had started joking around. Stating that if they tossed Jean out in the snow with nothing on, that he would just blend in that’s how pale he was. Jean said nothing, certainly not wanting to let the rest of the cadets know that he actually tanned this summer during training.

He grumbled, ore to himself than anyone else, as he pulled up the scarf to cover his mouth and nose. It warmed his skin immediately, holding back the sharp bite of the wind. This was going to be a very long test, Jean knew it. It was still snowing! Jean had to periodically shake himself off just to ensure the dust of snow didn’t bury him. He wasn’t cut of for this weather at all.

“Cross a river? In this goddamn weather?” Jean groaned, looking over at Marco. While his face was covered for the most part, anyone could see the “please tell me you’re joking” look from Jean’s eyes. “They’re trying to kill us.” With that he was stomping forward a bit, snow crunching under his boots. At least his feet were warm with the two layers of socks and the thick boots. That was a plus.

♬Are we laughing at the danger?
Are we dancing after death, you and I?♬

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2019, 06:44:12 PM »
Eren hardly felt his toes, and he couldn't see his boots under the powdery expanse of snow. He shivered, clutching at his torso and wishing he had on a second coat - he felt small as it was, bundled up like some toddler about to waddle off into their first snow. As much as they'd prepared their clothes to fight against the chill, he didn't feel as though it would last at all. They would need a fire before long, once dark hit and the cold became even more dangerous.

Listening to the other two talk, his teeth chattered as he squeezed his coat closer to his body. "Don't be st-st-stupid," he stammered, as the breeze hit his teeth and turned them to ice. "It-t's resilience... We'll find somewhere to cross without st-stepping in." Brring as he shook, he braced himself against another current of chilly air, snow patterning his hair.

He marched forward, though it didn't last - the snow grew thicker, pushing against his attempt to move on, and he had to back up to find the looser snow or a way to climb up. Bending his knee high was difficult, to say the least. It would be even easier just to follow in their footsteps, but that really made him feel small. "There'll be a bridge or something anyway." He'd done more than glance at the map, but he didn't remember if there were any marked. Maybe they didn't mark them though.

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2019, 01:47:00 AM »
Right, the cold. Javier wasnt that enthused about spending five days to potentially a week out in this weather, but it was the training right? They had no..  choice. Even if one didn't like it, one simply had to deal with it anyway. It built toughness, something like that. Though, Javier wasn't sure how tough he really wanted to be.

But, Rosie had done something like this before hadn't she? Well, there was no way he was going to give up when his sister of all people had put herself through something as crazy as this.

He was paired with an interesting group. All around the same age, thought the smallest among them… was hardly breaking into the double digits age wise. at least the dark haired fellow with freckles seemed rather tolerable, the light brunette's sunny attitude would be something to deal with. Nonetheless, Javier rounded out the back. His rather tall stature was hunched over in the biting cold, a dark cloak did little but break the wind.

Bolt mentioned something about crossing a river, to which Kirstein replied with a rather exasperated comment. And then Jaeger, if Javier remembered correctly wanted to hope there was a bridge. Javier hoped for a bridge as well. He said nothing else but nodded in agreement, with a small "Hm." Loud enough to be heard over the trudging through the snow.

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2019, 06:31:32 PM »
Although he didn’t voice his concerns, Marco worried a little about their team’s dynamic.  He couldn’t say he knew Javier well – the boy quietly falling to the back of the group – but from what little Marco had seen of him, he was friendly and softly spoken.  The freckled cadet hoped he would be able to help manage Jean and Eren, if it came to that.  With any luck, the frigid conditions would cool hot heads and fiery tempers.  But once they were a few days in, the cold aching and constant, hunger gnawing incessantly in their guts… well, then everyone’s patience and cheerfulness might be tested.

Jean swearing was not a promising start, though Marco couldn’t say he disagreed with the sentiment.  Turning to the boy from Trost, who was wrapped in woollen knits of an emerald green shade, Marco shrugged his shoulders almost apologetically.  His body was made all the broader by the thick layers, the patient smile he offered alluded to only by the faint crinkling around his honey-brown eyes.  The instructors had certainly handed them a challenge, and Marco was quite sure this group’s composition was no accident.

Eren was right though, it was all about resilience.  And perseverance.  And teamwork.

“I don’t know... aren’t we a little remote for there to be bridges?” Marco mused, worrying his bottom lip with his teeth behind his grey scarf.  Not wanting to seem pessimistic or to dishearten his teammates, he quickly continued on.  “Maybe the hunters who come out this far will have built one.  I guess we’ll see when we get there.”  His tone was bright and hopeful, thinking that even a basic structure would be far preferable to none at all.

Around them towered spindly trees laid bare by winter and shining with frost.  Through their creaking branches the wind whistled faintly, eerily, the barren canopy above offering them no protection, the snowdrifts buffeted by an icy breeze.  The other groups, with their staggered starts, had spread out and already there was a growing sense of isolation, as though they were the only people for miles.  Here the snow lay in a thick carpet, taking considerable effort to plough through, powder churning around Marco’s boots as he trudged on.  “We should probably take it in turns to walk at the front, or travel two by two,” Marco suggested, bowing his head against the rising wind.  Walking through snow this deep was exhausting and there was no need for them all to deplete their reserves.  The trail would be at least a little easier on those who followed, treading along a path that had been somewhat flattened by the person ahead.  Admittedly, Marco was primarily thinking of Eren when he made this suggestion.  Eren, despite being one of the most determined cadets – if not the most determined – was by far the youngest and smallest of their number.

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2019, 06:29:22 AM »
Jean shook his head, side eyeing Eren as the boy stuttered and shook. Despite their arguing and usual hostility, he didn’t want to see the boy get hurt or left behind. Despite his actions saying otherwise, Jean wasn’t completely heartless. Jean fully admitted to being an asshole, but he didn’t want to see any of his fellow cadets -even Eren- get hurt. He knew Eren- as well as you could know the kid you consistently got into arguments with. He was on pretty good terms with Marco- Sebastian and Marco were the two people he was closest to. They’d seen him cry so they knew too much. He wasn’t quite sure of Javier, the kid was too tall for comfort but other than that he didn’t mind him.

He glanced back at Eren, noticing how the kid was struggling. He was fortunate enough that he had long legs, trudging through the snow like this was never really a problem for him. Jean preemptively told himself to be patient, back when he had first found out who he was going to be stuck with. If not for his sake, for Marco’s sake. He would try.

He met Marco’s eye when the boy looked over at him. While Javier had them on height, Marco and Jean were the eldest at the moment. He wasn’t sure if the older one was him or Marco, but either way he felt as though he had to prove that could act their age in a way. He stood a little straighter, turning his head to look forward once more. ”I guess we’ll just see when we get there then,” Jean muttered with a little shug, quieting down after. He hoped there was a bridge or at the very least something they could use to cross like an old log. He moved up to the front as they walked, just going along with Marco’s idea to walk two-by-two. It was a little rough, with the wind biting into him through his clothes.

”We should start looking for a place to set up camp once the sun starts setting. We want to make sure we’ve got time to find a good place- a cave or something that can block the wind.” He considered the forest ahead of them as he spoke, trying to keep an eye out for structures that would look like good places to camp out. ”If we can start a fire tonight that’ll be the best. Moving around during the day will help but once that sun gets down- we’re going to find ourselves in shit...” Talking and planning kept his mind occupied. He wouldn’t focus on the wind and the cold so much if he was planning their next step.
« Last Edit: December 04, 2019, 08:24:49 PM by Jean Kirschtein »

♬Are we laughing at the danger?
Are we dancing after death, you and I?♬

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #6 on: December 13, 2019, 05:46:34 PM »
Eren listened, still shivering, still fighting against the deeper lumps of snow that refused to badge without a hefty kick - which only showered snow to the side and took up more energy. He wasn't an idiot. He didn't do that after the third time, knowing he had to conserve his energy and very sure that he'd need every breath if they were going to get anywhere with it.

Going two-by-two sounded reasonable, but he didn't want them to see him struggle either. Jean'd make fun of him, he'd bet on it, and he didn't want Javier or Marco laughing along at him. Still, he didn't say anything, simply glaring daggers in the white blanket of the ground, watching as it shifted into lumpy parallel rows behind Marco.

Jean's idea was good enough, but he had to bite back a comment. They'd only just started! They had plenty of time yet, and they hadn't even crossed the river. It only last a moment before he snapped, "We'll find ourselves in shit if we don't get across the river before then!" A cloud of cold air plumed before his lips, and he looked back at Javier, seeking some part agreement, though also checking he was still close by them. Any extra struggles to contend with would just be a drag.

"Marco," he started, looking back towards the freckled cadet, "if there's not a bridge, how can we get across the water?" Just to make the point harder - they had to cross the river first, then worry about where to sleep. The sooner they could cross, the better. But he didn't have any ideas, and wading through a winter-cold river didn't seem good. The water by Shiganshina in winter had been cold enough, but they'd never really had snow like this. Scrapings and maybe a few layers, sure, but half the time it melted the moment it touched the cobbles, and the rest of the time it was just slush.

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #7 on: December 17, 2019, 06:03:31 AM »
Javier was good at noticing things. And right now, he was beginning to notice this team’s dynamics. It was good to know the kind of people he was working with. Javier never considered himself much a people person, but sometimes it was a necessary evil. Bott was nice enough, if not a little too eager to please and ensure that things ran smoothly. Kirschtein had more than just a mouth on him, but he got his point across and was a smart cadet. He conversed about plans, they did need plans. Of course, the smallest among them was a young Cadet by the name of Jaeger. It was suffice to say that Marco’s plan of walking two-by-two wasn’t just to benefit the group as a whole, but to ensure their smallest member wouldn’t be trudging the harsh, biting winds and trudging through snow entirely on his own.

Javier had half a mind to offer to carry the kid, who was hardly older than his younger sister. But he decided against it, after all, it was easy to tell that despite being the youngest, he was a kid that held enough resolve to rival Javier’s older sister. It was just perhaps as unnerving to hear the kid speak in more mature words, but Javier supposed he could forgive him for that.

Wasn’t that Jaeger an orphan? And from Shiganshina…? He didn’t know the details, but it wasn’t his business to pry. If the kid wanted to be a soldier, then he was going to do whatever it took. Javier just wondered if he could live up to those same standards of will and determination.

“Hm.” Javier nodded, well, there was no pretty way to put it. To eventually cross the river was something they needed to do, whether it be a bridge or something else… was a troubling, open-ended question. Of course, the brunette began to think himself of their options, which weren’t that many. Crossing in potentially waist deep freezing cold water wouldn’t mean good for any of them, especially for Jaeger. There was the potential for a shallow pass, say a stream or such. A bridge was the unlikely hope they were betting on…

Javier kept his eyes up, looking to the sun already low on the horizon. Shadows were growing longer and the sky was already beginning to darken. Whatever the decision was, they would only be able to cross that river once they actually got to it. Javier adjusted the straps to his back just slightly, shifting the weight around. Shelter, they did need that, and the idea of a campfire was also appealing…
« Last Edit: December 17, 2019, 06:06:20 AM by Javier Renée »

Re: Wind-chill Factor
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2020, 09:41:34 AM »
Marco hummed his agreement with Jean.  Darkness would come quickly, especially this far north and in the depths of winter, the sun already muted by the thick, grey snow clouds that blanketed the sky overhead.  The temperature was frigid, even as their bodies burned and flushed with the effort to trudge through the snow, but at night it would be truly inhospitable - they needed to be prepared.  A cave would be ideal, giving them respite from the biting wind… but would they be at risk from predators?  Before Marco could give it any thought, his focus was drawn to Eren’s remark, coming from directly behind him - one that revealed a sliver of impatience, perhaps - and the question that followed it.

“Uh, perhaps it’ll be partly frozen over?  I guess it depends how wide and deep the river runs,”  Marco mused, fluffy snowflakes peppering his dark hair as he turned his head, just enough to glimpse Eren in the corner of his eye.  If this was the case, they would need to be exceptionally careful, as trusting a sheet of ice was far from ideal.  “Maybe it’ll be shallow enough that we can wade without filling our boots with water.  Or rocky enough that we can pick a path across.”  Again, this latter possibility was risky.  Their backpacks would interfere with their balance, and no doubt the rocks would be treacherously slick or icy - or both.  “However we go about it, I don’t think we can afford to get wet…” Marco continued before trailing off.  If they had to wade across, they had to wade across, but their clothes would freeze next to their bodies before they could dry.  It was bitterly cold, swaddled in layers though they were, the icy air stinging every inch of exposed skin.  The thought of being damp in these conditions was enough to cause a shiver to roll through Marco’s frame.

Throughout the discussions so far, Javier had remained almost silent, he noticed.  As the sound of their laboured footfall and the winter wind filled the space around them, the freckled cadet considered asking their quiet companion a direct question, in case Javier just needed a little help joining the conversation.  Before he could, however, the ground began to slope downwards, leading into a somewhat sheltered valley that might - hopefully - lead them to the river.  Marco checked his compass, his fingers stiff with the cold as he confirmed they were still travelling directly north.  Beneath the cadets’ boots the terrain became more difficult to traverse, the snow here sneakily covering tree roots and lying in the shade, where it had become frosted and slippery.  Focused on navigating, Marco slipped a little, reaching instinctively for Jean’s arm but stopping short, as he managed to steady himself with an embarrassed chuckle low and quiet in his throat.  An apology would have followed, except that a noise caught his attention.  It was distant burbling sound, barely perceptible but unmistakably the murmur of moving water.  “Hey, you hear that?”  Delight shaped the question, Marco smiling behind his grey scarf. « Last Edit: January 01, 2020, 09:42:19 AM by Marco Bott »


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