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Author Topic: With Sword In Hand [Jarek]  (Read 403 times)

With Sword In Hand [Jarek]
« on: November 21, 2019, 08:41:51 PM »
For once Lord Engelbrecht’s eyes weren't filled with disappointment and disgust as he looked toward his son across from him within the carriage. Instead they were contemplative, filled with expectation and a subtle warning Kaien was far too familiar with. “I expect you to behave yourself.” his voice was low and stern, his hands neatly folded on his lap as his right index finger brushed over the family ring on his left. Kaien’s eyes flicked down towards the piece of jewelry and back towards the deep-brown eyes of the man he often loathed and resisted the urge to roll his own. He hated that stupid ring and what it represented, and despite his father’s wishes he didn’t want any part of it. Though it wasn’t like he ever had a choice.

He turned his head to the side and set his sights anywhere else in an attempt to ignore his father, but the man rarely tolerated his attitude and wasn’t about to start now. “Am I making myself clear!” Kaien’s body tensed and his fingers dug into the leather seating as his father’s aggressive and authoritative voice demanded his attention and obedience. He closed his eyes, clenching his teeth as his heart beat against his chest. The blood rushing through his veins boiled with anger, but yet his body refused to do anything about it. “Yes…” he forced out, opening his eyes to stare down at the floor, desperately trying to ignore the slight feeling of his heart beating within his throat.

It infuriated him that his father had this affect on him - still had this affect on him. As often as he tried to fight against it, the fear instilled by Lord Engelbrecht from a young age never quite went away. “Look at me when you say that.” his voice was low again, but with a threatening undertone which seemed to force Kaien to turned and look at his father. “Yes, sir.” his own voice was much clearer than before but he could not hide the frustration he felt within himself, only his father didn’t care about that as long as what was expected of him was understood.

The carriage came to a stop and voices could be heard from the outside as the coachmen talked to the guards at the gate. Finally they arrived. The Valdeze family’s wealth was apparent everywhere you looked and although impressive it was just more of the same to Kaien. The ride through the estate to the manor was quiet, and once the carriage came to its final stop - at least for Kaien - he could not wait to exit the confined space and leave his father behind. However, a firm grip on his wrist kept him seated a while longer. “I will send for you in a few weeks. Give Lord Jarek the gift and make good use of his time..." he paused, the grip on his son's wrist tightening uncomfortably. "Try and learn something.” his father’s hand dropped before he leaned toward the carriage door to push it open, gesturing for his son to leave.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to since clearly his father wouldn’t have wanted to hear it. He left the carriage and as he looked back the coachmen was already closing the door. It felt good, and felt even better to see him ride away. Of course he wasn’t free, but he was close enough and as he turned to look up the stairs leading to the main entrance the fifteen year old felt his lips twist up into a smile.

“My Lord, please, come inside. Lord Jarek should be with you momentarily.” the smile faded then and there as he turned to face the man with brows furrowed. “Don’t call me that. I’m not a Lord.” he said plainly before turning towards a long rectangular case which he picked up by the handle and carried with him up the stairs against the protest of the servant beside him. He might have been born to nobility, but he had little to no intention of living up to the title that came with it. At least, not if he had any say in it. He placed the case on a table within the room he was led to and moved to the window, a light breeze blowing in past the curtains that gently swayed from side to side. It was eerily peaceful, and he didn't quite trust it. « Last Edit: January 05, 2020, 01:02:54 AM by Kaien Engelbrecht »

Re: With Sword In Hand [Jarek]
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2019, 12:28:43 PM »
Reclining on the sumptuous window seat that served as one of the highest vantage points in the manor, Jarek watched and waited. The ghost of a smile touched his lips as the Engelbrecht carriage rolled up the grand drive, pulled by a team of particularly handsome horses, the silver fastenings of their tack glinting in the afternoon sunlight.

Still the noble did not rise. To greet his guest at the door would be to downplay his own importance as the host - he was a busy man, after all, even if his only chore at present was to lift a tumbler of pomegranate pressé to his lips, the ice clinking cheerfully against crystal. There was a balance to be struck, however, and once he had witnessed Kaien ascend the front steps - suitcase clutched stubbornly in hand, the servant following in his wake - Jarek rose. He abandoned his drink on an ornate sideboard, deftly smoothed out his clothes and began the leisurely walk through his family's illustrious halls.

The alliance formed between the Valdeze and Engelbrecht families ran deep and cold, their bloodlines bound by secrets, and built on a foundation of bones. There was mutual respect and a degree of trust between Jarek and Anzai, even if the latter sprang, at least in part, from the unspoken understanding that one could not betray the other without also destroying themselves. Through all their years of business, Kaien had been on the young noble's periphery, from boyhood through to his present adolescence, with adulthood now looming on the horizon. Jarek had awaited the arrival of the elder Engelbrecht's only son with some interest, keen to discover what sort of man he was shaping up to become.

They weren't so different, after all. They were both born into exalted noble families and had grown in the shadows of domineering fathers. But where Jarek had learned to embrace duty, Kaien - according to the whispers - rebelled at every turn. As an outsider, Jarek found this revelation amusing, even going so far as to admire the younger man's spirit. Of course, even Jarek understood that his feelings would be entirely different if he, personally, was the one being defied.

Descending a marble staircase that was all smooth edges and shining surfaces, Jarek at last arrived at the room where Kaien had been left to wait. He stepped into the space, finding it was bathed pleasantly in the afternoon light, the largest shadow cast by the noble boy himself. Kaien had grown tall and broad, far surpassing the size and strength of other boys his age - and that of Jarek. It was all too easy to imagine him wielding a greatsword, and Jarek felt a ripple of excitement roll through him at their impending lessons. Let Kaien learn that he could use his strength to deadly advantage.

"Welcome, Master Engelbrecht," Jarek greeted warmly, with a smile that touched his violet eyes. They were of a shade similar to Kaien's own and he wondered, not for the first time, whether there was a drop of Valdeze blood in the Engelbrecht clan. That was something to be thoroughly investigated.

"I trust your journey was pleasant?" The likelihood was slim, given how Anzai and his son always seemed to be at odds, but etiquette dictated he ask - as Kaien well knew. Nobles were expected to learn their lines, the majority of interactions between them little more than choreographed exchanges. Whether Kaien was prepared to travel within the lines of propriety was another thing entirely, and Jarek rather hoped they would break through into more earnest territory in the coming weeks. "Can I offer you some refreshment?" He enquired, the taste of pomegranate lingering on his tongue.

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