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Author Topic: Saddle up  (Read 174 times)

Saddle up
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:10:29 PM »

It was a nice day. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect weather for light work and exercise, what were two things that awaited Annabeth. It was the third they since she became a full-fledge soldier and a member of the Survey Corps. Her Cadet days were over and her uniform now showed the wings of freedom. For Beth they were an actual sign of freedom. The beginning of her journey. The result of her first own decision.

The first day had been taken up with arriving, settling in and cleaning up the room she had been assigned to. Second day had been cleaning up the storage and receiving their 3DM gear. Now on the third they it was time for assigning horses and doing stable duties. One of her fellow recruits complained, but Beth looked forward to it. She loved animals and riding had been one of her favorite lessons as a kid and during training.

The moment she entered the stable a calm flooded through her. The smell of straw and leather made her smile. She looked around for the person in charge, but got distracted when one of the horses looked up from the hay it was eating, pushed its head over the door and looked at her expectant. Beth walked up to it and let it smell on her hand. “Sorry, I got nothing for you,” she murmured and petted the horse before it turned away to munch on his hay again.

Re: Saddle up
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 12:22:26 PM »
Every intake of new recruits marked another year of service for Laria, and Year 838 made it six years since she had arrived wide-eyed and brimming with enthusiasm.  Time and loss had opened her eyes to the horrors of a life lived as a scout, but the realities had done nothing to dim her fire, and not once did she ever regret her choice.  Naturally, as far as new recruits went, the Survey Corps never received as many as the other regiments.  Those with the option of the Military Police took it more often than not, and the Garrison offered a far more secure, far less life-threatening career path.  Which was precisely why every brave or foolish soul prepared to don the Wings of Freedom ought to be appreciated, rare breed that they were.

The recruits found their feet in polished, unscuffed boots, their new uniforms pristine, that neatly stitched and unblemished fabric soon to be a shroud for some of them.  Their presence lent a certain energy to the headquarters, a buzz of potential igniting the summer air.  By comparison, the stables were a place of quiet and calm, providing respite from the outside world.  It was here that Laria fussed over her own mount, alone except for the beasts, at least until a new recruit appeared.  From the corner of her amber-brown gaze, the scout watched as the young woman calmly greeted a horse – mindfully holding out a hand for the creature to sniff – before the fickle steed turned away, hungry for hay.

“Hey new blood,” Laria called in greeting.  “You been paired up with a horse of your own yet?”

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