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Author Topic: No Rest for the Healer [Open]  (Read 208 times)

No Rest for the Healer [Open]
« on: November 23, 2019, 03:23:17 AM »
Garrison Barracks. Officer's Section. Late at Night.

Blessed sleep.

It had been a long watch for Arkin and his team. It had been a double and after dealing with a nervous new team member, three Titans, and about two hours of paperwork - Arkin just wanted a hot bath and to go to bed.

He'd been lucky, the men's room was empty and he could linger in the water. The hot water soothed his aching joints and he added his own blend of oils to ease the tension and stress. Arkin was only 31 but sometimes felt decades older. He knew many of his comrades felt the same. Older than their years. Life was hard for soldiers and the toll was taken mentally and physically.

Back in his room, Arkin went over some more paperwork and made up a few tinctures that he knew would be picked up in the morning. He also took a quick inventory of his herbs. He'd need to visit his folk's shop soon to pick up some things. After that, he crawled into bed and read for a little while before his eyelids felt heavy enough for sleep. Burrowing under his covers and quilt, Arkin let sleep take him.

He was not sure what time it was when a pounding on the door startled him awake. It was pitch black out his window - just a few lights burning in a few windows. He could hear his neighbor snoring through the wall. He was used to people showing up at all hours but it took him a second to come to his senses. Kicking the covers off and pulling on a shirt, Arkin made his way to his door and cracked it open.

"What's up?"

OOC: Open tag though the character would need logical access to the Garrison Barracks/Officer's Section in the middle of the night.  :) :) :)
« Last Edit: November 23, 2019, 03:56:01 AM by Arkin Holt »

"But even yet I have so many miles to go."

Re: No Rest for the Healer [Open]
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 03:30:54 PM »
 Michelle could all too easily imagine how the officer might receive this. Anyone sane would likely be asleep, save for the handful on the night shift. However, a sudden dispatch had arrived and it simply could not wait according to the messenger, thus leaving Michelle with the unfortunate duty of disturbing an officer.
She shuddered to think about what might happen to her, death by cleaning the barracks, no he might try to get her to tag along with the Scouts... Michelle shuddered, he might punish her with extra PT.

She had been about to knock again when the door cracked open, revealing the petite figure of Michelle. She was tiny, barely hitting an unimpressive four foot seven in total, nervously she held out the seal envelope. "Sorry for waking you sir... Er... They said it could not wait." She explained hastily, feeling her cheeks flush with colour and a mixture of embarrassment. So caught up in her thoughts of how he might react, she forgot to salute. It was too late to offer him one now however, he was up and no doubt annoyed that she handed him some document. "I... Er..." Michelle felt quiet, her blue eyes avoiding his finding the floor to be suddenly interesting.

Re: No Rest for the Healer [Arkin/Michelle]
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2020, 04:45:25 PM »
OOC: What a lovely surprise! I had honestly forgotten about this lol. So thanks for picking it up!! What's in the dispatch?  :) :)

"Sorry for waking you sir... Er... They said it could not wait."

Arkin had to blink a few times at the young...cadet...was that a cadet? He did not recognize her. If she was allowed in the barracks this late at night she could not be a cadet. Well...By the Walls...and he had thought Rico and Anka were tiny.

Yawning, he reached out to take the paper from her. "At ease there...what's your name?" He offered the girl a smile that he hoped was reassuring and skimmed the dispatch. Nodding, he opened the door to his room wider - the scent of all his herbs and medicines wafting out, "Okay then," from the hanger by the door, he grabbed his jacket and 3DM gear. "I was really interested in the floor when I was your age too," Arkin said with a small chuckle as he watched the girl gaze at the ground, "How'd you get roped into going to the scary officer's barracks and waking up an even scarier office?" Arkin was trying to make a joke - it may have fallen a little flat.

Grabbing a lantern off a shelf and a match to light it when they got outside, he nodded to the small girl, "Off we go!"

"But even yet I have so many miles to go."

Re: No Rest for the Healer [Open]
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2020, 07:06:00 PM »
OOC: You are welcome, I saw it and had to claim it lol. You are very welcome. Hmm perhaps some medical delivery? Or we could say it is a joke/prank on the new girl (as Michelle is green as grass) or whatever your would prefer?


She relaxed her posture, though still looked and felt nervous, like a trapped fawn, unsure of what to do and terrified. Michelle swallowed, before managing to find her voice to answer his question. "Whitaker sir, Michelle Whitaker." The Garrison Soldier was part of the Whitaker family, a family with a long and noble heritage of military service. Every Whitaker had been a soldier, every one in the Police Regiment, everyone a top graduate.
Then... Then there was Michelle, the only one in her family's long history to fail in this scared duty, to fail as a cadet to get even close to the top.

Her twin, her older brother was the soldier, brave, strong, deadly, tall... He had scored high enough, but chose his own path in the end. He went into the Scouts, Michelle went for the Garrison, she would not last five minutes outside the Walls. Heck, she barely survived training.
She glanced at his room, noting the scents of the herbs and assorted medical gear. Her cheeks flushed with colour at his words and she managed to lift her face and eyes to meet his. "I... I... Yes sir." She stammered, forcing an obviously nervous smile on her face.

"I... They told me it had to be brought to you right away sir." Michelle said, too nervous and too anxious to realise he was joking with her. "I... I... I didn't mean to disturb your sleep... I... I know I shouldn't be in here but..." Michelle lowered her gaze again, everything about her was small, tiny, petite, her nervous and shy nature some labelled cute. Michelle had her skills, her talents, but she was a soldier easy to overlook.


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