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Author Topic: In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)  (Read 99 times)

In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)
« on: February 10, 2020, 10:03:18 PM »

34 in 845 | Scouting Legion Veteran of twenty years | Problems with reading/writing and arithmetic
Pragmatic/practical | Somewhat jaded | Passive | Aloof but loyal | Tenacious

Tamsin is slow to make friends not because she is abrasive, but because it's also not high on her list of priorities -- though not in a mean way -- and she's not great at small talk. Nonetheless, she values family highly and considers the Scouts her 'found family', and to them and to what few close friends she has she is incredibly loyal. Despite having lost not only a lover but three siblings, she is not weighed-down by her tragedies, believing it's better to be afraid and do it anyway. Having grown up on the streets, as well as this need for strong bonds (despite difficulties obtaining them) she is very generous, willing to share everything she has even if it means she will be empty-handed. She isn't a warm person, but values everyone as a potential 'family member' -- if they prove their worth. She is suspicious of newcomers and cynical besides, subconsciously seeing them as a potential threat to 'her people', but over time this fades.

Tamsin is the type to just steer clear of people that rub her the wrong way, but if they disrupt the dynamic of her 'family' or bother someone close to her, she will get confrontational and is prone to spite. She's fought long and hard to keep her temper from childhood under control -- or at least private -- but it's possible it may flare up if pushed. It's also possible that she will inadvertently get on someone else's nerves outside the course of regular duties, as she can be moody when not in 'work mode'. Also, she is very sensitive about her moderate dyslexia and dyscalculia and will react badly to anyone drawing attention to it.

Tamsin joined the Scouting Legion with her sweetheart back when they were both young and naive, and losing him two years later broke her heart. Nonetheless, she's had a few on/off relationships since then but nothing serious. Despite her jadedness, in her heart she keeps a small flame of hope alive for a 'normal' life one day with a husband and children, although she's accepted it may not come true. She's skeptical that her good luck will extend that far.

Potential Plots
- Go on, see what happens if you call her TamTam or Tammy. ;)
- Tamsin is all about self-improvement in all areas of her life, having been below-average to average in most things. This includes trying to improve her reading/writing and arithmetic in private with an extremely small number of people she allows to help her -- likely people she's known for a while. She wants to write a memoir without help one day, after all! Who are those select few?
- One of her weird habits is her absolute disregard for her hair. She cuts it haphazardly, in bits and pieces, frequently. Who does she go to in order to borrow scissors or a knife?
- Tamsin has lost a sweetheart (ODM gear accident) and three of her known siblings (the youngest to fever, the second-youngest to a cannon accident during his duties as a Garrison soldier, and the most recent being her younger sister in the fall of Wall Maria as a Garrison soldier): who was around when she got the bad news?
- One of the reasons Tamsin joined the military was to track down her potential siblings/half-siblings -- while she found all the younger ones, she's not sure if there are any older ones out there. This idea is open to potential fellow siblings, or someone who may know about them in a NPC capacity!
- This is my first Scout so I'm open to all ideas! <3

"...hunting for something lost, something to eat or love, among the twists of earth, among the glorious bearclaw sunsets, evidence of the red life that is leaking out of me into time, which become each night more final."
~ Margaret Atwood

Re: In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2020, 10:30:46 PM »
I can offer Hugh (http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=1111.0). If I am mathing correctly, they could have been in the same training group and would have about the same number of years in the SC under their belts. Hugh is standoffish and keeps to himself (I mean the dude moved his cot into the stable lol) - but he would never judge anyone for having struggles with academics or anything like that. He might be inclined to help if it's someone he has known a while/has actual care for.

One of her siblings was killed in a cannon accident. I have Arkin (http://reluctant-heroes.com/index.php?topic=759.0) who has worked with the cannons basically since he came out of training - and had a pretty nasty cannon accident himself. So there is that.

If you have any ideas - for sure would love to hear. No stress and no worries. It's all good.

Anka Rheinberger | Dot Pixis | Arkin Holt | Miriam Gracey | Mina Carolina | Hugh Fraser | Rico Brzenska

Re: In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2020, 11:38:34 PM »
Hello darling Quiet! <3

Hugh & Tamsin
Oh that's right! They would have around the same number of years in service! And I definitely trust your math over mine, haha. To be honest I can easily see Tamsin retreating to the stable and Hugh's quieter company, knowing he wouldn't bother her like others might (especially if she wanted to practice her academics, or if she needs to vent her temper in private). Considering he serves as a veterinarian, if she can't find any others she might come to him for scissors for her hair, too. ;)

Arkin & Tamsin
There is indeed that! Her second-youngest half-brother, Llewellyn, was four years her junior when he was killed around 832 (I haven't landed on a precise date yet), so he would have been around 16/17. I'm fairly certain she found out when they got back from an expedition. While it may be unlikely that Arkin and Tamsin had ever met prior to then, is there a chance Arkin would have known Llewellyn, or at least what happened? I'm also not sure of the precise details of the accident, such as whether he died immediately or later in hospital.

I am open to any threads you may desire! <3

Mercedes Carello | Tamsin Spiegel | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus 
Julia Carello | Minister Siegfried JusticaMinister Saul Holloway | Alein Valdeze | Meera Valdeze

Re: In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2020, 01:09:30 AM »
Hope you have had a good start to the week!

It's nice of you to trust my math lol. You don't want me doing your taxes though haha.

Hugh & Tamsin

I think that works. As long as Tamsin does not bother the horses (or cats) Hugh would not be bothered by her hanging around the stable. He'd listen to her vent and would probably agree with her on a lot of things. He'd check her practice work if she'd like as well. And as long as she is not using his good scissors - she could hack her hair as much as she liked lol.

They could be the Statler and Waldorf of the SC. Gustav and Anka are the Statler and Waldorf of the Garrison lol.

Hugh could possibly know a fair amount of her backstory and maybe even knew her late love.

Arkin & Tamsin

Arkin was pretty lucky. I think if he had been a few more inches this or that way - he would have lost more than just a chunk of his hand/a few fingers. Gustav was there to stop the bleeding and drag him to the medics. Maybe if there were a bunch of cannons misfiring (like there was a flaw in the design or something) it would be worth looking into. I don't think I've ever really set in stone when Arkin's accident was so that leaves wiggle room.

 :) :) :) :)

Anka Rheinberger | Dot Pixis | Arkin Holt | Miriam Gracey | Mina Carolina | Hugh Fraser | Rico Brzenska

Re: In Service Of Memory (Tamsin's Plotter)
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2020, 01:42:10 AM »
Yes, it's been great so far! A little work tomorrow and Wednesday but beyond that, apart from rain it looks to be a good week! Hope yours has been lovely too!

Hugh & Tamsin

She's probably come in there frequently enough to respect his turf and his habits, haha -- you don't just keep coming into a man's stables without getting used to how things are done! And I LOVE Statler and Waldorf besides so that is a wonderful image and I'm totally up for it if you are. I imagine if they've seen a lot of action together that they have slowly, quietly come to know a fair amount about each other.

As far as potential thread ideas go, "it's time for a haircut" could be one way in (or the checking of the practice work), but also should Hugh need help with anything Tamsin would be more than happy to pitch in!

Arkin & Tamsin

Gosh he really was lucky, wasn't he? Bless him. A design flaw is something I hadn't considered but is a great idea! My heart breaks for everyone affected by that and we only know of two so far lol. If we wanted present-day interaction between Arkin and Tamsin it could be something like the return of an expedition coinciding with the anniversary of the accident -- a grave visit is an excuse for a meeting, potentially, or if they established some kind of connection in the past then it might be enough for her to pay him a visit or meet for a beer, for example. I'm open to ideas!

Mercedes Carello | Tamsin Spiegel | Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus 
Julia Carello | Minister Siegfried JusticaMinister Saul Holloway | Alein Valdeze | Meera Valdeze

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