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Author Topic: Mercedes Carello  (Read 262 times)

Mercedes Carello
« on: November 24, 2019, 06:24:57 PM »

NAME: Mercedes Carello 
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): 'Cee, Carello, 'The Jaguar'
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 1st January 829 // 16
PLACE OF BIRTH: Outside southwestern Wall Maria in a ranch she can't remember.
GENDER: Female
FACE CLAIM: Herself (See above; commissioned art copyright Dana Rune 2016.)

WARNING: Although not as much as her grandmother, Mercedes tends to swear frequently. If this would be an issue for you, let Baroness know ahead of time and she will temper/censor it.

APPEARANCE: Height of 5'4 / 165cm, but invariably the first thing you notice is that she looks like she could rip you apart with her bare hands. Although well-proportioned -- even an hourglass shape if you squint -- she is very muscular for someone so petite. Of Mediterranean and Indian descent, her skin is tanned. She has thick curly black-brown hair that reaches between her shoulderblades, which she nearly always has in a braid. Her eyes are dark brown. Overall her facial structure is very cattish, with high cheekbones and an angular shape. She's not pretty exactly -- it'll take some time to grow into her features -- so much as 'striking' to look at, in the way that unusual faces are. She typically sports a rust-colored sleeveless tank under her uniform jacket, but when not in uniform often wears a lot of hand-me-downs from her grandmother paired with ever-present flat-soled brown riding boots. Noticeably, she always wears a hinged gold bangle shaped like a jaguar nearly biting its own tail, with emeralds for eyes (missing one) and smaller black and gold stones making up its coat pattern on its upper half.

PERSONALITY: ENFJ/ENTJ. Practically oozes charisma without realizing it. Compelling, direct, a charmer when she wants to be, incredibly hardworking, observant, and rational. Can be stubborn, but rarely hot-headed. Almost insatiably curious. Seen as a leader by peers, but often arrogant and precocious by adults when it turns out her discipline is only self-serving. To overcome imposed isolation as a young child she has become a quick, intense study of other people, and as such is incredibly good at reading them and, if she were so inclined, to sway them. However, she tends to prefer to trust only an incredibly small number of people -- a cynicism wrought in her by her grandmother -- and prefers to take her own direction rather than follow. Very loyal to those she respects and/or grows genuinely attached; indeed, she is contradictory in that as much as she claims not to need others, she craves a sense of belonging and acceptance and thrives on others' admiration. Often has a languid smile on her face that is more of a carefully-constructed front to others and, when paired with her notably 'honeyed' voice, is a deadly combination.

(It is difficult to understand Mercedes without understanding her grandmother, Julia. The latter is diminuitive, feisty, crass, sometimes flirtatious, intolerant, and as smart as she is hot-blooded. Her parenting could be considered irresponsible verging on hazardous, but Mercedes managed to emerge from it with minimal injury. She is not as academically bright as her grandmother but has a greater understanding of people -- like her father, Julia notes -- and is far more level-headed as a result of having to look after Julia as well, in her own way. The fact that after a while they looked at each other as peers rather than parent/child was beneficial in some ways, but less so in others.)

- Physically and mentally strong, high endurance; a strong gear-user and hand-to-hand fighter
- Discerning and observant
- Tenacious
- Unusual variety of practical skills, such as horseriding, marksmanship, and general engineering principles courtesy of her grandmother
- Generally calm in a crisis

- Most of her actions serve herself or people she's close to; she will readily disobey authority if she thinks she knows better
- Can sometimes come off as 'holier-than-thou'
- Hard time delegating / truly trusting others / not regarding them as means to an end
- On occasion can misread someone or a situation, but can rarely admit she's wrong
- Incredibly defensive of her grandmother, though she hardly needs to be
- If someone were to pick at her deep-rooted suspicions about what happened to the rest of her family, she'd probably lose her cool

ASPIRATIONS: She has no precise aspirations yet other than protecting her grandmother and (she supposes) by association the rest of humanity; however, nagging suspicions as to the fate of her parents, uncles, and grandfather may eventually beg for her attention. In the short-term, she's interested in joining the Garrison as a sort of default measure. A year or so into training and having it suit her, she starts to like the idea of becoming a Squad Leader.

FEARS: Being vulnerable or helpless, being abandoned, not living up to expectations. Losing her grandmother. More abstractly, what may have happened to her family.


The Carellos were once a family of horsebreeders that supplied horses for the Scouting Legion. Mercedes was born in a ranch outside southwestern Wall Maria; her parents frequently conducted exploratory missions of their own without the help of the Scouting Legion and, one day when she was four, did not return. It was assumed that they were finally eaten by Titans. Her paternal grandmother, Julia, relocated them to Krolva, where they lived in a bizarre sort of isolation on a few acres outside an abandoned mine. Mercedes cannot remember anything more than vague impressions of the ranch, called 'the House of Heaven'.

Julia proceeded to raise Mercedes alone, homeschooling her and emphasizing that Mercedes avoid making friends or telling anyone their surname, but never explaining why. She was also raised with a somewhat preparatory attitude (though this could also be explained by Julia's eccentricity); Julia encouraged her strength and combat training alongside the family tradition of horseriding and expert marksmanship, and tended to teach Mercedes practical skills rather than the usual by-the-book things a typical child would be taught. Julia also encouraged Mercedes' self-reliance and skepticism of authority.

Crucial to Mercedes' development as (unfortunately) a combat-ready child was Julia's inclusion of one of the few allies she had inside the Walls: a friend of her son (and Mercedes' father) Leon named Godfrey Ignatov, from whom Leon purchased the land in Krolva and who helped them settle there. In his late forties and a Military Police deserter living under the alias 'Peter LaSalle', he is one of the few Carello sympathizers behind the Walls and had his tongue cut out for the privilege. Nevertheless, at Julia's request he provided Mercedes with the basics of hand-to-hand combat that Julia could not teach her. Mercedes remains ignorant of his relationship to her family but they nonetheless have a warm relationship.

Julia herself was no stranger to giving children over to military duty, having given the military four of her five sons herself, nor of acting to further the military effort -- as an incredibly gifted engineer and academic, she had contributed plenty on her own -- so it could be said that this was the only type of child-rearing she knew. Over the next few years Julia and Mercedes would develop a fierce, codependent relationship and while there are differences between them, Mercedes could be called Julia's younger Doppelganger.

Julia kept Mercedes out of the military for as long as she could; although Mercedes gathered that her grandmother was vehemently cynical, even paranoid, about it and that this had something to do with the loss of her grandfather, parents, and uncles, but not what exactly, she eventually was able to convince Julia to let her go. Julia gave her the jaguar bangle as a going-away good luck charm -- it's a family heirloom, having belonged to her grandmother before her. She joined a little later than others, at 16, and took to it well. Now that her surname is more public, she finds herself getting strange glances here and there from older adults and is beginning to think it has more importance than she gave Julia credit for.

YOUR ALIAS: Baroness
AGE: 32
TIMEZONE: Central Standard

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~ Anna Akhmatova

Re: [COMPLETE] Mercedes Carello
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