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Author Topic: Could it be Fate? (Tag Ian)  (Read 261 times)

Could it be Fate? (Tag Ian)
« on: November 24, 2019, 06:27:24 PM »
Late Autumn, 831ish.

Dreary. That was the only way Rico could truly describe the day. It had been raining for several days and a gray mist hung in the air. It was not cold enough that Rico could see her breath, but she was sure it was close. Give it a few more days and the season would turn. In his last letter, her father had predicted it would be a harsh winter. Winter's had always been comfortable in her family home - with a warm fireplace and plenty of blankets on her bed. Rico wondered for a second what winter would be like in the barracks.

Rico had - enjoyed was the not the right would...but she had mostly thrived during training so far. She appreciated the order and how everything (or almost everything) they did seemed to have a purpose. Rico had felt so purposeless back home and it really seemed (so far) that the military would give her a true one.

Rico was making her way from the dining hall, where she had been studying with a group of other cadets when angry voices caught her attention. Pausing to listen, it took Rico a moment to figure out where they were coming from. Her boots squelching in the mud, she made her way towards the ruckus to further investigate.

There was a crowd gathered - yelling and pushing. Obviously it was a fight. Standing on her tiptoes, Rico could make out who was fighting. She was not shocked. While she had never spoken to him - Ian Dietrich had a reputation as hot head. The other boy was known for being a shit-stirrer. She'd seen the boy go after weaker and smaller cadets more than a few times. Arkin Holt and Anka Rheinberger both seemed to be favorite targets of his. Arkin for his extreme gentleness and Anka for her obvious poverty.

No one seemed to be trying to stop the fight. Instead everyone was shouting encouragements and egging the two boys on. What a bunch of idiots. All of them. The cadets fighting and the audience.

Elbowing and kicking her way through the crowd, Rico found herself behind Ian.

"Hey! HEY!" Rico grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back away from the fight.

« Last Edit: November 24, 2019, 07:39:58 PM by Rico Brzenska »

“Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.”

Re: Could it be Fate? (Tag Ian)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 09:38:54 PM »
Mud smeared Ian's face, his grey eyes blazing with fury. The jostling crowd jeered and hooted, not recognising the genuine rage that seared his blood. The vast majority of their intake were decent enough folk - peppered by a handful of veritable diamonds - but at their core was a small tribe determined to make the cut for the Military Police. That in itself could be forgiven, but their insolence and bullying behaviour was not so easily looked. Certainly not when it came to those Ian considered his friends.

Despite their high grades, some of those aspiring to the MP were surprisingly slow on the uptake - they had never had to fight for survival, Ian supposed - but they were beginning to realise the easiest way to win against the angular boy from Krolva was to group together, to swoop in when any one of their number was threatened. It was never a fair fight when that happened, but Ian invariably stood his ground - and then limped to Arkin after.

Fortunately, Dylan Wise, one of the clique's ringleaders, was on his own today.

"Come near either of them again and I swear - I swear - I'll break your fuckin' legs," Ian snarled, narrowly avoiding the next swing of Dylan's fist. Their fight had been raging for a while now, long enough that they were both beginning to ache and lag, the cold ground mulchy beneath their boots. How many times would it come to this? The bully was incessant and no number of scraps seemed to deter him.

Hey! HEY!

With the small crowd heckling and encouraging the spat, the voice was almost washed away. If Ian had recognised it, he would not have reacted with the same instinctive desperation. His stomach lurched with the sudden contact, every fibre of his being screaming that this was a new threat, that one of Dylan's cronies had entered the fray, and that pain was sure to follow. Thoughtlessly, he yanked his arm free, elbow colliding with the as-yet-unseen figure. Dylan, bloody-nosed and wild-eyed, laughed. It was then that Ian turned to see Rico Brzenska, his heart dropping into his boots.

"Shit," he hissed, the adrenaline and anger that had laced his blood immediately beginning to fade, replaced instead by a chilling ribbon of regret. In this moment of distraction, Dylan lunged forward, grappling hands seizing up fistfuls of fabric. Delivering a swift, sharp kick to his shin - the sound of ripping fabric tearing through the autumn air - Ian pushed the other boy roughly away. ​"We finish this later." Dylan stood down in a great show of reluctance, though Ian could swear there was a rumour of relief in his features.

A ripple of disappointment rolled through the gathering, already dispersing, trudging away to find their entertainment elsewhere. Ian was able to direct all of his attention to Rico then. Short from a distance, she seemed positively tiny closer up, which only exacerbated his sense of guilt and concern.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were - " Ah, but this was no time for excuses, it would be better to stick to an apology. And a sincerely meant one at that. Stepping closer, Ian squinted his flinty eyes, trying to assess the damage. ​"I'm sorry. Are you… are you okay?"

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Re: Could it be Fate? (Tag Ian)
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2020, 08:52:54 PM »
The wet and cold was quick to soak through Rico’s coat and uniform as she hit the mud. She fell with enough force to knock her glasses off and then the world was blurry. Rico was able to feel for her glasses and find them after a moment, though with how muddy she was, she had nothing to wipe them off with. Rico sighed and curses silently to herself. This had been...a mistake. She should have let Ian and Dylan just beat the hell out of each other.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were - "

Rico's head turned towards the voice. She assumed it was Ian as the blurry figure in front of her seemed tall and lanky.

"I'm sorry. Are you… are you okay?"

That was unexpected. Despite the fact that Anka and Arkin had both spoken highly of Ian - Rico was surprised he was asking if she was okay. She'd be okay if she could get her glasses cleaned off and could see.

"Well...let's think about this," Rico said dryly as she struggled in the mud to try and stand, "I'm covered in mud and I'm soaking wet." She waved her mud-coated glasses in front of her face and rolled her icy eyes. What a mess.

"But yeah...I'm fine."

Rico had been able to struggle to her feet, the mud making a gross sucking noise as she pulled herself free. "I don't suppose you have anything I could wipe these off with?" she asked as she held up her glasses. She'd never make it back to the barracks not being able to see.

"What about you?" Rico asked after a moment - her voice losing some of its edge, "Looked like he got some licks in. Are you okay?"

If she was being honest, Rico had a lot of questions for Ian. Mostly...why are you the way you are? Why be so angry and always down to fight? That made no sense to Rico. From what Rico could tell...Ian was a cadet of pretty great ability...honestly Military Police level good...and he always seemed to be running the risk of being drummed out.

"I mean...you don't have to go the medics. I won't tell anyone you were fighting. But maybe go see Arkin if you're hurt."

By this time, Rico had been able to clean her glasses and place them back on her face. She gave Ian a long look and noticed that his jacket was torn. Before she really thought about it, Rico said, "I can fix that for you." She had no idea why she offered. But she raised her eyes to Ian's and waited. It was starting to rain heavier and Rico felt herself shiver.

OOC: Not my longest or best work...but it got them talking lol.


“Together we shared a bond not even death would violate.”


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