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Author Topic: Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]  (Read 129 times)

Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:01:46 PM »
[ 845 ]

Escort duty. Pah. It was far more equivalent to babysitting, picking up some girl from Wall Rose territory. He hated it, being out in the countryside where the pigs squealed. Pity us, they cried, we've been torn from our homes and now we'll be on the front line! Our food is eaten by refugees and we need you to help us. Quirin loathed even the sight of one pathetic servile speck of dirt. On his way there, sat in the back of the carriage, he kept the curtains drawn, leg crossed over the other, uniform pristine.

His arrival was early, steeped in frustration since he had to wait. So be it. His superiors had to be confident in his dedication to work to - eventually - promote him to squad leader. Something he'd been thinking about ever since Wall Maria had been torn down. Even if it meant doing such pitiful work as this, there was no denying that he had plenty of freedom. A chance to make a positive impression on the Kraft family? He wouldn't give that up either.

Peeling himself from the carriage's comfortable seat, Quirin wiped down his jacket straight. The door swung open, and he left its interior into the fresh morning sun, a hand swept up to his forehead to shield his eyes. On walking around the carriage, prepared to stand at the ready to greet his charge, did he take in his surroundings properly. As much as he detested visiting Wall Rose, he was quite sure of where they were. The Survey Corps practically made him nauseous, and they were here, so close - he could even see one out of uniform walking down the street.

He closed his eyes, sniffed, and stood into position beside the door. Quirin straightened his back as he gazed at the door of the inn.

Re: Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2019, 03:56:18 PM »
Reluctantly Beth closed the clasp of her bag containing all her belonging. Ten years. Ten years ago she left home to train. Seven years ago she joined the Survey Corps. Now it was over. One Wall gone and her family thought they had a right to make decisions again. For years they hadn’t cared about Beth riding out of the walls with just a slim chance to survive. Suddenly they did.

Her hand brushed down her dark brown linen pants and she removed lint from her black cotton shirt. Both actions to lengthen her time in freedom. She had hoped for one last journey alone, taking her time on the way back towards the house that felt like a prison. However her parents didn’t trust her to arrive. They sent a soldier from the Military Police to accompany her. To watch that she didn’t run away. Well, she will obey for now until she found what she wants to do. A work to keep her busy and far away.

Knowing that she couldn’t stop the inevitable much longer she grabbed the bag and walked down the stairs to the entrance. Beth chatted with the owner, a lovely old woman, for a moment. Once again she was met with the knowing gaze most people gave her since she was forced out of the Scouts. They thought the cruel rescue missions after Wall Maria made her leave. It never crossed their mind that there could be another reason.

She said her goodbyes and stepped out to the street. Her eyes snapped to the carriage and a soldier in uniform. She frowned at the MP insignia on the jacket and its cleanliness. Not a speck of dust. Her own fingernails contained more dirt than the soldier had on his whole body. Maybe she had done one round of the most dirty work around base to remind herself where she belonged. It will take their maid at least one or two hours to make her look presentable.

“I’m Kraft.” Just two short words of introduction, short and on-point. There was no need to say more. Only her surname, because she didn’t wanted the soldier to even consider using first name. She walked to the back of the carriage to stash away her bag, her movements precise and quick like normal after her time of military service.

Re: Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2019, 07:13:12 PM »
Kraft. She wasn't anything like he expected. In fact, he had to re-evaluate everything he'd thought of his charge the moment he took in her appearance and words. Blunt and to the point, but without the sort of delivery he'd expect from a noblewoman. Her clothes were hardly awful, but they weren't the fine threads of Wall Sina. Comfortable for travel, he supposed, but most noblewomen he knew didn't care about comfort, they sacrificed it in favour of presentation. Just what was she?

"Miss Kraft," he bowed his head. Even her movements were odd. A strange creature. At least, during their journey, he would have something to distract himself from the tedium of gazing out of a window. At least, he supposed, he didn't have to entirely babysit her. She was clearly capable of handling her own possessions.

Quirin stepped to the door, fingers wrapped around its edge as he held it open for her. Everything had to be precise, a clear and clean picture above reproach. It was why he didn't introduce himself; few nobles bothered with the name, though given how different she was, he didn't know whether that applied to her. There were certainly others, more predictable in their high-born ways, who queried his name and judged him on that. Ah, like the artist? Really, if not for some benefits in his family's name, he would have shed himself of it long ago.

"The journey may take a while. I've taken the precaution of a few supplies for food and drink, in case you're in need of them, though if you would rather stop along the way, we can, of course." He'd rather not, actually, but again, he had to try and predict her preferences. Her family likely wouldn't want a delay. Perhaps, even, they expected her to flee the first chance she got.

Fortunately, he was quite prepared for that.

Re: Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2019, 07:09:46 PM »
“Just Kraft,” she corrected the soldier, not unfriendly but determined. There will be enough people calling her Miss as soon as she was back behind this terrible Wall separating her from the place she truly called home. She didn’t need to start it just yet. The slight bow she ignored. She met her fair share of MPs trying to charm nobility. It stopped when she joined the Survey Corps, but she feared those attempts to rise now that she was back to being an ordinary noble. Well, at least ordinary in the sense of her social status.

Beth gritted her teeth to hold back the comment, that she was able to open doors herself, when the soldier opened it for her. Her mood was terrible, but it wasn’t reason enough to be rude. The soldier was just doing his job. At least he didn’t offer her a hand to help climb the steps, what would be unnecessary because of the absence of a dress getting in the way. Beth entered the carriage and sat down next to the opposite window, immediately opening the curtains as far as possible. She wanted to look out, enjoy the sights around her one last time. Who knew when she was able to slip out of her father’s clutches?

Right now Beth didn’t feel hunger or thirst and she doubted she would be able to get down much, but the thought of delaying her arrival was tempting. “I maybe know a place on the way we could stop at,” she gave in to her desire. “My family shouldn’t mind the delay. They wanted me to use a carriage with an escort instead of me renting a horse and riding home on my own, what would be the quicker solution,” she added with a faint shimmer of a smile, knowing well enough that her father minded every minute they arrived delayed.

She would take the responsibility. She wasn’t cruel enough to get this soldier into too much trouble. The amount of trouble she would cause depended on the way the soldier acted around her. If he went all high and mighty Military Police, she was prone for some consequences. After all her father successfully turned the MP into the symbol that destroyed the life she loved. “How long have you been with the Military Police, Mr…?” Beth asked, wanting to have a name to the soldier and to get a feeling for whom she was dealing with.

Re: Burning suspicions. [Annabeth]
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2019, 08:24:15 PM »
Just Kraft. He could have scoffed. That was hardly becoming of a noble, and only further suggested the oddity she appeared to be. Could she have been a soldier? Surely not. It wasn't impossible for a noble family to have a child within any of the other military branches. He highly doubted any officer of the Military Police would bother to be out here. Even the majority of the Survey Corps holed up in their primary headquarters in Stohess. Perhaps she was with the Garrison, one of those who thought squirrelling away to the territories was somehow beneficial to poor people. Ugh. He hoped that wasn't the sort of person he'd have to put up with.

Climbing in after the woman, he closed the door and rapped upon the front of the interior to signal the driver to begin their journey. She'd already opened the curtains, and he hid a grimace by checking the door. "Very well," he agreed. If her family did not approve, he'd simply come up with a justification for the stop. Perhaps the carriage required a repair, and they had to wait for a new one. Or the driver failed them, requiring a change of hands. Really, he wondered whether she would run. The excitement wouldn't be terrible. "Within Wall Sina, yes?" he added for clarification. Fresh air from Sina was far better than that polluted with the stench of Rose.

There came the request for his name. "Drexler," he answered, settling in the seat opposite her, ignoring the faint rattle as the carriage began to move. "Nearing a decade. Graduate of the 92nd Cadet Corps - Eastern Division," he added. So many years ago had he taken up the emerald unicorn, free of his family. Not so much now. In a way, he wondered how similar her situation might be to his. The recalling of family. Though he doubted the Krafts were quite as irritating as his stepmother, nor as frustrating as his father. "I'm stationed, typically, in Orvud District, though we're soon to relocate to Ehrmich. Hence my presence here."

The Krafts would make a suitable excuse for his continued presence, were he to find some level of respect from them.


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