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Author Topic: Carriage of convenience. [Alice]  (Read 101 times)

Carriage of convenience. [Alice]
« on: November 24, 2019, 10:02:20 PM »
[ 842 ]

"Don't - no. Stop," Quirin said, frustrated. The lackey halted, hands trembling as they backed off from the carriage. "When you check the wheels, you should pay more attention to how they attach," he corrected, waving them on to continue their work. "If you can't do that, fetch your boss." Apparently convinced that they couldn't do the job fine enough, the lackey raced off to find the carriage mechanic.

Plenty of experience guarding people over the past few years had allowed him some amount of confidence when it came to such things. The last thing he wanted was some tacky, useless hunk of wood to carry him about. Today's task involved guarding one of the nobles involved in some sort of... complicated bullshit. Not that he hadn't paid attention - he simply didn't care. His squad leader, Heike Ziegler, had given him the usual brief, with an additional reminder that the case was sensitive. For that reason, one of the detectives attached - somehow, he hadn't bothered to ask - to the case would be joining him.

"Play nice," she had told him as he turned from her office. "Whatever you make of her, you'll want to ensure you do everything right. The last thing we want is some uppity thing having us pulled up for inspection."

He understood the reasoning. Of many of the divisions specialising in guard duty, Ziegler's squad were not so much the corrupt sort, though they certainly had their vices. Weber's gambling was troublesome, though hardly got in the way of his work. Schmitz's occasional reliance on alcohol was more difficult to hide, the man belonged amongst the Garrison more than anything. It was nothing that would get them drawn and quartered, but Ziegler had dreams of serving directly in the capital. Guarding the royals themselves.

It was a shame she was a fool. He wouldn't have awfully minded it, but of all of his comrades, he was hardly going to be troublesome.

"You," he called out to one of the lingering new recruits, some scruffy, lanky girl who looked too young to be a cadet, yet alone graduated. "Call for me once this... Stamper has arrived," he ordered, turning on his heel immediately to march for the carriage mechanic's attention. Better to make him realise how important the task was - nobody turned down an officer directly.

Re: Carriage of convenience. [Alice]
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 05:38:22 AM »
From the moment she'd been told of her next assignment, Alice had been filled with a certain dread.

She possessed no malice, of course, nor any inherent dislike of the man she was intended to work alongside. More so, she loathed this idea that she was meant to be in the uncomfortable presence of a stranger for so long. Small talk had never been her specialty. Her social inclination was weaker than that, yet she thought it even more despicable that they might simply exist in silence in the same space.

This case was of lacking interest, she would readily admit. Something involving money and threats with dashes of blackmail for flavor, of course. Same as it always was. Alice had garnered much more than the modicum of respect most did in this branch, so she would hesitate to call it dull out loud, but she certainly felt it. Her squad was comprised of people she didn't like; the last thing she needed was any of them deciding that she was troublesome or complained too much.

An anxious-looking girl approached her as she was feet away from her destination. Yes, a girl— it was certainly no woman that stood before her. Alice felt a little sick, thinking of children in places like this. Even so, she smiled, trying to ease off some of her discomfort.

"Your partner has requested that I, um, that I inform him you've arrived, ma'am."

What was the point of this extra step, anyway? Weren't they going to the same place? Perhaps it was a custom she'd yet to become familiar with, or a quirk of this squad...? Regardless, she gave a brief nod. "Of course. I'll wait here whilst you tell him, yes?" She clasped her hands behind her back, standing up a little straighter. Her posture was perfect, all rigid and disciplined, yet her expression had yet to grow so solemn and cold as those of many of her senior officers. The girl nodded curtly and took off back in the direction she'd come from.

Today might be even longer than Alice thought.

and the times we spent together are all irreplaceable in my heart
i'll treasure these memories you gave me / so thank you, and goodbye

Re: Carriage of convenience. [Alice]
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2019, 07:12:47 PM »
The mechanic agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to upgrade the carriage without issue, performing checks to the back of the lot where their vehicles sat. It wasn't entirely necessary, but Quirin was never one to turn down a luxury without reason. Watching as the man looked over each part of it, assuring him that in no way would it malfunction or the wheels detach, Quirin spared him no attention, only a blank look that might have suggested it.

When the girl came running, squeaking out the arrival of his comrade for the day, the officer turned away with a sniff and walked to the front of the lot. There stood Stamper. "Excellent, you're here," he said, using the sort of attitude he gave when in the public eye. Respectful but blunt. Treating the idiot assistant as needed was just as necessary. "Two of our colleagues are due to bring us our charge," he said, as though she didn't know that, but mostly as though it was important for the girl, who lingered behind him in eagerness to make sure she wasn't needed again, to overhear. Children were so easy to fool, and even easier to make awestruck.

"Are there any orders I need to be aware of from your chain of command?" he added, surveying Stamper. His duty was purely in capacity of a guard, but if there was any suggestion that they'd have to put up with complications, he wanted to be aware. Assassination attempts were not terribly rare. They weren't common either. But he knew a decent amount of desperate rats who would do anything to get out of any predicament.

Re: Carriage of convenience. [Alice]
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2020, 06:02:24 PM »
Not seeming to be much in the mood for conversation, Alice offered a quick nod of acknowledgement and nothing else. Her demeanor had shifted significantly, because she wasn't offering vaguely sympathetic politeness, just politeness with nothing behind it.

Alice supposed that she should be grateful she was in high enough standing to not get stuck with all the dreadful work that new recruits tended to, but it sounded a little more appealing than this. At least she'd feel that she was being productive if she were handling paperwork. When it came to escort missions, Alice often wondered if it were worth it. After all, plenty of people earned enough ire from others that they might wish them dead, maybe even enough to follow through on it, and they didn't get military protection. She knew that was foolishness, though. They got protection because of political power or money or both, which made their lives more important. Simple logic.

"Understood," Alice replied. She didn't seem inclined to analyze Quirin much. She knew of him, vaguely, and it wasn't hidden all that well that she had no interest in much more. That wasn't his fault, but rather the fault of grief. It had made her cold, and when work was more important than healing, she'd hardly been given an opportunity to recover.

Orders? God, who cared. It was all going to be fine either way. Most people were too cowardly to follow through on threats in the first place. "I've been told that we are to be prepared for anything, and that we are to regard nothing of any suspicion as inconsequential," Alice said. Really, it was so obvious that being told to repeat it felt unnecessary; what was the point of serving as a guard otherwise? "And is there anything that your superiors wanted me to know?"

and the times we spent together are all irreplaceable in my heart
i'll treasure these memories you gave me / so thank you, and goodbye


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