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Author Topic: Rosebelle Renée [complete]  (Read 350 times)

Rosebelle Renée [complete]
« on: November 26, 2019, 04:05:12 AM »

    NAME: Rosebelle Renée
    NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Rosie | Space Cadet
    DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): July 1st, 830
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Utopia District
    GENDER:   Female
    MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps
    FACE CLAIM: Seychelles from Hetalia

    Height: 5' | 153 cm
    Weight: 118 lbs | 53.5 kg
    Rosebelle stands with a rather short stature and thin frame. Her overall physique is lean and slim, but with some amounts of muscle due to her years as a cadet, and eventually as a soldier. Rosebelle, however, still appears somewhat delicate, almost as pretty as a doll. Her skin is an olive-tan, with hardly a blemish or a scar. Her eyes are a pair of almond-colored orbs, circular in shape and seem to hold varying emotions. Her hair is a dark brunette, somewhat curly, and long enough to reach her mid-back, but the girl often keeps it tied with bright red-ribbons. Overall, Rosebelle gives off a rather aloof, whimsical aura about her and normally can be found with matching, wandering smile. Rosebelle normally is found in her military uniform, proudly displaying the wings of freedom. She usually wears a dark blue or black undershirt with her uniform.

    Rosebelle… is something of an oddball. She is both aloof and a loner, yet friendly and rather extraverted. There are times when Rosebelle can go for days without ever speaking beyond a few words, and then there are entire hours long, one-sided conversations the girl can have with anyone who’s willing to listen. In her cadet days, Rosebelle was known as the ‘Space Cadet’ thanks to her penchant to ‘space out’ in the middle of classes or training. She keeps to herself, since most people don’t really wish to socialize with a girl that hardly seems focused on anything important.

    Her persona can be forgettable, she almost seems to blend in within any crowd. But yet, Rosebelle also is someone who very much marches to the beat of her own drum. She laughs and smiles, often only to herself, but freely shares her own amusements out loud. She is a bit weird, and she understands that fully, but never feels the pressure to makes changes on how she should act on others’ behalf. She is rather musical and often can be found humming tunes as she does chores, or even singing lullabies on late nights. She is a very talented baker, her family owning a bakery, and has quiet the weakness for sweets. She enjoys being with the horses, as animals are a bit easier to understand than people, in her point of view. However, in most conversations, Rosebelle takes time to understand people and wants to know them to their truest extent. Despite being rather aloof, Rosebelle is rather good upon picking up the subtlety of emotion and what people may be feeling. Lying around Rosebelle is a very hard thing do to, as often she can usually tell if someone is being dishonest to her.

    In her service, Rosebelle is an excellent soldier. She listens to orders, carries them out, and is rather by the book about most things. With her small frame, Rosebelle took to 3DMG amazingly well and loves flying through the air with the grace and swiftness of a bird. She is always willing to help out and provide aid to her fellow soldiers, even if sometimes she puts herself at risk.

    Overall, Rosebelle seems to be rather ‘soft’ or even naive for someone who is supposed to be a soldier, yet there is a silent, but strong sense of purpose that Rosebelle holds deep within herself. She joined the military for one real reason, to be a hero, and more than anything that is what Rosebelle wants to be. To Rosebelle, the idea that someone can stand against the most terrifying monsters so that someone else doesn’t have to is the most noble ideal that anyone could hope to achieve. Rosebelle believes in heroes and it is that belief that led to join the Survey Corps. Rosebelle is the type of person who truly believes in humanity, and that one day they will triumph over titans.

    • Agility - Rosebelle is quite skilled with her 3DMG, being small in size helps quite a lot in moving around at breakneck speeds.

    • Observation - Despite being called ‘Space Cadet’ Rosebelle is very astute and aware of her surroundings. Helpful in both dire situations and in simple conversation, when she wants to know more about partner.

    • Calm Under Fire - Rosebelle is never quick to panic, instead she always tries to logically think her way through any tough situation she happens to find herself in. Rosebelle’s thinkings stratagy comes in three steps, she stops, formulates a plan, and then executes.
    • Stamina - Despite being rather agile, Rosebelle can be quick to fatigue if she exerts herself too much.

    • Selflessness - Rosebelle always puts the safety of others before herself, perhaps the girl’s only reckless quality. This especially comes to play if civilians or children are put in danger, she is more than willing to make that ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the innocent.

    • By the Book - Rosebelle is practical and pragmatic, she does what needs to be done and follows her orders to a T. However, sometimes this means that Rosebelle has trouble consolidating orders when they cannot be completed, or when they conflict with her own ideals.
    • To Be Hero - Rosebelle has one dream and one dream alone;to be a hero. Since long ago, the girl believed that humanity’s bastion of hope lied within the Wings of Freedom and more than anything, Rosebelle wants to be someone worthy of standing for those ideals, protecting people from monsters called Titans.

    • The Family Business - Rosebelle would admit if retirement for a solider was an option… she’d actually love to go back home to Utopia and run the bakery shop that her family runs.
    • Dying Without Achieving her Dream - Rosebelle certainly has already accepted that death by the hand of a titan is her most likely end, but before she dies, she wants to achieve her dream of being a hero.

    • Silence  - Complete and utter silence, similar to how a child may fear the dark, Rosebelle is scared of not hearing anything at all. Silence is creepy, morbid, and it reminds her of how empty life can be. She comforts herself from silence with the use of lullabies or music, or even the sound of her own breathing is good enough for her.
    Rosebelle Renée, is the eldest daughter to Elizabeta and Hal Renée, a pair of bakers who run a family business in the district of Utopia. Rosebelle has two younger twin brothers and a younger sister, and to put it simply, Rosebelle has always had a rather nice and simple life.

    Her family was happy and loving, neither rich nor poor, but were always busy in their bakery and Rosebelle grew to love helping her parents out. For quite a long time, it was believed that the girl would grew up to follow in her parents’ footsteps and run the bakery with them. Rosebelle would have been happy with that simple life, if not for the fact that she lived that simple life within the confines of… Walls.

    Walls weren’t bad, but to Rosebelle perhaps they weren’t inherently good either. There was just something about them, how they simply the only horizon one could ever see. And to Rosebelle, it was just sad. Something about it just didn’t settle well with her. Titans were scary monsters, they were safe behind the walls. But the wall wasn’t a person, it was a cold, stone, and faceless thing.

    A wall wasn’t a hero.

    It was then, Rosebelle decided that she wanted to be a hero. She wanted to protect people from those monsters called Titans, because a wall was something no one could look up to.

    When she told her parents her intentions to join the military, they were, of course, surprised. But they didn’t stop her when she left for training, it seemed that nothing would. Rosebelle Renée was going to become a hero, that was her truest dream.

    Surprisingly, Rosebelle did quite well at her Training, Graduating almost withing the top ten of her class. But it was never Rosebell’s intention to join the Military Police, or even the Garrison. No, Rosebelle wanted to go where the real heroes went, the Survey Corps. The Wings of Freedom to Rosebelle, is like the sigil of a superhero and of course, the Cape is quite a nice accessory.

    YOUR ALIAS: Badtz-Milk
    AGE: 20

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    Re: Rosebelle Renée [wip]
    « Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 07:39:28 AM »
    bumping for completion!

    Re: Rosebelle Renée [complete]
    « Reply #2 on: November 26, 2019, 11:59:48 AM »

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