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Author Topic: Steady Shift. [Eld]  (Read 165 times)

Steady Shift. [Eld]
« on: November 26, 2019, 05:16:39 AM »
[ spring 843. ]

Even now, the shrill, horrified protests of her mother bounced around in Alice's head. It made her dizzy. Adulthood made her no less fearful of disobedience in its mere concept. The path she was meant to follow looked so obscure, now, and she wondered if its fogginess meant she wasn't intended to walk it at all.

This choice made her a subject of ridicule. She heard it, whether behind her back or shouted with fingers poking her sternum, but it seemed as if she could no longer care. Alice's eyes were heavy with dark bags from sleepless nights the week prior. Still, there was a little sparkle in those wine-dark depths. Because, sure, she was a laughing stock and a disappointment, but she was those things by her own choice.

Alice realizes she doesn't know where she's supposed to go when she notices the sheer amount of doors and little buildings on this stretch of city, and that spurs on a little rush of panic. That jumpy gaze searches around those doors, looking for plaques or people, and when she sees a man with his blond hair tucked neatly into a style she has no name for at one of them, she takes her opportunity right away by closing that gap between them just a little too fast; she's afraid of losing sight of him or being interrupted, somehow.

"Pardon me," she begins, offering a dazzling smile to offset her tone, "my name is Alice Stamper. I just transferred from another branch." Alice hesitates, before adding, "The Military Police." She fishes a letter out of her pocket that looks a little roughed up and crinkled, with ink smeared into unintelligible oblivion. "On my way here, I had a rather unfortunate encounter with a pail of water, and I confess I was far too inattentive to have memorized this information prior. Would you happen to know?" Alice laughs lightly, good-natured but with a little lilt that betrays her uncertainty. « Last Edit: November 26, 2019, 05:17:27 AM by Alice Stamper »

and the times we spent together are all irreplaceable in my heart
i'll treasure these memories you gave me / so thank you, and goodbye

Re: Steady Shift. [Eld]
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 08:30:02 AM »
Of all the seasons, it seemed that spring brought the most change.  Bleak landscapes that had been ravaged by winter were slowly revived, erupting with green first, only to later be painted by dapples of colour as blossoms bloomed into life.  The season wasn’t the only change, however.  Today, the Survey Corps were due to receive a new recruit.  Not in the form of recently fledged cadet, but a transfer from another regiment.  It was a rare occurrence.

Pardon me.

Eld looked up from the report he had been examining, enjoying a moment in the spring-time sunshine, glad of the lengthening days.  His expression was neutral and, truthfully, it did not immediately occur to him that the young woman who had approached him could be their transfer.  Her smile was bright, her voice laced with uncertainty, and there was no failing to notice that she was exceedingly well-spoken.

She was coming from the Military Police?  The scout blinked in surprise.  That explained the diction, at least, but certainly not the desire to join the scouts.  Cadets fought tooth and nail with friends and rivals alike for an opportunity to serve in the Interior, for this woman to have gotten as far as to succeed and secure a life of safety… well, it begged the question of why she was choosing to change regiment now.  Solemn brown eyes fell to the tattered, illegible letter as though he might find answers amongst the smudged ink.  The talk of an incident with a pail of water piqued his interest, though he did not ask for elaboration, not yet, not when his head still buzzed with the curiosity of it all.

Compassion stirred as he noticed the nervousness that tainted Alice’s laughter.  “Hardly inattentive. I wouldn’t have memorised it either,” the soldier admitted, hoping to offer some small reassurance.  “Eld Jinn,” he offered blandly, though not unkindly, extending a warm hand in greeting.  “We were told to expect you. If you want to come with me, I’m sure we can get you sorted.”

With their introductions made, Eld surveyed the woman a little more closely.  She was pretty, he observed dispassionately, and around his years in age.  Damaged too, presumably.  In his experience, no-one with their head screwed on the right way chose the Survey Corps, and Eld didn’t hesitate to include himself among that number.  “Gotta say, we don’t get many transfers from the Military Police…” he murmured, making an honest observation rather than fishing for information.  Whatever Alice Stamper’s business was, it was hers alone.  “In fact, we don’t get many transfers at all.  Not inward-bound, anyway.”

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Re: Steady Shift. [Eld]
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2020, 07:13:05 PM »
To be standing here, she found it almost unbelievable that she'd come this far in defiance of expectation. Alice knew that each step she took was one she could never take back; her commitment to this cause meant that her last opportunity to change her mind had already come and gone. No, she was not yet standing before the gate to leave for her first mission, but she didn't have to be. This conversation was just as damning as tacking up before she left to near-certain doom.

Negativity was only bad when it was unrealistic.

"Ah, then I can hardly berate myself for it too much, if that's the case," she replied. Alice smiled a little, feeling at least somewhat comforted in one facet of the matter. If there was only a twinge of reassurance to be found in all of the weeks ahead, she would take it in the form of 'you aren't stupid'⁠— albeit in softer language. She took the hand Eld had offered and shook it firmly. People noticed that sort of thing, she'd been told. "Lovely to meet you."

Analysis of strangers wasn't something that she'd trained herself in, because to an extent, she'd not needed to. Most of it came in the form of impressions made on the basis of instinct. And, as far as this exchange went, her instinct told her that this man was hardly untrustworthy. He seemed nice, just perhaps not inclined towards conversation. "Of course. Lead the way!"

Gotta say, we don’t get many transfers from the Military Police…

For a moment, she grew visibly tense. It wasn't that she had anything to hide, but rather that she still got more emotional than she'd like to be around a near-stranger when it came to her 'reasons'. She was relived to find that there were no real questions she was obligated to answer, only statements. "I cannot say I find that surprising," Alice said. "Of my graduating class years ago, I can remember only a handful of cadets that made this their first regiment, and I suspect I may be the only one of them to have made it their second." Perfectly conversational without disclosing anything new; not a bad move, she thought.

"How long have you been here, if I may ask?"

and the times we spent together are all irreplaceable in my heart
i'll treasure these memories you gave me / so thank you, and goodbye


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