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Author Topic: Necessary business. [Rosebelle]  (Read 562 times)

Necessary business. [Rosebelle]
« on: November 29, 2019, 01:34:09 AM »
[ autumn 846 ]
[ survey corps headquarters ]

In the downtime between expeditions, Gunther often volunteered his time at headquarters to do whatever was needed. His trips home were infrequent, and when Levi had nothing for him to do, why shouldn't he contribute more to errands? Typically it comprised of standard, repetitive duties, such as cleaning or filing, though on occasion he'd lend a hand in moving supplies.

Today, he had been drafted in to assist in taking new supplies from the delivery cart into the storage room. Which included figuring out several more aspects: where exactly to put them and to take inventory. He wouldn't be alone, at least. Though he still arrived early, meeting the deliverer outside on the road.

"Thanks," he said simply, another soldier handling the particulars. One by one, he hauled the goods out of the cart and set them on the ground, allowing the civilian to head off before any supplies made it inside. Once alone - temporarily, at least, as he kept an eye out for the soldier who would assist him - he scanned their workload. No outside damages, and it had already been checked to ensure nothing was missing.

He returned to the building to prop open the door with a hunk of wood, kicking it underneath and against the panelling. Whatever had happened to their actual doorstop was beyond him.

Working back home with his family had taught him plenty about lifting and manoeuvring, typically lugging logs or picking up rocks on the mountainous region circling his village. As he took hold of a wooden crate, Gunther adjusted his posture to take the majority of weight into his muscles rather than his back, walking stiffly to the door.

Re: Necessary business. [Rosebelle]
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2019, 06:42:02 PM »
Not every day was some grand adventure. Rosebelle understood that, and in fact, some days were rather quiet in general. But they weren’t exactly days off, work did need to be done. It hadn’t been long at all since she had joined the Survey Corps, but it still only been around a year since the fall of Wall Maria.

She still needed to be a good soldier, and sometimes being a soldier meant doing rather medial appearing things, like chores. From cleaning around the base to simple stable duty, and today it was moving some supplies.

She had arrived bright and early, Meeting with the supplier along with a fellow soldier, Gunther Schultz, if she recalled his name correctly. She followed him along, obviously taking a slightly smaller load than he was handling. Rosebelle was polite, nodding in a greeting with a formal addition of “Sir,”, here and there, but remained rather remarkably silent. There wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be said.

As she sent down her load, she gave a glance over the list of supplies, checking off the inventory once again. Things like this, it reminded her of home, checking inventory at the bakery. Soon enough, the girl began humming, a little work tune. Though she was rather quiet, in slow times like this, it was nice to hum a little tune.

Re: Necessary business. [Rosebelle]
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2020, 03:03:01 AM »
It was easy to fall into the rhythm of things, working side-by-side in pleasant peace. Not a word needed to be said, only the usual note of respect - "Sir." "Recruit." Hauling the supplies into a relatively empty storage room, the shelves lightly dusted where they'd failed to be filled, he kept an eye on where each went. She took inventory, allowing him to focus on getting each box inside, keeping them apart to avoid any confusion on what had been checked, and what had.

Once he lugged in the last box, he wiped his forehead of sweat and looked across the lot to be sorted. "Textiles will need to be checked and folded again." There had been an unfortunate incident years ago when a delivery, normal as always, had been discovered to have attracted something-or-other - moths, he assumed - to devour half their fresh uniforms. Catching it sooner would have enabled them to order a new batch immediately. Before they'd preferably been needed.

"How are you settling in?" he asked, moving around to check which boxes had textiles in. There were two, one for cloaks, the other for trousers. Reasonably those were the ones most in need. Trouser wear could be quite the concern, while cloaks would be more necessary as summer ended and the colder, darker days set in.


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