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Author Topic: We Are The Poisoned Youth: Gabriel Durand  (Read 300 times)

We Are The Poisoned Youth: Gabriel Durand
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:13:38 AM »

__His full name is Gabriel Noë Durand, even if hardly anyone ever uses this lengthy form.
__Most people, from superiors to his parents and simple acquaintances call him Gabe or simply by his surname, Durand. Some brave souls might usher the word *Trickster*, too.
__Gabe was born on the 25th of May, 825 - which makes him 20 years old by the time Wall Maria falls.
__Born into a well-off family in the Orvud District, Gabe has lived a pleasantly secure life.
__He is a member of the Military Police, even if his alliances are ever shifting.
__Izaya Orihara, Durarara

__Gabe is 173cm tall and weighs around 58kg, which paints him as quite a fragile young man. Despite being as strong as your average solider, there is no extraordinary physical attribute to him and Gabe bases himself a lot more around agility rather than true strength. He has dark, raven hair that’s usually tousled - always giving him a rather mischievous look. Reddish-brown eyes that usually gleam with the hints of a bad idea, complete the thin, but rather handsome face and Gabe commonly gets called good looking, despite his somewhat frail looking stature. Usually dressed in his uniform, he is known to sport simple, but expensive clothing when visiting home, usually devoid of any special accessories safe for two simple silver rings. He is often seen carrying a knife that he likes to play with, if only to make himself look more dangerous.

Gabe’s personality is quite complex, and only very few people - if any at all - can claim to really know the young man from Orvud.

Outwardly, he is a model student: intelligent, diligent and good with words. While not particularly fond of studying or following a strict training, he is good at making things work, always keeping up appearances and somehow managing to score high in everything he starts. He is known to be outgoing and well-spoken, easily talking circles around your average person and charming them along the way. He is pleasant to be around, on a superficial, and often entertains the crowd by making jokes.

The fact that Gabe is quite good at reading people and predicting their reactions only makes this work even better, as his observative nature often allows him to play his cards just right and get exactly the reaction he was hoping for. These attributes, however positive they may sound, are mostly used for cunning and manipulative encounters. Gabe’s main pleasure derives from entertaining himself by stringing people along, having them act in exactly the way he wants them to - without any real intention to cause them true harm, but simply to amuse himself with the antics of the people around him. He is, simply put, quite egocentric and uses people for his own means.

Having a knack for finding out peoples’ secrets and using them against themselves is a form of pleasure for him, and one that he indulges in all too frequently. The young man can often be found talking in a very casual way, not caring much about politeness or ranks, which only underlines the youthfulness of his wicked smile, never seeming truly sincere.

Being of rather playful nature, he loves to gamble and seek adventures anywhere he can find them, but while he loves to cause chaos and trouble, he is usually rather quick to avoid an actual fight. His need for entertainment has often be him too reckless, too curious and carefree to really care about the outcome of his little adventures, and not seldom does it get him into trouble. While his charming nature manages to get him out of most of those  situations, he does find himself in trouble more often than he cares for.

His outgoing yet cunning personality has enabled him to make many acquaintances in many different fields and positions over the years, and he knows how to use this for his own good. But despite the fact that he is good at predicting the outcome of situations, the intense need to cause trouble and to satisfy his own curiosity has him go just a step too far every now and then. But you can only step on so many toes before someone learns to kick back.

Gabe’s recklessness and the fact, that he rarely finds himself to be empathetic towards anyone gives him almost sociopathic tendencies, making him a dangerous and almost unstable person to be around. The fact that he frequently changes sides and only does what is best for him also makes it obvious, that he is not the best person to trust.

Gabe has always been of intelligent nature and over the years it has provided him with the foundation for his schemes.
___Knife & Gun Skills
Practicing from a young age, he has come to possess extraordinary skills with knives and guns, easily outshooting (and cutting) most people around him.
His charm got him where he is today, and he usually uses it to get something he wants.
Small by nature, his thin frame has given Gabe great agility that he always knows to use to his advantage.

___Lack of empathy
Gabe doesn’t feel for anyone and often finds it hard to feel relate at all. People are a form of entertainment for him, rarely more.
Usually intelligent, the young man does tend to overestimate himself a little (or a lot) and not seldom ends up in trouble.
Always going one step too far and rarely caring about the consequences, it would be correct to call Gabe rather reckless.
Curiosity killed the cat, and if Gabe isn’t careful, it might as well get him killed too. But there is just *so much* to learn.

___Gabe’s main aspiration is simple: entertainment. He isn’t necessarily interested in climbing up the ranks but mostly sees it as a way of getting more opportunity to cause chaos, snoop around in other peoples’ business and use their secrets against them.

There is few things worse for Gabe than leading a truly boring life, without any source of entertainment. For him, this would mean leading an insignificant life that’s barely worth recognising as such, a true waste of time.
Despite being rather reckless and overly endulgent in danger, Gabe is deeply afraid of death - mostly because there is no way for him to know what comes after and no way to control it either.

___Gabe was born into the rich merchant family of Durand, and even when he was still little it was quite apparent that his family gambled in more things than just pure trade. Being the only son of his parents and only having one younger sister, the young man was meant to take over the family business one day. However,he  was never all that fond of that idea, as it seemed like a rather dull future to him. While his sister grew to be rather sickly, she developed a big interest for reading stories and would sometimes tell Gabe about them, first sparking his curiosity about the world they lived in and his doubts about the origin of the walls. The day he found a book about the history of the walls in his father’s study, his curiosity was finally fully awakened and he decided to work towards finding out as much as he could. He used his natural charm to his advantage and soon realised how much entertainment it brought him to be able to string the people around him along and have them act exactly the way he wanted them too. It was during those years that he first showed somewhat sociopathic traits, growing hugely interested in the art of manipulation and showing rather cruel opinions about the fate of the people involved.

Much to his father’s dismay, he soon decided to join the military as he deemed it a better place to continue his investigations about human nature and the mistery of how the walls came to be. Always having been a good student, he excelled during the military training - showing surprising affinity towards hand-to-hand combat and knife or gun work. What he lacked in strength he made up for by accurately reading the situations and using his agility against his opponents. Gabe graduated third in his class and henceforth decided to join the Military Police, being highly aware of the fact that they were larger considered corrupt but still seen as prestigious, giving him great expectations for the webs of intricate acquaintances he could make and use to his benefits.

Over the years he has continuously shown that he enjoys playing with people and causing chaos simply for his own entertainment, never all that interested in making his way the ranks but simply seeing it as a way to gain more access to more people. His charming yet cunning nature has led to Gabe being able to source from a large pool of acquaintances, building ‘friends’ (or enemies) through various ranks and in various fields - from the Underground thugs to the high nobility - and most of these acquaintances are built on his knack for finding out peoples’ secrets and then using them against them. After all, nobody wants their dirty laundry aired. Despite being usually surrounded by people, he has no genuine relationships to fall back on, but doesn’t mind this fact much - most people consider him pleasant enough to be around, but rumours about a touch of insanity

Recently, he has been suggested for promotion to team leader, after several years as a model Military Police officer, always quite good at knowing just who to suck up to and convince of his talents. The rank up will give him even more opportunity to work on his network of people to use for to his benefit, and despite never having seen a titan up close - after the fall of Wall Maria he has been oddly fascinated with the idea. Maybe somehow, some day he will find a way to look into the eye of danger himself - curiosity is a treacherous thing after all.



Re: We Are The Poisoned Youth: Gabriel Durand
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2019, 12:59:14 PM »

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